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A1ZC9001 - Timberland Pro Men's Reaxion Composite-Toe Waterproof Work Sneaker

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Style A1ZC9001

This fully waterproof hiker-style boot features anti-fatigue and Aerocore™ technologies for the ultimate in all-day comfort and support.

The Timberland Pro Reaxion Comp-Toe Work Boots feature:

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Composite safety toe powered by Carbon Shield™ technology
  • TPU-wrapped Aerocore™ midsole for maximum energy return while resisting rips, abrasions, and scuffs
  • Metal and mutilation free
  • Cement construction for flexibility
  • Fiberglass shank for structural support
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology polyurethane footbed for shock absorption and energy return
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control
  • Luggy Rubber Outsole with anatomically positioned flex grooves
  • Nylon top speed hooks
  • Mark II oily wet #3 on American Olean tile at .53
  • 30-day comfort guarantee
  • Imported
| Elias 29-12-2022 18:42

Shoe needs heavier socks so the back heel doesn't rub against the skin and irritates it, my only complain. Very comfortable and perfect for work.

| DK 28-12-2022 20:05

Theses shoes are comfortable and waterproof. The trouble is that my feet sweat too much and the moisture is trapped inside. In cold weather this results in persistently cold toes! I've tried merino wool and other sock types and still have wet cold toes.

| Deniz 27-12-2022 03:55

I used it for work.it was comfortable but inside the heel area it started to rip and damaged my heel.

| Jeff 21-12-2022 16:21

Typically timberland quality light weight and comfortable would buy again

| Dee 20-12-2022 20:37

My husband loves these shoes, he does a lot of walking around and climbing ladders.

| randy 12-12-2022 18:05

comfortable for daily use.

| Juan 10-12-2022 17:33

I just bought these

| Kevin 10-12-2022 16:03

Bought these for work, i walk over 10 miles a day. These boots are very comfortable and light. I do hvac and these boots provide me with all the foot protection I need. I bought another pair just for causal wear. I recommend buying extra insoles I change my out after 2/3 months.

| Maurren 09-12-2022 15:55

Excellent boots, comfortable and looks amazing

| Paul A. 08-12-2022 18:46


| Staten Island Mike 08-12-2022 17:13

I'm very impressed. Not only do my feet not ache at the end of the day, but my knees and low back are not nearly as fatigued as they used to be. The tread and toe are very strong! They are a sure fit for any surface!

| D-Rock 08-12-2022 15:46

Attractive boot but very lackluster, anti-fatigue insole is terrible, insole of the boot itself is terrible, does not give enough cushioning for a 9 hour work day on concrete. seems to only want to bend in 2 places, which does not match my feet natural bend.
Only a little over 60days in with these and already looking to replace.
i should have spent more and bought my usual Danners or any other boot with Vibram insoles.

| Nick 04-12-2022 15:56

Am buying timberland in 1970,keep buying.

| Terry 24-11-2022 16:56

I wear this Timberland product every day. I am a mechanic and work on cement floors all day, 8-10 hours daily. I've tried Keens, Red Wing and Sketchers. None of these brands can hold a candle to Timberlands Comfort, Durability, and support.

| Jake 17-11-2022 15:55

Overall really a good boot for work

| Mike 16-11-2022 13:22

I bought these shoes for a new job where I was told I needed a pair of safety toe shoes the following day, there was limited selection at the local store and I figured the timberland was a reputable brand, so I went with them. I wear these 5 days week and around 6 months of use I noticed that the soles started to peel up on the sides and the stitching along the side of the shoes has come undone. I am now able to stick a finger in the hole from the ripped stitching. I replaced the inside insert for better comfort, and was happy until the shoes started to fall apart.

| James 09-11-2022 15:04

These are my 3rd. pair of work shoes from Timberland. They wear well from the first day and get even better. I do residential construction. Durable and super comfortable. #sweepstakes

| EasyB 28-10-2022 04:02

I use this product for work in a Data Center. Safety shoes are required and I walk a lot on this concrete floor during my 12 hour shift. I appreciate how light and comfortable these sneaker boots are.

| Nopulau 18-10-2022 04:32

Just got the shoes and have been wearing for a few days. So far the shoes are comfortable enough to be on my feet for long hours and has a nice design to it. I'll be writing a review on this product in maybe a few months to give an update on how it's holding up.

| Eduardo 06-10-2022 17:47

One of the best boots I have tried in a long time

| CJ 28-09-2022 15:49

I work 12 plus hours a day delivering fuel. These are very comfortable. They keep my feet dry as well as the shoe breathes well. Highly recommend these for those at work or even those just wanting a safe shoe to wear. #sweepstakes

| Sparky 18-09-2022 02:31

I love how comfortable the boots are but they started falling apart within a month after I got them. Got that pair switched for another and the 2nd pair only lasted 4 months before the stitching on the sides started falling apart

| Joshua H 17-09-2022 16:08

I am on my feet all day as an electrician and these hold up fairly well and are relatively comfortable. I do like the protection both electrically and the composite toe. I believe I've just received my sixth pair of this shoe both in the green color and the orange. Throughout all six I think only one, prematurely broke down where the sole meets the shoe, so that's one con. The other con would be the toe covering starts looking shoddy early in the boots life. These are expensive, and I usually get about nine months use out of each pair, so that could be one additional con. However, I've had many people ask about them and admire the look of the boot. An additional pro would be, I appreciate how lightweight the boot is and they really aren't on the bulky side. They've been working out well for a little bit now.

