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A28AE214 - Timberland Pro Men's Hypercharge 6-inch Composite toe Waterproof Work Toe Boot

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Style A28AE214

Timberland's field-tested Hypercharge men's work boots are built for agility, comfort, and protection, so you can perform to your highest level without worrying about your feet.

The Timberland Pro 6-inch Hypercharge Safety Toe Boots feature:

  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Waterproof style
  • Composite safety toe powered by Carbon Shield™ technology
  • Cement construction for flexibility
  • Stable Stride™ technology stability platform
  • Exclusive Independent Suspension Network™ system for superior control, support, and agility
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology polyurethane footbed for shock absorption and energy return
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control
  • Heat-, oil-, slip-, and abrasion-resistant, non-marking rubber outsole with Ladder Lock™ technology
  • 30-day comfort guarantee
  • Imported
| FixerOfPC 07-12-2022 16:53

This is definitely what I needed for work. Comfortable and durable. I work in IT and these are great to wear around heavy computer equipment but the comfort to walk and be on my feet for extra periods of time.

| Hec 25-11-2022 16:16

Great working boot very comfortable while walking all day at work don't feel tired at all after working 10 hours feels light breathable I would definitely buy another pair looks like they'll last a while very happy

| Ernie 01-11-2022 00:43

Soles wore out in 6-8 weeks. Wasted my yearly boot allowance on these *AND* had to cover the overage. Had to come out of pocket for my own Wolverines. First and last pair of Timberland work boots.

| scott 06-09-2022 11:04

I work both landscaping and work as foreman for a school I am on my feet work 10 to 20th steps a day boots are confort all day but sole wears out to quick Last 6months sadly

| Bill 25-07-2022 20:50

Like it

| Ted J. 06-07-2022 03:09

i wear a size 10M. I wish there was more availabilty of the 10M sizes;

| Mr. B 01-07-2022 19:30

Better looking in the picture concerning color

| Ponchó 28-06-2022 17:12

I like the quality of your product.

| Albert C 21-06-2022 04:39

Unfortunately this is the worst work boots I have ever purchased.
The eyelet came off the 1st day, on both boots. Not well made.

| Sparky 29-05-2022 17:29

Very good product . Timberland has never let me down

| J 08-05-2022 15:22

I love these boots. Great for long hours in the excavation field. Great All around boot.

| Sean G 13-04-2022 17:35

I use this boot for work great boot

| Travis h 13-03-2022 15:58

Good boot for outside work great for gravel work I wear for 12hours shifts great for the price they last for about a year but cheaper than red wings that last for about a year now so better shoe for your buck

| Jerrod Y 10-03-2022 17:32

Ran a little big, plus had metal eyelets. My work is a 100% metal-free zone, so would have returned anyway. Being a little big just sealed that deal. All in all, seemed like a really solid boot though, just didn't work for my intended use case.

| Jason S. 23-02-2022 01:26

These are my first work boots following retirement after 24 years of military service. So the only comparison I have are combat boots. I've had these boots for about a week and a half now. I've averaged over 14,000 steps (6.5 miles) each day in these boots. The break-in was a little rough, just as expected. I've never came across a boot that doesn't hurt a little when breaking in. I'll say that these have surpassed any combat boot I've ever worn. They're heavier, but amazingly comfortable after they broke in. I come home and don't even think about getting them off my feet. I really enjoy working in them, and so far, no major issues.

| Harry G 16-02-2022 22:38

I bought this workbook for around the house climbing ladders, working on outbuildings and in the field. I'm almost 60 so I value comfort more than anything now. Unfortunately this is the worst workboot I have ever purchased is in regard to comfort. As others have said I have heal pain and general fatigue throughout my feet and my lower back when I'm done working in them. I'm not sure what's going on but I would not recommend them at all and for the price paid they are a great disappointment.

