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A511 - Carhartt Men's Waterproof Insulated Knit Cuff Glove

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The Waterproof Insulated Knit Cuff Glove features:

  • Durable, all purpose polytex glove with softshell trim and reinforced PU palm
  • Ultrasoft insulation
  • Performance wicking lining
  • Waterproof insert
  • Nose wipe
  • Wrist strap closure with fleece cuff
  • Imported
| Manuel C. 05-12-2022 11:52

It’s súper warm I like it

| Kyle f. 02-12-2022 07:05

Awesome gloves

| Mary C. 02-12-2022 02:59

Comfortable, warm, good fit, would recommend! Have only worn a few times, can’t comment on durability yet but seem like will be great.

| George H. 01-11-2022 01:58

Took these on a Minnesota fishing trip, hands were warm and dry!

| Roanna F. 13-09-2022 17:02

Hands stay warm and dry

| Frank L. 11-08-2022 00:19

Keep these in my vehicle. Takes all of the misery out of scraping ice off of the windshield, and then grabbing a cold steering wheel.

| James I. 16-03-2022 22:52

Work nicely. Hands stay warm

| Ryan V. 04-03-2022 20:02

Great at keeping your hands warm, unfortunately if you sweat or get any moisture inside it takes forever for them too dry

| DUANE S. 03-03-2022 15:48

Great gloves. Comfortable, warm and attractive.

| Greg B. 02-03-2022 19:48

Very good quality, nice and warm

| Aaron M. 02-03-2022 19:21

The padding overall is too large, and the thumbs in particular were half again the size of my actual thumbs which made it difficult to handle most things.

| Dan 01-03-2022 20:37

These gloves are great, I love how they keep my hand warm, for I have tried a number of types and brands only to be disappointed , I was at the end of my rope and thought that there just was not any made that would help, for I have diabetes and suffer from neuropathy and my fingers and toes suffer from heat and cold alike, so the winters can be a monster, I had been taking a chance and fighting the pain because no gloves that I had tried stopped the cold until now, and I have to tell you these things work great.

| L E. 01-03-2022 20:32

Not adequate for New York winters. After snow blowing my driveway my fingers were very cold. This after only 25 minutes working outside in 20 degree weather. I expected better from Carhart as all my other Carhart purchases met my expectations.

| Daniele V. 01-03-2022 19:49

Nice, well made gloves. Could be warmer at the finger tips.... But that is based on frigid weather.

| Michael C. 28-02-2022 18:57

Great glove, very warm, best gloves I've ever owned

| Scott C. 27-02-2022 20:37

Warm but bulky

| John T. 27-02-2022 18:10

My hands were freezing after 20 minutes of clearing snow in 20 degree weather.

| angela T. 26-02-2022 23:33

Insulation pulls out with hand bought these according to the size chart should have went one size bigger

| Brandon C. 26-02-2022 21:36

Gloves run really small. If I could send them back I would. Other than that they look like they would handle the Minnesota winters.

| CHRIS P. 26-02-2022 20:14

Great gloves, worth the money. Wish they made a 3XL. High quality gloves. A little snug for us large-handed guys

| Dustin S. 26-02-2022 18:16

The inside liner pulls out from the fingers and makes it near impossible to put your hand back on. Making it two separate gloves would make sense.

| Kimberly B. 23-02-2022 22:55

Should be bigger got the 2xl runs small

| Chris C. 22-02-2022 21:39

The gloves are pretty warm and definitely waterproof.

| Patrick K. 22-02-2022 14:58

Very nice gloves. Warm and comfortable. Glad I found them.

| Chris Sr P. 22-02-2022 01:19

They are very good gloves and they do their job and keep the water out so they are waterproof and they are extremely warm I guess the only negative I would say is it’s a little hard to grip things because there are a little bulky around the fingers but other than that they are a good pair of gloves for when shoveling snow and cleaning off your car

| Ross A. 20-02-2022 22:28

The gloves stay warm and dry, and are great for shoveling snow and clearing away ice. They are too big to put into pockets for traveling, their only drawback.

| Whyvik 20-02-2022 20:22

The gloves worked great for the first 2 months but then I could sense that the inner lining has torn from the middle finger (right hand glove) and the glove gets cold from there, diminishing the insulating effect. I have read great reviews about Carhartt, so I figured I invest in a good product, but this was very disappointing.

| DAVID T. 20-02-2022 19:20

too small and don't have big hands, very difficult to pull on.

| nancy k. 20-02-2022 19:02

Like everything else Carhartt, extra warm, rugged, and XL means XL!

