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B01 - Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Firm Duck Double Front Utility Work Pant

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Style B01

The Loose Fit Firm Duck Double Front Utility Work Pant features:

  • 12-ounce, firm-hand, 100% cotton ring spun duck 
  • Sits above the waist 
  • Generous fit through the seat and thigh with the most room to move 
  • Double-front with cleanout openings that accommodate knee pads 
  • Multiple tool and utility pockets 
  • Left-leg hammer loop 
  • Stronger sewn-on-seam belt loops 
  • Heavy-hauling reinforced back pockets 
  • Straight leg opening 
| Paul B. 25-11-2022 18:53

I live on a small ranch/vineyard, and work many chores. all day long. I enjoy these double front work pants with the tool loop on the side. I normally wear black pants during the winter months to wick the sun light heat, tan during the late spring summer. Great product IMHO !

| JOSEPH E. 19-11-2022 12:00

Length is longer and waisted is tighter than they were 2 years ago

| Brendan M. 17-11-2022 19:54

I’m so glad Carhartt still sells the original non-stretch canvas pants. All of the ‘rugged flex’ pre-washed pants are far inferior to the original. As a working carpenter, I’ve been constantly disappointed by the new ‘innovations’ targeted to the people who wear Carhartt as a fashion statement. Only the originals function the way they should over the course of a hard 10-12 hour work day. Please never discontinue the original design. And bring it back to stores!

| Lyle K. 02-11-2022 21:04

I wear these pants everyday for work. Very happy.

| James G. 31-10-2022 04:25

Jeans fit a little big until they were washed for the second time. After second washing I can't even button them up. They shrink more than I have ever seen. I love the material an the way they feel, although when you buy they need to be about two inches larger than your normal size. Saying that I'm going to return these an go from 30 waist to 33 waist. Maybe they will fit after washing.

| janice w. 30-10-2022 16:33

Loose fit is like a tent. I just wanted the regular fit and this is where they directed me to.

| Zishen Z. 28-10-2022 17:37

Made in USA.Size are larger than Levi’s

| Donna B. 28-10-2022 17:22

My husband loves these. He would be lost if he couldn't get them.

| Chris 25-10-2022 14:10

Got throw off an atv and the pants did not rip broke my knee from impact but the pants held up well and hade 0 scratch’s on my skin from the Road at 25 mph

| Ryan B 20-10-2022 18:36

Great quality, very tough and durable but too baggy and way longer than a regular 34

| Kevin K. 07-10-2022 14:31

Carhartt has been great; I have happily worn out dozens of pairs over the years. My go-to has been the double-front work pant.<br />But the “Loose Fit” sizing is really pretty bad. I understand the Carhartt ethos that we all work in a steel foundry splitting rocks while covered in sawdust - and require absurdly loose cut and oversized clothing to do it. But with "Loose Fit”, Carhartt has jumped the shark. These pants are so loose they impair functionality. Weirdly yet, they try to be so massive they make me look like I have a Napoleon complex and am trying to inflate my stature. Ugh!<br />The man should wear the clothes; the clothes should not wear the man.

| Jason P. 03-10-2022 03:02

Theyre stout, but not as thick as my bibs maybe half. In the first ten minutes of wearing them I snagged a piece of steel on the double knee and it tore a two inch rip in the first layer and a bit into my knee pad insert. I had to pause and send a picture to my wife. Made me sick to my stomach. I think for the money I’ll stick with Riggs, half the price and I get 6 months out of them before they get ratty.

| Matthew L. 01-10-2022 20:48

Great pants but i ordered the wrong size.

| Thomas K. 30-09-2022 18:57

These work pants are great. Tough, Union made, and fit very well. Worth every penny.

| Daniel B. 30-09-2022 18:37

The pants are comfortable and thick providing great protection while working outside on the farm or on a construction project. They are much better quality than the non-USA made Carhartt pants. Worth the extra cost. The black is a great option to hide oil stains. They work well with a belt and clip-on suspenders. Right side leg pocket works well for holding cell phone. The top pockets hold up very well to pocket clip ware. Very strong material inside the pockets as well.

| Chad P. 22-09-2022 18:23

The pants are always good it’s all I wear for as long as I can remember but the size is too big will need to send back and go with a smaller size sorry

| gerrard w. 14-09-2022 20:47

Great pants

| Stephen P. 06-09-2022 23:04

I like the pants. They run a little tight for waist 38.<br /><br />I would prefer a dull rivet instead of the shiny ones.<br /><br />Carhart are great products<br /><br />Thanks for

| JohnD H. 26-08-2022 22:02

best work pants and MADE in USA !

| Martin D. 14-08-2022 19:10

Awesome pair of working pants!

| Joseph S. 09-08-2022 06:37

Excellent pants, they are a very professional look and comfortable as well, i love carhartt

| Clinton T. 04-08-2022 17:43

Only reason 3 stars in cuz I should have gotten 2 sizes up the run small I got a 36 32 can't even button them shout have gotten a 40 32

| Tucker M. 03-08-2022 17:08

Exactly what I've been wearing and using for the past 14 years. I like these better than the new ones with the stretch. I understand the break-in time and how to size them for me. Might just be the way I wash them, but I always order them two sizes up because I know the all natural material shrinks a little. (34 waist -> 32 waist after about a half dozen washes)

| Hans B. 30-07-2022 23:36

I love the quality and material, but I have found the waist size varies, I can't even button them shut.<br /><br />I appreciate your customer service sending me the replacement pairs, however I can't wear them. I will need to go to a store and check sizing on this or other products.<br /><br />Thank you.

| Valerie K. 21-07-2022 17:04

they need to be returned. They do not look like the model. Too tight in waist, too much slack in pant legs

| paulbuyon 18-07-2022 18:00

Awesome work pants just wish I was a bit smaller to fit in them better

| Claudia D. 09-07-2022 17:06

I loved how it fit my husband, before I bought them on Amazon but I don't like the quality, they feel thinner and poorer. so i never buy them on amazon again

| Christy F. 26-06-2022 17:33

Have not worn yet, like the look tho, a little on the tight side,<br />Will see!

| kyle m. 23-06-2022 04:35

fan for life , but it would seem that original carhartt has resized their original pant. Info upfront would be helpful. the label inside has changed , they are larger in the waste, and slightly longer .The quality is still excellent . but Next time I might have to order a size smaller and shorter. maybe they shrink differently over time??

| Trevor T. 21-06-2022 04:10

Ive been wearing these pants working all sorts of trades for 25 years and im not about to stop now. I need heady duty quality work clothles i can trust to last and to take extremes from all elemets. Best work jeans money can buy.

| DARVIN G. 12-06-2022 20:52

Excellent for the money

| Jon Sarriugarte 07-06-2022 18:10

Buyer beware! these are not the B01 I have used for 30 years. A few years ago they dropped the Dungaree fit for a Loose fit. This change widen the legs a lot and raised the waist line. This pant is the B01-M it is assembled in the USA from Import parts and says on this site its an import. I now swim in these pants and very sad I don't have a replacement.

| toby r. 24-05-2022 03:34

These pants are excellent. Great fit. Quality. I had no idea they were made in USA. Major selling point for me. Great work Carhartt. I always had some double knees kicking a round since high school for work. I still have a pair from almost 15 years ago.

| Daniel R. 23-05-2022 18:31

Size and fit are so big

| Mike B. 22-05-2022 02:27

It’s Carhartt, need I say more? A lot of bang for the buck. Pants that can take abuse day after day and still be ready for the next days work. Can’t go wrong.

| Kamron T. 13-05-2022 16:57

Best pants I own.. American made and tough as hell. Hot in summer.

| Thomas P. 06-05-2022 07:23


| Barbra E. 03-05-2022 18:41

Finally pants with longer leg length and narrower waist that FIT!!! Cannot find them anywhere in Canada.

| Dean L. 03-05-2022 00:51

Great work pants

| Ronald G. 01-05-2022 22:56

Tough, durable, true to size and expectation!

| Janis R. 30-04-2022 17:31

Easy to shop, shipping was fast and trouble free and tracking was available. I love the pants. They fit good, are heavy duty as I need on the ranch and the double front and pockets for tools are wonderful. I am proud to buy American made quality like this. I have already ordered another pair.

| Don L. 27-04-2022 18:15

Very nice pants have using the same style for at least 15 years was hard to find as Carhart has added different ones which I like also but not as durable as these for the work I do they hold up for years <br />I like the phone pocket on the right leg for my phone <br />Glad that I was able to still get them as I thought that they stopped making them As I could not find them at any stores that I used to shop at keep up the good work Carhartt !!

| Danny A. 19-04-2022 19:09

Great fit great durability great functionality ?????????Made in usa … need more colors . Midnight purple ? ??

| Ray 19-04-2022 02:25

Great work pants, I have 4 pairs. Two older and two new. Will buy again when these wear out.

| Tobias D. 18-04-2022 20:56

These are a bit too baggy in the legs . I wish they still made the double knee heavy pants with the same rivets as these that were a slimmer fit in the legs

| Ron S. 16-04-2022 17:40

I have worn these pants almost exclusively for years and haven’t found a good substitute. I am disappointed that you seem to be discontinuing them. My local stores haven’t been able to order them for a couple of years. The “rugged flex “ fabric on the new ones is not as suitable to my needs. Please keep making this product.

| Brian H. 15-04-2022 23:00

The best pants ever.

| SCOTT K. 15-04-2022 21:43

Carhart ruined the best pair of pants ever made, this new version of the BO1 are flimsy, and baggy, The appeal of the original was that they started extremly stiff and eventually they contured and fit perfectly, now they arrive as if they had been worn for 6 months first. Not the same pant

| David T. 11-04-2022 19:51

I love them

| VINCENT P. 09-04-2022 18:14

These are easily the toughest pants I have ever owned. I’ve worn them every day for work since getting them and they’ve held up perfectly to the constant abuse. Would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone.

| Doug M. 07-04-2022 21:57

It's rugged material and love the double layer nothing better for my occupation

| Phil 01-04-2022 14:16

Tuff and great fitting.<br />We work as tree farmers and these pants are great up in the woods.<br />They helped us become Kentucky Tree Farmer of the Year in 2021.

| Kevin H. 30-03-2022 17:04

Awesome quality definitely will last

| George S. 26-03-2022 20:02

The only pants I buy

| Ray L. 24-03-2022 19:18

I’ve been wearing these for 25 years

| William L. 23-03-2022 00:51

Y’all’s sizes vary so much. My pants are too long.

| R A M. 22-03-2022 17:17

Good work trousers

| Andrew S. 20-03-2022 01:35

Pants run just a little small and a little to long. In wrangler jeans the same size I ordered fit just right.

| Dirk P. 16-03-2022 18:27

Great job keeping this pant available-thanks.

| randall t. 08-03-2022 19:00

Really nice pants. I usually get the flannel lined, so these are just right for spring.

| Luis UNION PLUMBER 05-03-2022 23:01

What can I say there’s nothing better made for work then carhartt I been buying only carhartt pants shirts sweaters jackets for ever a bit pricy but they’ll easily last you a year minimum my sweaters jackets have for over3 years pants will last longer but I up date my pants shirts every year

| O B. 04-03-2022 04:48

Excellent fit and protection

| Courtney H. 03-03-2022 22:07

Comfy. Exactly what we ordered

| Sean L. 02-03-2022 00:39

Carhartt are the only pants I purchase, always top quality that lasts and great sizing options.

| Robert S. 01-03-2022 18:56

BEWARE: The dark brown pairs aren’t as thick in material. I’m sort of bummed on that.

| Landon L. 28-02-2022 23:21

I would recommend this product. There great

| Pat E. 28-02-2022 20:00

Great look with the Extra material for knees. Waist size is good, but the length on these are 2 inches longer than past ones of the same.<br />Need to carry more colors in this style.

| Mike 28-02-2022 00:54

This is my first pair of Carhartt pants. Wish I had bought some years ago. Great product and value

| Brad S. 26-02-2022 01:07

Best pair of pants for work these are all I wear and the non double knee ducked pants

| Timothy B. 20-02-2022 18:19

Waist runs small.

| Norman S. 19-02-2022 23:04

Just great

| Wild Bill 17-02-2022 00:10

Waist runs very small ordered 34w 32L pants they are tight I am normally a 32 waist in all other pants . Order waist at least 2 sizes bigger than what you actually wear .

| Sean P. 14-02-2022 18:27

Pretty disappointed that a company that makes work clothes for the working person but won’t make sizes for the bigger worker anymore. Great pants but very disappointed. Make bigger sizes again.

| Alex D. 30-01-2022 22:55

My new favorite work pants. Fit great and are super rugged.

| Joeyt 27-01-2022 00:01

Come on guys, bring back all the colors. I want my moss back. You’re making me buy Filson now

| Adam T. 01-01-2022 21:43

I love the double-front work pants. Problem is I always have to have the leg length altered. I don't feel like I wear them low around the belt. I'm 6'

| Matthew 31-12-2021 18:35

Awesome fence pants. Very durable. The stiffness allows the barbs to slide on the pants more than they catch. I have bought 8 pairs so so far.

| Amanda H. 27-12-2021 15:43

I am so thoroughly disappointed, I ordered a pair of these pants for my brother for Christmas. I live in Canada and placed my order to be delivered to the hotel I was staying at for a family vacation. When my brother opened the pants yesterday for Christmas he tried on the pants, only to see that the size was wrong, the label attached to the pant says 34x32 but the inside label of the pant says 36x32. He cannot use them and now I am stuck trying to figure out return from out of country. This was my first time using your site instead of going to a retail store for your product, I will not be using the site again or recommending the use of it.

| James c. 24-12-2021 23:05

Great material but HUGE had to return

| Robert S. 21-12-2021 14:44

My “go to” work pants for welding in cold temps and snow. <br /><br />Bob S.

| william r. 18-12-2021 18:10

Fits perfect and made of good quality material.

| Sharon M. 16-12-2021 02:55

I bought two pair of these pants, one in each color for one of my son’s Christmas presents. Christmas hasn’t happened yet, so the pants are wrapped and under the tree. When I wrapped them, I noticed that the quality is excellent and my son will definitely appreciate the double knees when he does mechanic work!

| Paul N. 12-12-2021 21:39

Best pants ever. I have never had any problems with them ever. I have wore theas for years.

| JOSEPH E. 12-12-2021 20:11

I ripped them the 2 weeks after I got them

| Fernando C. 12-12-2021 19:20

I love these work pants!!!

| Jesse K. 11-12-2021 20:42

They’re the only pants my son will wear. He’s very picky, a farmer, and these are the only pants that hold up to hard work. I need to get him more for Xmas!

| Robert G. 11-12-2021 18:41

The only pants I wear to work.

| WALTER W. 11-12-2021 02:13

Best fitting, most durable work pants made,i.m.o. worn them for close to 30 years in the sheet metal trade. Stiff when new but broken in after 2 days at work or 30 min in the dryer with a boot.Made in USA ,that matters to me. Customer service ( if needed) second to none,with actual people on the phone.

| tyrell t. 10-12-2021 20:58

Simply the GREAT

| Donnie S. 10-12-2021 19:19

Love them My favorite pair of jeans

| Frosty 10-12-2021 18:26

Good quality

| james m. 10-12-2021 18:02

They were too long (34" x 32") so I returned them for a refund. I tried to purchase two pairs of 34"x 30" but they are out of stock.

| mohamed o. 10-12-2021 03:15

Love it. I have the carhartt brown and now I have the black. If they make this model / material in "shadow" color - I would be ecstatic. I love how this model feels. I love how comfortable they are. Roomy and wonderful. <br /><br />I have another pair that's a shadow color but it's not this model / material. I love those too... but the material on these really do it for me. Thank you guys very much!

| Sebastian K. 09-12-2021 22:15

Hefty and durable.

| Hunter G. 09-12-2021 20:43

There good.

| Cody S. 09-12-2021 18:05

Seem thinner than before, would like option of thicker material

| Tyler B. 09-12-2021 02:09

I am 5’9” and about 125lbs and the size 29 was a perfect loose fit for me (female). The actual measurements are 30” (waist), 12” (rise) , 13” (thigh), and 9” (leg opening). The 12oz cotton feels light, but durable and I imagine these will break in nicely over time.

| Nicole E. 08-12-2021 18:16

My husband and Daughter wears. And so my son wanted to try Carhartts. And he loves them.

| Daniel B. 08-12-2021 02:44

Hammer loop to small. Would like a 28" inseam. Quality is excellant.

| Jacob C. 06-12-2021 18:33

I love these pants. I wish carhartt made more products in the USA like they use to.

| Forestry W. 06-12-2021 18:19

fit nice... thank you

| Glen S. 05-12-2021 22:50

I love these pants.very durable.best pants made

| Maurice P. 05-12-2021 18:10

Great pants. Strong double stitch, warm and flexible

| Drew 05-12-2021 06:48

Love these pants. They are very stiff when you first get them. Well they are always a bit stiff but I wear them all the time and they're very comfortable after a few minutes they loosen up. They are heavy duty pants. I have put them through rigorous testing and they're holding up great. Super tough and stain resistant. I would wear them everyday but that would be gross. Need more pairs of these

| Kurtis S. 04-12-2021 23:57

Love to wear these.

| Charles A. 04-12-2021 19:26

well fitting

| John M. 04-12-2021 03:00

Hopefully theyll be worth the money i put into em for 4 pairs they fit great and even most of the time when not needin a belt either so i giess theyre fittin like they should i wont rate the durabilty yet cause ya cant expect me ta rate em after only 3 or 4 months of use i mean yes their jus bout as stiff starched as when i first got em but the durability rating will ckme with how long they last as should many other things as well thank you

| Dean S. 03-12-2021 22:59

They are just too hard to find in the area that I live nobody sells them

| Nicholas L. 03-12-2021 21:58

Honestly…not a fan! Ordered my normal size for waist and inseam. Inseam was correct but waist was tighter than I anticipated. I was expecting a little stretch but didn’t get it. The construction themselves was very uncomfortable. The crotch was not all that roomy and hindered movement. I initially thought it was due to the pants being brand new and the fabric being stiff but multiple hard labor shifts and washes and still just as uncomfortable as out of the bag new. I had high hopes because while the pants from Duluth are absolutely superb, they are pricey, so I was hoping for similar quality at a better price point. My hopes were shattered rather quickly. In the interest of helping others who may be on the fence, I do not recommend these pants to anyone nor will I. The advice would be, your mileage may vary but I will continue to spend the money as the more expensive option just seems to be a better fit.