| Th05 10-09-2022 18:44

Wear for work

| Brett D 16-08-2022 04:12

Standing and walk on concrete for 8 hours a day. Most comfortable shoes I've found so far!

| Spen 30-07-2022 16:40

The shoes fit pretty great, which is why I chose them. On flat and slick surfaces, when dry, the grip is great. But once any amount of debris is on the surface, they become ice skates. I've had some pretty scary near misses with these shoes, the pattern on the bottom is a gimmick. Non porous surfaces (the hex pattern, flat rubber) when covered in debris no longer allow grip... that's why I think these are poorly designed. Most other hiking shoes are designed with smaller teeth, which work much better.

The reinforced toe does not go back far enough in my experience. Rips quickly formed behind the area, where things have fallen on my feet.

The insoles are really not easy to clean, as they are extremely absorbent, and a simple washer/dryer cycle won't cut it. I've had to manually squeeze the heck out of these things in various sanitizing liquids, and then about 5 plain water baths, to get MOST of the particles and lingering smell out of there.

All around, I am not satisfied with these shoes for work at all, and can't wait for my next boot allowance... However, for hiking up rocky trails, these are perfect! I think they are marketed incorrectly and are not safe for work when there's any amount of spillage or debris.

| A 28-07-2022 23:26

Wish I never tried these shoes. After working on a concrete floor for even 2 hours was extremely painful.

| ZaZa 27-07-2022 19:45

Yes, I would recommend to a friend

| Nick 25-07-2022 12:16

I like but, unfortunately the terrible stitching ruined it. It's coming unraveled only after a couple of months.

| SDC_Mr. D 25-07-2022 08:08

I bought this product mainly for the style and color. I already have several styles and color of these composite alloy toe work shoes, and this is just to add to my collection. I like to work in style

| Andy 28-06-2022 17:19

Love the product but it slips off the heal. Other than that it is a good pair of work shoes.

| Quinno 28-06-2022 13:24

Likely the most comfortable work bootsI have owned. However, lasted 4 months. When you spend a couple hundred, you expect better. C-

| DC 23-06-2022 01:29

I've had these boots for a little over 2 weeks now, I hang gutters and some siding along with hiking on my free time, I move a lot and need a shoe that can keep up and be comfortable. About 4 days in the stitches on the side started unraveling and the fabric on the toe is peeling (no big deal). The break in time for me was about 3 to 5 days just some minor blistering on the achilles (I covered with bandages and the problem was fixed). They're not as comfortable as I expected but not terribly uncomfortable either, they are completely waterproof and have decent traction. There's also I clicking noise coming from the heel of the boot if I'm carrying something heavy which is slightly concerning. My main concern is the durability of the boot, overall it's an ok boot but needs some work.

| TC 16-06-2022 13:39

Seem to be comfortable so far. Not as lite as I expected.

| Ryd 14-06-2022 20:55

I purchase all of our employees work shoes and MOST of us choose Timberland Pros. There is no other work shoe that is comfortable right out of the BOX.

| j 14-06-2022 00:16

After about months the side stitches completely unraveled

| John 13-06-2022 16:39

Great Product

| santi 12-06-2022 01:45


| Mike 06-06-2022 02:11

I've been wearing them for two weeks and they are really comfortable, soft and flexible. I would recommend them to anyone and I'll buy them again.

| GP 05-06-2022 19:02

I work for an LTL company and I'm climbing in and out of a Freightliner all day, walking up and down stairs, across all types of docks and in and out of my trailer. Drive couple hounded miles a day. Zero issues with these shoes. Very comfortable, look great and clean up with a wet rag.

| Kril 26-05-2022 20:53

Beat shoe ever

| Big Wes 26-05-2022 19:20

I took out the insoles and the magic happened! Waterproof and have very good traction which I need for my job. Excellent work shoe!

| H HH 24-05-2022 18:31

Just started outside job and needed something to keep up with variable conditions.

| Guille 24-05-2022 16:01


| Ben 23-05-2022 15:53

Really glad I purchased them… you will too.

| Joshua S. 21-05-2022 02:47

It is a great working booths.

| Kevin M. 19-05-2022 21:42

I walk all day on concrete at work, usually getting about 15,000 steps in an 8hr day. I expected to have to break them in a little but after 8hrs my feet still feel like they're walking on pillows. I highly recommend these!

| Mike 17-05-2022 03:05

They are not very comfortable, the insole is also very thin and they are quite tiring.

| Bunbury 12-05-2022 00:21

I found the shoes comfortable

| Javier 07-05-2022 17:11

Love them

| Makumba 26-04-2022 11:47

Used by a few of our tile guys who don't like to use the bulkier work boots. I personally prefer timberlands boondocks but some of the guys like these because they're lighter

| Don M. 25-03-2022 01:47

Comfortable and the shoe has very good grip. Takes a few days to break in but good shoe and light weight

| Marek N 20-03-2022 19:57

I wear them at work all day everyday and they very comfortable.