| Phillip, W 13-01-2022 07:03

The zipper on these boots rests on the skin of my leg and above the leather surplus designed to act as a barrier between my skin and this hard and abrasive zipper. The first day the zippers broke skin on both of my shins. I bled inside the boots. After applying a bandage the zipper tore through both of them. I have enclosed pictures for your convenience. These boots are the absolute for bottom cushioning on the soles. They are surely on your feet all day boots. Timberland should be ashamed with a design flaw like thus on an excellent boot. Generally, I do not like Timberlands because they are cosmetic and useless. I finally found a pair that does what they are supposed to do and then this.

| Brian n 15-12-2021 23:25

It's not the same boot… it looks similar but doesn't feel the same, loved these boots and ran them until they literally fell apart, over two years of use out of them, I'm not sure how to explain but these simply don't seem to fit the same? More slip on my heel the tongue sticks out weird seems to have less padding on the tongue as well maybe I'm crazy who knows

| Tracy S 08-12-2021 15:50

The eyelet already came off after about 10 wears. Not well made. Not buying again.

| Jqrpaw 18-11-2021 05:22

I walk about 12 Miles and go up and down on stairs.
I care light medium heavy Packages.I get in and out off a truck clim up and down from the back off a 26 box truck 5 days every week.I work about 10 hrs everyday.The boot is great love it how it feels on my feet very comfortable very Cushnie when a walk run up the stairs with a package on my shoulder and down the stairs jump to get inside the truck.The front of the boot was glue on After about three weeks they started to come apart and after that I just had to buy a new pair of boots

| Robert p 16-11-2021 13:18

Purchased the hyper charge 3 weeks ago. My feet have been killing me since then.. I have had multiple pair of Timberland Pro Titan boots. This boot is not even close to as comfortable as the boots I have had previously.

| Josh, S 15-10-2021 01:40

Bought this boot and soul started falling apart with the first 45 days. Very disappointed. Called the store I bought them from and was told no returns after 30 days and that's how these boots are.These killed my back after the first month. I used to buy the Helix and get at least 8 months. Likely the last timberland boot I will buy!

| Elvis A 26-09-2021 00:28

2nd pair thinking of getting my third

| Torres, G 25-09-2021 01:31

I love the style, although it's confusing the sizing with W and M. I bought the 9.5W since my feet are a little wide. Still feel a little tight but not uncomfortable. I hope by using them they stretch a little bit.

| Keyra A 22-09-2021 19:46

This is a very comfortable boot that I will wear to work. However I ordered the brown full grain thinking it was the lighter color brown. When I received the boots it was the darker color brown. So I will have to re-order the boot as medium brown full grain.

| Chad M. 31-08-2021 17:10

I found a great deal on these boots. Great price, great looking design, lightweight, and great materials. But this heel pain that others mention is real. They are killing my heels when I walk. I'm not sure how long I can endure the pain and discomfort. I didn't read these until now when I wanted to see if others had dealt with this as well.

| Ken F 19-08-2021 23:37

Where the composite toe ends just above my toes rubs real bad and digs into my toes. Causes blisters on the top of my toes.

| Elvis A 13-08-2021 21:30

Love them

| A.l 08-08-2021 23:35

I wear these for security 8-10 hour shifts they feel great on my feet. I don't have feet pain anymore.

| Dave g 14-07-2021 21:13

I have worn my new boots for one day of work. There is a ridge in the back of the boot that gave me a blister on booth feet. It is a poor design that puts a bump of stitching right on your heal.