| Larry S. 03-12-2021 18:23

Carhartt commonly receives praise for the durability of the double-front logger jeans but<br />the attractive stylish look of these jeans in a casual dress setting was mor than expected.<br />Recently I wore these jeans along with a white western shirt

| R. Neil F. 02-12-2021 23:48

Extremely comfortable and durable. Been using these pants for decades, and always return to buy more each year.

| Kelly H. 02-12-2021 22:48

I wear these Carhartts when riding my motorcycle. When it's cold, I wear a thermal underlayer. The Carhartts block the wind nicely and provide a degree of protection from "road rash". I also wear them during many other outdoor activities, including camping. My Carhartts jeans are my favorite articles of clothing. I have a couple pairs of them. I am female, by the way, and they fit me well.

| Jacob H. 02-12-2021 20:06

The legs hold up fine. Ive had proabably 20 pants in the last three years and the crotch blows out every time and very badly usually within a month and they arent even getting caught on anything. Overall they are alright but the crotch design is very bad not durable at all

| Jamaal C. 02-12-2021 20:00

I love these pants and will get more in different colors

| Jason R. 02-12-2021 19:19

I specifically buy the #B01 model because they’re UNION MADE IN AMERICA. It even has the UFCW seal on the tag which I love and it’s a real point of pride to wear as a union worker myself. I won’t buy any Carhartt product that doesn’t hold this distinction. This is an outstanding product that I will have for years. Thanks Carhartt!

| taspros 01-12-2021 23:52

Theses are great pants the only ones i wear, 4 stars because the right side pocket isn’t quite big enough for the large i-phone in a case to fit in the pocket without grinding the rivet out .

| Dianna P. 01-12-2021 22:37

Husband is satisfied.

| Lynn D. 01-12-2021 21:21

They are for my son. He loves them.

| Earle H. 01-12-2021 21:00

Great pants, built for hard work

| Vanessa L. 01-12-2021 20:00

The only pants that my husband doesn't wear out immediately! Please keep making these awesome work pants!

| gina d. 01-12-2021 18:55

Best Work Pants. MADE IN USA makes them worth every penny.<br />Only question, why are they never in stock? If they are MADE IN USA they do not need to get on a container ship from countries that do not have any workers rights, human rights or environmental protections...... and they are not sitting in a cargo ship in a port somewhere.<br /><br />PLEASE MAKE MORE IN THE USA and CANADA

| Allan J. 30-11-2021 21:54

Perfect as always. Seems like they’ve been slightly redesigned since I last bought them, even better!

| MARGARET H. 30-11-2021 20:14

I still like Carhartt pants, but they aren’t made as well as they used to be. I guess I just don’t like the fit

| Cheese4THEMoney 18-11-2021 18:40

I really liked that the pants are nicely fitted around the waist area and loose in the legs which allows me to physically get low to the earth if necessary. Also the texture of material that used is vary relabel and tuff although I only can get them in two colors I love my cathartt pants. ??????????

| LAUREN F. 17-11-2021 13:02

Fit great!

| Faye N. 17-11-2021 03:39

These pants saved my husbands leg from some serious damage from his saw kicking back! The thick double layer slowed the saw enough to keep the saw from cutting deeper into his knee. He’s left with a pretty gnarly scar and pants that had to be cut off by doctors! He was bummed to see the pants thrown out! He had worn them nearly everyday at work! Definitely sealed the deal on how much we love Carhartt!!

| Scott M. 15-11-2021 18:06

Great, tough work pants

| Wingate L. 10-11-2021 23:16

The pants are nice, but the length was too long for a 30 inch. Being a lifetime fan of carhartt for 32 years. I have a large collection of carhartt clothing. These last duck double knee pants are nice but it seems you've changed the fabric from the original duck. Most of your new pants are made from flex material which some may enjoy . But many more have relied on your original duck quality and durability. I've always been proud of my carhartt s it's just disappointing to see the drop in some of you older designs. My recent purchases were very nice and I wear them daily, i just don't want you to totally lose you strong roots. Proudly made in USA thank you!

| Hunter K. 10-11-2021 20:11

I love them! I do wish they were sold in the store though. It was disappointing none of the staff knew that these were the only pants made in the USA though. The store unfortunately just featured items (presumably higher margin) that were manufactured in other countries. Please continue to manufacture domestically!

| Robert A. 06-11-2021 19:58

Best work pants I have ever owned. Loose fit allows bending at the knees for my sprinkler work I do and double pant front gives a little more cushion when I don’t have a knee pad available. Pants are durable like nothing else. If you are wanting to look professional when you ring the customers door bell these pants are it.

| George O. 05-11-2021 17:09

You will have no regrets, they have a unique look. they are ruff and tuff

| R W. 04-11-2021 14:16

Good fit and quality construction. Heavyweight materials. The double-front offers great protection while landscaping in the desert. Carhartt is my go-to clothing brand for outdoor work.

| Phil CDXX 01-11-2021 21:00

Classic carhartts the way they should be. Took forever for them to become available in my size but definitely worth it. Thanks to Corona for forcing them to be made in the US again.

| JOHN M. 01-11-2021 20:12

Nice fit but a little too long

| tony t. 01-11-2021 17:51

great pants

| Anonymous S. 01-11-2021 00:45

Nurse duties to Coaching athletes!!the double front pants keep me safety and ,easy transition to riding my Harley Davidson daily in all conditions.

| bonabelle t. 27-10-2021 19:28

i love carhartt pants i only wear carhartt denim

| John B. 25-10-2021 19:26

Although pants were labeled as my size it felt as though I was trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans . How the same size can translate into different configurations across a brands label is beyond me.<br />I’m done ,I won’t order from them again . I hope you fare better !

| Ellis L. 16-10-2021 00:39

I love them

| britt c. 10-10-2021 21:37

shipping was quick. received in good condition. <br />the product quality is not what was expected. i have worn the double front duck work pants for the last 10 years. these are not the same quality. the material is considerably thinner and i doubt it hold up as long as they have in the past

| Traci G. 09-10-2021 17:06

The pants were exactly what we thought. Only problem is my son wore both pair to work and school then told me they are too tight. Now I’m need to buy two more pair. Ugh. Kids.

| Beverly C. 09-09-2021 17:04

They aren’t as thick of fabric as they used to be. Seems to wear out quickly.

| Mike4369 07-09-2021 18:39

I love these pants but there hasn't been stock in most sizes for months. Assuming it's COVID related but when will we see a restock? Jo b sites everywhere are suffering!!!

| Russell O. 13-08-2021 02:12

I have been wearing the double-fronted duck work pants for my field work in Alaska and NC for nearly 40 years. They are terrific for going through thorny brush and will last for years. I was planning on buying 2 or 3 new pairs, but discovered that they are only offered in black and the original brown. They used to come in chocolate brown, green and gray. I wanted to buy some of these colors this time around. Why are they no longer offered???

| Ben P. 12-08-2021 20:35

B01 or bust. I run mine through my cement mixer with a bag or two of gravel to break them in every time I get a fresh pair. 15 minutes in there and they are good to go!

| Graham E. 21-07-2021 03:11

Great pants

| Nathan R. 10-07-2021 18:48

Wish the heritage dungarees were available

| John L. 29-06-2021 16:04

First I want to say the styling and durability of these pants are unmatched. I've been buying them for 20 years. It is the bagginess which is the biggest drawback. By loose they are loose. It's an uncomfortable loose fit. Consider perhaps offering an option to input leg measurements so customers can get an ideal fit. You could charge double the current price for this option. Easily ask for $100 or more. I've purchased a couple of pairs to have them altered but to no avail now they are unwearable. Some companies are offering similar pants, the same styling more or less, in waxed and thin fit, for upwards of $300. It would really up your appeal to more customers.

| Mohammad C. 25-06-2021 02:49

Been ripping jeans for years, these are the first pair of pants that have held up for months on end. Loose enough to layer under in the winter and stop you from overheating in the summer. Knee pads are great and now I cant go without them. <br /><br />Only nitpick was that I had to sew the hole in the bottom of the second layer shut and and open up the top to keep the kneepads from shifting or being visible

| Peter H. 17-06-2021 20:05

I wish they had the duck brown in my size.

| john e. 15-06-2021 02:49

I bought two pairs of pants and one is four inches longer than the other despite saying they are both the same. Last purchase by me.

| corben q. 07-06-2021 06:06

runs a little big but feels great

| Salvatore D. 04-06-2021 00:46

They came in my size but were way to big for some reason and they are hard to break into as they are super stiff even after washing them

| THOMAS K. 02-06-2021 18:16

Carhartt makes the best work pants. The double front can't be beat.

| Joe F. 31-05-2021 00:39

Great durability! Been using these for years on the Farm, Roof and Hunting. Get the knee pad inserts.

| marin r. 30-05-2021 11:39

They aren’t lying when they say firm

| Joanne R. 29-05-2021 23:30

Well they are a little big for Joanne, But they fit this old man very well! I like how heavy they are ! It was hard to find good heavy canvas pants, now its time to brake them. They are very well made !

| Janice S. 28-05-2021 18:06

While the waist fits, the seat of these pants are rather roomy. It is nice to have the room to bend and maneuver, a little less room might be considered.

| fred m. 27-05-2021 00:36

I was getting ready to vent on here but determined thst ot was not an issue here but rather my other pants ( h20 ) from another manufacturer sent me pants that were 30 in. on inseam but labeled as a 32 " inseam. since they fit well I ordered same from carhartt.. only now they are too long. so I'll get them hemmed up and pay closer attention next time. as far as pants go these will last a good while. I have two carhartt lined coats with removable hood that are made of same canvas quack, quack, quack!! and they are high quality and serve well

| Micah S. 26-05-2021 20:56

Fit as expected, love them

| Daniel L. 24-05-2021 19:04

Great work pants I wear everyday!

| KenEng. 21-05-2021 01:45

For quite some time now, the pants sizes that I have ordered have been at least two sizes too small. I have older Carhartt pants that fit me fine and I have worn them till they are rags; now, when I order the same pants, same style and cut at the same size, I receive pants that are at least two to three sizes to small.<br />What is going on with Carhartt?<br />I am returning the two pair of pants that I purchased; I may not order from Carhartt ever again.

| Blaine H. 20-05-2021 22:42

Go to pant for all work.

| Janice d. 18-05-2021 19:11

They seem to run a littlle small in waist.

| Kurt S 17-05-2021 16:58

Love them a lot

| Randy J. 15-05-2021 17:31

What’s there to say really, they are pretty much an ideal pant for all kinds of work I do and still being made with quality in the USA. They last me a couple years and I’m on maybe my tenth pair? Don’t ever change them!

| Jeff V. 11-05-2021 18:03

Great fit and last forever!

| Angus S. 10-05-2021 01:51

Amazing durable pants made of heavy duty canvas. Lose fitting and comfortable. Don’t really breath but that’s fine.

| Patrick K. 09-05-2021 18:25

What I ordered are too small so I have not been able to wear them. My ratings are based on a pair of your coveralls that I purchased that while a little snug I am able to wear. I would recommend this product.

| Jasper C. 08-05-2021 23:26

The pants are awesome

| DHarae m. 08-05-2021 16:58

Simple, once you break these pants in the fit is amazing. Size up for the waist because Carhartt measures for your true waist, inseam is perfect. The pants balloon out at first but after consistent wear, they’re like a rugged glove.

| Rajan D. 07-05-2021 20:41

very thick and durable feeling. Pants feel like they’ll withstand a bear attack. or at least give you enough time to run away while the bear is busy chewing away a pair of durable pants

| Aaron Pugmire P. 06-05-2021 18:03

Got the same size I always do and it’s different . I think it was labeled incorrectly. That’s my only complaint.

| Theodore P. 06-05-2021 17:46

PSA - They shrink a lot in the wash. They were waay way too long when they came so I hemmed them, then they shrank in the wash so now they’re too small. Had to order a second pair. They’re great pants I just wish I’d waited to hem them

| Raymond H. 04-05-2021 16:42

Love them the fit the feel all around excellent product

| Wally 29-04-2021 18:15

Great pants. Worn them for years. Will turn the briers.

| David Gutierrez 28-04-2021 22:05

they're a little big but they're all right they're just pants

| James S. 28-04-2021 17:32

I love these pants!! The best work pant ever. <br />Question. Do they come in a slimmer fit?

| Aaron P. 27-04-2021 19:04

Love the fit. Love the service

| J Fraz 25-04-2021 20:46

Pants are tough, comfortable, and last years... but you probably already knew that!

| Kool Kat Fisher 25-04-2021 20:02

My husband has loved these pants for years! He uses for work daily and are great when they come true to size. He usually wears a 30x30 and last time one pair came too tight that he hasn’t been able to wear them. He does get years out of them as an electrician who puts them to the test, they do hold up. Our only complaint is the difference in fit. We have a pair that he can’t wear and I’m sure too late to exchange so that’s a waste of $50:( I suggest getting a couple different pairs and making sure they fit but don’t expect to wear the same size next time. They could be different.

| Trisha B. 25-04-2021 10:41

I did get one thorn in my leg wearing them in the woods. And also had a rip in my pants from a barb wire fence.

| David K. 25-04-2021 00:44

Great pants. Nice thick cloth. Having the padded knees is a real benefit!

| Zackery m. 24-04-2021 17:32

These are the only type of pants I wear. Very durable and comfortable. Heavy duty with high quality material. Once you wear these, you will never want to wear jeans again !

| timothy l. 22-04-2021 19:16

They fit great! love them!

| Christopher 22-04-2021 17:42

There American-made car Hertz they're built like tanks, the only thing that would make them better is if Carhartt started selling some type of oil wax to permeate the material their pants are made out of waterproof them and make them even tougher.

| Nibo 13-04-2021 22:02

This is my favorite working pants! I owned many pairs of them, black and brown.<br />I work as Mountain Utility Patrol in the front range of Boulder, CO

| Michael P. 12-04-2021 00:51

Generous size

| Martin G. 09-04-2021 19:17

Fits well and they last.....I wear them everyday to work and the last five pair I bought last me 5 years!!

| Elliott A. 09-04-2021 15:23

Please bring back these pants in relaxed fit (EB136). These are far too baggy and get caught on table edges, sticks, etc.

| Matthew M. 08-04-2021 17:59

Great work pants they are comfortable and durable. Why don't they bring back some other color options ( moss)

| Douglas C. 02-04-2021 17:33

Outstanding, Tough long lasting they are the one work pant that I always return to.

| Andy R. 28-03-2021 12:48

They do not fit these pants in a 38 are way smaller than your other pant design size 38

| Teiler B. 25-03-2021 20:29

Fantastic Product, very durable.

| NICOLA M. 21-03-2021 16:59

came sooner than expected. very stiff but thats just the great quality and durability that we have come to expect from Carhartt

| RB S. 18-03-2021 17:04

I need to return! Too big

| Lynn H. 15-03-2021 14:40

good for work or anytime

| Akina O. 12-03-2021 18:30

they fit great very comfy.

| Bonna V. 12-03-2021 18:19

Didnt get a chance to wear them yet, but they look like they will be wonderful in the cold months. They’re quite a bit thicker than I expected and they’ll get plenty of use j Cruë colder part of winter.

| Gary F. 08-03-2021 05:22

I work in corrections they buy my uniforms but I can where what I want but these look very nice and rugged. Very professional everyone is always asking me about them. They pair well with the Carhartt polo shirts. Black on black

| Robert 06-03-2021 23:50

I had been after a pair of these for a while when I happened to find a pair on discount. Though the the inseam was 2 inches longer than my size, I couldn't resist. They are very durable and they improve with wear.

| Victor L. 02-03-2021 20:00

Very sturdy and comfortable pant.

| George S. 01-03-2021 17:29

Durable, Warm, Surprizingly Flexible, lots of pockets, great for all kinds of work

| Jack H. 28-02-2021 22:52

I have had these pants for around 6 months now and they are my go to pants for any heavy duty work. I work in the tree industry so my pants get pushed to the limit a lot, but these are holding up great. They seem to only get better with the more wear they get. Huge fan.

| SisQ S. 28-02-2021 19:06

Great if you're going for that "aspiring gang banger" look. Feels like I'm wearing a canvas trash bag.<br /><br />Carhartt completely ruined their flagship product. It's plain to see that they're not interested in providing products for real workers anymore. <br /><br />If you want to make a loose fit pant then make it separately, don't ruin your 100 year old tried and true product.<br /><br />I can speak for at least a few dozen tradesman who are all looking for a new work pant option now. Can't say we're looking at other Carhartt products though.

| Vincent N. 28-02-2021 17:46

I'm not going to wear any other work pants than Carhartt. If Carhartt wants to improve, please bring back grey and green colors. Also bring back cordura fabric on knee patches. The knees wear out too fast.

| Justin 27-02-2021 14:06

Amazing pants

| Terry W. 26-02-2021 19:35

Only pants iv worked in for the last 6 years

| Todd M. 26-02-2021 17:01

Pants don't fit the same as the one's I got years ago

| Kawasakirob 23-02-2021 01:02

The most longest lasting work pants on the market. <br /><br />Made in the U.S.A.<br /><br />Money well spent!<br /><br />On my 4th Pair. <br /><br />The Only Work Pants I'll buy.