| Shelby 08-03-2022 12:41

I used these boots for landscape maintenance (mowing, pulling weeds, etc) and they were very comfortable and keep my feet dry. But the stitching started popping out at the seams after about 6 months of use, which allowed water to come into the boot.

| Sierra S 26-02-2022 18:39

Excellent shoes! Had to start wearing safety shoes for work and was dying in pain because all the others I tried were horrible. Found these and the pain is gone. Very comfortable and helped with my planter fasciitis!

| Rosario 23-02-2022 19:02

This item is very uncomfortable in the bottom of your peak will love to return them but no longer have the original box just have the receipt

| Javier G 23-02-2022 02:43

Love the comfort and durability

| Tahjmore M. 21-02-2022 07:23

Everything seems on point aside from the slip resistant bottom, I still managed to slip not all but a couple times at work

| Jeffrey c 19-02-2022 19:42

Great work shoes light weight and comfortable I'm on my feet all day as a mechanic and these shoes fit perfectly.

| Ann S, 14-02-2022 15:30

purchased for employee he wears a 13 and these were too big for him in the normal size. Will re-order in a 12 size.

| Violet 20-01-2022 10:47

Still get me tired and ive had. Em a while already

| Jake, m 10-01-2022 18:54

I work on elevators, so lots of stairs, climbing. Very comfortable.

| Constantino C. 30-12-2021 22:36

Bought 2 pairs for each of my boys and they are loving it!!! They use it for work and they tell me that these shoes are very comfortable for their whole work day! Thumbs up all the way!!!

| Chris C 25-12-2021 16:23

After reading the reviews before I purchased these boots, they made the decision very easy. After having worn them for over a month now, these boots are very comfortable. Not too heavy to be standing on your feet a good portion of your work day. I've actually felt better with my overall well being with my back and knees.

| Mike P 16-12-2021 01:59

I recently purchased a pair of these sneakers After trying on a pair of the work boots at a store, though I could not wear the boots comfortably these work sneakers are awesome

I Love them ! Why if they were of the female persuasion and had a pulse would make you know what with them! Nice and gentle and rough! I am no weirdo but I know hot women and really nice work sneakers!

| Mike, D 14-12-2021 02:37

Worst "work" shoe i've ever owned. Fell apart 4 months after purchase. Sent in for warranty, got a replacement and they fell apart within 6 months.

| Abe Y 20-11-2021 18:57

The shoes is really nice looking. It's just a little too heavy for a 12 hour shift.

| Marco 14-11-2021 20:44

fast they broke

| Carlos, G. 07-10-2021 07:15

I really like my new shoes, they're better than expected.

| Noel, B 05-10-2021 21:53

Bought these for working in a kitchen. Was worried they would be the wrong size because I usually get 1 1/2 size larger for safety boots. But the realized my normal sizing was perfect for the shoes.

| Jose f 01-10-2021 01:12


| Eric N. 30-09-2021 22:38

Good shoe just feels a bit narrow even with getting it in wide

| Charles V 29-09-2021 15:46

I work in the water treatment business. These boots are lightweight, waterproof (chemical friendly) and extremely comfortable.

| Stephen W 28-09-2021 16:02

I love these boots-

| Anthony,S 25-09-2021 16:01

For working outside

| Cheverly C 23-09-2021 04:24

Bought this for my dad who is a plumber. Its waterproof and gives good support for all day standing.

| Heather B 22-09-2021 17:54

Great work Boot

| Sam K 09-09-2021 22:33

Shoes fit great, and are very comfortable! Great for walking on shop floors.

| Michael W 29-08-2021 22:03

I was never been able to find work shoes that don't hurt
my feet, until someone suggested Timberlands. I have been wearing these for years. After I've broken them in , they are extremely comfortable. My last pair lasted for over 2 years. I can't see myself ever buying another pair of shoes.

| JP, S 29-08-2021 17:16

Very comfortable to wear with duration of work.

| Soum 20-08-2021 16:28


| Anthony S 15-08-2021 13:21

Comfortable to wear

| Mitko 13-08-2021 04:12

Skeptical in the beginning for this product! After 3 16 hours shift's those shoes are incredible comfortable! I already order second pear! Strongly recommend this product!!!

| Roger J 11-08-2021 01:28

So, I got these for work. Lots of spraying water everywhere. These are very comfortable and possibly the best grip I've had
However, the waterproof aspect is a fail. My feet are wet (and not from sweat) every time I need to wash my machines. I'm not stepping into deep puddles or spraying into my boots, yet, wet feet all the same

| Don s 23-07-2021 03:32

These are not wide at all and I ordered the wide. The top smushes your foot. So if you have big feet do not get these.

| Alex M 17-07-2021 17:17

Really nothing bad about this product, they feel very comfortable and made with strong materials.

| Joe W 13-07-2021 04:28

I use for work and now after work but not to bed

| mike w 10-07-2021 20:59

great fitting comfortable shoe

| Gene V 08-07-2021 21:06

Don't get me wrong, my Tim Pros are my #1 for the past 30 years…
But, for a true blue collar working man, the difference in weight, and relief of impact on your feet and knees that these provide is astronomical…
Also, I dropped a 6X6X16 piece of lumber on the composite toe, I barely felt it…
Don't question yourself, just buy em'!!!

| R 06-07-2021 12:11

itsa great shoes.

