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WA053 - Carhartt Women's Knit Headband

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The Knit Headband features:

  • 100% acrylic, 1x1 rib-knit fabric 
  • Carhartt label sewn on front
  • Made in the USA and imported parts
| Elizabeth W. 03-06-2022 00:34

Wish the logo was a bit bigger like the ones on the coats and other hats. After 1 wash it did have pilling and fuzz balls appear all over. Defiantly keeps my ears warm during the winter. Great for wearing your hair up with.

| Karen L. 15-05-2022 20:37

I love both headbands. FIt well.

| Blanco O. 28-04-2022 11:41

Thanks I love it

| Kristina F. 07-03-2022 13:42

Looks just like the picture

| Lea P. 28-02-2022 21:15

Cute and warm! I like the smaller logo for the headband

| Joanne V. 28-02-2022 19:53

100% functional…but kinda itchy.

| Nikki N. 28-02-2022 18:33

BUY IT. It’s very cute and warm

| Hallie Y. 27-02-2022 04:38

I love this headband! It’s thick but not too thick and it’s warm!

| Merry M. 24-02-2022 20:58

Warm and comfortable! Just what I was looking for

| Kirstyn J. 22-02-2022 19:46

Very cute to wear for work.

| E L. 21-02-2022 18:37

I love it. I always struggle wearing a hat when my hair is in a ponytail and this solves that issue! tight enough to stay on while running or working but not too tight that it hurts my earrings!

| Jennifer C. 21-02-2022 03:57

I like my headband

| Maria J. 21-02-2022 03:40

Such a great headband. Warm but not bulky or big. Great color!!! Fits well; not too tight.

| Kelly F. 20-02-2022 12:51

I love it ! I would buy more eventually ??

| Bradley M. 18-02-2022 20:13

Awesome head band

| Hannah L. 20-12-2021 19:08

The knit headband is great for a little colder temps between 35-50 F degrees or when its windy outside. I prefer a little warmer hat anything below freezer, but the knit headband is awesome for the in between cooler weather and for us girls with long hair.

| Katie m. 16-12-2021 04:50

Love it! Super comfortable and cute

| Timmy J. 08-12-2021 19:30

The wife loves the way it keeps her ears warl

| Shauna M. 08-12-2021 02:38

Love it! Keeps my ears warm when my hair is up

| Brandi M. 05-12-2021 13:35

I like the headband a lot. It keeps me warm but the only downfall is it stretches a lot and doesn’t stay up on my forehead. Think the elastic needs some improvements but besides that I enjoy it

| Kristine A. 04-12-2021 18:29

Very comfortable, not too tight!

| Don L. 02-12-2021 21:16

You guys send me the wrong color so when I received it I tossed it in the trash cause I was expecting a black on e and got a purple color one .

| Nao S. 01-12-2021 23:39

Color and Quality is perfect for me

| Angela K. 01-12-2021 00:22

doesnt fit right at all.too small

| Mandy P. 29-11-2021 18:02

Very comfortable but does not stay in place.

| Sikkkkkkly T 21-11-2021 20:19

Only piece that this company " offers " to women....or men that may have long hair. Big, thick hair that over a short time (literally, one winter) stretches this material out so far it begins to fall off. The consistent pulling and tugging one already fights with the long hair, now cant be held up causing safety issues for one. Going from zero to really hot n bothered in .2 seconds when its freezing risking ones health. It makes one super frustrated with the brand in general. Is this personal,You BET! Not even 5ft tall, my hair half the length of my full body, I HAVE to keep it up for farming and everyday life. My hair doesnt fit in hats, caps, beanies and whatever other terms Carharrt may uses. The company refuses to offer a stocking cap of some sort with a hole in the top, nor a ball cap for the sun. I mean....softball players have that option but those of us who really NEED items like mentioned, ACTUALLY AVAILABLE, is second to none. <br />You pride yourself on the WIP Line, well. ITS AN OVER PRICED RUN WAY JOKE! <br />I mean you have to literally pick up a second or possibly third job to even be able to AFFORD a pair of " womens " cover alls. Don't believe me, the facts are on your website, third part distributors, third party sellers, resellers and so forth. I dont care the opinion nor what anyone believes, I know first hand and personally that it is more trouble, effort, MONEY (LITERALLY), amounts of unnecessary time consumed attempting to gain information of said product and I can keep the list going. <br />My last notation. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BRAND, otherwise I wouldn't sink the amount of time and money that I have already just comfortably wear / use my purchase. <br />Words of advice, This is not about equality. This is NOT about a morality crutch. This is PLAN facts and personal experiences that always play out exactly the same with this brand specifically.<br />AND.<br />CARHARTT THE BRAND IN ITSELF DESPERATELY Needs WOMEN of all sizes and shapes and lifestyles as beta testers!! Aint NO WAY on this earth a single one of us would opt in to freely purchase a pair of " work " leggings for 50 to 60 bucks. Then IF anything can be sought out anywhere....a " womens " wallet....usually runs about 60 to 90 bucks. NOPE! <br />And the harsh reality AGAIN.......I came to the site to seek out a matching head band/ wrap in the same brown my WAY too big, sagging crotch INSULATED MAN bibs were. I am AT LEAST trying to stay warm and loyal to a brand I really do love but MAN ALIVE. YALL ARE DETERMINED as a whole to really shew working women....back in the kitchen? I dont know but it's surely disheartening on my own end.