| David Z. 20-02-2022 17:06

I find it difficult to pull the gloves on; however, They do keep my hands very warm and dry. Thank you.

| Charlotte C. 20-02-2022 01:23

Only issue is that the inner glove stops before outer glove which leaves lots of space in between the materials at the fingertips which can make it hard to do things

| Chuck 20-02-2022 00:19

The gloves fit well and are warm. However, even when I loosen the wrist strap, l still have difficulty getting my hands into the gloves.

| Sue C. 19-02-2022 19:15

These gloves are perfect, they keep my hands very warm regardless of the temperature or what I am doing.

| Frank G. 19-02-2022 18:05

Good quality and keeps my hands warm. Thank you!

| BILL C. 18-02-2022 22:27

Feels and fit perfectly in my hand, I love it, thxs!!!

| Charles B. 18-02-2022 21:53

Excellent quality in well fitting glove definitely worth the money!!

| Charles T. 18-02-2022 21:43

Only reason haven't yet rated it a 5 is haven't had the gloves really wet yet. Great gloves, excellent value

| Dale P. 18-02-2022 18:19

Very warm, comfortable, and not so bulky that you you have difficulty working...a great glove and a great price!!

| tim b. 15-02-2022 19:25

Great glove but can get damp like other gloves when your hands get sweaty. I use two pairs when I ski multiple days

| Mary R. 15-02-2022 19:17

Good quality and very warm

| Jason F. 13-02-2022 18:52

Inside liner stuck to my fingers as I removed my hands from the gloves and separated from the outside shell. Now the fingers are all bunched up and I can't get my hands back in after the third time using them for light shoveling. Would not recommend this product to anyone expecting to use the gloves more than three times. Surprisingly low-quality construction.

| Brian 10-02-2022 17:38

Overall very good gloves, shipped quickly. Would order again

| Charles K. 09-02-2022 21:28

I live in the North Country of New Hampshire and these are my "go to" gloves for snowblowing and other outdoor winter tasks. I highly recommend them as another example of the superior products in the Carhartt line. Buy them...you won't regret it!!!

| Carlton A. 09-02-2022 19:35

Nose wipe feature is nice

| Rick 09-02-2022 19:06

I wore them below zero and hands did just fine. look to be really well made like all Carhartt products. should last for years.

| Eugene K. 09-02-2022 18:58

Good times

| Brian L. 09-02-2022 18:40

Warm gloves and great fit

| CRAIG S. 09-02-2022 18:39

I have worn tgem 3 times and all 3 times my hands were wet. In addition the lining pulls out and it is extremely difficult to get them on again. Very disappointing

| ALBERT M. 09-02-2022 18:28

Gloves are nice but aren't as flexibile as I would like. You can easily grip large items, but small things present a bit of a problem.

| Laura B. 08-02-2022 23:49

Theses gloves are not worth the price, the lining pulls out. They did get wet and you cannot turn them inside out to dry three days after they are still damp inside! <br />Size is good but very dissatisfied with the linings pulling out and wetness in them.

| Jane J. 30-01-2022 18:01

I'm a single senior and these are the best!!!!<br />Bought these just before the 18 inch Northeast storm that dumped 18 inches yesterday. The gloves look great and function well for snow shoveling. I purchased a mens size M. <br />Love the long cuff and nose wipe. Used for moving/picking up snow from the big Kenan Nor'easter. The gloves look great. and function well for snow shoveling. I'll come back and do another review gloves durability l and quality after the next storm.

| DEVENEY R. 22-01-2022 18:58

Love these! Would definitely recommend these to go along with insulated coverall

| Lydia H. 28-12-2021 23:35

The nose wipe feature is awesome.

| Jarid E. 23-12-2021 18:51

Great pair of gloves

| Valerie S. 21-12-2021 14:03

I love them! Perfect foe snowy days!

| Joe T. 19-12-2021 23:09

The cuff is longer to prevent weather from getting in. Best gloves I have ever had !!!

| Aaron W. 19-12-2021 18:28

ordered xxl they seem like small

| Melissa G. 19-12-2021 16:10

They aren’t holding up too well and already have tears in them from everyday use.

| Nancy I. 18-12-2021 22:25

I bought a dozen of these to donate to a nonprofit helping young men. They do farm work and the staff said these are going to be a hit. My husband has been wearing them for years and loves them.

| BENJAMIN S. 18-12-2021 19:28

I usually buy a large glove but because all my other carhartt clothes run big I ordered a medium and they are too small in the wrist area to get on comfortably. Once in they are great.