| Steve 03-07-2021 17:14

Great shoe for work. I had to return and go down a full size but once you find a good fit they are keepers.

| Bob R 29-06-2021 21:20

Very comfortable. Very study. Excellent for bad weather.

| Dakota P 27-06-2021 00:30

Best work shoes ever for my husband. He's on his feet 12hr Shifts 5 days a week and they held up for over 6 months on our last pair

| Bela G 17-06-2021 21:38

I exchanged the shoe for Timberland Pros.

| Juan 16-06-2021 01:17

My feet feel more tired in these than vans

| Amr R 15-06-2021 02:48

nice shoe however the steel toe digs into my toe knuckles. I had to return them.

| Jason L 14-06-2021 20:57

I am on my feet on the concrete all day and my feet do not ache.

| DaveH 14-06-2021 15:44

I wear these boots for light maintenance work as a water district worker. I've had these boots for 4 months and the stitching has come undone like others have mentioned. My last 2 pairs of boondocks would not hold water out after 2-3 months of use. I will no longer buy timberland since they won't warranty my boots.

| Aaron 12-06-2021 12:01

I'm a diesel mechanic and it's starting to get hot, these shoes are a great transition from my timberland work boots

| Gino B 11-06-2021 22:17

Let me start off by saying these are probably the most comfortable boots I've ever bought. I've had these for a little over a year and I still daily drive them every day. With that said, I will probably never buy them again because of the poor build quality. After 2 months the side seams busted, and 4 months after that just about all the side stitching were gone. It's a real shame because these are good looking boots and I'm having trouble finding another pair (different brand) just as comfortable, but until they address the poor quality of the build, Ill be looking elsewhere.

| Zman 06-06-2021 23:30


| Dan G 30-05-2021 23:12

Electrician working inside outdoors residential/commercial. Feel light,comfortable and protective but after looking carefully at the single stitching throughout the shoe I knew they wouldn't last and they didn't. Almost a year maybe exactly a year.

| Cassidy S. 22-05-2021 13:25

I was wearing a pair of Redwing Shoes and I actually liked them better than these. I am currently returning these under the 30 day wear guarantee. After a week of working my usual 10 hours my feet hurt so bad it felt like I was walking in shoes with concrete soles. I work in a factory and cannot sit so comfortably is key. The size was true to fit.

| Rob a 20-05-2021 22:42

Work on concrete 8 or 9 hours a day. First pair lasted a year. Better that red wing

| Luciano 14-05-2021 17:22

I used the boot 7 times and it is already unraveling

| Albeto E 30-04-2021 20:34

beautiful boot. I would have kept it if it had anti fatigue insole. I have to return them and look for a boot that has anti fatigue insole

| Jason W 19-04-2021 23:19

The shoes where purchased to be worn while working at an outdoor nursery. After one use huge blisters formed on both feet above heels. There is no heel cushion and materials rub. These shoes were correctly fitted at a shoe store by an employee.

For the price I expected better quality.

| Jose L 11-04-2021 21:15

Shoes are soft and comfortable i think 8 hrs is the max wearing this shoes

| Shui, T 07-04-2021 12:08

Had this shoe for about 6 months and the toe area that creases a lot is cracking and ripping. Its very comfortable but for the price the shoe upper should last longer than the sole. Its very squeaky on tile surfaces.

| jeff p 03-04-2021 02:31

i am moving on from these boots. usually love timberland, but seems they are making them smaller these days.

| Manny v 01-04-2021 13:21

I'm a plumber I usually keep my boots about two years before I need to make a new purchase . I have been going with timberland pro the last 5 years however these aerocore soles are coming unglued after only 2 months ! Super comfortable, 2 months of normal construction usage is not acceptable .

| Jesus 27-03-2021 21:00

Very light shoes and comfortable I recommend them

| Alen B. 25-03-2021 20:55

I've been in construction business for about 16 years,I've tried so many brands and shapes of shoes but I've never ever had the privilege to own this kind of shoes,above comfortable,good looking,safe and durable shoes !. Wow!.. I will order few more pairs of of these days just to make sure I'm good for next few years!..

| Mark T. 22-03-2021 01:07

What I don't like about these shoes are the squeeking. I tried all the recommended remedy but it just never went away. About less than a year I see it cracking on the side.

| David C 17-03-2021 19:18

Great shoes very comfortable for standing and walking on concrete all day

| Anthony A 12-03-2021 03:42

Had these boots less than a month and the sole already cracked in half. I work in a freezer and walk all day. These boots hurt my heel like crazy.... I'm giving timberland another chance and ordered a new pair, a different pair in hopes they last more than a month!! They ain't cheap so spending all this money I would of wished they lasted longer then a month.

| Brice k 09-03-2021 23:33

The boot is great, I wear them 12 hours a day 5 days a week on concrete as a welder. They hold up to a beating I normally go threw boots every 3-4 months with these I'll be good for awhile

| Thomas G. 07-03-2021 03:08

From the first day on that shoe feels great, very light and comfortable. I would buy it again for sure.

| Oscar, M. 05-03-2021 21:24

I choice a good pair of Timberland boots for work. They are light on the feet, comfortable to work with, and quality endurance for rain or snow. Plus the boots have a stylistic design that makes them more just working boots.