| Tony A. 22-02-2021 04:58

Bring Back The Stone Color!!!!! Whoever decided to stop making that color in these and then in the washed ones should be fired. Worst decision carhartt ever made.<br /><br />SAD

| Bobby J. 22-02-2021 04:07

Highly recommend

| Jason T. 21-02-2021 19:54

I wear out about 2 pairs of these pants each year, and have done so for a decade or more. I rotate last years pants to harsher dirtier tasks. Sadly the size and shape of the pants has been getting highly erratic over the past few years. They're still durable, but when I order a 34 waist 36 inseam I no longer have any idea what I'll get. They are all labeled 34-36, but they're really anywhere from 32 to 36 waist and 34 to 38 inseam. At just over $50 per pair, they are still a good deal, but don't expect they're going to fit anything like the pair you bought last year. (In the "fit" category below I am only able too select one option. The reality is they can run small or large, long or short, you just never know.)

| Xavier A. 21-02-2021 18:04

Good but quite firm

| Ricky 19-02-2021 20:22

Build Carhardt tough. They're a little wider in the leg than pictures, which is great for my tree trunk thighs! As always, great craftsmanship.

| Karey P. 19-02-2021 17:54

Can’t use them they ran small and don’t fit

| marianne s. 19-02-2021 17:50

As always - top of the line work clothes!

| Mark D. 16-02-2021 18:11

wish they would come in a regular fit in black too!!!

| Patrick H. 15-02-2021 21:03

Just what I wanted and expected. Fits well and protects me from briars and other thorny hazards in the woods.

| Ann C. 13-02-2021 18:29

Why go to Amazon when you can get Carhartt’s product direct, made in America and the quality you’ve come to expect.

| Maria W. 12-02-2021 02:09

Love them, my go to for work.

| Mike C. 10-02-2021 16:30

Love the pants....just very disappointed that I can never ever get my size ??...

| Rickey A. 09-02-2021 21:26

Fits like a glove and very comfortable

| David H. 07-02-2021 01:25

Pants are great quality exactly what I was looking for. Only unexpected thing is how long they are. I ordered a 32 inseam and it is at least a 36.

| john p. 06-02-2021 04:11

ordered 33 waist 32 long They were too long and waist too tight .Very disappointed. I think they should have been labeled 32 waist 33 long.

| Agustin M. 03-02-2021 23:30

Love these pants been using these for the last 10 years<br />And always Recommend these to buy co workers<br />Runs a bit larger New but with where and use and several washes they fit perfect

| John R. 02-02-2021 18:26

Great pants! And I can wear them with pride knowing their American and union made

| Ian H. 02-02-2021 17:14

Perfect for everyday construction use

| Ephraim S. 31-01-2021 15:18

These are great pants but the double layer material needs to lap over the pockets that’s the first place to go on my pants.

| Kimberly H. 30-01-2021 02:06

My husband loves these! Very durable!

| Craig M. 30-01-2021 01:04

I love them thank you very much

| Iain L. 29-01-2021 18:47

Best work pants ever, I wear no other pants at work besides double front carhartts.

| MaGoo 25-01-2021 19:05

These are my "go to" work pants. The double-front design for me is a must. By the way, their 12oz. denim has turned this >50 year button-fly shrink-to-fit 501 buyer to Carhartt. Miss the fit but the quality, durability of the fabric and the exorbitant price put me with Carhartt. You won't be disappointed this product.

| Dan P. 23-01-2021 23:45

Love them!!!

| Thomas Z. 21-01-2021 22:04

Pants fit perfectly and are great to wear outdoors in the winter. I really enjoying wearing these pants while walking the dog.

| Robert G. 21-01-2021 14:32

It's been some years since I've worn a quality pair of work pants. I will be buying these again!

| zCares 1. 15-01-2021 12:30

Own a pair of the double faced firm brown Carhartt pants and I absolutely love them. Protection from chainsaws so far. Pulled chainsaw too quick from felling a tree and though finger wasn’t on trigger as chain was in process of slowing down to complete stop, the double face pants was there to keep my leg protected. I HIGHLY recommend these editions from Carhartt and Everything else they have to offer

| GERALD S. 12-01-2021 18:43

Perfect fit, Great Heavy Duty quality!

| Matt B. 03-01-2021 05:04

These are my go to pants for tough work days. I've been buying these pants for close to 2 decades. Highly recommend these.

| William G. 30-12-2020 16:24

Great pants, fits to size. I got the knee pads and they are working great with these pants.

| Robert T. 16-12-2020 20:55

Great product that's the only thing I wear at work

| Ronald S. 15-12-2020 19:35

I love this product and I will buy again if you make different color, like olive green.

| Gregory K. 10-12-2020 05:12

Perfect for my brewing work. Rugged with lots of useful pockets and loops to carry stuff.

| Erick R. 04-12-2020 17:39

Ran a little small in the waist. And they are very stiff after serval washing.

| Zapshifter X. 03-12-2020 22:40

Love these my new favorite pants. Can't say how true to fit they are because I'm carrying my 'quarantine 15'still. However they do run tighter in the waist than the holter jeans that are very true to fit in the waist and they shrink more too. So I'd go a bigger in the waist.

| S.E. H. 02-12-2020 04:16

Love the Duck Double Front work pants I bought. They are a comfortable fit and they keep me warm.Would definitely recommend buying them and they would make an awesome Christmas gift for the working guy in your life.

| Dan E. 01-12-2020 19:20

Great product that fits great!

| sidney e. 30-11-2020 17:22

Very comfortable

| Nicholas P. 28-11-2020 20:01

Most Excellent - love the "new" (to me) pocket for knee pad insert!

| Andre S. 27-11-2020 22:18

Great pants I like the way they fit I ordered one pair in 34x32 and another in black 33x32 my pant size varies between 33x32 32x32 I always order a bit bigger so when I wash and dry the will fit perfect if they fit perfect out the bag I wash but not dry in dryer hang dry to keep the fit

| Darrian T. 27-11-2020 01:55

I’ve been buying the original pants since 1998. I was told Carhartt stopped making the original pants. The new pants are either too big in the legs or are not made of 100% cotton - UGLY - not buying Carharrt anymore.

| Lucas P. 27-11-2020 00:53

Bought the 34/36<br />I’m 6.3 210<br />Amazing fit and comfort!

| Josh H. 26-11-2020 01:28

Been wearing these for work everyday for years. I do auto body for a living and these are the only pants that hold up to the way i work.

| Anthony B. 25-11-2020 18:09

These are just what the doctor ordered! Fabulous pants. love them. Now, can I get the double front stiff, heavy duty, pants like I just ordered, but flannel lined? And in other colors:?

| Elo S. 24-11-2020 21:16

I've been a fan of this model by Carhartt since day one! It's literally the only durable work pant I own anymore. I only wish I could find them in denim blue in my size (36x30) but everywhere I look I come up short and out of stock. <br /><br />...and the black is a true black. I love them!

| Gregory N. 24-11-2020 18:06

1. Run through washing machine. Select heavy duty cycle, hot water, extra rinse. Do not use any soap.<br />2. Lay them out wet in driveway and drive over them several times with your truck.<br />3. Repeat Step 1, this time with soap.<br />4. Air dry on clothesline or on the hood of your truck.

| Britni 24-11-2020 00:22

My Husband goes through pants very quickly in his line of work, but these are very durable and last forever!

| Billie G. 23-11-2020 18:07

Great as they always have been

| Jon E. 22-11-2020 23:46

Great fit, comfort, and durability. Should last for years, and years.

| Josiah M. 22-11-2020 20:04

These are clearly made of sturdy material and I have been grateful for something durable to wear, but they are a bit uncomfortable around the waist, enough so that I have been forced to wear a pair of jeans underneath so that they don't chafe my skin. They are more like coveralls without the top than they are stand alone pants. they fit around the waist, but were far longer than most 32" jeans I buy. Overall I am glad I got them, but I don't plan on getting another pair.

| Corey H. 22-11-2020 19:36

Very happy with the pants. They do exactly what I expected them to do.

| justin r. 18-11-2020 22:07

just wore out my first pair from 11 years of use in the electrical trade. these have proven to be tried and true. they run large but will absolutely shrink to fit.

| Jordan F. 17-11-2020 20:12

Fit like a glove.

| 54McClayRoad V. 14-11-2020 15:06

Sturdy work pant that I expect will take the harshest treatment here on the farm. Thanks, Carhartt!

| Thomas M. 13-11-2020 21:05

The last one's I bought like these from Carhartt was in 2005. I'm looking forward to these one's also lasting 15 years. (I should be retired by then).

| Donald T. 13-11-2020 03:57

I’m a dairy farmer so I like a relaxed fit but I don’t like how baggy they are at the ankle

| Elijah B. 11-11-2020 19:36

Very tough very comfy, runs large didnt shrink much in wash

| Robert H. 10-11-2020 22:06

Love these pants. Fit and durability are great. Wish the 34” length came in shorter/28” lengths, its a nuisance to get them hemmed, but other than that they are perfect.

| John H. 10-11-2020 12:47

They are great quality and I love them.

| Gabriel S. 09-11-2020 19:23

I've had a pair of these for 4 years now. Just starting to wear the outer layer through on the knees. No rips, and I'm hard on pants. I've had wranglers tear on me within a few months.

| Adam G. 07-11-2020 00:30

Great for work very comfortable and very durable. Looking great

| SCOTT C. 06-11-2020 18:02

These pants are perfect for anyone that works with their hands. They are comfortable, durable and they have pockets for all the hand tools you may need to carry. The best part, I’m supporting American workers.

| Justin P. 05-11-2020 19:29

As described, they fit great! Used them on the farm including the root washer, was a very smart purchase, will definitely buy again when the time comes!

| Henry L. 05-11-2020 18:22

Actually a well constructed durable pant unlike that awful rugged flex.

| Jack P. 05-11-2020 03:54

Comfortable fit, look great, and the knee pad inserts work perfectly.

| Tim M. 04-11-2020 20:12

These pants are amazing, super comfy and durable enough to do work in.

| Neal E. 04-11-2020 02:45

Good pants

| james r. 03-11-2020 01:44

long lasting work wear

| Charles L. 02-11-2020 19:38

I’ve worn Carhartt work pants for a long time and continue to wear them because they last !!

| James G. 01-11-2020 18:35

Great material! Slightly tight around the waist.

| Bradley T. 01-11-2020 17:47

Tough pants. In my job typical store bought cant stand up to rough use. This is not my first purchase of this product and last pair lasted several years without tearing.

| Michael 30-10-2020 17:47

I’m a union carpenter and I bought these pants originally for the fact of them being more durable, then I figured out that you can put carhartts knee pads in them and it made it 10x better. One thing though is that the will shrink a little in the waist after washed and dried a few times but I will be definitely buying another pair.

| RW 30-10-2020 13:18

The perfect pants need nothing changed. Comfortable, thick, high quality, durable in the worst conditions. I prefer to wear them instead of jeans everyday.

| Carhartt man 28-10-2020 17:01

Best pants I’ve ever worn

| Tim R. 27-10-2020 16:51

Absolutely love the quality

| Carlos Z. 27-10-2020 12:31

Nice pants just sucks they shrunk on my tiny waste after the first use !

| David R. 27-10-2020 02:05

These pants have put up with day to day work and barely show signs off wearing out.

| John R. 26-10-2020 18:17

Love them they are the most comfortable pants

| Ian M. 26-10-2020 18:01

I’m returning them because the waist is way too small. All of my other carharts fit with room to spare in 34. I can barely button these. I love cathart products but this lack of product consistency is frustrating.

| Rachel S. 25-10-2020 17:35

My boyfriend is very happy and pleased with these pants. Also nice and warm for the winter

| John C. 25-10-2020 17:13

Fit great!

| Kimberley G. 23-10-2020 22:44

My husband loves his Carharts, it the only pant he will wear..

| michael f. 23-10-2020 16:47

Always fit right and last for ever.... what could be better?

| James H. 22-10-2020 00:06

Very durable fit good

| Roberto E. 21-10-2020 17:48

They’re right on the money . Even the delivery. We’re can I get a job working for a great company. I’m a continuing student at San Bernardino valley community college. I’m in a part of my life we’re I’m learning new things and would love to work for a company like carhartt.

| Joyce G. 20-10-2020 18:43

My husband loves thes pants wear well

| Chris M. 18-10-2020 17:20

Made in USA is well worth the money. It would be better if carhartt made all their clothing in the United States Of America

| Timothy R. 18-10-2020 00:31

Lost count of how many pairs I have gone through, and i work them hard Quality is top shelf .<br />Wish you could add some cargo pockets

| brendan h. 17-10-2020 22:58

Solid pants

| Camron D. 17-10-2020 16:47

Great pants, perfect fit. Wouldn’t wear anything else for work.

| Joshua B. 17-10-2020 03:10

I work as an inventory forester where I spend all day bush-whacking briar, kneeling on rough surfaces, and tens of thousands of steps. <br /><br />These pants held up to daily wear - 4x a week for over a year (200 wears) before I noticed the first signs of deterioration. They haven't stretched much or lost their shape and the most important parts (buttocks, chaps on front) are still in good shape.<br /><br />The fit is similar to a dress pant - they sit higher on the waist (not the hips).<br /><br />My only complaint is that they are NOT as fashionable as a pair of jeans but they are much better for field work.

| Fergus R. 16-10-2020 20:31

Pant legs run very long

| christopher r. 16-10-2020 17:47

great pants

| James F. 16-10-2020 11:24

I have worn the original Carhartt double front firm pants for over twenty years and have always been happy with the quality and durability. I will say I am dissappointed Carhartt has stopped offering them in other colors besides Duck Brown and Black. They used to come in Dark Blue, Gray and Moss to name a few. Would love to have more options for color in the Original Double Front again.

| Scott D. 15-10-2020 20:11

the best work pants going...….worth every dollar

| Robert E. 15-10-2020 18:42

These Firm Duck double-front work dungarees are my favorite pair of work pants. I have several pairs. I've been wearing them for you. I just restocked with two neutral. I wanted to get a black and a green but you only had black at the time so I got two pair of black

| Ryan T. 15-10-2020 16:55

Love my older Carhartts but had to return as way too long in length.

| KENSUKE T. 15-10-2020 02:42

good item.

| Patrick E. 14-10-2020 23:44

Very tough pants without sacrificing a lot of comfort

| Keith G. 14-10-2020 21:39

Love these jeans. Wish it didn’t take so long to get them reallly soft.

| Brice W. 14-10-2020 19:16

Hard to find made in USA even on Carhartt. Bring more products back to the United States.

| Ryan S. 14-10-2020 07:01

Pants are very durable, love the double-front knee. Runs a little tight in the waist than some of my other pants that are the same size, but other than that these pants are great while working.

| Babak B. 13-10-2020 21:50

Great fit, great look and really easy to work in, I can see how someone would make this the pant of choice for heavy digging and excavation. I bought a second pair this time in black. I strongly recommend this to people who actually do the work.

| pjillip z. 13-10-2020 12:21

Quality work pants at a very reasonable price. Looking forward to buy molre pairs of these pants for work. well worth the money.

| Christopher M. 13-10-2020 00:21

Love em. Fit like a glove. This is why these are the gold standard of work pants.

| Anthony L. 12-10-2020 10:52

Perfect size and great durability.

| Matthew M. 11-10-2020 21:13

The last of the great work pants. I probably own a dozen pair and I'm not easy on them. These are the only pants I will buy due to the quality, the ability to put knee pads in the double front and the fact that they're made in America. Carhartt needs to make more American made products like they used to. It's very sad to see the MADE IN THE USA label getting harder and harder to find from one of America's premier workwear manufacturers.

| Thomas C. 11-10-2020 19:38

Required Review<br /><br />Another Great Product NOT Manufactured In China

| Ray H. 11-10-2020 19:31

If used these for years and they always preform. They fit perfect and are long wearing. I think everyone should own a pair. Please never change them.<br />Ray

| Buster N. 11-10-2020 13:19

Thanks for making these in USA!

| Suzette D. 10-10-2020 19:12

Carhartt has quality products and great customer service!

| David B. 09-10-2020 20:10

Carhartt makes great pants. That being said they must be making them smaller because the size 38’s that I bought was actually smaller than the 36’s I’ve had for years.<br />Sorry, I had to send them back.

| Kevin K. 09-10-2020 16:42

I wear these out until the fabric is almost faded to white and the seams are fraying; but the knees don't get holes in them!<br />When a get a new set, I'm always surprised how brown and stiff they are.... I suspect they are made of plywood. But after a few days they break in nicely.

| Robert B. 09-10-2020 13:38

Great work pants. These are firm pants but completely comfortable. The pair I purchased runs somewhat small in the waist. However the size “comparison” on the website was good to use to determine the best fit.

| LAWRENCE D. 07-10-2020 16:34

Exactly what I expected in a Carhartt product.

| John B. 06-10-2020 18:45

I stopped buying denim awhile ago because of these pants. The duck fabric is almost indestructible. These pants last easily five times or more then the average life of a pair of denim pants. Made in the USA seals the deal for me, and the fact they are sold at a competitive price point makes these pants the only decision anyone should be making. Simply awesome overall experience. Way to go Carhartt! Please keep it up, and offer more made in the USA products.

| Wayne M. 06-10-2020 02:28

These Made in the Usa pants hold up better than the foreign-made Carhartt pants I used to wear. I won't buy anything else but this particular model number anymore.

| James B. 05-10-2020 22:45

Still made the old fashion way .strong long-lasting

| James R. 05-10-2020 14:25

Awsome service. Excellent pants

| YT B. 05-10-2020 11:21

Nice product, and it feels strong. MADE IN USA is the best!!!

| Mark H. 04-10-2020 17:42

Great pair of pants

| Peter M. 04-10-2020 17:01

I really love these pants. They fit comfortably around my waist without the need for a belt and that never happens for me. The 30” inseam seems too long but I wanted to cut them a bit shorter anyways for style purposes and so that worked out but I did feel like they were 32” inseam, not 30” even though I received a pair that was 34x30. I think that they are unfortunately too stiff for my liking but hoping that over time they wear down and break in (I believe that will happen) and I’m looking forward to that. The straight leg aspect of these pants is something I didn’t know if I’d like on my body after wearing tighter fitting jeans for so long but there is something very freeing about them and in the heat they don’t seem so hot because they’re not hugging my leg like my jeans tend to do.