I wish timberland hadn't discontinued the last model I purchased

| Tan 09-07-2021 16:17

I work for a general contractor and am on my feet all day In these and my feet don't get sore. They provide good protection, waterproofing and comfort.

| Daryco V 06-07-2021 05:13

Real Nice and comfortable. It looks outstanding and it's comfortable to wear. Not a combat or hard work boot but more of a street or dress boot. Nice regardless

| Ryan Y 03-07-2021 16:30

I have gone through about 4 different boot companies looking for the perfect boot and I think I have finally found it. I bought these for work and catch myself wearing them all the time because of how comfortable they are. They fit nice and snug, with great support all around. I am on my feet 10 hours a day and it does not bother me at all with these boots. 2 thumbs way up!!

| Scott 01-07-2021 23:07

Started wearing the boots 2 months ago and was happy with them. I work on all surfaces outdoors including gravel areas. Picked the boot up and looked at the heel and it was worn through to the foam cushion. Thought it would at least last for 6 months, but it is time for new boots, not these

| Roystan P 14-06-2021 00:11

Great fair of work boots

| Maria A 07-06-2021 23:07

I've been working 6 days 10 hour shift standing most of the day. The cushion insole makes you feel like walking in a cloud. Super happy with my purchase. Also the insole is easy to remove to be replaced after wear.

| Jon h 31-05-2021 01:40

They got perfect. Comfortable the second I put them on usually takes a week to break them in but these boots fit perfect the second I put them on I will be buying these again

| Pete l 09-05-2021 16:24

I stand in them all day they are comfortable

| Nate m 05-04-2021 03:45

Out of all the timberland boots I have owned these hurt my feet hurt so bad, the soles are so stiff they offer no additional cusion other than the insole. They did fit true to size and have great ankle support, but they are definitely not anti fatigue. It also seems like the soles get stiffer in colder weather. If you stand for 8 hours a day I definitely would not purchase these boots. I do however recommend the resistor.

| Zac B 24-03-2021 22:50

I am a Safety Supervisor at a Heavy Construction GC in the Northeast. I needed something a little nicer looking than the standard Light Brown look (I usually wear with dark jeans or khakis). I have worn these every day for about two weeks now and they are great on any surface (including asphalt, bluestone, mud, sand, tall grass, and lots of railroad ballast!).

If you tie them too tight, the large lace holders can dig into the front of your heel which can get annoying. That is my Only reason for deducting a star, but not a huge dealbreaker, just loosen the laces a bit and you're good.

They are warm when it's cold and they vent when when it's warm. I have always used the Pro series, but these gel soles are the best yet! No issue being on my feet for hours on end doing inspections.

| Inshan S 19-03-2021 00:24

I love these shoes very comfortable and durable wish they were a bit cheaper in price but overall i love them wouldnt buy anything else.

| Shannon 08-03-2021 23:13

If you want blisters then buy these!!! I buy a new pair of Timberland Pro yearly and have NEVER had blisters until I decided to switch to these. I should have stuck with the ones I always wore

| RickeyG 28-02-2021 00:59

Great work boot with robust safety features.

| Joseph, A 19-02-2021 00:00

True to size. Snug on wide feet but stretches ez without discomfort. No break-in pains.

| Bobby S 13-02-2021 16:11

Boot is O K however the soles are horrible and dangerous in frozen conditions as the rubber gets solid from the cold and the boot has NO traction. Bottom line is you can NOT wear them below 32 degrees

| Derek C. 26-01-2021 22:36

After one day of work, both heels had blisters that forced me to order different boots. On the inside of the boot, at the heel, there is a rubber portion that is evidently meant to keep your heel from slipping.
All it did for me was grab my sock and gradually pull it down under my foot, the whole time rubbing on by heel.
I had to put large band aids on that rubber portion so it would stop grabbing by sock, and band aids on my heel due to there not being any skin left.

| Edgar M 26-01-2021 14:19

Great work boot, helps with standing 12 plus hour shifts!

| Alexzander P. 23-01-2021 21:54

Been wearing a brown pair since 2018. I've replaced the inserts but the rest of the boot is holding up. They do however have the capability to clear a room after a 12 hour shift! I'd love to have this model with a little breathing room; I'd wear them year round but they're just too hot in the middle of summer.
These boots have been everywhere - work, home, crawling through muck and mud and debris, hiking on the trail, in snow and rain and sleet and I never slip and slide. My feet stay nice and dry from water and oil hasn't even phased them. They're covered in dirt and adhesive from work but that's just a badge of honour :) I can say these are my go-to shoes and I choose WORK shoes over sneakers for even casual wear. A testament to how comfortable they are!