| james C 05-03-2021 15:41

bought them in late July to replace my red wing work shoes.
I do hvac red wing I get year or so out of them but they are expensive so looked for more fair price found these. Just didn't last long by February the safety toe shoe lining is all gone sides are all ripped out an many many rips all over the sides an top

| Bobc 04-03-2021 18:56

Comfortable.sneaker like almost,great protection in any job situation.plus they look good.i would recommend this shoe for sure.

| William 28-02-2021 22:58

This is my fourth pair of work boot / shoes and they are the best investment I ever purchase for my feet.

| Beata 24-02-2021 03:39

I got it for my dad and he likes it.

| Bob C. 20-02-2021 22:30

They do not offer enough selection in wide or EE

| Matt C 17-02-2021 01:09

I am on my feet for most of the day. Working outside in the elements so a waterproof boot is needed. And when I am working inside on a tile floor the slip resistant soles is needed. A good all around boot. Been happy with Timberland boots. These are the fourth pair of Timberland I bought and all been great.

| Kurt F 16-02-2021 20:16

Very disappointed every uncomfortable I must be honest..... Hurts my heels terrible I even purchased dr schols heel pads n still pain terrible sorry..... I wish I could have choose over... But I love timberlnad pro still

| Dave 12-02-2021 11:03

In and out of snow slush and water feet stay dry feet boot and great feel.

| Jeff F. 11-02-2021 23:58

I work in a lumber yard and walk 15,000 steps a day. The boot is comfortable but is cold when the outside leather is wet. I would recommend getting a insulated version if your work in a cold environment.

| Kevin 11-02-2021 19:36

This boots are awful ! Hard on your feet 3 hours on these boots and I would have been better with bare feet !

| Angel C 07-02-2021 03:09

This are the most comfortable boots I've owned, great boots have worn them for 2 weeks and i don't get tired, will definitely be buying another pair!!

| Michael R 28-01-2021 16:44

I've tried other boots but by far this boot is 1of the best working boot ever. Super comfortable water proof keeps your feet dry. Also super light weight soft inner sole. I highly recommend this boot. I will buy another set when I'm finished with these. If your foot is flat I recommend you get WIDE. Best boot ever. Thanks Timberland.

| Eric T 26-01-2021 22:03

Comfortable, lightweight

| Brandon R 21-01-2021 15:38

Great Boots!!!

| James B 15-01-2021 14:41

These boots are super comfortable. I was wearing tennis shoes for work for the longest time and they would wear out quickly and still made my feet hurt at the end of the day. I've been wearing these boots for a few weeks now and they are super comfortable and durable for all the walking that I've been doing.

| Steve, J 10-01-2021 16:55

One of the most comfortable work boots that I have ever owned! I've had them over a year now...good stuff Timberland.

| James K 10-01-2021 09:59

These are the lightest, most comfortable safety toe boots I've ever worn. I just ordered another pair.

| Therese K 03-01-2021 14:51

I absolutely hated these shoes! They didn't seem to fit right in the toes not enough space and was too narrow and I ordered the wide. The heels made my feet hurt so bad stopped wearing them and had my husband take them because we are the same size. He didn't like them either. Usually I love this boot brand but the shoes are a dud. I couldn't even return them because I wore them to work.

| Fred. V 29-12-2020 02:15

They are very good for heavy and light work, very comfortable I honestly recommended it, Timberland is the best . Fair price .

| Joshule. J 28-12-2020 16:58

I use this for work at a utlity company in Hawaii. I've had these work shoes for 2 weeks now and didn't get blisters or sore ankles like some other new shoes I've tried in the past. The shoe already feels broken into and it feels super comfortable. Cannot feel the composite toe. Other shoes, I could feel the steel/composite toe. Overall I'm very satisfied because of the comfortability and workmanship of this work shoes, and this is why it's my new favorite work shoes

| fidel 27-12-2020 16:03

a well made boot

| Marty H 25-12-2020 00:35

Couldn't use because of the lack safety rating for composite toe.

| Drew L 18-12-2020 12:59

I work at a Water Treatment Facility and found these boots perfect for my job. They look great if I need to go to a meeting but meet the demands of all of our work surfaces as well.

| David,S 16-12-2020 14:58

Very disappointed in the quality. Owned the shoe about 8 months before needing to wear it to work. I only work 15 days a month due to 12 hr shift, felt good for the first couple of months , granted I had only worn them 30 days. But then I noticed something didn't feel right. Examined the sole of shoe and it had split all the way across the bottom. Basically where the sole bends on the shoe as when you squat. After speaking with several other employees, found out they had same issue and just figured it was a freak thing. Not so, poor quality. Won't buy again....

| Marcel D 02-12-2020 15:15

Daily use on blacktop/cement and on steep grade. I've been wearing Timberland steel toe products for 25 years. These are extremely and easily the most comfortable fit I've had.

| Nathaniel J 02-12-2020 05:35

Ordered a medium but needed a wide, unfortunately due to the time of year there are not a lot of wide options.

| DeMario H 23-11-2020 22:48

Work boots

| Francisco n 21-11-2020 13:21

They feel great, and look amazing. Good for warehouse job

| Scott M 17-11-2020 00:39

I read the reviews before buying and a few people said they were cheap. I bought a pair of Timberland Pro work shoes last year and they were great. Based on this I ignored the reviews and bought these. The leather feels nice, they are stylish, and they wear well right out of the box. I bought them for work as an aircraft mechanic. I wore them this past weekend for a few hours while cut trees down and they were great except the toe protector was a little soft. I got a small cut maybe 1/4 in. long in the protector in that short time. Despite that I think they will be great boots and I plan to apply Tuff Toe to add that extra toughness.