| Kenneth Z. 17-12-2021 20:39

love them, quality

| cecil d. 17-12-2021 18:51

Great pair of gloves enjoy wearing them hands never get cold

| James R. 16-12-2021 18:46

Great gloves.

| karl 15-12-2021 21:51

found them big enough for once

| Tereasa F. 15-12-2021 18:52

Feels really thick. This is a Christmas gift for my dad

| Kyle F 15-12-2021 01:28

These gloves are not warm. Temperatures were around 30 degree Fahrenheit and my fingers were like ice they hurt so bad. Ended up taking the gloves off while driving just to feel the car heater better.

| Cindy W. 14-12-2021 19:08

The width on these gloves is perfect, but with most gloves the fingers are too long. They will be okay for what my husband needs; Winter Work Gloves.

| Bill M. 14-12-2021 18:41

Not as warm as I was hoping for

| Lisa C. 14-12-2021 00:07

These are new, so I can't comment on durability, but they are warm, functional, and good quality. I got them for skiing and they work great!

| Andy 13-12-2021 20:43

Quality product and really warm.

| Wende O. 12-12-2021 22:53

Great gloves, quick and easy ordering and delivery.

| MARCIA S. 07-12-2021 18:57

I have never found any gloves that keep my hands including these.

| Bob L. 26-11-2021 18:39

Only worn a few times to date, Warm and water repellent

| Brad 20-11-2021 13:31

Very warm. The XL size fit me well. A bit hard to get the second glove on due to the bulkiness of the thumb and finger material.

| Tim H. 29-10-2021 20:56

Good product! Looks as good as they function

| J-Bones 04-04-2021 12:38

I've used these gloves for four season of sugar mapling, they wear the scars of cuts, burns, abrasions and everything else I could put them through. They're tough as nails, keep my hands warm, snug while allowing good mobility. Buy a pair, you won't be able to bust 'em.

| jacob b. 21-03-2021 12:33

I've purchased these gloves back in 2019 and have used them for two seasons now, working primarily outdoors in the state of Maine, as a solar installer. These gloves were warm until they became damp from sweat and soon began to smell terrible. My hands would continue to smell long after removing the gloves.<br />As far as warmth, they worked great until they became damp on the inside. I tried numerous times to turn them inside out, tried to throw them in the dryer, nothing seems to work! <br />I definitely expected to get more than two seasons out of these, seems like such a waste to throw them away...

| DAWN M. 18-03-2021 11:18

Fit great

| Rose G. 15-03-2021 18:35

Arrived on time fit good

| Ann W. 14-03-2021 22:28

The glove are very warm and so soft , I love them and highly recommend them.

| PAUL C. 09-03-2021 18:27

They are very warm and good but sizes are not correct to big for me.

| Mark F. 08-03-2021 20:27

I bought them for using when I am snow blowing. Great waterproofing, I was out for hours and they didn't soak through like some gloves. They are very warm, my hands were sweaty. This is excellent if ones hands get cold quickly. For me they were a little too warm, but that's better than the alternative.

| Tom D. 08-03-2021 18:14

Took way to long to ship/arrive. The gloves are a bit tight. I have fairly small hands and bought a medium which is my normal size but I have some trouble pulling them on.

| maria m. 07-03-2021 20:22

I got the large for my brother, he loves them

| Buck B. 07-03-2021 18:15

Haven't used them yet, 2 week delivery ,now we are in warm weather

| Philip M. 06-03-2021 18:46

The warmest gloves I’ve worn.

| Fred Sussman 06-03-2021 17:58

Hard to find a large quality glove like this that fits like this.<br />Looks great, and does the job with comfort.<br />Thank you - Fred

| Jeffrey H. 06-03-2021 15:14

I opened up the package (XL), looked at the gloves, knew they wouldn't come close to fitting, put them back, got them ready to ship for return!

| Heide O. 05-03-2021 18:49

Runs small on finger length - designed for someone with short fingers. Need to size up.

| Marty V. 04-03-2021 15:54

My son-in-law says they're perfect.

| Grant T. 03-03-2021 18:11

Warm enough, Haven’t tested waterproof. Way too big to work in. I guess they are fine if you don’t need to do anything with your hands or fingers. Expensive on top of that.

| Donna K. 03-03-2021 18:01

Really nice gloves. Very warm and comfortable!

| rose p. 03-03-2021 16:50

perfect fit

| Roger L. 03-03-2021 04:11

Warm, dry, flexible

| Alan L. 02-03-2021 19:25

Warmest gloves I ever used! Wish it would repel water better, though.<br />The lining would stay damp and get mildew.