| Hector D. 02-10-2020 17:09

The most quality Pants

| Mack 01-10-2020 14:22

Very nice fit, Exactly what I ordered.

| Kim M. 01-10-2020 04:01

Carhartt Double knee pants last like no other pants.

| Zachary M. 01-10-2020 00:24

Showed up fast, all the same size, and exactly what I ordered. Runs a little big but after washing a few times they fit perfect.

| Zkatz 30-09-2020 02:05

I just bought these and it’s now become the only product I will probably by from Carharrt again but it’s the only pants they make made in the USA and I’m trying to only buy American stuff. This is surprisingly well<br />Made and doesn’t seem to shrink in wash the way other Carhartt stuff does. It’s also very thick we will see how long it lasts. Carharrt stuff Years ago used to be made well we will see how this goes.

| Anthony E. 29-09-2020 17:09

The cut is wayyyy too big . Should consider making them in the slim fit

| miles c. 29-09-2020 17:02

Hi they are wonderful

| christopher d. 27-09-2020 02:44

Very tough pants

| Enrique Lopez 26-09-2020 17:06

Great quality

| Antonio 26-09-2020 02:52

i ordered a 34x30 but the pants i received were more like a 33x32, i had to double cuff the legs but the waist felt like i had a rubber bands holding me from moving comfortably. hopefully this is fixed i would really enjoy some smaller sizes like 28 or 29 but the waist seriously needs to be addressed. I know need to find different alternatives to high quality pants in the carhartt brand.

| Lindsay E. 22-09-2020 17:09

I can usually wear a set of these out in about 2 years, which is about 10 pairs of regular pants.... Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Automotive, masonry, yard wood, chainsawing, wood working, gardening, kneeling on concrete, whatever. Super-power Armor-pants. I use all the pockets for something or another. All I want is more colors. GREEN, anyone at Carhartt? Maybe GRAY?? Also, integrate a flat webbing belt and add $15 MSRP, hint hint! Doesn't matter, though, even if they don't make more colors, I'll still buy them, happily. Thanks from NH.

| David N. 21-09-2020 18:50

I really love these pants. They are so tough! I love my first pair so much I got a second. I get them really dirty at work, and just don't want to wear another brand, so I got something to wear while the first ones get washed!

| Sedrick G. 20-09-2020 18:10

I thought my work pants would be thicker, especially around the knees, wasn’t completely satisfied.

| John M. 20-09-2020 16:43

My favorite pants. The toughest pants that I have found. Loose enough to layer underneath and still have full motion when it’s below freezing and I still wear them in 100° temperatures when tough work pants are needed.

| Zachary Z. 17-09-2020 07:12

Runs small in waist but very sturdy n great work pants

| Jonathan N. 12-09-2020 17:02

Great work pants love them so much

| john m. 10-09-2020 21:00

one of the best work pants made. i am a stone mason and truly love these pants. i will wear only these thanks john

| Leah C. 08-09-2020 17:34

My husband uses these all the time for work, it’s just the first time I bought on line because they have been out of his size in all the stores I’ve gone to recently

| John B. 06-09-2020 01:37

Been wearing for decades, won't wear anything else! Yes, that is 4 decades.

| Bb33 03-09-2020 17:23

I love this type of pants. They are quite comfortable for such high durability. But, they come long; I mean really long. I wear 36” inseams, but I would need 34” or less in these pants so I returned them. I got the same type, but without the double front and the 36” inseam was good.

| Karen N. 01-09-2020 17:56

Great work pants very durable.

| James J. 31-08-2020 07:26

The are very comfortable and durable

| Gregory M K. 29-08-2020 23:33

I have been wearing these pants for years. They are comfortable while working and fit my anatomy well.

| Norma C. 23-08-2020 20:57

they are very comfortable and they look great and they are very durable

| LANDON F. 20-08-2020 03:26

This is my 8th pair and won't be my last. I get about 2 years of hard work out of them before I need to replace.

| Sean C. 19-08-2020 20:47

Excellent purchase!

| Kurt B. 18-08-2020 17:12

These are great work pants that last years (unless your waist line changes). I have half a dozen pairs that are so well-loved you can barely see the original color through all the paint and general shop stains. The double front is great on the knees and has protected my legs from hundreds of scrapes. Awesome overall product

| Mark A. 17-08-2020 17:07

Awesome dungarees! Put them to work right away to split wood for several days. Comfortable fit right out of the bag. Excellent durability!

| Adam G. 13-08-2020 17:38

Good quality runs a little large

| Shawn F. 13-08-2020 16:12

6 foot 195lbs athletic build, ordered 36-32, came in way too big, sent them back and got 34-30 and they're a perfect fit. Been buying these pants for the last 5 years for work as a pipefitter/welder and they're the most comfort and durability for the work. Made in the USA makes it even better.

| Mary F. 13-08-2020 05:58

These are the most practical pants for my Mike. He's very active and jumps into projects with both feet. These tough pants are clothing and protection.

| michael s. 13-08-2020 01:01

Better than jeans. Great natural protection without the polyester. Thank you.

| Bernard R. 08-08-2020 17:34

pants are very stiff and are very large. not very comfortable.

| Jesse H. 06-08-2020 17:32

Best work pants I’ve ever had definitely got what I paid for I work in a warehouse loading and unloading semi trucks and these pants I never have to worry when I get them dirty or beat them up I would recommend these to anyone and everyone and will definitely get more pairs in the future 10/10

| Easton T. 05-08-2020 17:26

These are my favorite jeans

| Jason A. 05-08-2020 12:48

very comfortable and durable

| Trevor K. 05-08-2020 03:12

Love them for the most part, but wish they had more room under the crouch so they weren’t so restrictive.

| Travis H. 04-08-2020 21:01

These pants are the toughest. I've tried what feels like every other brand and they all rip out in the crotch. These pants are 4 years old, they look a little worn but don't have any holes! I plan on buying more!

| Chris B. 04-08-2020 16:52

I love wearing pants made in the USA! Makes me feel proud to build houses and buildings in America while wearing American made clothing.

| James B. 02-08-2020 16:57

The pants fit great. A little long but I knew that going in and had them shortened. They seamed to be more comfortable than my old pants. An added plus was the knee pads from my ARMED pants worked great in these new pants.

| Donald D. 01-08-2020 19:00

Wasn't easy finding the ones made in USA. The only kind of clothing I buy. I need some blue jeans

| KELLY S. 01-08-2020 17:38

These Carhartt double front work pants! They fit sooo nice..Thank you Carhartt

| Philip R. 30-07-2020 17:19

These pants look better on most people than the washed pants and are best suited for those who will be working while standing or sitting while exposed to front abrasion such as grinding or operating machinery and equipment.

| Nick S. 27-07-2020 17:30

I actually mailed them back. There the same exact pants as the ones I already have. Same size same style but they were way too long. Very strange.

| Darrell C. 23-07-2020 17:43

These pants are always a great value. They last forever and you will definitely get your money’s worth out of these and all carhartt products.

| Michael S. 23-07-2020 17:03

This is my second pair. I where them as motorcycle pants because of the extra protection of firm material and double front. Outstanding value, great look.

| Mark B. 20-07-2020 02:03

This is the second pair I have owned ! I am thrilled with the Quality of the workmanship. I is the same as the pair I bought 20 years ago. I have worn the cuffs of the pants completely off. So Proud that they are made in America ????????????

| Bob C. 18-07-2020 18:11

These jeans wear like iron.

| Davey H. 18-07-2020 01:39

Fit true to size very conformable and durable

| Jeff R. 17-07-2020 16:53

These are the real deal work pants if you're a farmer, carpenter, mechanic, or anybody that makes America work! Carhartt products are second to none!

| Mark M. 16-07-2020 03:56

A bit big but after the first wash fits perfect

| Tyler D. 13-07-2020 16:29

Second time ordering. Fits legs well for an athletic build. These things can take a beating.

| Sophia S. 12-07-2020 21:06

Very durable and lots of pocket space

| Oscar M. 12-07-2020 17:32

Great only work pants I use as a carpenter

| Maxwell S. 12-07-2020 03:45

Bit larger than expected but still great, well worth it

| Noah C. 10-07-2020 23:58

bulletproof construction. made in usa. all for $50. best work pants deal out.

| Jamarl R. 09-07-2020 23:40

Like my 9th pair lol. Best pants out

| Loren H. 09-07-2020 01:57

Value and quality is as always superb and these pants are no excetion.

| Jeremy W. 05-07-2020 12:29

Fine pants - they serve their purpose exactly. Shame the majority of the rest of Carhartt clothing is foreign made.

| Cole N. 30-06-2020 18:56

insanely strong, works good for airsoft too

| TOM R. 29-06-2020 10:31


| Mark V. 27-06-2020 01:17

Bought these because I needed something sturdier when doing heavy landscaping. Not sure yet about durability because I only have washed them three times. Too soon to tell

| Marcus H. 26-06-2020 17:43

Love it love it loveit

| Jason F. 26-06-2020 17:02

Made in USA, good fit, enough said.

| Blaine M. 25-06-2020 15:58

very durable

| Jacob M. 21-06-2020 18:33

Clean, Fresh, Durable and POCKETS

| Daniel T. 21-06-2020 17:12

Love them and great product.

| Torrie B. 21-06-2020 16:44

Hard wearing, love em

| Peter S. 20-06-2020 16:54

Fit and fabric weight are as expected. Great.

| Nicholas C. 17-06-2020 18:22

The 29 waist, which I normally wear, was too tight, and the length was longer than 30, which is the inseam length I ordered. I sent them back unfortunately and I am still awaiting refund. They do appear to be quality pants though. Thank you!

| Dan H. 14-06-2020 18:08

Great pants. Wish you had my shirts in stock. Please make more stuff in USA!

| Dane C. 14-06-2020 02:35

Best work pants. Plan on keeping and repairing for years to come. A classic pair of duck canvas that has mimicked the same style since the 1930s/40s, minus the crotch rivet and train logo. Fits true to size and break in quick. I’m 5’11”, 145 lbs, went with a size 30x34 to cuff the bottoms. <br /><br />Would be nice to have the rear pockets double layered with denim like the old days

| Elmer F. 13-06-2020 20:21

Great durable work pants.

| JasonM M. 12-06-2020 18:54

Extremely wide cut.

| Kesner M. 11-06-2020 22:17

They feel so comfortable so happy with my purchase

| Charles F. 11-06-2020 21:43

These things are great.

| Paul K. 11-06-2020 20:58

The sizing is perfect, especially the length covering the top of boots, and once some of the stiffness was washed out of them, they function as expected, meaning perfectly.<br /><br />With only one month of usage, it is too soon to give a rating on Durability and Quality.

| HGeoffrey N. 11-06-2020 13:13

They turned out to be baggier than I thought and higher waisted than I expected. Delivery was slow. Tracking showed that it sat three towns away from here for a week. But that's probably coronavirus-related deliery problem, so I'm not complaining.<br />I was looking for something more durable than my jeans which end up with holes in the knees too quickly. These seem like they'll be better, but ask me in two years.

| Addington A. 09-06-2020 12:13

Great pants as always

| Andy K. 08-06-2020 23:14

These pants are comfortable and bomb proof! Being sort of skinny, I prefer slimmer fits but all around these are great.

| Kristy S. 08-06-2020 18:15

Right around the waste

| Dylan D. 07-06-2020 17:04

The pants work great. My job requires tough durable pants the are meant to last , and these are it.

| Pamela M. 07-06-2020 00:54

We ordered my husband's usual size and it was too small. We are returning them and would like the next size up (42). <br />We can't find your dungarees locally and they are so great for our ranchwork .

| Myisha J. 06-06-2020 21:53

Comfortable to work in!!

| Carson M. 06-06-2020 20:20

These are best for any job. Made the right way and super durable.

| John T. 03-06-2020 18:34

The inseam was too long by 2 " even though it was the same size as my previous pair that fit well. Your measurements are inconsistent.

| calperta s. 03-06-2020 10:11

Great pant for work

| Paul S. 02-06-2020 20:27

Sizing way off

| Ted N. 02-06-2020 16:59

These pants are a little stiff, and a little warm. But damn they are tough. And I thought the knee pads were too thin, but they work fine, and it it great to kneal down on rough surfaces and not cry ouch (or something else). If you are a person who does real physical work for a living, you will like these pants. The tool pockets and hammer loop are great additions.

| Alexander M. 02-06-2020 16:34

Durable and worth every dollar. Runs a bit small if your not used to wearing pants on your true waist so size up a size or they will stretch out a bit over time.

| Alexander K. 31-05-2020 19:38

Too small of a size compared to my other pants

| Larry E. 29-05-2020 17:20

order arrived ahead of time. Best price i could find anywhere in Boise Idaho.

| Dan 29-05-2020 04:25

A large side pocket would be nice. Like say for a phone.

| Jeffrey S. 28-05-2020 11:41

Length runs a little bit long otherwise pants are perfect. Firm-duct material is the way to go. Better than pre-washed.

| Augie D. 27-05-2020 17:15

These are great for skateboarding.

| Noah R. 26-05-2020 20:24

Yes. Exactly what I was looking for. Tough. Sizing engine on website worked well. I buy clothes from thrift stores because they are not gonna last on me. I want one thing to wear everyday. I researched the heck outta this before I purchased. Looked at many many many brands and still took me a month to actually fork over the $50 once I decided to on these . Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

| Connor H. 26-05-2020 17:29

Best work pants ever

| SABRINA S. 25-05-2020 19:32

Love them great fit

| Venerable 25-05-2020 18:31

Very durable pants. They look good, fit great, and are incredible durable. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing several pairs of these and they have all held up great and are still going strong. Will buy more pairs as needed. Highly recommend!

| DENNIS B. 25-05-2020 16:44

These are great pants. I only want the toughest pant Carhartt makes. Pants that don"t fall apart every time you turn around. They are great from working in the yard, in the fields and on the mountain cutting wood. Everyone should have a pair.

| DracDrakens D. 25-05-2020 15:30

Took aprox. 50 washes to get them to loosen up to comfortable. Color faded to a dark slate, after a lot of washes. And, a small cut unraveled into a bloom of fibers. I would buy again, but am going to try the non double fronted washed versions.

| Dan R. 25-05-2020 05:55

The length was off by 2 inches from what the label indicated.

| JOSEPH B. 24-05-2020 22:26

Great for Landscape work

| Linda M. M. 23-05-2020 18:52

have bought for several years. very durable and good quality. great work pant.

| STEPHEN S. 22-05-2020 19:17

Excellent quality as usual. I wear Carhartt dungarees for all of my outdoor work projects. I only wish that a shorter inseam was offered.

| Scott B. 21-05-2020 18:20

There’s really no other way to go. If you work and play hard, these no-nonsense pants won’t let you down. Do yourself a favor. Don’t mess around.

| Daniel D. 20-05-2020 17:19

I needed some durable work pants as the ones provided by my employer were falling apart after a year.<br />These pants are roomy, durable, and look great. I bought 2 pairs and I'm glad I did, they're going to get a lot of use. The canvas is stiff right out of the package but I know it will soften with continued use. My favorite thing about them thought- they came in my size!!! I'm only 5'5" and trying to find decent work pants with a 30-30 measurements is almost impossible in local stores, so thank you Carhartt for thinking of the little guys!!

| Tims T. 20-05-2020 14:43

These American made pants are the best pants I have owned. Super nice plus they are made in America which is pretty awesome. You won't find quality like this without spending a lot more money somewhere else.

| Rich L. 19-05-2020 20:27

Use them for welding. Good protection from sparks. Better than jeans.

| Nathan B. 19-05-2020 18:34

These pants are amazing. They are great work pants, and have kept up with everything I've put them through so far.

| Josh P. 18-05-2020 18:27

I love these pants so much. They are a must have in anyone’s locker.

| Jorge C. 18-05-2020 18:00

Amazing pair of pants, love the fit and the stiffness of it. Really rough and would buy another one although mine got ruined cause it got burned in the dryer, there was a line made I don’t know why. It was on low temp

| Debra W. 18-05-2020 16:58

Just what we ordered and perfect fit

| Allen K. 18-05-2020 13:16

I work construction and have had two other brands of pants that have worn out within 6-12 months of regular use. These have well exceeded that time frame for a similar price. I also bought these with knee pads from Carhartt to slide into the double front pocket, which has significantly reduced aching pain in my legs after work. My pants fit a little tight around my hips wearing a 32x34 but I also have larger hips for someone my size.

| Delbert T. 16-05-2020 19:21

labelled 36x34, but look more like 34x36. Unfortunately for me, I washed them before trying on, assuming same fit as others I've worn from Carhartt and others.

| Cameron M. 16-05-2020 18:13

Tough enough for the hardest jobs

| Isaac F. 16-05-2020 16:47

I returned them. They’re too big and bulky.

| John H. 16-05-2020 16:39

I live in an area loaded with shrubs with thorns, claws and spines. These pants allow me to walk through all this with a degree of impunity most pants do not. I also do restoration work and the double knees allow me to be on my knees without knee pads. Love these tough Carhartts and would recommend to anyone.

| Andrew F. 16-05-2020 13:37

I like the jeans I love the Integrated knee pads the only issue is the waist size runs a bit smaller than the other carhartt jeans

| Jerry K. 14-05-2020 17:04

Made in the USA ???? strong

| Andrew H. 13-05-2020 17:34

Take a few wear and wash cycles to break in but they will last for a decade. Length always seems a touch long and waist a touch small but I love these bomb proof pants!.

| Ian D. 12-05-2020 17:22

Great pants, pretty much the only long pants I wear.

| Davis G. 11-05-2020 23:02

Still great work pants but need to make the right side pocket about a quarter inch wider now to except cell phones. I had to remove one of the rivets and my cell phone just would slide although very snugly into right side pocket. And Carhartt needs to offer these in a flex but they must be made in the USA. If not made in USA I would not consider buying them.

| Joe M. 11-05-2020 17:28

Wears is great comfortable and durable

| Randy S. 11-05-2020 17:06

Great !!!!!!