| Chase T 22-01-2021 12:13

The soles have worn down and started separating 1.5 years in. The issue I've had is, I hate how shallow the toe is on these boots. The top of the boot is constantly touching the top of my wide and flat feet. I attempted to return them but my local shop dropped the ball on that one. Definitely won't but another pair as I'm currently in the market. But they did protect my feet and hold up to welding and constant climbing around on heavy machinery. I also had a lot of heel slip in these, I have a wide foot and narrow heel but most timberlands didn't give me issue there.

| Raymond 20-01-2021 23:11

The boots started getting unglued on the 3rd week , I'm a machine operator and I need some tough boots

| Dennis B 19-01-2021 00:19

Very comfortable, bought another pair for going out.

| Ritchie H 29-12-2020 21:12

The bootd are very comfortable. I am on concrete all day. These boots do well on concrete snd oily surfaces

| pamela s 28-12-2020 22:38

He loved the first pair so much, we bought a second

| Jessica b 15-12-2020 23:43

Peoduct works great for spouse who works 8 hrs on his feet

| Leonard D. 11-12-2020 22:03

The color is darker than they appear online and you can see the outline of the composite toe guard. But they are really comfortable!

| Wilfrido,M 10-12-2020 01:20

I recently bought these for work

| Pam D. 10-12-2020 00:07

Bought for husband. We have bought Timberland Pros many times before. Unfortunately this time, they are tight, uncomfortable, caused blisters and do not hold up well. Less than 1 week on the job and they look 10 years old

| Mike W. 25-11-2020 22:21

These boots are by far the most comfortable with good support. I am on my feet 12 hours a day on concrete floor in a shop. They also lasted longer than any other boot I have bought (and believe me I've tried many brands). Comfort and durable!

| Weschelle c 18-11-2020 00:20

I use them for work and this is my second pair that I purchased.I would highly recommend them.

| Kevin W. 28-10-2020 11:07

Was going to use it for work. Had to return it too narrow. Ordered 10.5W

| Jpa 13-10-2020 20:18

Use it for work.

| Ikaro 22-09-2020 02:45

The shoe is really good

| Joe 09-09-2020 20:21

I am very happy about the service i have received from Timberland

| MghtyMatt 31-08-2020 15:14

I'm a military vehicle maintenance contractor. As a quality inspector and CWI, I'm on my feet for several hours and walking for approximately 5 miles per day. These boots are fantastic. I've had them for 6 weeks now and have never thought about returning them. I haven't worn during cold weather yet, but hot/wet weather hasn't been a problem. These are so comfortable that I threw out the Orthopedic insoles.

| letty 21-07-2020 21:16

They are very comfortable

| Ray 10-06-2020 16:54

Use it for carpentry work

| Line one 06-05-2020 21:16

I am on my feet all day. On all kinds of terrain. I have multiple boots and all are timberland. I am a line man so some days I jump the streets and others the woods. On ladders on hooks and in buckets. This is what I refer to as a tennis shoe boot. Super comfortable and great for the walk. I don't recommend it for climbing or ladder work. Ideal boot for the streets, machine operator or someone needing one for a good walk. Largest draw back the soles are soft so forget it being a high mile boot. I wore them out in about 8 months. Keep in mind I keep 3 different boots on my truck. This was a go to pair for the time they could be. Water proof in timberlands are awesome. So like a great riding tire the tread just will not last. I don't plan to buy another pair just because I can't buy this boot every 6-8 months.