| Bruce F. 02-03-2021 17:58

These gloves met my expectations for a carhatt product. I would still like something that keeps my hands warmer, but I probably wouldn't be able to work in them.

| C W. 02-03-2021 15:53

Gloves look good and were comfortable, but were not waterproof. Water got inside and made the interior material bunched up and difficult to put your hand inside.

| Elizabeth E. 01-03-2021 18:12

Exactly what I needed! I ordered the men’s medium since the small wasn’t available. It turned out to be the perfect size.

| James D. 01-03-2021 18:01

Gloves are sized to small and if your hands are wet at all they are almost impossible to put back on. I constantly take on and off my gloves and these are the worst pair I own to get on. Also If you wash them they take longer then then any other gloves to dry over 2hrs and still wet inside even when turned inside out for better drying. I give 2 stars because they are warm and stay dry as advertised

| David H. 01-03-2021 17:50

Seems like a good glove, though it runs a bit small. I measured my hand and XL should fit with extra room. However, it's hard to get the glove on my hand. Once it's on, it's great/warm/etc so just order on the slightly larger side.

| EDITH S. 01-03-2021 13:21

Struggled to get my hand into the glove. I had to cut the fabric strap off just to finally get the glove on. Still too small for all day wear.

| MATT M. 01-03-2021 12:32

Very warm fingers do not get cold

| Vincent M. 28-02-2021 23:17

Exceeded my expectations!<br />#1 These gloves will keep your hands TOASTY warm.<br />#2 These gloves LOVE weather below 30 degrees!<br />#3 BUY these gloves!

| Andrew K. 28-02-2021 21:20

They keep you warm but my hands sweat. Make inside of glove stink! Also, it would be better if the cuff wasn’t fleece. Different fabric to put on more easily when wet

| Stephen B. 28-02-2021 19:50

Got a mild case of frostbite from another brand of gloves that leaked. These are waterproof and comfortable. They do the job.

| Sean S. 28-02-2021 19:36

First used it to snow blow after a storm. My hands have never been warmer and they were super dry.

| Daniel M. 28-02-2021 19:07

These are the warmest gloves I have ever known.

| Jenny F. 28-02-2021 17:52

Exactly as described. Bought to replace a pair that lasted numerous years before finally needing replaced. Handles New England winters great.

| David H. 28-02-2021 16:36

Good gloves for general use, not for working on heavy equipment. Very good winter gloves. I would recommend.

| Jennifer C. 28-02-2021 14:29

My husband was disappointed with these gloves. When he put them on he thought great but when he took them off, the inside sort of disconnected from the outside. He can still wear them but they aren't as good.

| Emily P. 27-02-2021 21:48

Great glove, warm and durable for outdoor activities.

| Elaine A. 27-02-2021 18:13

Great gloves. Runs small.

| Ashley W. 26-02-2021 23:22

I bought these gloves specifically for negative temperatures, especially because I lost my last pair of thick gloves. They don't really keep your hands warm, but they do provide a barrier from the cold. The fingers are so big I struggle to grab things like my keys, which is very annoying.

| Mark h. 26-02-2021 18:40

I wore them for 2 minutes at -10 and had to change gloves. They did not keep my fingers warm.

| Dan P. 25-02-2021 18:36

Pros - warm, waterproof, fits well once glove is on.<br /><br />Cons - tight wrist area when putting the glove on, insulation inside comes out when taking off the glove, moisture from sweat builds up inside the glove. <br /><br />Over all I like the glove for as little as I need them (few times a year) if I need these on a daily basis I would not recommend.

| James F. 25-02-2021 16:02

True to size; very warm; bulky due to lots of insulation which keeps you warm, but limits grip (shoveling, etc); seems to take a while for inside to dry out from sweat. I can't speak of their durability just yet since I've only worn them twice for snow shoveling. Certainly recommend these if you're looking for good winter gloves. Overall, the gloves do just what they're supposed to!

| Roger G. 24-02-2021 20:31

Just what I needed.

| Michael T. 24-02-2021 17:56

Great gloves. Keep you warm and waterproof. A little hard to get on but worth the effort.

| Todd H. 20-02-2021 11:15

Functional and comfortable and warm. That is what I wanted and that is what I received.

| Adam H. 18-02-2021 17:54

I wasn’t aware the gloves do not have a removable liner. There is little to no ventilation and they don’t seem water proof or even water resistant. They get really wet inside and DO NOT dry. Very disappointed.