| Melissa T. 11-05-2020 02:29

They run long. My son is 6’5 and the 36 inseam was actually a little long which was fine. Very durable, stand up to barb wire fence I would definitely buy again.

| Daniel H. 10-05-2020 16:34

Been looking for the perfect pant for heavy Masonary work. Protects legs from bruises and comfortable in the waist with great movement and flexibility in the hips and crotch.

| Vinnie D. 09-05-2020 22:25

Cut too big

| Katie F. 08-05-2020 17:20

Great, exactly the style I was looking for!

| gregory d. 08-05-2020 16:58

Good stuff

| DAVID S. 07-05-2020 20:41

The pants perform wonderfully. Sizing is great. 36x34. Nice room for movement without being baggy. The knee pads are very well made and fit as described. . <br />Love that they are made in the USA.

| Jonny O. 07-05-2020 02:45

Excellent pants fit nice and durable as hell. Long enough for even a 6’5 man like me too long even had to put them in the dryer only wish they made in more colors like dark brown and moss

| Paul B. 06-05-2020 02:12

love these pants, durable dependable and made in the USA.

| Forddualsport 04-05-2020 23:49

I have plenty of Carhartt gear. I'm wearing a pair of b324 right now and I like them a lot. Decided I wanted to buy more US made stuff and Carhartt is the brand I love so I bought a pair of B01's to try. The leg is probably 4 inches, maybe 5 inches longer than the B324s. Even wearing the B01s way up pass my belly button, they are still way off. Attached is a picture of the B324 to the B01. Keep in mind the B324 is a size 33x32 and the B01 is a size 32x32. I know the B01 is original fit and the B324 are relexed but you could fit another pair of B324 in the B01 they are that much larger. I'm going to return forsure and get the right size. Really like them overall. Wish they were the right size. Carhartt, if you're listening.... start making the delmont shirt in the US please. It's all I wear and its time we bring it all back to the US.

| Mary L. 03-05-2020 14:57

This new pair replaced a very old and well worn pair. I couldn’t put anymore patches on them. My husband was thrilled.

| Dustin B. 03-05-2020 02:55

Thankfully they shrink up when washed.

| Jennifer L. 01-05-2020 18:39

Super great! Fits perfectly. Really needed new work pants and thought with what has been going on in the world, that it would be a long shot to get them. But everything worked out perfectly and all the pants I ordered are quality and great. Thank you.

| Joshua P. 29-04-2020 16:55

Fits a little longer and baggier than normal pair of jeans

| John C. 29-04-2020 16:35

These are the ultimate work pant. I ordered the optional knee pads that insert inside the double front panel which makes crawling around on all fours comfortable. I expect to have these work pants for the long haul. They’re going to take a while before they break in so you have to make a commitment to the pants until they loosen up. The only exception I can offer is that they seem to run ever so slightly small in the waist. But then again, maybe I run ever so slightly large in the waist; who knows ? I’m sure they’ll stretch out and conform to my waist line over time.

| Brenson H. 28-04-2020 17:53

These pants are very huge

| John M. 25-04-2020 23:58

Fit is perfect very comfortable

| DANIEL B. 25-04-2020 23:10

Great pants. Difficult for sizing. They shrink when you wash them, but otherwise they are great.

| Daniel G. 25-04-2020 17:17

Pants are better than nothing. But until you bring back the overalls with bags attached, carhartt will never be the best again

| Edward S. 25-04-2020 16:17

I needed black pants for a new job. This product is the only union-made black pants that I could fine. They seem well made, are comfortable and fit true to size.

| Miguel R. 24-04-2020 23:51

Picked up a pair of these pants in black and I’m impressed! I had been wearing other pants for a long time now and was ready to try a different work pant that was more tough and durable and these are it! The sizing was pretty true for me and the fit was exactly what’s described. After a few days of wear I know now that Carhartt is my new brand of choice for workwear!

| Troy R. 21-04-2020 22:17

These work pants are tough and comfortable and are designed perfectly. I've tried a lot of different work pants over the years and these, by far, are the best. Don't waste your time with other brands, get these, you'll be happy you did.

| Frank 21-04-2020 17:31

They are TUFF and A GREAT fit

| Erik N. 20-04-2020 20:01

I have worn this style of pants for years in my work as a blacksmith. Comfortable and durable.

| Brandon A. 17-04-2020 17:39

Returning Pants. Ordered 36/32. Same size I wear in every pair of pants. These look ridiculous and the legs look like the wide pants from the 90s. Would not recommend.

| Mike T. 17-04-2020 17:26

Wrong size sent back waiting to reorder correct size

| Mr Williams 16-04-2020 20:30

I had to re-order these pants. These are the most durable work pants I’ve ever owned. I gave mine to my brother who kept having his other brand's Pants rip and the fabric after washes started to become light and thin. These are the best and only wear Carhartt when on any job site. It’s reliable and TOUGH!!

| Matthew D. 16-04-2020 02:03

Great product would buy again

| Christopher W. 15-04-2020 16:53

The fit and finish is awesome. For the money you can't do any better.

| Christian R. 13-04-2020 17:42

I work at the airport on cargo aircraft. These Firm Duck Double Dungarees are top notch comfortable and tough with lots of room in an Original Loose Fit. My friends are impressed. I am superbly impressed. Will be buying one each fiscal year. Thanks Carhartt.

| Tim M. 12-04-2020 16:03

Love the pants. Only pants I buy. But it would be nice to see the gravel and moss colors come back

| John G. 10-04-2020 03:38

Great quality, as I work in concrete.

| andrea r. 08-04-2020 20:23

Stiff in the beginning but after a wash they were very comfortable and durable! Highly recommend these for anyone looking to get a classic and reliable pair of work pants.

| Taran D. 07-04-2020 17:06

These "pants" or so called leggings of the gods are damn near indestructible, from burls of rebar to the roughness of concrete these things only get better with time. Pretty sure these can take a punch from Mike Tyson. Buy some.

| DBridges 02-04-2020 22:05

Love these pants. I’m 6’1’’ and 210 lbs and have always worn a 34x32 in almost all my jeans. I ordered the same size with this particular style and they fit great. The original loose fit provides the room you need for your daily work activities or for taking your Harley for a ride!

| Kenneth R. 02-04-2020 20:58

They were a bit baggy and long, which says a lot since I'm 6'8" tall, but after a few washings they fit perfectly.<br /><br />Sturdy, durable pants.<br /><br />I love then.

| Terri W. 31-03-2020 19:29


| Matthew W. 31-03-2020 02:39

Much better then the off the self work pants. Have held up well in welding, concrete and aggriculture work I do regularly.

| Mace R. 29-03-2020 20:57

I order to long of pants I need 30 not 32

| Kenneth R. 21-03-2020 16:12

I'm 6'8" tall and a fairly big guy and these pants are sized perfectly for me. They're a little baggy and long but I expect that will be either be rectified by washing them, if not I'm OK with it because they are super comfortable.

| Lisa G. 18-03-2020 17:08

I can not say enough good things about this company! They exchanged, no questions asked for a gift received from which was purchased from another retailer. Lifetime Carharrt customers for life. It’s almost embarrassing how many products we own. ??<br />These fit exactly true to size too.

| John M. 17-03-2020 14:28

Nice and comfortable fits perfect

| Thomas C. 16-03-2020 23:58

Great fit comfortable

| SHANNON F. 14-03-2020 21:28

Sturdy material in the pants, great job holding up. Much better than blue jeans for working around the equestrian center.

| Nicholas B. 13-03-2020 18:57

The best work pants, hands down. They don't last forever, but they are certainly durable for the price. They breath just a little better than jeans, which is perfect.

| Trevor C. 12-03-2020 13:07

Great, tough, work pant that will hold up for years.

| HernsGlobal 10-03-2020 16:54

Love these pants, wear in great and will last forever.

| Phillip C. 08-03-2020 20:38

I really appreciate the fact that these jeans are assembled in America. It would be better if all carhartt products were still made in the USA.

| JP 07-03-2020 17:47

Super tough, lots of pockets, comfortable, and made in America. What else is there to say?

| Jake H. 03-03-2020 12:04

Love them! Great work pants. Well made and look nice.

| Douglas B. 03-03-2020 00:07

I will recommend this product and have on too many occasions to count. I install inexpensive camping pad into the double front layer to facilitate easy knee pad configuration. The pad can stay in during washing and drying and lasts as long as the pants. Don’t bother buying Carhartt’s pad package, they are not thick enough for most likes. You can expand the pad slot and either sew it closed or leave it put install the camping pad takes much painful perseverance. Thirty years and still counting on Carhartt speaks volumes.

| Side M. 02-03-2020 18:26

I have worn these pants for over 20 years. the same pain for over 10 yrs of heavy use. they have been outstanding. also, they fit the same way o over the years and can order on line and know how they will fit and wear. <br />I would highly recommend<br />and more importantly, Made in the USA

| Richard 02-03-2020 17:56

Cathartic double knee work pants are the best! I’ve been wearing Carhartt since 1997 and I absolutely love these for my work clothes! They’re strong, tough, and last a long time! Wearing them after many washes even enhances the look...Great battlefield look! Ready to work? Get Carhartt!

| Tyler B. 02-03-2020 06:10

Carhartt is best clothing on the market for workwear! You just cant beat it

| Marc C. 29-02-2020 23:19

It looks great and it's very comfortable. I just didn't realise traditional fit meant loose, so my next pair would be straight fit.

| seth s. 20-02-2020 20:04

I waited several weeks to write this to test how much they would shrink (a small amount), but I am happy to say these are the highest quality pants I have ever owned and after testing this first pair I will be purchasing more. The fact that they are made in the USA is the icing on the cake. p.s. In my experience they run 1 size big in the waist and a little extra in the in-seam which is nice.

| jazedrick W. 19-02-2020 04:27

Ive been buying these pants for a while now and i dont think i will buy from a different company. Perfect amount of pockets and everything is fluent.

| Clark H. 17-02-2020 20:16

awesome pants

| Chrissy 11-02-2020 05:50

My boyfriend loves them. He wears them all the time. I've bought him three pairs of the last couple months. You do have to wash them before you wear them then they fit perfectly. These are definitely his favorite. Kind of pants

| James M. 10-02-2020 18:34

They are stiffer than I thought but I guess that's what I get for getting Firm

| Robert 10-02-2020 11:30

I love these pants!! I’ve had work pants in the past that last less than 6 months because of the work I do and these look brand new after 6 months.

| jean m. 09-02-2020 22:52


| Ryan C. 06-02-2020 21:22

They run small and are really stiff. Make sure to have a shirt tucked into the waist band or chafing may occur. They seem like they will last forever and at an affordable price. I don’t know how this business model works but I am in for another pair.

| Duncan R. 02-02-2020 20:35

Incredible fit and quality!

| Kelly P. 02-02-2020 20:34

They’re alright. They should be sold with knee pads.

| Travis J. 01-02-2020 22:40

Toughest pair of pants around. And best of all made right here in the USA

| Gregg F. 30-01-2020 23:56

Extremely durable and last a very long time under abusove environments

| Rita C. 30-01-2020 05:31

Bought these for a present and had to exchange for a smaller size. Easily handled and now he loves them for durable work pants! Will buy more!

| Conley N. 29-01-2020 03:15

I wear these pants all winter long, the best pants on the market

| John C. 29-01-2020 01:03

Another great product!

| Phillip A. 28-01-2020 05:05

Working long hours in construction can be hard on clothes. These pants outlast anything else. I would burn through a pair of jeans in 6 months. I can get two to three years out of these. Worth the money!

| Michael J. 27-01-2020 23:23

I had one pair last me 8 years!!!!!!! EIGHT years on one pair with a very physical job at the time, plus yard work on my 1 acre home in the forest cutting, limbing, clearing. I don't know how Carhartt stays in business making clothes that last this long. But thank you Carhartt.

| Martin N. 27-01-2020 21:58

Bulletproof. Tie rebar and set forms all day and these are the best work pants hands down. Spend your money here.

| Sharon P. 24-01-2020 02:43

My husband has been wearing carharts for years and will not wear anything else. Thank you!

| Nicholas R. 22-01-2020 15:51

Still the best work pants on the market. $50 bucks might seem a bit pricey, but the workmanship on these is evident. These are solid! They far outlast denim or canvas pants hastily made in Bangladesh or wherever... These are made in the USofA, and it shows. (Note: inseam runs slightly long, which isn’t a big deal).

| Heinz G. 21-01-2020 18:08

Almost like the old carharts. Like they used to make before they became popular. The length still runs long, not a problem tho.

| Kevin M. 20-01-2020 23:56

Hold up well

| Jeremy G. 19-01-2020 21:01

Very durable and made in the USA. Couldn’t ask for more, great work pants.

| Cajun82. 18-01-2020 09:26

USA Quality" Carhartt is the ( Only ) Pants I wear Work/Play" These USA made' double front pants Wear like Iron! I love the roomy fit' <br />Keep on making Great Pants in (USA) Carhartt!!

| Jeff T. 18-01-2020 07:14

Perfect to a tee,<br />I would recommend to a friend!

| Daniele F. 16-01-2020 20:35

my brother is a plumber and he really likes them. I will order another pair for him very shortly

| ryby91 14-01-2020 17:19

these are the only double front pants that don't rip within months for me

| Billiongenius 09-01-2020 21:14

Wanted to try these pants for a while because I had heard how strong they are. Not disappointed at all! At work or off the clock these look and preform great. I much prefer these to the softer version. Awesome pants

| B C. 28-12-2019 17:54

The fabric is a good quality. They are exactly what I wanted. They do run a little long though. I normally get a 32 in length for the pants, but I should have purchased a 30 in length for these.

| Bette B. 24-12-2019 18:03

I sent them back requesting a larger size- hope I receive the 38 waist size pants.

| John M. 23-12-2019 19:20

100% made with that made in USA quality you dont see much of that anymore

| Major 23-12-2019 16:36

Nice where .holds up great.nice quality. <br />Perfect clothes.

| R I. 20-12-2019 22:14

Of coarse as expected the pants are perfect fit and tough enough for the type of work I do

| Penny S. 16-12-2019 20:33

They can take a beating and still hold up for a long time. I wish I could find the Double-Front Work Dungaree in gray. Those were my favorite but haven't been able to find them for a few years.

| James H. 13-12-2019 19:07

I like the durability of the products and high quality of the manufacturer material.

| RICHARD G 12-12-2019 18:01

I have always loved this pant for working around the yard or bucking up firewood. Once they start to fade, I buy another pair so I can keep them in rotation. Always stylish!

| Stephen S. 11-12-2019 22:39

Great fit. American made is the best quality. I have been wearing Carhart for over 50 years. ThankYou.

| Jennifer M. 11-12-2019 18:34

My hubby loves these! Just wish they had the stretch in the waist like his pair of work pants he loved. These were the closest option since the other company doesn’t offer black and that was required by his job. He is hard on his pants, and these wash right up! Will be buying again!!

| ethan l. 09-12-2019 20:35

I've had the same pair for 4 years and wear them at least once a week from September to June. They're a little heavy for the warm months but they've held up great. Much better than jeans.

| Eric M. 03-12-2019 00:10

It was really nice or during the size that I need cuz I never find it in any stores

| Carl Q. 01-12-2019 17:56

Good tough work pants for clearing the trail to working rock. Carhartts never let me down

| Jstg1 30-11-2019 12:40

Carhartt changed the fit of these, I always bought these for my husband. They used to be original fit, they changed to loose fit and they are huge. My husband can’t wear them because of all the extra material. Carhartt dropped the ball, smaller guys also need double front pants!!! The leg width is ridiculous, very disappointed. All the other original fit jeans are not as rugged, they won’t hold up to rips in his line of work. Bring back the original fit in these!!

| Stacy S. 22-11-2019 17:38

My husband won't wear anything else he says these are the only ones that last, he's in the logging industry.

| Kristy B. 21-11-2019 22:52

Ordering online was so easy!!!

| j.rckt 21-11-2019 01:22

I wanted rugged style and durability in a loose fitting jean to go with my new Carhartt jacket needless to say I was very impressed!!

| Ryan V. 20-11-2019 23:11

They have an interesting fit... tight for waist and long for length. I'm normally a 34 waist, but a 35 would be ideal, which isn't made. Great product otherwise. I wore my last pair until there where holes above the double front, I'm sure it will be the same for this pair.

| Michael O. 20-11-2019 19:08

My go to work pants!

| Dwight S. 16-11-2019 14:30

The work pants of pants. Whilst breaking through brush and clearing forests to offroading in mud, running my AR15 at the rang while hot brass bounces off these pants, while clearing snow in -35 degree weather, these pants take the beating and just keep on going.

| Nate n. 15-11-2019 16:17

I've had 4 pairs and they ALL shrunk 2 inches. Now I'm just going up a size so that when they get washed/dried they will fit. Otherwise these pants are amazing, so incredibly strong, no fence wire or thorn gets through.

| GEORGE S. 12-11-2019 20:58

The USA made pants hold up well and fit good

| RichardR R. 10-11-2019 01:05

Thank you for your prompt service. Next time I will have to order to 34 x 34. The 33 x 34’s are a bit tight. <br />Thanks again,<br />RRR

| Eric V 04-11-2019 19:43

I bought these for a summer of trail work hoping they would maybe last a bit longer than the (other more expensive brand) pants I had used previously (which did nothing stopping a shard flying straight into my leg when breaking rock) and boy was I not let down. These babies definitely came out a bit beat up but not only did they last the entire season, they still are only more comfy for my winter of studies and part time carpentry work. Not only that but I can feel good wearing them to class when I have a tight schedule because they are fashionable too. These are the perfect pants for any type of hard work or play and I would definitely encourage supporting union jobs in the United States with this pair of hard core pants.

| Citorie 04-11-2019 18:51

I have been buying these or the blue jean version since 2001 when I started working full time in different industrial settings. They have been the longest lasting pants I have ever owned.