| Shelby S 13-11-2020 12:36

These are the most comfortable work boot I have tried so far. Most boots leave my feet aching by the end of the work day, but not with these. The only downside is they are starting to come apart at the seams. I've had these boots for 6 months.

| Deniz A. 02-11-2020 23:24

Aircraft Maintenance Tech. On my feet 16 hours some days. Always exposed to three elements. Comfortable and durable shoes.

| Austin t 30-10-2020 20:12

Have had for a couple weeks now. Good overall so far. Just hope they hold up

| Charles R 29-10-2020 07:46

Boots were as promised. Very well constructed as per usual with Timberland Pro work boots. Did have to ship them back only because they were a half size small.

| Joel D 29-10-2020 07:01

Looks nice and there comfortable

| Luis N 28-10-2020 00:34

These work shoes are surprisingly comfortable. Love the way they feel and how you don't even notice they have a protective toe. Durability depends on the type of work. If it's construction or highly active use, they start wearing out within 5 months. Anything less than that should see wear longer than that.

| Gary cC 26-10-2020 12:39

I'm am on my feet 11-16 hours a day. Concrete floor this feel great.

| Alex 23-10-2020 00:19

Love how much cushion is in the heel!

| Pavement pounder 08-10-2020 01:04

I bought these hoping they were light weight and easy on the feet. They are light weight but need more cushion for resistance on cement floors. I walk on cement floors all day and my feet get tired to easy in these. After two weeks it is to early to tell if they will hold up.

| SESS the walker 24-09-2020 16:40

I walk and drive Big Trucks all day and night, I love the waterproof because I'm around big puddles all the time. And the gym shoe like bottom is great for all the walking I do at work daily!! The composite toe is light and durable.

| Chris the HVAC guy 20-09-2020 20:11

These boots looked good in pictures but that's about it. I was disappointed the second I open the box. The material look and feel cheap. They are narrow and leave no room in the toe. Spend a little more and go with the Red Wing CRV.

| Ivan 17-09-2020 01:34

I use this shoes for work and they feel stable. They feel a little hot on the summer but ok. will be perfect for cold weather

| Disgruntled Rick 07-09-2020 01:43

I'm going to throw them away and find another boot from a competitor.

| Dave 04-09-2020 17:32

I wear them for casual fit.

| Trw 02-09-2020 19:16

I'm a CDL driver (liquivacs, etc) 5 days a week. I'm in and out of the trucks, on my feet a lot, climbing ladders and walking on uneven ground much of the time.
These Timberlands are working out great and are lighter than my last pair.

| Jesse 02-09-2020 10:56

I will be more excited about something that I would like that using something that I'm dissatisfied

| Nate 31-08-2020 12:03

Odd Product, I am in construction, but not a tradesman. I would not recommend these to anyone, they are stiff and take a long time to break in. Additionally, I have owned my pair for about 8 Weeks, I walk in them approximately 10 miles per week. I just sat down and looked at the sole and it is starting to de-laminate and sad to see it is a three part sole with the tread stating to pull back. Only a matter of time until it becomes a trip hazard.

| Ryph 29-08-2020 21:47

Greta light weight shoe for anyone that needs the safety of a boot but the light weight of a tennis shoe. Could be a little more breathable. But that can be expected for an all leather shoe.

| Paul 26-08-2020 22:24

Great shoe for my type of work in a Dairy Plant

| TeaJay 23-08-2020 00:31

the shoes fit great

| Phsyco 21-08-2020 14:33

More break in time than I expected. I'm a welder fabricator working 12 hr. shifts. After a week or so these boots are now quite comfortable. I wasn't expecting them to be so lightweight big plus! I would give four stars but it's too early to tell how these boots will hold up over time.

| Mike 20-08-2020 16:10

I'm a heavy mobile equipment equipment inspector. I'm on my feet all day walking and climbing on vehicles/equipment. I have back and feet problems. But I feel great at the end of the day. Back and feet feel better all day. Not sore like they used to.

| Ozzie the Handyman 15-08-2020 01:11

I am used to using Timberland Pro Boots for work everyday. I decided to go with this pair for lighter days; inspections, estimates etc. They are so comfortable that I may just use them for my tough jobs too.

| sam 11-08-2020 13:10

It is a great shoe for wearing around the shop! Will definitely be buying another pair.

| ebautis83 10-08-2020 20:11

I work 12s 7 days a week and they are very comfortable. The price is worth it.

| Tj 09-08-2020 21:57

Comfortable and protective, definitely will purchase again

| PaulyD 05-08-2020 22:14

I wear these strong and comfortable boots when I am working on outdoor landscaping and also wear them for any other outdoor activity in the Berkshire Mountains like riding an ATV, fishing and hiking.

| Warehouse worker 21-07-2020 20:15

Great fit and feel.

| KAP WWM 14-07-2020 22:11

Wear for work comfortable all day long after 10 hours. I could do without the shiny plastic though.