| Breanna C. 18-11-2021 04:56

Absolutely love it ??

| Lisa H. 13-11-2021 01:31

Warm and can easily wear my hair up with it.

| Katarina M. 28-09-2021 12:58

I love this knit headband for fall and winter weather. It keeps in place well and keeps your ears so warm. I want to get every color to match every outfit. It is a great purchase and a great affordable price!

| Karina R. 10-05-2021 04:06

Keeps my ears warm.

| Dona T. 15-03-2021 19:29

Love this headband ! Best I've ever had

| Amy S. 01-03-2021 19:44

My daughter loves it. It was odd though. I got a message that it had been cancelled but then received it after Christmas. (It was ordered before Thanksgiving)

| Bionic 27-02-2021 23:52

An alternative to wearing a full cap. Keeps my ears warm in all winter weather. Works with a hardhat also...

| Joy S. 25-02-2021 20:07

Gave as. Gift to my 14 year old granddaughter and she loved it. <br />Made well and nice black color.

| LEEANN G. 24-02-2021 06:01

this headband is awesome. sometimes beanies make my head feel too hot or my hair needs to breathe, so this cozy headband is just perfect. and it's not too loose, and not too tight. I ended up getting two colors!

| Kira A. 19-02-2021 01:49

Very warm!

| jodi t. 16-02-2021 01:01

Definitely like the way it fits and keeps ears warm and hair back.

| Dennis C. 15-02-2021 14:20

this headband makes a big difference when fishing in wind and cold

| Jennifer R. 12-02-2021 14:28

I like the material and the stretch. It is not itchy. Warm!

| Rachel P. 10-02-2021 18:13

Fits great and keeps my ears warm

| Laura S. 10-02-2021 18:08

I love this Ear warmer.

| Rebecca M. 07-02-2021 22:47

I would highly recommend to keep your ears warm in the cold weather.

| Sofia J. 06-02-2021 22:44

Soooo nice. It’s the perfect width so it covers your ears if you want, i wear it when my hair gets greasy and it covers it perfectly ?? love it 10/10 would recommend

| Cole P. 05-02-2021 20:22

Love it!! Buy it if you have hair on your head that looks cool

| Brandi I. 04-02-2021 18:53

For $10 it’s okay. It’s pretty stretchy... but not very warm. I felt like the wind went right through it. And I don’t feel like the shape is good to stay on the ears, I had to keep adjusting it. I would have rather paid a little more money for better structure and warmth.

| Hope S. 01-02-2021 18:01

Love this headband. Great for when I don’t want to wear a beanie and it still keeps me warm.

| Destiny T. 22-01-2021 14:40

Made with good quality. Highly recommend. Very warm when you want a pony tail.

| Allie L. 06-01-2021 00:09

Nothing else to say but its amazing!!

| Teri H. 02-01-2021 18:10

Was a decent quality product. It took a little bit to be shipped out but I still got it before Christmas.

| Krista M. 21-12-2020 18:06

Comfortable, cute, and warm. The only issue was that it doesn’t stay in place well.

| Gina V. 18-12-2020 17:36

Super comfy, cute, and warm!

| Monica K. 13-12-2020 03:54

Stays in place and keeps me warm, it’s great. Keeps it’s shape after laundering.