| Jasonbabe 04-11-2019 00:37

The pant runs true to size, the pant is durable, but can get wrinkled easily

| Howard M. 03-11-2019 21:15

As usual , a 5 star rating.. I don't expect any less from carhartt..

| linneaanna 02-11-2019 01:13

I ordered more of these for my boyfriend because he had worn through his two pairs of these already over the years. They are high quality and awesome work pants. He works in construction and he has stuck with them for years and we will continue ordering them! Carhartt is the best!

| Adam H. 30-10-2019 18:15

I really like the carpenter-style work pants. They are really comfortable, durable, and have great styling. I wear mine with logger boots and both the work pants and boots go perfect together. I wear the carpenter work pants in cooler weather, and they keep my legs warm, dry, and protected. Awesome purchase for sure.

| Don B. 26-10-2019 16:51

Quality pants with good pockets. I use them for fencing and wood

| Scott P. 24-10-2019 22:53

I am a contractor who still swings a hammer, your double front work pants are my favorite work pants. They look good enough to meet with high dollar clients on the job site as long as I where a newer pair! Lol!

| James R. 24-10-2019 06:23

I have two pairs of these pants and love the way they feel and hold up to the elements . Less expensive than Filson and withstand as much abuse . However be warned that they will shrink some in the dryer so maybe buy a size up to accommodate the shrinkage. You’ll love these !

| Mike M. 21-10-2019 19:31

love these for working really hold up for outdoor work!!!

| Jaqueline L. 16-10-2019 17:58

My husband love it, he told me just is too long

| Rodney W. 16-10-2019 10:11

I wear a size 38 waist and everything else but boy these are sure tight. I do plan on getting more but they will be a size 40 in the waist.

| richard h. 15-10-2019 20:30

Excellent fit. Superbly made. I have been wearing these kind of Carharts for many years and recommend them as simply the best made work pants available anywhere.

| kevin m. 15-10-2019 16:56

This is my 3rd pair.<br />Very durable and comfortable and that’s what I like about them.

| Diana L. 15-10-2019 04:21

For nephew and he loves these pants! He is mechanic and they withstand the ruggedness of his job. And they last for what it seems like forever! Great quality of workmanship.

| Lucas M. 14-10-2019 20:25

I bought the double front pants 6 years ago and they are rugged and long lasting. The only reason I had to order new pairs is because I gained some weight. The double front dungaree is hard to find in stores that’s why I ordered straight from the carhartt website. Recommend 10/10 for all industries.

| Dwight S. 12-10-2019 00:04

Great great great great great great great great great great,,

| Sam C. 10-10-2019 18:27

Perfect every time

| Tamela K. 10-10-2019 18:16

Perfect for my 19 year old son as he heads off to trade school.

| Bryn A. 09-10-2019 13:30

These are the best jeans I've ever owned. Solid, heavy weight jean yet very comfortable. Never buy anything else for work.

| John K. 09-10-2019 01:30

The only pair of pants I wear for work. Been buying these for years. Only disappointing part of these pant is that they don’t reinforce the crotch, that’s were mine wear out.

| Zachary L. 06-10-2019 17:23

Disappointing they stopped selling the B01’s in store. Get them online while you still can.

| joseph t. 26-09-2019 12:30

we need stuff made in USA, its nice to wear USA .IT MAKE ME FEEL GREAT

| Nichole S. 24-09-2019 17:31

I’m 5’4 woman but it fits perfectly, it’s much more stylish when you roll up the pants a little bit and wear timberland’s boots. Thanks Carhartt!

| Jesse C. 23-09-2019 23:54

Its comforr and i would recommend this item to anyone .

| Joseph N. 22-09-2019 21:26

Solid work pants without the silly stretch so many pants have. Love them.

| Jacob W. 20-09-2019 17:27

Fits great and very durable

| Jesse G. 16-09-2019 14:25

I wear these pans every day and they take a beating. If they lasted as long as a pair of Levi 501s then I would of given these pants a 5 star rating. After they are broke in they are very comfortable. Being that I am a concrete finisher and live in them for up to 18 hours a day they are a good pair of jeans.

| Dusty S. 15-09-2019 17:10

I’m a welder by trade ,they are the perfect work pants I like the fit and how well they last and hold up. I wear the year around.

| Austin D. 05-09-2019 22:14

The only complaint I have isn’t with the product itself is that I paid extra for two day shipping and it didn’t show up until four days later. I did get a refund for the shipping I was just disappointed due to needing new work pants and not getting them until after the job started.

| Jeffrey S. 05-09-2019 16:56

Excellent product excellent service

| PAUL S. 31-08-2019 13:31

awesome as usual, had my previous pair for 7 years.

| Chris W. 22-08-2019 16:49

Great pants. Can't go wrong with these.

| David A. 21-08-2019 04:04

Nice and stiff. Love everything about the pants. Will buy again.

| Mitchell O. 08-08-2019 03:27

The best phrase for these pants is ... Wait for it...... "Premium quality" or " top of the line" if you skeptical you will not be let down .period. that's 3 periods! Buy em you won't be disappointed.

| richardereece 14-07-2019 17:26

A very good product at a fair price and Made In The USA to boot. That is a trifecta.

| SteveFridleycoTONYMOORE M. 14-07-2019 12:52

Love ?? them thanks. Well made! Just for Steve

| KENNETH K. 05-07-2019 11:24


| Octavio P. 03-07-2019 03:09

They are so comfortable

| Cordon 02-07-2019 05:47

These are my go to work pants for all outdoor or heavy hands on work, especially if I’m on my knees. The double front is ultra durable and holds up well when I’m welding all day (doesn’t burn up with welding sparks/ spatter). The fit is very comfortable and I can wear them all year.

| David A. 01-07-2019 21:50

I wear them all the time

| David T. 01-07-2019 19:03

My son has never liked a work pant better then this one!! It is quality made and lasts forever. He likes the fit also. I would certainly recommend this product to any hard working guy!

| John P. 28-06-2019 18:06

Best pants out there

| evan m. 27-06-2019 17:27

I Love them!!!

| Michael R. 24-06-2019 17:13

These pants are made with very strong fabric and are constructed for heavy duty work. And they look GREAT! I was concerned that they may be difficult to get dry in the clothes drier because of the fabric weight, but they dried totally in a normal load.

| Markham M. 22-06-2019 17:21

I’ve worked construction since 1972, and worn these work pants (and the bibs) since 1976. They may seem pricey to purchase, but they last so much longer that, over time, they are less expensive than pants of inferior quality or lighter construction. Quality is always less expensive in the long run.<br /><br />I see that Carhart has extended its product line, even become “trendy,” but never, ever, alter or discontinue these tough work pants.

| Benny C. 17-06-2019 02:44

I work for a heavy machining and fabrication plant. That builds defense related components for U.S Naval vessel’s and many times I have to crawl in and out of giant sharp bores that have been cut and have edges like razors. These have saved my legs on many occasions and show no sign of giving out. I’ll wear these into retirement. *U.S.A * Steelworker “Easy to thrill, Hard to kill” KCMO

| Sean B. 14-06-2019 00:53

I've owned numerous pairs of these over the last 10 years, most recently daily for the last year doing construction labor. They've taken a TON of abuse and keep on ticking. The double front adds life in the areas that bear the most stress while doing manual work. They end up settling in to you, like an old glove. I love them more as this happens and I'm always a little attached when they eventually fail. Great pant for the money.<br /><br />I find the waist a bit on the small size vs. other pants, so I generally size that up, but the length is accurate and everything else in the pants is generous size-wise.

| BONNIE T. 02-06-2019 18:16

Working outside most of the day these dungarees are the best made I’ve found. Looking forward to lots of wear before I’ve worn them out.

| Nick E. 29-05-2019 05:00

Nothing beats the quality of these pants. I have been wearing them since I got into the trades and anything less than these falls apart. Also, they are surprisingly comfortable after broken in. <br /><br />Please bring back the gray and green color options!!!

| Matt D. 25-05-2019 21:40

Outstanding! Tough yet comfortable. I bought two pair and will probably buy two more. I have recommended them to other guys on the job and they all love them.

| stephen w. 25-05-2019 18:55

Well made USA product. Bring back sage green color and make more garments in USA

| Megan S. 20-05-2019 18:04

This is my second pair of these pants. My first pair lasted me 3 years of hard wearing and I actually still wear them, but needed a second pair. I wear these pants for field work, hiking, fishing, and to the skatepark; very durable, all the pockets I need, and so comfortable once you break them in.

| Anderson W. 14-05-2019 23:26

The durability is good so far. Having the extra padding around the knees and thighs gives good support. Although they are pricey I would recommend spending the extra money.

| Dan H. 14-05-2019 20:34

It’s a no-brainer: if you’re looking for a sturdy pair of work pants, these are probably the thing for you. I’ve tried different styles, different materials in the past, but I keep coming back to the B01. They last where the competition doesn’t - it’s as simple as that.

| andrew w. 14-05-2019 00:26

They suck! First and only pair of 34 32 pants I’ve ever had in my life that don’t fit me and I do t think it’s everyone else that are making pants wrong

| Margaret R. 13-05-2019 19:31

My son handed me a few pairs of these pants that were about 10 years old. They were worn through in many places due to the welding and machine work that he does. He asked me to patch them up, but when I realized how many years he'd gotten out of them already, I decided that he deserved to have some new pairs! And of course, he was thrilled!

| Jeffrey C. 07-05-2019 23:47

Would like them much better if I could get the knee pad inserts for them as that is why I buy them

| Chris 03-05-2019 23:41

Extremely impressed

| April C. 01-05-2019 15:05

Good quaity and looks nice

| TSC S. 30-04-2019 17:36

Thank you Carhartt

| Dennis S. 27-04-2019 14:56

This was just another in a long line of orders of these. I generally order a pair of these each year and keep two around - a newer pair and an older pair. I cut my own kneepads out of an exercise mat (the ones I purchased weren't large enough) and wear these most every weekend and for motorcycling trips.

| Renee J. 25-04-2019 16:14

These are the only work pants my husband will wear. They are durable and functional.

| Kenneth J. 24-04-2019 19:16

Well made product. The fact these pants are made in the USA was a significant factor in my purchase decision.

| Tiffany Y. 23-04-2019 19:54

These are great but I am thoroughly disappointed with the fact that you guys discontinued the Double Front Logger. I’m having a hard time understanding why? That is ALL my husband wears and we have resorted to the Black Double Front. I really hope you reconsider that decision and bring them back.

| David B. 19-04-2019 22:32

They are great! I would recommend them to anyone working on their knees/

| Adam B. 19-04-2019 09:11

Love these pants. They are heavy duty. I'm a welder and have gone through several pairs of dickies and levies while my first 2 pairs of carhartt have lasted over 3 years. Theres a reason you pay more for some things...good boots, good pants...5 pairs of Dickies a year ar 23 bucks each that wont make it through the year, or 2 pairs of carrharts I've been wearing for for 3 years. First ones were gifted to me...now it's all I buy for work. They fit true to size, and last forever

| MJ 16-04-2019 02:41

Great work pants.

| Andrew B. 15-04-2019 17:46

Clearly, built to last for years, and manufactured with pride!

| JonathanW S. 14-04-2019 13:42

They feel and fit great

| Plumb-it 09-04-2019 17:13

Like the work pants. Glad I got the next size up on the waist size.

| Casey M. 03-04-2019 17:51

Best work pants made. Not much else to say.

| Dylan W. 03-04-2019 00:23

Lil longer than expected but no problem 10/10

| William H. 30-03-2019 18:04

I love these pants. Comfortable and durable.

| Rigoberto Y. 27-03-2019 19:50

Love them!

| Joshua G. 27-03-2019 18:03

Best pants I’ve ever bought

| Paul I. 26-03-2019 20:34

I have been wearing your pants, shirts, coats, and hats for decades.<br />NOTHING COMPARES !!!!!!!!!!!!

| Zorn C. 25-03-2019 02:31

I hate that I can’t get this specific pant and fit in the moss green anymore. I’m a smaller guy and this Orignal fit is my favorite but the “loose fit” I’m just swimming in so it’s disappointing that it’s unavailable to me.

| Darby B. 22-03-2019 01:17

Really a good pant, use them for riding a motorcycle. Would like the same pant without the loop, and one of the lower side pockets longer with a button to accommodate a phone. Great product!

| Steve J. 18-03-2019 21:36

I've been buying these for 30 years, they're great! Same durability, fit, function, it's nice to find a product that hasn't been screwed up.

| Pilar F. 17-03-2019 00:10

been wanting these for so long!! so happy with them!! definitely will recommend

| Paul C. 16-03-2019 20:52

These pants are awesomely sturdy and extremely comfortable and the knee pads fit very well in them and rest them exactly where I need them

| Allen C. 14-03-2019 21:18

Great pants! I have been wearing them for 40 years . They are as good now as 40 years ago.

| Thomas Z. 14-03-2019 17:14

i have old pairs, crispy new pairs and just got the first painters white duck pants. These keep your knees warm on a motorcycle, but they are for working and i beat the heck out of mine, covered with paint and dirt and grease and oil and they are perfect. USA made counts for a lot in my book too. double knee the best

| Blake T. 14-03-2019 12:40

What has Carhartt done. I’m a pretty standard build for a lot of construction works, farm hands and general workers who want a good long lasting pair of pants. At 6’1” and 185 lbs I’ve been buying B01’s for 20 years and they all fit the same up until the last year or so. The last time I bought a few pairs I thought I grabbed the wrong cut so I went back to my local store and asked what I did wrong. They said that A LOT of guys my size are returning they B01’s due to the change in the pant size. Truth be told like most Americans we want to buy American made good at even a higher price. The new style B01’s are the only American made carhartt’s available and comparable Carhartt is Chinese made. I’m very disappointed with what Carhartt has done and feel like they are changing something in their line like COKE did when they came out with the new flavor In the 80’s. Poor move Carhartt.

| ronald 13-03-2019 03:05

I have several pairs of these pants, the oldest dating back to 1997. Comparing those pants with the new iteration of B01 is odd to say the least. The cut is entirely different, the new ones fit like MC Hammer pants in comparison. Same waist size, same fabric, but that is where the similarity ends. Why not offer the ORIGINAL CUT? I want pants that fit, where i can walk past objects in the shop without billowing into the aisle. The new cut "swishes" there is so much fabric around the seat and thighs, my mobility is reduced and the pants suffer needless wear and tear due to ill fitting cut. Come on Carhartt- you could revive the old cut and call it the "Original Workwear Line" or some crap and sell to every dissatisfied worker out there that has gone on to find a better pair of US made pants.

| DESERY H. 11-03-2019 02:11


| Wade S. 10-03-2019 17:04

I swear they are not the same. I'll be honest, I haven't bought a pair of these in a couple of years, but now have 5 pairs that have the knees blown out, so I ordered a few new pairs. I changed one thing, the waist. Yes, I went from a 33 to a 34 waist because things are getting a bit tight on the old pairs I had, left the inseam at 34. Got the new pair and the legs are significantly wider as well as the inseam longer when matched up to my old pair. Yes, I know the old pair has shrunk, but 2" in the inseam and 1" in the leg? I have noticed that they now call them "loose fit." I swear they were "original/dungaree" fit the last time I ordered. Either they changed the style or there are some major issue with quality control. The ones I just ordered cannot be the same as what I have worn for years.

| Western S. 09-03-2019 12:47

I love these work pants! I work for a concrete and paving contractor and boy, let me tell you my work varies. Somedays I'm pouring and finishing concrete, other days I'm paving roads. Sometimes I operate heavy equipment, and sometimes I'm just shoveling dirt and rock. No matter what my job throws at me, these pants have stood up to it. They're a little faded from concrete and a little torn from overall use, but these are always my first choice for work pants and I sould recommend them to anyone who asked me!

| Steve Z. 08-03-2019 17:28

Stiff till break-in

| Brent F. 04-03-2019 12:47

I have owned multiple pairs of these pants for 3 years, and with heavy use they show very little sign of wear. I have not found a more durable pair of pants anywhere else on the market. The side pockets and hammer loop are great for tool storage. I have used the double fronts for knee pads, which are a little difficult to get in and out, but is worth the little bit of effort for comfortable knees on the job.

| Dave L. 01-03-2019 18:32

These are great pants, I buy a couple of pairs a year to keep a few better pair in my work rotation. They last and are comfortable. Only con is how long it takes the double front to dry.

| John C. 24-02-2019 23:56

I work in land clearing and this is the only thing I will wear for my work pants.

| Mark A. 23-02-2019 21:29

I've been wearing these for years. Despite not being pre-washed, they don't shrink as far as I can tell. And it seems to me that not being pre-washed, they last longer. I just ordered another pair since I learned that Carhartt has discontinued the rigid double front logger jeans. Hope they don't discontinue these.

| Justin A. 20-02-2019 21:47

I love these pants but you need to go one size bigger than what you normally wear that's the only downfall I wear the pants all the time I'm a welder and they hold up very well but like I said I wear size 34 and the waste needs to be a 36

| Keywon s. 19-02-2019 22:08

As I expected

| Matt G. 17-02-2019 19:17

I love these pants they are a little loose which is fine for my trade plumbing- service work mostly but may not work for some, very comfortable lots of room in the pockets except for cell phone on side switched from iphone se to iphone 6 with otter case now it wont fit, will fit without case

| Ron K. 16-02-2019 00:55

I buy the same size pants from any retailer/clothing company with no issues, but these, despite being my size, were so large it reminded me of wearing JNCOs in the 90's. Gotta return them. It's a shame because I can't go lower in size - it's the width of the legs that's the issue.

| Angela J. 15-02-2019 19:55

Exactly as described. My husband has been wearing the same 3 pairs of these pants for the last 3 years or so, they are just now starting to fray on the bottoms. We have gotten our money's worth for sure! Great product!!!

| Cody P. 15-02-2019 01:17

holds up to the day to day construction work grind!

| Billy S. 11-02-2019 23:31

Had to send them back. Too baggy in the legs. Hope you received them.