| Michael R. 17-02-2021 19:50

These gloves fit perfectly. They are warm and definitely help when digging out mountains of snow

| Shannon F. 17-02-2021 18:15

These gloves keep my hands warm and dry, but they are very limited for working in. The insulation is so thick, it is nearly impossible to pick up or grip anything besides large tools. You can wear them them to swing an axe or sledge, but you can't work pliers or other hand tools at all, pick up smaller items, etc. Overall, they will definitely be useful just for warmth, but they are not the work gloves I was hoping for.

| Paula C. 16-02-2021 17:43

Very warm.

| Danny R. 12-02-2021 18:34

Love them and the timing was perfect. I volunteered at a Covid vaccination site parking cars. Others needed hand warmer on this cold, wet day- -NOT I!!

| MNDude 12-02-2021 03:56

These gloves are not nearly as warm as they appear. I figured they would be an okay glove for winter, but just being outside in 0 degree temps for a walk, my fingers were getting cold in about 20 minutes. Additionally, after you sweat in them, they don't dry out. I've had them sitting out on a table for days after using them last, and they're still wet on the inside. I wish I could return them.

| Gary 10-02-2021 19:44

Great gloves that keep you very warm; at a great price!

| sheila g. 09-02-2021 18:03

I really like these a lot

| Scott F. 08-02-2021 19:30

These gloves are great for a non-active user. Think hunting, watching sporting events. Had no problems with my hands staying warm at 14° F. If you're working and your hands sweat they can be a pain. <br />Sticking your hands in a wet glove the next day was quite a surprise. <br />The inside of the gloves will get wet and they are impossible to dry without a boot dryer or using a blow dryer. So for me it's a catch 22.

| Craig 08-02-2021 15:19

I had a pair of these, size Medium, that fit my hands great. I ruined them through use and abuse. So when I found them on the Carhartt website I was happy that they still made them. I reordered the exact same model and the exact same Medium size, however, the new gloves are bigger than my original pair so now I have gloves that are too big for my hands.<br /><br />I like these gloves for winter use but the size issue cost them a star on the rating.

| G m. 05-02-2021 14:14

I expected more from carhart. these gloves do nothing for keeping your hands warm. just really disappointed

| Melissa 01-02-2021 18:32

Very durable and please with this product

| Allan I. 31-01-2021 17:40

ok lining fold up inside

| James B. 28-01-2021 18:10

Awesome gear

| Ryan B. 27-01-2021 11:53

These work great! I had to take them off because my hands were too hot while shoveling snow. Get these!

| Alice O. 25-01-2021 23:55

runs small and stupidly did not order the largest size you sell. better luck for me next time.

| faith a. 22-01-2021 22:04

Runs small

| Liz F. 22-01-2021 17:58

I’ve been looking for a pair of gloves to use in below freezing temps for activities such as walking the dogs. I have 2 sets of gloves and neither one keeps my fingers warm at or below freezing. These are very well priced. I ended up going with the men’s glove for color selection . Seems true to size chart

| Neil S. 21-01-2021 17:58

Unbelievable as warm as you could want great fitting

| Eric 21-01-2021 01:39

Warm winter gloves! Sizing seems pretty normal. Really haven’t tested the waterproof claim yet but Carhartt stuff almost always exceeds expectations. This price point is barely more than cheapies you get at Walmart and I’ll be shocked if they don’t last 2-3 times longer having the Carhartt brand on them.

| Mary K. 19-01-2021 22:31

I read and carefully followed the advice to order a size up, so i ordered the 2XL.<br /><br />Not a chance.

| kevin h. 19-01-2021 19:39

Really warm. Good fit

| Kyle A. 19-01-2021 18:00

These are perfect for really cold days. I used them when shoveling snow the other day and the temperature was around mid-30s. My hands started to get sweaty after 10 minutes. These are going to be great as the winter gets colder.

| Gabriel C. 17-01-2021 19:40

pretty good glove, runs a bit small

| Robert F. 16-01-2021 15:54

Fits a little tight. But i love Carhartt

| Alice K. 15-01-2021 21:20

So far excellent. Have had these for 2 weeks. They are quite warm and did well with the one time I used them to run the snowblower. It was a wet heavy snow and the gloves kept the wetness out. Gloves run true to size but if you are between sizes I would order the larger size.

| Betty O. 14-01-2021 19:48

Bought for my son who works outside in cold

| Megan P. 14-01-2021 18:10

My son absolutely loves these gloves and said they keep his hands nice and warm and dry

| Jennifer R. 13-01-2021 23:17

Bought these for my Dad for Christmas. He's an average sized guy, but these are pretty snug for him and that's why he said he'd give a 4.5 out of 5. Otherwise a great product.