| Drayfromthe513 03-05-2020 05:35

Purchased these almost a year ago, recommended through shoe salesman. Once I placed my foot in them HEAVEN. So after 9mths of wear its time for new boots. They have been very comfortable throughout the 9mths, my cons are strings are very chinsy and could stand a better toe lip. Sole materials could be a little stronger. This was my first pair of timberland pro's not bad at all

| Hotrod 02-05-2020 14:28

They're very comfortable

| Wil 26-04-2020 18:00


| Norman the Boot Enthusiast 16-04-2020 02:30

I had a pair of 6in Timberland Pro Hypercharge boots last spring/summer/fall. They were amazingly comfortable all arround, size, stability, fit, and NOT TOO RIDGID AROUND MY ANKLE. My ankles felt supported but very comfortable. I just bought the same exact boot and have worn them for 2 days. Today my ankles began to get noticeably sore from how hard the top of the boots are. Especially and most noticabley the irritation and pain are focused on the achilese tendon, right where the top of the boot rests. I was wincing in pain most of the day. Yesterday I noticed the top was harder arround my ankle, but it was the second day that the pain set in. I walk a LOT for my job, and I was really hoping to count on Timberland for the rest of my life after how great the same boots were last year. All I can say is that they are without a doubt not the same regarding the cushioning around the ankle. The boot was clearly altered and it was a huge mistake. I'm going to try the 8in because you can clearly see there is a difference in the external material around the ankle between the 6in and 8in. Hopefully the 8in is not as RIDGID otherwise I will be looking for a new favorite brand. Disappointed.

| Johnny 01-03-2020 22:24

Very comfortable And long lasting shoes this is my 3rd pairs in twenty years

| Phil 19-02-2020 00:53

I work in the HVAC industry and I am extremely tough on my work boots. I had a previous pair of Timberland Pro with the anti fatigue best boots I have ever had and I have had a lot of different pairs of boots.

| Angel 15-02-2020 19:38

Fell and slipped

| Javier 28-01-2020 22:54

The boots are comfortable, but they don't really have a month of use, and they are already being damaged, the edges and the tips are peeling off. It is not good because according to the policies I cannot return them because they are a little worn for my work. If I can change them let me know why I am really unhappy with what is happening

| don B 30-12-2019 23:17

I have purchased timberland titans for many years now in size 11m a with all other shoes/boots i purchase. Bought these boots and they were very tight in 11m and had to send them back. I am afraid to repurchase and not have them fit proper. i don't think these boots are sized proper as I was always able to just buyon the web and have timberland fit perfect. Would give 5 stars as of love for the product but in this case not made to fit proper

| Kelley 30-12-2019 17:26

Great work boots. Perfect for cold Colorado weather! Super warm, and water proof!

| AJ 15-12-2019 00:19

Great boot, quality leather. As always, they require breaking in as any good boot does. Outlast many other leading brands.

| Britt 11-12-2019 22:36

Love the product

| Brittany 11-12-2019 22:34

I buy these for my husband every year and he loves them working in the construction industry they stand to his expectations.

| Barry 07-12-2019 23:12

| Barry 07-12-2019 23:10

I am wearing them at work right now delivering high quality petroleum products. Very comfortable, fit great ! The only minus is they don't have the orange marks on the left and right outside soles like depicted online . Other than that, it's a great pair of work boots . Thank you Timberland !

| Norton 02-12-2019 00:37

Back heel rubs. Can't walk after a while. Right food only no problem with left one!!!

| Michael 27-11-2019 12:52

I love these boots comfortable and great for long hours at work

| luis 13-11-2019 18:19

I work as a truck drive and make deliver all day long so the boot are rea comfortable and I don't get tired. I ljs this boot

| Dan 30-10-2019 00:36

Perfect to working

| Rye 24-10-2019 12:43

I gave these a chance and wore them a few days before having to give up. The rigid plastic outer heel would not "cup" my heel or for to fit either. I worked them by hand a lot to try and soften them up. But could not get them to stop tearing up my heels.

| Mike 07-10-2019 15:44

I spend my day on a lot of uneven surfaces, concrete and ladders. I need stability and raw toughness in a boot. It's a solid construction boot and fits true to the Timberland sizing. My feet get cramped up couple hours into the day. Never had that issue with my other pairs of 6 inch Tims.