| Carlos 14-07-2020 12:39

Use this at work!after a 12 hours my feet feel great!

| warehouse worker 14-07-2020 10:52

My job requires safety toe shoes and over the years I've worn a plethora of types and brands. I look for light weight and breathable. For the most part this shoe fits those criteria. I purchased the wide size and in my opinion the shoe could use a bit more width, especially in the toe bed. The sole is one of the most flexible that I have found. I would also like a whole lot more squish when I walk in them. Take a high quality running shoe and put a safety toe in it. That's the comfort I'm looking for and have yet to find anywhere.

| phil 13-07-2020 15:37

was comfortable right out of the box .

| Quik 13-07-2020 11:01

Good shoe. Comfortable shoe. Good texture. The downside... it looks like it's for my grandfather. Orthopedic almost. LOL. Great shoe if you're ok with THAT look.

| Hope 12-07-2020 04:36

Great for high activity jobs

| Farmer Richard 10-07-2020 02:08

I'm a big guy. Farm work all kinds of surfaces climbing all sorts of equipment, bins, center pivots. They feel good.

| Bettzy 08-07-2020 10:49

It is very good only that it is heavy and that tires throughout the day

| Andres 07-07-2020 06:02

Excelente shoes for work

| Frankie 02-07-2020 23:45

Nice, and safe work boot.

| Chef 02-07-2020 21:21

To me it feels a little too heavy compared to other pro serius footwear I had from timberland before. Slightly tighter than want them to be but over all not bad.

| Demetric T 01-07-2020 21:12

This is a great shoe in terms of function and fit. However it's really heavy considering it isn't a full ankle covering work boot. At the end of the work day you feel like you are removing the weight of 2 pairs of shoes.

| Sparky Brian 28-06-2020 03:07

I'm an electrician on my feet all day these boots are pretty painful. After about four hours my feet start hurting super bad. They feel like they have cushion but they actually don't. They do look nice that's about the only good thing they have going for them. I tried contacting timberland to return them and nothing I do not recommend this product for tradesmen and women

| Omair 26-06-2020 00:40

AS per my feet

| WideToe 25-06-2020 10:31

I ordered the wide so my feet have extra breathing room, the shoe was narrow

| Toro the Strongman 24-06-2020 01:47

Ive been using Timberland footwear for years. I saw this new style and decided to give it a try. Now, I wear these for construction work on a daily basis. They are so comfortable even after 10 hr shifts. You always feel confident and protected by these high quality lightweight stylish boots!

| Tom 21-06-2020 23:38

Got them last friday with (overnight shipping) start to wear them next day for work , there are comfortable , love the shape , color and material. Been buying timberland pro products from last year.l will be looking for new work boots for next winter. Timberland pro

| Pro 16-06-2020 03:59

Good look and feel good

| Construction worker 15-06-2020 03:15

My husband loves these boots! He says there too nice looking to wear to work! There nice and comfy!

| Aaron S 11-06-2020 20:53

I have been using the Timberland Pro low profile mudsill for about five years now. I recently switched over to the reaxion work shoe and it is very comfortable. I'm in my shoes for 10-12 hrs a day and have been experiencing minimum to no fatigue. Also there seemed to be no break in period as the shoes were ready to go as soon as I unboxed them.

| Gabe A 03-06-2020 02:28

I really like the over all quality of this shoe. However the break in time has been a a little bit excessive. My timberlands boots I bought a few years back had zero break in time. so I'm Comparing the break in time to my boots. Also my left shoe has this crease on the side of the hill that hurt my foot so bad I put tape over it until it wore off. I would not buy these shoes again. However I will buy timberlands boots again.

| Cliff 02-06-2020 20:22

I wore the boots as soon as I received them. No break in period. Very comfortable. The fit and finish of the boots are well done and I'm very happy I purchased Timberland boots again.

| Bry Bry The RV Parts Guy 29-05-2020 00:37

I LOVE these shoes. They look

| BDL 26-05-2020 20:12

Fits well. Sole started separating within 2 weeks of normal daily wear.

| Ron 20-05-2020 21:08

I own a lawn care business and do a lot of walking in a daily basis and so far 2 weeks in they are comfortable

| Allthrotle 20-05-2020 20:15

Fits perfect

| Lb 19-05-2020 01:17

I had my Timberlands for over a week now 12 to 14 hour days at work And my feet hurt felt no cushion at about noon I'm standing and I'm thinking these feel really tough on my feet Felt very fatigued.

| Rcl services 17-05-2020 23:11

I own a landscaping company and so far these are good

| Cody 12-05-2020 14:20

I'm wearing these for working, gardening, and walking. Great shoes, comfortable and sturdy.

| Jay 07-05-2020 16:35

Very confortable, true to size, great for work!

| David 04-05-2020 23:01

I use them for work and they are the best pair I have ever had for work. I bought two pairs because I was so happy with them.

| BG 01-05-2020 20:13

This is a decent shoe, it is comfortable considering it's features. Mine have made a clicking sound as I walk from the left shoe only. I have owned the PRO Boondock boots for the past 5 years and I feel they are more comfortable than these sneakers. These sneakers also do not breathe well at all.