| Ella H. 13-01-2021 21:20

Fits great and very warm

| John H. 12-01-2021 18:14

Great gloves as expected with the Carhartt name

| Kevin C. 12-01-2021 03:23

Glove is incredibly warm and the wrist strap can be cinched for a snug fit. <br /><br />My big complaint is in sizing. My hands are 10.5 inches around which is too small for the 2XL, but it is too much of a struggle to get my hand inside the XL gloves. Went with the 2XL so I can get my hand inside, but my fingers are too short to reach the end of the glove.

| Bill L. 10-01-2021 19:26

These are comfortable and warm.... when they are dry. They are so warm that my hands actually sweat in them but they stay wet on the inside for days after taking them off. I've never had this problem with a pair of Carhartt gloves. My A650's were awesome, but they don't make them anymore.

| Christopher P. 07-01-2021 18:12

Alright, exterior construction of these gloves gets an A . They’re durable, provide pretty decent grip and look nice. Interior needs work. Comfy if you put your hand in dry but forget about it if you’ve been sweating. The inside liner of these pulls right out and makes it damn near impossible to get your hand back in. 4 stars because they’re clearly tough well built, but if you take your hand out once, you’re screwed.

| Hugh M. 07-01-2021 05:14

Comfortable and warm. Fit will fit my large hands. It is hard to find gloves that fit, and these are awesome.

| Jon C. 05-01-2021 22:31

So far so good, hopefully they will last a while.

| kathleen 03-01-2021 18:21

These gloves are the best. Gave them as a gift to a person that works for the local Street Department and he loves them! Great quality, priced right, and on time shipping.

| robert s. 02-01-2021 17:46

All good love them

| ADRIAN G. 01-01-2021 18:15

Nice pair of gloves and keep my hands warm, couple weeks ago we got a snow storm with blizzard conditions and my hands never felt a bit of cold.

| Mark O. 31-12-2020 20:09

Look good and fit good. Should be warm.

| Peter S. 31-12-2020 02:23

they are hard to put on even though I ordered XL. Lining has already started to stink from my hands and the smell attaches to my palms as well.

| Chip C. 30-12-2020 17:48

Love them worth the money for sure.

| Diana H. 30-12-2020 01:00

These gloves were purchased for my husband who uses them for tough outdoor work.

| Henry Y. 29-12-2020 18:26

Very warm in cold weather. Feels comfortable <br /> on hands. Worth it for the person who spends time in winter weather.

| KANDICE R. 29-12-2020 17:38

Love Carhartt

| David S. 27-12-2020 18:35

The warmest gloves I have ever used snow blowing.

| Suzanne M. 26-12-2020 17:34

Great gloves!

| Lynn A. 26-12-2020 01:37

We love our new Carhartt gloves. Keeps our hands so warm while snowmobiling! Very pleased.

| Gayle 25-12-2020 18:29

Bought these for my son-in-law and he loves them! He had to try them on as soon as he opened them!

| Sowana 24-12-2020 00:17

I would highly recommend these gloves to anyone looking for light, comfortable, and warm gloves.

| EdwardA J. 24-12-2020 00:11


| Brook A. 23-12-2020 09:32

I work in mud and water all day hands stay dry and warm!!! A bit bulky so dexterity is a hassle sometimes but a price I’m will to pay for the quality of the gloves and warmth

| Bethany C. 18-12-2020 17:28

Size runs small <br />They should specify that with their gloves

| Della T. 18-12-2020 04:12

They are a gift for my brother. I know he will really like them.

| Mike D 15-12-2020 21:32

These gloves are absolutely amazing! This will be my 4th pair. I used them in the interior of Alaska and they never let me down. Now I am stationed in the north country and once again they haven’t failed me!!!

| patrick m. 12-12-2020 19:26

Excellent gloves

| Aidan O. 12-12-2020 01:01

Fits good, looks good and are very warm

| MARTIN T. 09-12-2020 17:54

Great gloves and mittens! Fast service!

| ALLAN G. 08-12-2020 20:09

These gloves are excellent. Very durable, moderately flexible and waterproof. I use them mainly to carry around equipment, lumber, and steel or other large metal materials. They keep my hands very warm in 10-40 degree weather.