| Laura N. 08-12-2020 18:09

This is just what I needed for walking on winter evenings in Southern California when the temperature is in the 40s. It's warm and soft, and the color is beautiful.<br /><br />I see some commenters have found it itchy, but it feels fine to me.

| Paula B. 03-12-2020 17:55

Love it! Keeps my ears warm while I’m working out.

| JennyJ466233256 30-11-2020 14:00

The color was accurate (I got wine marl), and it didn’t feel too tight on my relatively large head, but it’s itchy.. I wore it around for only about an hour and a half before it was so itchy I had to take it off. I ended up returning it.

| Anna H. 28-11-2020 20:57

very cute. I love it and have received compliments. It's warm too.

| Marion P. 18-11-2020 15:50

It's too big even if my hair is down. If it stretches out at all, it won't stay up. It's really not one size fits all. It is probably one size fits all men, not women.

| Rich H. 13-11-2020 13:17

Returned all but one / itchy and had to keep adjusting

| Amanda S. 06-11-2020 19:30

Perfect! As expected

| Chelsea D. 05-11-2020 17:54

Favorite headband. I wear it daily!

| Brandy B. 03-11-2020 18:32

Did not leave a crease in my hair after wearing it for a few hours. Kept my ears warm and the color was nice!

| Sonya C. 26-10-2020 23:47

So soft, great color!

| Grace H. 26-10-2020 18:45

I’ve wanted to get some of these for a really long time and I finally bought two! I LOVE them already and they just came in the mail today!! Highly recommend, I mainly bought them because I wear my hair in a ponytail or a bun when I’m working and they get in the way of regular toques, but these headbands fit perfectly and keep your ears warm while you have your hair out of your face!

| Sheridan 23-10-2020 07:14

Very practical because my head looks silly in beanie caps. Love them 10/10 will buy again

| Nancy T. 19-10-2020 19:06

I love these head bands... I keep loosing them too

| Robert J. 07-10-2020 17:19

It fits good

| Victor T. 26-05-2020 01:07

Perfect quality thanks.

| Ashley M. 06-04-2020 04:58

I received a headband as a gift and it is the most comfortable one I've ever worn. I love that it keeps its form I'm definitely wanting more in every color.

| Paige H. 20-03-2020 16:41

Very warm and comfortable

| Samantha S. 14-02-2020 21:44

A little itchy but that’s all headbands I feel like. But overall it’s comfortable and I love the color!

| Chelsea B. 10-02-2020 02:58

I recommend this product, not only is it efficient but it’s cute as hell paired with anything. Hair up, hair down, carhartt has quality and durability I haven’t found in many other brands. Worth the $$

| Abigail 23-01-2020 17:50

This headband is perfect for people who already love their hats! It is a cute addition to mix up from all of their hats and you can wear it and still look cute with your hair up!

| gia c. 13-01-2020 05:18

this is so warm to wear and so comfy LOVE IT

| megan l. 25-12-2019 00:09

This headband fits just right. I have thick hair so headbands usually give me headaches but this one doesn’t. It isn’t tight but stays in place all day. It’s also very warm and keeps my ears cozy.

| Ricky T. 04-12-2019 22:50

My girlfriend loves it! She has to wear her hair up for work, so this is much easier than a regular hait.

| kris A. 26-11-2019 18:34

Feels worn and stretched out.

| Katie W. 19-11-2019 14:56

Love love love them need more colors!!!

| Kaitlynn L. 19-11-2019 01:30

I absolutely adore the normal Carhartt hats, but my hair is ALWAYS up in a bun, pony tail or braid, which makes the normal hat look super funny if I wear it. These allow me to keep my hair up, while keeping my ears and forehead warm! Plus they're SUPER cute. Can't wait for a maroon one!

| Rebecca K. 18-11-2019 18:16

It is so perfect! Fits very well and feels super comfortable! I love how it’s loose enough that you can just put it on over your pony yet tight enough that it doesn’t slide down. Great warmth while still showing off your beautiful hair!

| Daisy G. 16-11-2019 22:55

Really keeps my head warm. It’s comfortable and stays put. I don’t have to worry about it falling off my head.

| Brit W. 16-11-2019 06:02

Bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it.

| Ann E. 15-11-2019 19:52

It keeps my ears warm.