| Jason 06-10-2019 21:51

I have worn Timberland Pros for 6-7 yrs now and these Hypercharge boot are the worst ones yet! I order wides and these ones are Barely wides, the soles seem stiffer than any pair before and the 2 sets of quick ties have exposed metal plates on the inside of the boot that dig into my legs when tied! I would return them if I could but I had to wear them for a day to realize the flaws.

| Timothy 02-10-2019 10:02

I do on my feet a lot an ever since I got these boots my feet's say thank you

| Mike 01-10-2019 20:17

I bought these boots in February of this year and they are falling apart in the toe area and the heel plus midsole has worn out already and has a huge hole in it.. would not but again

| Connie 30-09-2019 13:00

My husband use them for work and he state they are comfortable

| T.K. 25-09-2019 01:03

I walk on slick concrete for 9 hours a day. I've owned Timberland for last 7 or 8 years and have loved them. This new style pair I bought are junk!! I have worn them for 7 months and the heels have worn down on one side and have caused me terrible foot pain. Its ashame they tried to make the shoe better,,but actually made it worse. I would not recommend buying this style at all.

| Aaron the worker 21-09-2019 21:45

I had to reorder this since I got a size half size too small. Really great shoe that feels snug. Only issue I have with it is the area where the tongue of the shoe meets the two ends near your upper ankle region is slightly uncomfortable if the tongue of the shoe slips to the side. Then you feel the laces, that I don't like. But other than that, the shoe feels great. I think that it should meet with the safety standards for toe area. Have not had the chance to test that yet. But as far as just casual wear goes, it's not bad

| Des 15-09-2019 17:29

So the safety toe is a steal toe?

| Mark 28-08-2019 01:27

I am not impressed with this boot. I bought it in March of this year. The sole has worn down on the heal already. I work in the engineering department so there isn't much abuse. A bit bummed about it.

| Andrew S 27-07-2019 13:33

These boots feel very comfortable and supportive for my everyday job in the field. Doesn't hurt my feet and has a cool design too. Make sure you got .5 size up from what you normally wear so you have room for your toes. The fact that these boots don't leak water are a plus! No more wet socks!

Thanks for the perfect boots Timberland!

| Copperhill 05-05-2019 00:46

I bought wide and feels tight. Not as comfortable as the Boondocks. Comparing these and the Boondocks wearing the first day, I would take the Boondocks again and again.

| Mr. Millwright 22-04-2019 05:05

I walk around on concrete floors for 12 to 16 hours a day and they have offered more cushioning and arch support than other boots that I have tried in the past, the protruding middle outsole would only be an issue if you weigh under a hundred pounds but for most men they will compress and give you reinforced pressure point anti-fatigue support leaving your feet feeling less sore and tired at the end of the day and the boots are extremely waterproof, the fit is tight so they will not rattle or move about on your foot as you walk to where calluses or blispters to form on your foot which is a plus if you are standing or working on hard surfaces all day long not to mention the back of the boot has a rubberized wrap with ribbed lateral grips on them which make them easier to take off than other boots being they do fit like gloves, the Stitch placement on the toe area of the boot offers protection from doing hot work such as plasma Arc cutting or using a torch or welding which is also a good feature, they do offer a good slip resistant outsole for walking in wet areas that have algae forming on them which can be some of the most slippery surfaces that a worker can come into contact with, the boots are light wait and comfortable they are fairly breathable as well I walk 4 to 8 miles a day in them and so far they have held up well, they do not cause blisters for me at least and I have not noticed where the shoe has began to break down as to where most other boots show signs of this by now with this amount of walking, it seems as though timberland is stepping up their game in the industrial work boot market

| scott 30-03-2019 22:41

Little narrow for as big of foot as 15 but still nice quality.

| Jake 15-03-2019 00:34

Despite some of the negative reviews I have found these boots to be a real great bargain...
I GUESS the people who had a bad experience with this boot must have gotten a bad pair...
They are more comfortable than my previous boots...
Everyone has their opinion, I suggest you try the boots on before you decide against them..

| Ben 05-03-2019 04:15

I'm a service station attendant, I perform oil changes, change, balance and mount tires, and fuel vehicles. I'm constantly walking around, so I need a comfortable work boot.