| Andrew P. 09-02-2019 04:29

I LOVE everything about these pants EXCEPT...THEY SHRINK LIKE NO OTHER!!! Don't get me wrong, I wear them at work, AND got my good pairs for the weekends, Exclusively, by the way, and have been for years. If it's pants weather, this is what I wear.<br /><br />They are MADE IN THE USA! <br />I swear if I ever see made in ANYWHERE except The USA. I will drop you guys like a BAD HABIT! (figuratively)<br />I look forward to checking the pocket and seeing that Phyllis QC'd my pants! You should print a Face next to their name (I pictured her as an old grandma)<br /><br />No pants on the planet will LAST as long as these do. I work in Union metal stud Framing on very large and sharp buildings. If you catch your leg on some sharp metal, it wont cut or poke you OR the pants. It definitely gives you just a split second more to react and really save your shins!<br /><br />However.<br />As hard as I try, or as much as I want to, I cannot give you a perfect 5. The reason is the shrinkage. By the time the pants are just on their last legs, It's as though I'm wearing highwaters. I gotta get rid of them a little sooner than I should have to or risk looking like PeeWee Herman! It's not some small design flaw we're talking about here. This is a big problem, albeit the ONLY one, in my opinion. Well... The color does tend to fade a lot after multiple washings. Yes, I launder them after every use.<br /><br />So maybe you could put a few MORE AMERICANS TO WORK by solving this issue. You continue to make a great pant and I will continue to wear AND recommend them to ANY UNION BROTHER on the job!

| Ray 07-02-2019 21:43

I recommend these work pants for any trade! Comfortable strong work pants.

| Adam C. 07-02-2019 12:52

Yup, the best work pants. Period. Not too baggy! Perfectly comfortable

| JACK C. 01-02-2019 19:26

I wear A 42 x 32 normally. Although with these I size up to the 44 x 32. Then underneath you can wear some type of long john. These have always been some part of my winter attire for many years. They are still heavy duty top quality pants. Although I really wish they would put the suspender buttons back on them. Not the rivet type but the regular sewn on ones. Also I really would like to see these back with the red slippery insulation and buttons for suspenders like the years past had. Although these unlined ones were always part of the equipment as one style can't do everything for all types of weather. You will never go wrong with these firm duck pants.

| Bill K. 01-02-2019 01:59

Simple ordering process and excellent product

| John O. 30-01-2019 18:19

Amazing pants

| josh b. 25-01-2019 22:43

Awesome pants. Def recommendation

| James B. 25-01-2019 21:06

This is one of the main reasons, besides Carhart durability, that I buy from this company.

| Dane R. 20-01-2019 01:41

I am 6 feet, 170 lbs slim build, organic vegetable farmer. Historically always ordered 33x32. These used to be my go to pants for everything. Not sure if i am just noticing this or if the sizing has changed but holding a warn pair next to a new pair in the exact same size, there is 2 inches in difference in the overall length of the pants, but also a major difference in waist size. The durability has also got me questioning if basically having to shrink them until they fit me is worth it. I went through 3 pairs this summer with the bottom part of the pants always blowing out in the exact same spot. Just switched to the rugged flex rigby double front and honestly like them more even though the durability is questionable, they at least fit true to size (32x32), don't need to be shrunk, very comfortable from the start and look much more professional in my opinion. Will always rep carhartt but just thought it was worth sharing.

| Chicken Legs 19-01-2019 23:34

I’m tall with skinny chicken legs. These fit well. The other models were laughably baggy and roomy. I’m happy.

| Dennis 18-01-2019 15:33

Very durable long lasting pants

| Daniel R. 14-01-2019 15:43

True to size and loose enough to layer warmth underneath it. True to carhartt the canvas will take some time to break in but should last years.

| Wayne M. 11-01-2019 01:23

The B01 seems to be the most well-made of the Carhartt pants. I highly recommend you follow these two steps with any Carhartt pants and especially with any that are not this particular model. Number one - always air dry your pants. Never put them in the dryer. If you don't believe me, find out the hard way what will happen. Number two - wash them on gentle cycle / handwash cycle. If you follow these two steps, your pants will last much longer and serve you well.

| John R. 10-01-2019 00:06

Very comfortable and seem to be up to the farthest standard

| Ron R. 07-01-2019 22:19

These pants are just how I thought they would be tough and durable all of carhart clothing is long lasting for hard tough work

| Khari K. 05-01-2019 17:44

The same as always. Exactly what I expect.

| Geraldine A. 03-01-2019 20:45

Very happy with everything. Ordering so easy and prompt delivery. I would recommend my grandsons love these pants.

| Michael C. 01-01-2019 15:37

Second pair in ten years, they outlast any pair of other brands, they can take dang near anything my job asks.

| ernie o. 30-12-2018 01:07

this pant is the perfect hunting, welding, motorcycle riding pant.

| Ben L. 29-12-2018 18:08

Tough pants

| Jordan P. 28-12-2018 06:07

My wife hates these pants, and for an understandable reason. She says they stink. Why do they stink? Because I never give her a chance to wash them. I only own one pair, and that's fine by me. Other pants would have already failed but these double kneed "god pants" refuse to buckle under stress. Thorns, greenbriar, and locust trees are a joke when I'm in these pants. I wish I had known about them long ago. I am definitely a double knee convert.

| Josh P. 27-12-2018 18:22

Always will wear them.

| The Surgeon 25-12-2018 22:40

These are the best pant ever, I buy multiple pairs a year for gifts for people and these pants are all I wear. BUT WHYYYY DID YOU GUYS STOP MAKING THE GRAY?!?!?!? Without the gray available I will be buying much much less stuff from this company. ??

| Marl G. 20-12-2018 02:37

I love these pants. Breaking them in was fun. Had a black pair for 2 years, and it took a year before signs of significant wear were seen. In the end the fabric on the inner thighs wore through first (-1 durability), rather than the pant hems or pocket edges (-1 quiality). And I'm not even mad.<br /><br />I wish these pants were offered in inseams less than 28in. The toughness of the duck canvas makes sewing a new seam difficult. It's a blessing and a curse.<br /><br />I'f you're going to wear these in winter, I highly recommend getting a slightly larger size to account for any clothing base layers you tuck in.

| Richard S. 19-12-2018 23:36

Comfortable pants.

| Ham-bone 17-12-2018 14:33

These are great fitting pants! Great for working outside. The only issue is that I wish they came in more colors! Preferably Navy Blue! **hint hint** would definitely be buying 10 pairs if they came in Navy Blue

| Lance 16-12-2018 05:34

I’m 6’0 and range from 230-240 lbs . I order 36x 32 and it’s a little baggy for about the first 5 washes and then they fit like a glove . I usually order 36x32 in most pants . Waist fits the same as regular jeans but the length is longer in the carhartts just by a bit. If worn with regular shoes they will overlap a bit . With boots it’s a perfect fit .

| Inseam2Long 12-12-2018 03:42

I've been wearing the B01 Original Fit's since the late 1970's. Always worn a 30" inseam and they always fit. The last two pairs I've purchases in 2016 and now in 2018 both have the same issue. THEY ARE 3-1/ 4" too long on the inseams, Carhartt...WTH. I now have to spend $20 a piece to go to a seamstress to get them shortened. Carhartt, it's not just the product we buy, but we don't need to spend more money and TIME to get them to fit properly. Debating if I'll buy Carhartt again after this, even if I've been wearing them for 40 years. Fix this problem Carhartt!

| Jodie W. 10-12-2018 19:11

Longest lasting!

| Ben M. 08-12-2018 19:15

Great Strong Pants. They’re stiffer than the pre washed ones. I can tell these will last even longer too! Perfect for my heavy welding and fabrication.

| Roger W. 04-12-2018 11:20

I am very upset by the fact that I CAN NOT get the size that I want from this site. I am getting mighty tired of being <br />made to feel inferior just because I am a long legged fat person(46x36).<br />

| Manuel L. 01-12-2018 18:12

This pants is perfect for my line of work.

| Jacob C. 01-12-2018 18:10

I m loving me some britches

| Josh P. 29-11-2018 18:45

I have warn this pant for the better part of 20 years. Durability is great. Fit is a little bit larger then sized. Through out the years of service cell phone tech have obviously changed. With the bigger smart phone I some times need to make a small slice in the right leg pocket to get the phone in. Being a creature of habit I can't seem to carry my phone elsewhere.

| Zachery N. 27-11-2018 16:09

I am a carpenter and work on my knees a lot. These pant withe the reinforced knee are perfect for this kind of work and they last a long time.

| Beverly H. 26-11-2018 00:09

Perfect for the woods hunting.

| Duane C. 25-11-2018 09:56

fit great, look good and a good quality work pant

| Jeffrey H. 20-11-2018 22:47

Tough and tougher than the work I'm doing.

| Ryan C. 20-11-2018 02:26

Well-built pants that last

| David T. 18-11-2018 22:09

I love them

| Aaron M. 16-11-2018 22:51

Very comfortable to work in and they are warm being that I work outside all day .. a must have

| Anthony M. 13-11-2018 16:51

I got a size too big and sent them back for a smaller size, still waiting on my new ones

| Daniel W. 13-11-2018 16:22

Been using these pants for 10 years and more have never let me down. Last longer than any other pants I’ve tried.

| white b. 12-11-2018 18:28

They last forever the only downside is they are very hot in the summer and I wish the hammer loop was on the other side

| Kurt L. 06-11-2018 21:34

Made in USA enough said! Hard to find now days

| Tom C. 05-11-2018 16:56

As a kitchen worker I need pants that are going to hold up to heat,cold, cuts, bending and kneeling. These cover all those tasks. I must own 3-5 pairs at this point, but my first are still kicking it 7 years later and are still my favorite.

| Richard B. 01-11-2018 01:55

These are amazing, just what I wanted and needed

| Gil C. 29-10-2018 17:39

I have own many carhartt products ,the jeans are the best around

| Erik H. 28-10-2018 17:27

Love them and will recommend to friends and family

| Joseph C. 27-10-2018 01:01

Unfortunately they either shrank when I put them in the dryer (although they were already air dried), or they fit small in the waist. I can’t even wear my brand new pair and I’m highly disappointed that I didn’t try them on before I took all the tags off.

| Gary S. 26-10-2018 23:54

Toughest pants ever!

| Grant S. 26-10-2018 02:23

i bought these pants a year ago and since then i will forever buy all my work cloths and casual cloths from Carhartt. i have put these things through a lot of rough situations and they are still holding up really well. To say the least i am in love with these pants and i plan on buying many many more.

| Thomas S. 20-10-2018 20:40

They're great, but I would like them even more if the legs were a little tapered.

| J D. 20-10-2018 01:17

I can’t wear loose fit, way too big. I am big, not fat. I am walking around in my pajamas with these pants. 34x30 is my exact pant size and they’re totally different and 30 is the smallest inseam size. I have been wearing Carhartt since I could walk. Very upset.

| Rob P. 19-10-2018 01:42

Great quality. Wouldn’t think of buying anything but these pants.

| Jorge B. 18-10-2018 19:24

These have been the best purchase I have made for farm pants. They where a little stiff to get them broken in but after rolling around on the ground and bucking some hay it was great to have them. They are strong enough that when kneeling you don't feel the sharps rocks as bad.

| Christy W. 18-10-2018 19:14

Well let’s see. 1 has a zipper that won’t work very well. The two pairs of pants are supposed to be the same size. They are NOT. I do not want loose fit. My husband is big not fat. I have been a customer for over 20 years. Disappointed.

| Mason L. 16-10-2018 21:13

They are tough as nails, and I love that.

| Buddy P. 16-10-2018 01:33

Theyre the best pants on the market!

| Kyle F. 15-10-2018 18:26

Hip and happening

| rob42 15-10-2018 15:08

I highly recommend these work pants. Only work pants my father ever used and now they are the only ones ill ever use.

| Caleb M. 11-10-2018 00:27

Good durable pant. I wear these about 330 days a year, work and play. They only wear out with many washes.

| Scott W. 10-10-2018 17:17

Love the pants. Have been using these for years.

| dana d. 03-10-2018 00:52

I put these pants to the test every time I wear them. They are durable and practical for people who are tough on clothes. I would recommend these pants to any hard working person whose jeans just don't hold up to the riggors of a hard day in the field. They're a little stiff at first but loosen up after a few washings. You won't be disappointed.

| Cathy R. 01-10-2018 10:04

Great work pants! Tough snd durable.

| Daniel T. 29-09-2018 22:14

They are great pants, a little stiff to begin with but once broke in they are very comfy and they fit great and give awesome flexibility.

| Linda 29-09-2018 19:40

The fact that these pants are made in the US is a definite plus. However, the style is now ruined with the big, baggy, bulky loose fit. These pants are now cumbersome and It gives the feel of wearing a parachute around your legs. Designing work pants for the sake of fashion results in work pants that are unsafe in true working conditions, and unfit for what these pants were actually made for because they get caught on anything around. <br /> I would like to go back to wearing your work clothes again if you would go back to functionality and durability instead of putting style ahead of safety.<br />The only other thing you could do to ruin these pants is to add that ridiculous stretch technology.

| Samuel P. 29-09-2018 19:35

Great product! The only work pants that hold up in the industrial environment that I work in.

| Keith Z. 28-09-2018 01:47

Hands down the toughest pair of britches on the market. I tried the fire blows pants, but those were toast within a week. I get at least a year out of the Carhartt B01s. Once they are broken in they become the go to for comfortable pants. Durable 6 stars, I had a chainsaw guard snap when cutting down a tree, no chaps (my own fault), full throttle the chain slapped my leg, I thought for sure I was going look down to a wound.... nope, the pants had a small tear, from what could have been a life changing event. Thank you Hamilton Carhartt!

| Michael 26-09-2018 14:24

Bring these back in the relaxed fit. These are to loose, and the relaxed fit with flex that they replaced the double front relaxed fit with don't hold up. I've already thrashed a pair.

| EdwardM D. 25-09-2018 02:56

For work pants, they are comfortable and have rugged durability in any season. They wash and clean well and have plenty of pocket room. I recommend these for tuff work above all others!!

| gford 18-09-2018 15:02

Double fronts are my favorite Carhartt pants . Hard to kill these pants , Double trouble , And you really get your moneys worth with these pants !

| Mark S. 17-09-2018 16:52

Much wider in person than in photographs, fantastic fabric though.

| Vanessa 09-09-2018 18:10

Excellent USA made work pants!

| james w. 03-09-2018 23:54

I use Carhartt jeans for my work pants but I am going through them more often so I figured I’d try these. I vary in size with jeans based on my current strength level, rotating between 30 and 31’s throughout the year. Since being injured my work pants sizing hasn’t moved from 30x30 my 31’s have been in the back of the drawer. I bought these in 30 30 and they were great until I washed them now I feel like I’m cutting my circulation. I’ve never had duck shrink this much, at least in my jackets, I’m new to the pants. Pretty upset I’m hoping maybe they’ll stretch and I just won’t dry them ever again. I love everything about them.

| ChiWei C. 03-09-2018 13:16

Always wear B01 to where ever I go , though and looks good !!

| Nicholas M. 02-09-2018 14:41

Best pants in the market, I only wear carhartts at work

| Glenn W. 02-09-2018 06:58

Hands down toughest and most rugged pants you will ever own.Saved my leg from needing stitches after going across the top of My thigh with a razor knife and didn’t cut all the way through the material or leg needless to say.So I have been a lifelong consumer of carhartt since that day

| Garry S. 30-08-2018 12:53

I am very happy with my double-front work dungarees. I do a great deal of shoveling--sometimes bracing my arm against my thigh--and I wore out my single-fronted dungarees at that place. As a bonus, these dungarees are MADE IN AMERICA! I always will pay a premium for products made in America.Happy gardener

| Ann S. 25-08-2018 21:59

I have made Carhartt’s double front pants my workwear choice since I started my electrical apprenticeship, twenty one years ago. The built in knee pad option offers handy, comfortable knee protection that is unmatched. A guy I worked with, went as far as to sew across, near the top of the double front, to create a handy glove pocket. I use it for my wire strippers. I’ve always wondered why the hammer loop is on the left, since not everyone is left handed. There should be an option for the right side. I suspect they’re not quite as beefy as they used to be. The quality and sturdiness of the old cotton duck fabric, just isn’t there. My only other complaint is, you guys don’t make them short enough. I have to cuff them twice. As those of us with smaller frames, enter the trades or simply want well made clothing to go about out daily activities, I really think you would do well to offer shorter length options. Also more color options would be nice.

| Josh M. 25-08-2018 17:13

Always the BESTDurable and fit!!!And made in .....

| Charlie W. 23-08-2018 23:37

Well made. There’s oversight in sizing. If you’re lean and tall it’s a no-go. Only short inseam lengths are available in smaller waist sizes. And given that they run large with full leg and thighs, they seriously need to consider making at least a size 30 in 34 inseam length

| Priscilla R. 15-08-2018 21:35

They are what we expected

| Jeannie O. 10-08-2018 18:12

My husband is an ironworker who refuses to wear anything other than these pants to work!!!! They are superior to every other brand. Outstanding product.

| Dee B. 05-08-2018 17:41

These are what Carhartts used to be, before they started having them made overseas, especially in China. These USA made pants are of great quality, fit perfectly, and have great "staying power". If I can't get USA made Carhartts, I will NOT buy them at all!

| Eric J. 04-08-2018 22:22

I didn't realize Carhartt made these in my size. I've looked around at some stores over the years but they never had my size. So I decided to buy online. I tried on a couple of other pairs of Carhartt pants in the store to check the sizing; it was right on! What can I say; I love 'em; will definitely buy again should they ever wear out!

| Randy K. 21-07-2018 13:39

I've worn the US made B01 pants for 10 years. Every now and again I try another "work" pant, however I'm always left disappointed. I know some folks might scoff at the $50 price tag, however when you take into account how long these last, you are actually saving money. In my experience, standard jeans and $25 "work" pants are completely thrashed in 3-4 months. The B01 pants typically give me 2-3 years of daily service until they are retired. Do the math. Plus, they are made in the USA. Bonus.