| Nedrac 28-04-2020 01:06

I really like this shoe, like a active shoe with a steel toe

| sk 24-04-2020 15:24

light weight and duarable

| Chad the Marathon runner 21-04-2020 15:00

Ive been wearing timberland pro since I started working in grocery retail and they have been a life saver for me feet! I walk up to 15 miles a day and the comfort last all 15 miles. I do wish they lasted longer than 6mos but I put a lot of miles on them!

| Jake 20-04-2020 23:10

Landscaper here, good for my line of work

| Aerospace23 19-04-2020 00:18

I am very happy with my purchase. Only complaint I have, is they do feel a little toe heavy when I go to walk in them. Other than that, I love them! So comfy and did not take long to break in. I went for a mile walk my first day and cut wood in them the 2nd day. You just can't go wrong in Timb Pro's!

| Trashman 15-04-2020 23:22

I have worn timberlands for work for 15 years. Always the pro series. These hands down are the most comfortable out of the box boots I have ever owned from Timberland

| Brad D 15-04-2020 02:46

Very comfortable right out of the box. A lot of safety toes I have a hard time adjusting too but the last 2 pairs of Tim's have been spot on. The price point is right where it need to be as well. Built like a $200-250 pair of boots.

| Changoleon 15-04-2020 02:33

I like the boot but the comp toe is a lil too short I can feel it rub on sock seem sometimes without comp toe I think I would of really like boot

| Ibra794 12-04-2020 22:27

Safe and u don't feel the fatige after walking for 12 hours

| Yonts 12-04-2020 20:31

These are my new go to boots, they are very comfortable and seems very durable so far

| Cornfed Hooligan 11-04-2020 22:05

I'm a little over 300lbs so the cushioning isn't the best.
But the break in is going well and they are noticeably lighter than my last pair of timberland pro's.

| ARCTIC PIPELINE GUY 10-04-2020 18:46


| Liz 08-04-2020 23:39

Comfort/ support is great it runs a size bigger but slightly narrow.

| Faustino 01-04-2020 16:17

Fits well , I am comfortable wearing them on a daily basis. Shoe laces don't come untied , that is a positive note , others come undone after a few steps.

| Ivis 01-04-2020 12:24

For work. Very comfortable

| Pete 27-03-2020 22:27

Shoes look good and work well for light duty work boots. A bit heavy and big for hiking. Shoe out sole is slick and also looks as if a nail could puncture in between the studs where there is no rubber. The shoes are comfortable and I recommended to a coworker.

| Monique 25-03-2020 21:51

My husband loves them for work

| Slick slimy 22-03-2020 21:22

I likes the feel of these boots but I sent them back. I would get these for anything else other than my line of work. Just felt I needed a pair of boots that was a little more sturdy. Not that these arent but I felt I needed more.

| Sean 20-03-2020 21:28

I know Timberland runs big. I normally wear 14 in other brands. I ordered a 13 and they're perfect.

| Rusky 16-03-2020 23:47

Got 10 wide. Fit perfect. Straight out of the box went for a couple mile walk in them on sidewalks and they feel fantastic.
Will see how they do with work which is 90% dry and 99% asphalt/concrete movement, with some oils mixed in on the surface. Also supposed to rain tomorrow night so will see how the waterproof is, but confident that they will be fine.

| Joe the contractor 14-03-2020 01:07

These work boot are actually lighter than I expected. Extremely durable and waterproof, but your feet remain cool.

| Donnie 10-03-2020 01:01

I use them for work

| Cablerunner 09-03-2020 21:24

I'm on my feet for 8-10 hours a day, and these boots feel almost like a pair sneakers.

| Big 20 08-03-2020 22:15

Great l, lightweight shoe-boot! Just ordered a size smaller!

| Only One ME 08-03-2020 22:15

Needed a new pair of work boots/shoes bc my steel toe Cats were over 3 yrs old and way past worn out so I purchased these and they were nice looking and very comfortable and feel more like a shoe than a boot, they're lightweight and don't weigh your feet down like steel toes do.

| Jim the worker 02-03-2020 23:55

These boots stay comfortable all day despite walking on concrete all day.

| Jim the runner 26-02-2020 09:23


4.15 stars based on 235 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.15 stars based on 235 reviews

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| Elias 12/29/22

Shoe needs heavier socks so the back heel doesn't rub against the skin and irritates it, my only complain. Very comfortable and perfect for work.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| DK 12/28/22

Theses shoes are comfortable and waterproof. The trouble is that my feet sweat too much and the moisture is trapped inside. In cold weather this results in persistently cold toes! I've tried merino wool and other sock types and still have wet cold toes.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Deniz 12/27/22

I used it for work.it was comfortable but inside the heel area it started to rip and damaged my heel.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Jeff 12/21/22

Typically timberland quality light weight and comfortable would buy again

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Dee 12/20/22

My husband loves these shoes, he does a lot of walking around and climbing ladders.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| randy 12/12/22

comfortable for daily use.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Juan 12/10/22

I just bought these

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Kevin 12/10/22

Bought these for work, i walk over 10 miles a day. These boots are very comfortable and light. I do hvac and these boots provide me with all the foot protection I need. I bought another pair just for causal wear. I recommend buying extra insoles I change my out after 2/3 months.

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Maurren 12/09/22

Excellent boots, comfortable and looks amazing

written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

| Paul A. 12/08/22


written by a customer while visiting timberland.com

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