| Yolanda S. 08-12-2020 19:57

Looked like a wonderful glove. However it was too small and was returned

| Robert H. 08-12-2020 17:13

I bought this glove based on brand name reputation. I haven't ever purchased a Carharrt product before and was hopeful that at last i had found a good winter glove for dog walks. Unfortunately this glove does not meet my expectations for a glove that will actually keep fingers warm. Today it was 30 degrees outside, and 20 minutes into our walk my fingers were going numb. The fleece lining feels good but this glove does not work as I hoped it would.

| Danniel C. 27-11-2020 17:56

Seems to be okay except for being a bit bulky.

| Nick C. 26-11-2020 18:51

Isn't got cold yet but I can tell they will be warm

| Ryan C. 25-11-2020 17:57

Products that were ordered from Carhartt are wonderful and Dawn made it very simply. Dawn is knowledgeable and a great employee.

| Austin B. 23-11-2020 03:56

Amazingly great gloves, beyond durable and very warm and waterproof!

| Shannon N. 15-11-2020 22:17

It drives me nuts when folks leave a review for something that hasn't been used or tested more than a couple of times. Here is the gist after a full season of use. I gave these gloves to my dad for Xmas last year and they keep his hands warm through severe upstate NY winters. He suffers from peripheral neuropathy so his hands are often cold/numb/painful and when he has to work outside in the winter it can be pretty unbearable. These gloves keep him very comfortable and help to mitigate his condition. He tells me that while he doesn't look forward to plowing, he is no longer dreading his hands being out of commission for the rest of the day. Thanks Carhartt!

| David L. 12-11-2020 13:18

I have not had a chance to truly put these to the test yet. I needed gloves for shoveling/snow blowing. They are thick gloves therefore will limit your grip somewhat, but I knew that when I purchased them. I don't foresee any issues when the time comes to use them.

| Ronald S. 11-11-2020 18:13

Great gloves . Better than i expected.

| Ronald C. 11-11-2020 17:44

Seem to be well made and warm. Have not worn them yet in rain or cold though.

| Allyn C. 04-11-2020 19:46

The gloves fit well, the cuff is very long, making it hard to tuck in the second hand. Hoping it holds up to sub zero weather here in the North East.

| Zachery T. 03-11-2020 17:54

Indeed are waterproof

| Delma A. 20-10-2020 17:30

Thank you! Love the fact they are waterproof for the wet season.

| GLEN C. 20-10-2020 17:29

These gloves have kept my hands warm. I work in a deep freezer with temperatures well below zero and have not had any problems with cold hands.

| Brian J. 19-10-2020 16:01

look great fit good. true to size. a little bulky for what I needed them for. But I am hoping as I get them broke in mire, they be easier to work with and feel the things I am handling better.

| Masks 12-10-2020 16:39

gloves are great and the price was right.

| Sergio L. 05-10-2020 23:30

First let me say the gloves are soft and comfortable. They keep my hands dry and toasty when it's cold and wet. These gloves really are good when it comes to being water proof, even in the pouring rain. <br />While the gloves in general prove themselves to be tough when I used them for work they never ripped, they tended to fail me at the sides of one or more finger tips. You need to find a way to strengthen up the sides and tips of the fingers. Luckily when they did fail it was near the end of winter. I just thought they would last longer and I noticed there weren't any washing directions in order to keep them clean. If you're working and you need to keep your hands dry, warm, and comfortable these should fit the bill.

| Daniel C. 30-09-2020 01:47

Overall fantastic glove. They stay warm, they are durable and being waterproof is a nice addition. The only issue is that they tend to run small so I would most definitely get a size bigger than you need. If you have big hands I would suggest an XXL instead of the XL. I have pretty big hands and wouldn’t do anything smaller than a XXL and I’m only 20yrs old. Apart from that they are a bit bulky but I love them for their durability and warmth.

| Anthony W. 29-09-2020 02:12

survived last years winter in New England with a few ski trips and snowmobile weekends.

| Keith M. 15-09-2020 18:56

Love these gloves

| Ernest P. 13-09-2020 19:22

Very satisfied with purchase. Would buy again.

| Ryan N. 04-08-2020 03:45

They are awesome

| Gary K. 04-07-2020 19:02

Runs too small but very warm.

| Daniel V. 30-04-2020 22:13

Very nice gloves they will work well for me

| Jerry Y. 17-03-2020 19:04

Keep your hands dry but only partlg warm,fingertips freeze

| Terry N. 17-03-2020 15:15

I was replacing similar model carhartt gloves that finally wore out. The current ones are large so that’s what ordered for new ones. But they are too big. So I need to exchange for medium.<br />Pain I the but to return online purchases. May just pay a trip to the store in Detroit. Good ol brick and mortar.