| Sarah W. 23-10-2019 17:01

its not the warmest thing but perfect for those crispy fall days. definitely want more colors :)

| Francis M. 28-05-2019 15:09

Bought for my wife, since I wear so much Carhartt it was cute to get her these. She like that they don't mess up her hair but keeps her ears worm. Works great.

| Candace M. 25-04-2019 13:32

cute, warm. perfect for winter.

| Rachel P. 02-03-2019 15:05

Thick and fully covers your ears.

| Deanne H. 26-02-2019 20:24

Worked out wonderful through our unexpected snowstorm

| Faith B. 09-02-2019 18:55

I love it!! It actually stays on my small head while others don’t best thing I’ve bought

| Lisa V. 27-01-2019 15:37

Cute and just the right size to keep me warm.

| Sabrina N. 20-01-2019 01:19

I love the headband

| Elias L. 18-01-2019 05:15

It's doesn't stay on my ears like it supposed too . It just not worth the money . I should of bought the beanie instead.

| Taylor B. 09-01-2019 18:25

Love this headband!

| fern w. 26-12-2018 01:41

Super comfortable and even more cute!

| Doogalou 24-12-2018 01:03

One of my favorite head bands, great to work in.

| Karen 22-12-2018 23:20

Comfortable fit and loved the color!

| Munzie 13-12-2018 16:16

Love the color and it fits nice and snug! I like to wear it snowboarding

| Styfe 15-11-2018 17:48

Fits great around my head, super soft and stretchy. Works great for cold weather down to about 20° with a bit a wind. Has saved my ears from the cold this past fall.

| Georgia K. 14-11-2018 18:54

Great, super warm

| Tess N. 12-11-2018 17:10

This was good during the fall/warmer months but it hasn’t been keeping my ears very warm since it’s gotten colder out. The wind goes right through it. I’ll have to buy something thicker pretty soon. <br />Size wise... it JUST covers my ears. If my ears were any bigger, they would be poking out.

| Zoe S. 10-11-2018 23:40

Great fits my head well and doesn’t pinch my ears

| staci s. 09-10-2018 20:47

I love this headband, I find the hat makes my forehead itchy so the ear warmer is a great way to avoid that problem while keeping my ears warm!

| cynthia g. 08-10-2018 00:11

Not too tight, great width, just covers the ears

| Katlyn M. 02-10-2018 19:28

Beautiful! Not to big and not to small. Fits just right around my ears!

| Terri 06-03-2018 02:58

Perfect- fits great!

| Frances J. 29-12-2017 20:06

Excellent product! Advertised just as it looks!

| Mikayla G. 03-12-2017 15:35

Looks much bigger in the picture. Barely covers my ears.

| Rachel M. 27-11-2017 22:03

Love this headband. I wear it every day and it holds up well and keeps my ears really warm. Color was somewhat off compared to the picture but overall a great product!

| Renee B. 06-12-2016 14:41

I ordered this online I ordered the mist color it looks mint green in picture which is what I want but when I received it, it's more of a gray green and black not happy about that.

| Emma H. 22-11-2016 21:42

This product is nicely made and fits really well. The only problem was they sent me the wrong color.

| TaylorRaee 22-07-2016 02:11

Absolutely awesome for fall and winter especially winter it's so warm, and I wore it everyday, I hate when my ears are cold in the winter especially when riding and this was the best for my cold ears!

4.5 stars based on 110 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 110 reviews

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| Elizabeth W. 06/03/22

Wish the logo was a bit bigger like the ones on the coats and other hats. After 1 wash it did have pilling and fuzz balls appear all over. Defiantly keeps my ears warm during the winter. Great for wearing your hair up with.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Karen L. 05/15/22

I love both headbands. FIt well.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Blanco O. 04/28/22

Thanks I love it

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Kristina F. 03/07/22

Looks just like the picture

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Lea P. 02/28/22

Cute and warm! I like the smaller logo for the headband

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Joanne V. 02/28/22

100% functional…but kinda itchy.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Nikki N. 02/28/22

BUY IT. It’s very cute and warm

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Hallie Y. 02/27/22

I love this headband! It’s thick but not too thick and it’s warm!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Merry M. 02/24/22

Warm and comfortable! Just what I was looking for

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Kirstyn J. 02/22/22

Very cute to wear for work.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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