When I first got these, I thought I hit the jackpot. They felt perfect for my feet, and although the lump on the bottom made walking a bit awkward at first, I quickly adjusted. However, after about an hour I noticed that the upper d-rings (or else, the inside edge of the tongue) were digging into the inside of my ankle. That's a normal problem with breaking in new boots, so I didn't mind so much. However after a few hours a noticed a more severe issue – it felt like my sock had rolled up under the back of my heel and the arch of the insole was under my heel. Obviously that's impossible, right? Well, after a few days, it continued to bother me. Finally, today I decided I'd take no more and removed the insoles. I think my feet are just incompatible with the hexagonal foam bottomed insoles that these boots come with. I'm certain that for some these are the bee's knees, but for me they're torture. I put the insoles I was using with my previous pair of Timberland shoes into these, and I'm hopeful that will solve at least that issue.

| Jr 21-01-2019 23:23

When I first got these boots I thought that the soles were a bit unusual as the center of it protrudes slightly creating a bit of a hump in the center of the sole down the length of the boot. My feet felt like they were going to roll to the inside or outside of the boot. It felt like I was walking on a tightrope and found myself having to forcibly counterbalance each step I took until the hump in the soles wore. Once they wore the boots were a dream. They are light, extremely comfortable and very waterproof. The biggest downfall though was that by the time you wore the sole even, there wouldn't be much of the rubber left and you'd wear right into the cushioning foam rendering the boot useless because the foam would begin to absorb water/moisture that would penetrate into the boot. If these boots had a thicker and flat rubber sole like the Timberland PRO Pit boss, they would probably be the perfect boot.

| Stevenmcp1 08-01-2019 13:53

Just purchased boots for work. First impression was how snug and comfortable they fit. Don't care about price , didn't ask. What matters is how they fit. So far i truly love how they feel while walking and standing. I will come back in 30 days to update my review.

| Martin 17-09-2018 00:44

2018-09-14. I work at an airport in Canada. If it wasn't for this work Boot, I would have had my foot crushed. Not only is this the most comfortable pair of boots that I own, it actually works when you need it most. I am not really writing a review, I am saying thank you

3.7 stars based on 105 reviews
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Customer Reviews

3.7 stars based on 105 reviews

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| FixerOfPC 12/07/22

This is definitely what I needed for work. Comfortable and durable. I work in IT and these are great to wear around heavy computer equipment but the comfort to walk and be on my feet for extra periods of time.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Hec 11/25/22

Great working boot very comfortable while walking all day at work don't feel tired at all after working 10 hours feels light breathable I would definitely buy another pair looks like they'll last a while very happy

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Ernie 11/01/22

Soles wore out in 6-8 weeks. Wasted my yearly boot allowance on these *AND* had to cover the overage. Had to come out of pocket for my own Wolverines. First and last pair of Timberland work boots.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| scott 09/06/22

I work both landscaping and work as foreman for a school I am on my feet work 10 to 20th steps a day boots are confort all day but sole wears out to quick Last 6months sadly

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Bill 07/25/22

Like it

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Ted J. 07/06/22

i wear a size 10M. I wish there was more availabilty of the 10M sizes;

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Mr. B 07/01/22

Better looking in the picture concerning color

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Ponchó 06/28/22

I like the quality of your product.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Albert C 06/21/22

Unfortunately this is the worst work boots I have ever purchased.
The eyelet came off the 1st day, on both boots. Not well made.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Sparky 05/29/22

Very good product . Timberland has never let me down

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

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