| Aleksander F. 19-07-2018 22:12

i bought these for work and side projects since i do a lot of manual labor, where other work pants used to last me maybe 6 months before ripping i have had mine for over 10 months with only so much as a slight color change and slight wear marks. highly recommend

| Geoff E. 08-07-2018 18:09

Absolutely recommend these work pants! Nothing to dislike everything to like about these!!

| Joe the Plumber 01-07-2018 22:30

Best pants ever owned! Life long customer!

| cidney z. 15-06-2018 19:05

Great product, only work pants that hold up and have a great look!

| Karen H. 14-06-2018 18:00

I have worn Carhartts for years. They are almost indestructible. They're an icon of the working person, a category I admire as being role models for the kind of real work that will always need to be done by someone. Even though a granny, I love to build things of wood, forge steel, chop wood, and all that healthy and productive activity. Carhartts are made for people who really get things done.

| Dave I. 11-06-2018 19:49

These are the most durable pants you can buy. Will out last any other duck two to one. I use these daily. These pants are a quality U.S.A. Made product!

| Connor B. 09-06-2018 21:15

Definitely recommend these pants. They fit great and are very well made. Plan to order several more pair for work.

| Michael L. 06-06-2018 11:54

Best pants of all time.

| Dwayn B. 25-05-2018 17:58

They are the only pants I wear. Nothing can beat them for durability, looks and comfort. Don't change them !!

| Sean G. 20-05-2018 20:26

Ive been using these pants for years. I am a finishing carpenter/cabintmaker/furniture maker and they are by far my favourite for what i do. The first thing that wares out on these guys is the crotch. I wish crotch of the pants were a little more flexible. One pair usually lasts me 1 to 2 years.

| Arthur C. 18-05-2018 18:37

This is probably the 10th pair I have purchased. They are hands down the toughest pants I have found. Takes a while to soften up and not be so stiff. Double Fronts offer good protection. I wear my new pairs as dress pants but my wife is not so keen on that. You don’t buy these for being trendy.

| Cheri B. 18-05-2018 13:36

My husband is a farmer and mechanic. Hes in mud, grease and worse all day long. His work clothing takes a beating every day. From climbing around, in and under tractors and combines, to welding metal and fabricating parts, he does it all. All by himself. We are a small family farm. We value our money and mind a tight budget. Any of the double front logger carhartt denim or duck jeans are well worth the price. He can normally get 3 years of wear out of them. Barring he doesnt drop hot welding slag or battery acid on them. Other brands may not hold up 6 months let alone a year! He has another brand on right now that we picked up because he needed a nice unstained pair for a social event. Of course he ended up working on them. Bought them two months ago and the crouch is already ripping and separating at the seam. We wont pick up anything but Carhartt Logger jeans from now on. It just isnt worth it. Thank you for making a durable affordable work jean! The Burnetts MO Farmers

| Anthony M. 15-05-2018 20:10

They're a good work pant very durable and comfortable

| ronald k. 15-05-2018 14:46

Awesome. Tough.

| Kevin D. 12-05-2018 19:50

These aren't the kind of pants you wear around your butt, these are cut like pants SHOULD be! No crack showing here! They sit at my actual waist (a little under the naval, but above your hip bones) and allow for great mobility without feeling like I'm showing my rear-end. The double knee is great - I've only blown through one layer of knee so far, and even then the hole is tiny. These are the only work pants I'll ever buy and I hope that they never change the material (feels like armour!) the cut (they aren't jeans!) or where they're made. <br /><br />Covering the back rivets would be nice though. But dont remove them! I'm just tired of scratching things when I get a bit too close.

| Wade M. 09-05-2018 12:01

My only problem with these pants are a person Can’t take wide steps or climb ladders easily. Other wise they are strong and comfy. If they could fix that problem I would probably wear the everyday.

| Jared J. 02-05-2018 20:32

I’m 37, and I’ve been wearing carhartts since I was 7! I’m never disappointed. Nowadays I prefer the B01 style for the fit and the durability, also that they’re made in the US!

| Mike L. 29-04-2018 23:57

Great fit and feel.

| Shawn K. 27-04-2018 14:56

Have worn Carhartt's for many years. I am a welder and the cotton duck seems to hold up pretty well considering. I recently purchased some "firehose" pants with cargo pockets and they have the double knee/front. So when I saw these Carhartt pants with the double front I thought I would give them a try. More material to burn through and they'll last longer is my thinking. Fit. I am a 34 x 30. 34 is generally falling off loose but these were just right where no belt is needed but not pouring yourself into them. The length is a bit longer unless I have shrunk, which could be the case as I am getting older. I have not measured how much longer but guessing an inch or two as I can walk the cuff with my heel walking around the house in my socks. Seem to be alright when wearing my work boots though. Fit and finish of the pants looks good. The double front looks tough and I foresee many years of use out of these. The right side belt loop needs work. I wear keys on a hook that hangs off the belt loop to the right. To far forward and you fight to get stuff out of your pocket. To far to the rear and your keys are hanging off your right butt cheek. The happy place is directly centered on your torso, left or right side. This however is just nit picking as overall the pants are great and have held up good so far over the last few weeks. I was also surprised to see "Made In USA" on these pants. One good reason I will be buying more of these. Now, I only wish they had cargo pockets then that would be perfection!!

| BigDawg 26-04-2018 23:44

Now that Carhartt !!! A great iconic dungarees that is part of the great heavyweight work line of clothing known as Carhartt. Solid built with more comfort wash after wash. Strong enough to handle rough jobs but still has the looks for casual wear. Great fit with the reliability of protection from the double knee.

| Joel B. 22-04-2018 19:20

I've been wearing these on the job now for 35 years, and they are well worth the money. If only they had reinforcing on the tops of the front pockets and the bottom of the right side pockets I would be able to give them 5 stars. Hoping to see these improvements sometime down the road.

| Sam B. 22-04-2018 17:57

Way too big

| Stephen D. 21-04-2018 16:50

Good fit and they feel comfortable. I would highly recommend them for anyone doing labor intensive work.

| Chris B. 17-04-2018 22:30

This was great. Delivery was fast.

| Jesse M. 17-04-2018 14:50

These pants are exactly what I thought they would be. I ordered a size up so I could wash them and dry them and not worry about any shrink, they did shrink, slightly (maybe an inch in the waist and 1/2 an inch on the length), but drying them with tennis balls is the way to go. It softens them enough they don't stand up on their own anymore. I love them. I work all year in them, break them in, let them get good and dirty, then in the fall I use a sharpie to put some different colors on it, and sit in the dove field all fall.

| givathedinna 08-04-2018 16:52

I have been wearing double knees for more than 10 years. The durability of the pants and look of the pants is great. I have been in my current pant size of 34x32 for more than 6 of those years. I have maintained the same weight and height for those years. I have had multiple new pairs of pants now that do not fit. They are generally to tight when I receive them or to long or to short. I have tried washing them to see if they loosen up or shrink. It is disappointing because these are the best work pants by far and as a welder they hold up great. When I contacted Carhartt to discuss this issue they told me there pants run 1"-2" different in the waist. Unfortunately not being able to confidently order a set of pants online and where them to work when you receive them is a major downside. I love carhartt. I even got married in carhartts. It may be time to switch to a different brand if carhartt cant get there sizes down.

| Justin C. 05-04-2018 12:45

I wear these sometimes when I'm riding my motorcycle and pretending to be somewhat safety-conscious (i.e. it's not too hot outside). I'm not a construction worker or anything like that, but these look way better than Village People-esque leather chaps while still being quite a bit more versatile and functional than leather chaps.

| Boue R. 04-04-2018 22:59

Now that I have wore nothing but the Made in USA Double Fronts for over a year I will never wear anything else to work. Very comfortable, love the bigger pockets and flexibility. These pants were just made to work.

| Stefhani G. 01-04-2018 18:45

Fantastic. Love the quality and durability.

| Mike J. 22-03-2018 14:29

Over the 30 plus years .... Hands Down these have been the most reliable Work Pants I have bought and used ..... I've tried other Brands....but time and time again I've returned to my Old Favorite ..... never is there a moment where I don't feel that these Pants will deliver on their promise ....... THANK YOU ...... SEMPER FI ...!!!!!

| Jim B. 19-03-2018 09:03

Durable and comfortable pants. I wear them all the time for my side work and they hold up great.

| Omero V. 15-03-2018 13:09

Pants are good quality but very baggy, had to return for that reason..

| Eric M. 14-03-2018 18:41

Great pants! Only work pants that last me over a year

| JOEY C. 12-03-2018 17:29

unbelievable !!

| Elisha W. 12-03-2018 16:05

Very thick true to size

| Arel B. 11-03-2018 23:00

These pants are great for work I put knee pad inserts in the double knee which are great for carpentry or any work where you are down on your knees a lot. It took two years for the double knee to blow out, im hoping the next layer takes another two years. Very impressed with the comfort and durability in the same product, my only complaint is that they are a little too warm in the summer

| Dan B. 11-03-2018 01:37

Tough no nonsense work pants. Double knee holds knee pads. The "firm" un-washed duck is tough to break in but fit like your favorite pants in the end. Worth the price. <br />I've tried the other brands and styles and keep coming back to the classics.

| chuck m. 10-03-2018 17:15

Honestly, I don't know why you wouldn't pay a bit extra for clothes made in USA. No brainer. Buy more, eliminate the imports plz

| Anthony D. 09-03-2018 21:49

I ordered some double front dungarees to go hiking and do other general work. I love the general aesthetic and the durability/functionality of the double knee. Extra durable, super tough, and very high quality build. The only thing that kept this review from being 5 stars across the board is the fact that it feels like I'm wearing parachute pants every time i move. Id LOVE these if they came in a slimmer fit, but until a slimmer fit in the double front is available(hopefully in black) i probably wont be ordering again. To reiterate, the quality is amazing. The parachute pant fit is not.

| Timothy 09-03-2018 01:21

Love the double front American made Dungaree. These are the only pants i could find to stand up to my job with metal recycling.

| Daniel M. 07-03-2018 21:33

Awesome.... not only the toughest pants around... the best looking too..... nothing but Carhartt for me????

| Steve 01-03-2018 22:12

Finally bought my first pair and boy am I happy about that. They definitely have some weight to them not really a bad thing though. You can feel the quality when wearing them. Love the tool pockets, will definitely be buying more in the future.

| Glen V. 28-02-2018 04:59

I work in the marine industry and are providing to be a pant for the type of work I do.

| Kyle B. 19-02-2018 01:16

These pants actually last. I work construction, and these are the only pants that i have found that will last me a year per pair. The double knee really holds up. These just need to be washed 2 or 3 times before you wear them first. Great motorcycle riding pants as well, just before of the rivets.

| DAVID C. 16-02-2018 21:49

These are the most durable pants on the market. When they eventually wear out after 2-3 years of heavy use, the first place to fail on mine, is above the boot laces. The constant rubbing on metal eyelets frays the material here. Don't get me wrong, by the time this happens catastrophic system wide thread failure is les than a year away. <br /><br />How about re-enforcement under the front edge of the pant legs of a different material (nylon?) that can serve as chafing guard for the cotton?

| xxxxwhelk 15-02-2018 16:10

Best work pants ive worn so far. Very durable. They run a little tight at waist for me. Just wish they had more options on colors. Also a different cut or fit for slimmer people would be nice.

| Mattwpn 07-02-2018 18:19

I have been wearing B01’s since 1998. I purchase them because they are union-made, they are bomb-proof, and they last longer than any pant at this price. I wear ‘em till they fall apart!<br /><br />However, Carhartt–wtf is up with your quality control/pattern-makers?! I just received two new pairs of 31/32 (usually buy 30/32, but decided to see if 31 fit better since I’m like 30.5)…they are closer to 31/34! This happened with my last pair of 30/32, but washed them and they turned into a true 32 inseam. So I figured that would be the case with these, no joy. I’m at a loss at how to order these things anymore, it’s like a friggin’ crapshoot, and when you drop $100 on pants and then can’t return them; kinda makes me think I need to find a new favorite work pant.

| Doc Berry 06-02-2018 23:35

This a WONDERFUL product. I need a size 52, and have had to go to another site to find them in my size. Why aren't these made in 52 or 54 (or larger) any more?<br /><br />Also: these in a 52 work very well for me. But there are other pants of yours that I have tried (the B11) and the 52 was to small, and I had to return 5 pairs and re-order them in a 54. Why the size inconsistency?

| Brian J. 02-02-2018 05:25

I really like your pants but I am tall and skinny. I wear a 29X38 and I really wish you would offer even a 36 inch inseam with the 29 inch waist. I have to get the pants altered, and add to the inseam length. I feel like ever manufacturer of work pants thinks all workers are short and fat. Overall great product and I plan to continue buying pants and having them altered, until a manufacturer decides to make a pant for tall skinny people.

| Sequoia D. 02-02-2018 03:16

Great pants. Double front is great for any job that requires you to be on your knees. They do take a long time to get worn in, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Highly recommend. But if you want the same thing already worn in (to some extent) go for the B136 style.

| Nick B. 25-01-2018 01:26

Should have gotten a size up in the waist, the true to fit said my normal jeans size but they are a little snug even without layering or tucking your t shirt in.

| Kevin B. 24-01-2018 18:13

I have been buying B01 pants for 20 years now and still love them as my favorite brand and style. I do with the web site would tell us when a color is discontinued. I really loved the grey B01 but I understand from the comments it's been discontinued. I would have bought a pile of 'em if I had known that!

| SHARON 23-01-2018 21:34

Sorry the cut of the pants was off. They’re too large we are returning them.

| SC 22-01-2018 21:51

I have tried to purchase things from Carhartt before, mostly jackets, and they never had my size. I'm a small guy, pants size 29x30, so I was concerned these wouldn't fit me. BUT, they are GREAT! <br /><br />Sizing-wise, usually 29's are slightly tight on me. But 30's are too big so I go with 29's. Well these are 29's and fit me comfortably. Not tight. So I'd say they fit a tiny bit big but when I say tiny bit I mean tiny bit. Nothing a belt doesn't fix.<br /><br />The day they arrived I put one of these on and worked for 72 hours in them cause we had an emergency come up. And let me tell you, they take the work like champs! I used to buy jeans to work in exclusively, and all the popular brands always wore through at the knees and then in the crotch within about 2-3 months due to the strains of my job. Plus all their "modern" fits restricted my movement. These are comfortable, allow movement. And I have confidence these will last much, much longer.

| Pmurph 22-01-2018 16:03

Used to be the best pants. The quality is still absolute top notch. BUT theyve changed these to a loose fit. I have an old 30×32 and decided to get the same size in the new "loose fit" i shrink dried them and theyre twice the width of my old pair, literally. Way too loose. A little dissapointing because i wore and bought them all the time.. <br /><br />Its like nobody even noticed?

| Brandon P. 18-01-2018 02:04

I love it. I'll buy all my pants from carhartt

| justin n. 17-01-2018 15:13

When I first ordered these pants I was stoked to get them, wore them twice and washed them according to the directions on the tag and when I took them out of the wash the color faded in a marbling fashion, not acceptable when you are paying $50 a pair!!!! I ordered the brown and black ones in size 31x30 and they both did the same thing!

| Travis 17-01-2018 01:01

I love Carhartt. They are honestly the best work wear you can get. I have worn this brand for 20 years from going hunting to working in the oil field to now a power plant.

| Joy R. 05-01-2018 19:59

He was very happy with these pants.

| David M. 31-12-2017 23:29

Stiff as a board when new, but tough as nails until you wear them completely out. My last 2 pairs lasted through four seasons of wood cutting and tractor work before the double fronts wore through.

| Tracy I. 29-12-2017 02:47

Just got'm. First impressions are solid. Ran a bit small, but I'm thicker in the thighs. If you're a regular size bloke they should run true to size. I even got a pair that were suppose to be too large.

| Anette P. 28-12-2017 02:05

a tradition for five years now.. the boys really like the pants

| Sandra B. 28-12-2017 00:01

My son was thrilled with the pants.

| Larron J. 27-12-2017 14:15

Great tuff and durable

| eppy f. 24-12-2017 00:16

All aspects of shopping with you has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend. I planned to do more in the future.<br />Thank you and enjoy the holidays.

| MICHAEL M. 22-12-2017 18:49

Excellent as always

| Brock E. 22-12-2017 13:10

Hands down the best pair of work pants that money can buy...<br />They out last then all!!

| Chris G. 22-12-2017 02:21

These pants look great when new. They are very stiff if you get the firm duck. So long as you know that no big deal. The cotton is a very impressive weight it has held up to every type of abusive job i have thrown at it. Working on cars, construction, tree trimming, hiking through thorn bushes, and I even where them out to dinner before i stain them up to bad with grease or oil.

| Joe M. 14-12-2017 01:26

Have been wearing the gravel colored b01 for many years, currently have 5 pairs from just last year. Disappointed to find out they are no longer being made in this color . Was told in live chat to try b136 but those are outsourced from another county. Searching b136 shows varying results with fit and and finish on top of outsourced and not union made in USA . Until pants are restocked will be looking elsewhere for my work pants. Hope to see them come back for future purchases.

| Doug G. 10-12-2017 18:08

Have worn these Alaskan work pants for over 20 years,<br />They are tough.

| Storm 08-12-2017 15:52

As a Farmer and Fence Contractor these pants hold up. Strong durable and go to any hard working activity.

| Jayce H. 05-12-2017 03:44

Toughest work pant you'll own. I like them for working barbed wire and metal for out buildings where your thighs tend to catch a rough ride. You can stuff a little foam in the slot below the knee if you plan to be on a roof or kneeling on the hard floor/concrete. They fit try to size, and have room in the seat and legs to squat and bend, even with long underwear on. Head out through a thicket with underbrush and don't look back.

| Thomas B. 04-12-2017 21:30

These pants fit great, and this stiffer canvas is incredibly durable. Once I added a pair of Carhart knee pads these became my favorite and most versatile pants!

| thomas h. 27-11-2017 06:05

Best there is for the working man.

| Valencia Q. 27-11-2017 04:35

My husband loves t