| Thomas T. 14-03-2020 17:17

Gloves look

| Roberto R. 07-03-2020 13:18

Great gloves containable very strong

| Ryan B. 02-03-2020 18:20

Really like the gloves. Warm and not too bulky. I own two pairs. One for skiing and the other for work around the house and such. Recommend these gloves for any winter outdoor adventure!

| Harrison C. 27-02-2020 01:10

Used in 15 below for a few days in a row. Even with melted outer shell exposing the polyester, it remained water proof and cold proof! Would highly recommend if working outside in below freezing temperatures.

| Joshua J. 16-02-2020 14:56

Fits perfect, I live in upstate NY so I definitely deal with some cold weather and these gloves don’t disappoint.

| Kickass 01-02-2020 06:20

Look great. Does not keep hands very warm. I’m out on a forklift 5-8 hours a day in about 40 degree weather your fingers will be frozen all day long.

| John C. 24-01-2020 19:52

I have Reynauds syndrome. When my hands get cold my fingers go numb and turn white. Even at temps as high as 45F. These are the warmest gloves I own! I have been out hiking at -10F and my hands stay warm and I have no circulation issues all day. Thanks Carhartt!

| john g. 19-01-2020 18:48

They look great and appear durable then you wear them and find out the truth. First they run really small but the biggest problem is that they take forever to dry out on the inside. It takes days after each wearing for the gloves to dry out and in no time you realize on of the side effects is the odor that results from this poor design. Stay away from these gloves.

| Emma R. 12-01-2020 01:32

I struggle nagging frostbite and am always on the lookout for warm winter gloves. Two Carhartt employees suggested these being their warmest gloves offered. I have to say, my first test run my hands didn't get cold once! I wore them in about 20F degree weather for 6 hours and my hands stayed warm the entire time! I was using them to shovel, snowmobile, sled, and build bonfires. They were durable enough that I didn't hesitate getting physical with the gloves to split wood. My only disappointment is the moisture they let in. The gloves were wet through after a couple of hours (but didn't let the moisture get cold). Then I hung them up to dry overnight by the woodstove and they were still were wet the next morning. But I wore the gloves out for the second day and still stayed warm even with them being wet. I have large hands for a woman and bought a small but wish I got a medium.

| Jack W. 09-01-2020 14:14

The felt liner pulls out with your fingers when you remove the gloves. Takes at least an hour to get them back on your hands comfortably. Do not recommend at all

| seth a. 08-01-2020 06:45

Gloves fit perfect and are waterproof as advertised. The brown color is awesome as well.

| Kristie N. 25-12-2019 22:41

Thank you ?? for offering this ?? product.

| Charles G. 25-12-2019 11:02

I bought XL gloves and they were still to tight. I then bought XL gloves from another brand and they fitted perfect and are warmer in cold weather. <br /><br />The actual size of your product should be listed as 75% so people would order the next size up.

| Brynn B. 23-12-2019 17:48

Definitely not water proof.

| Bart C. 22-12-2019 18:12

The glove itself is great, very warm and waterproof. But the stitching at the bottom of the glove is not a very big opening and makes the glove very difficult to get on your hand. Would be a 5 star review if not for the small circumference of the stitching.

| larry b. 20-12-2019 01:20

Bought two pair of the black one for me one for my father we love them warm and dry

| Christopher U. 19-12-2019 21:27

Love these gloves. Waterproof and warm!

| VS 17-12-2019 23:59

Liner does not stay proper with the outer layer, always feels like my pinky is bunched up. Has a tendency to be incredibly cold unless put in a heater before use

| Dick 16-12-2019 00:32

I normally wear large but to be on the safe side ordered extra large, they my hands perfectly. Haven’t had them long enough to judge there durability yet. They work well with my carhartt hooded coat.

| Stephen S. 14-12-2019 21:39

These gloves are amazing. I use them a lot even in summer time to handle cold produce. Ice cream. Well built gloves and worth every penny

| Cathy P. 14-12-2019 21:02

Great product as always. My husband works outside and takes the dog for a walk every night he really needs these gloves. super warm

| Larry 14-12-2019 17:55

I use these when riding on cold mornings. Haven't tried them in the rain as we don't get much rain here in Arizona but they deffinately keep your hards warm on cold mornings.

| shawnner 13-12-2019 17:54

It's a great quality glove. Very warm and great for projects where an abundance of dexterity isn't needed.

| Michael L. 11-12-2019 15:05

I wore them for first time in 30 deg. F weather shovelling a couple inches of snow. My hands got cold from the start.

| Dennis M. 10-12-2019 17:50

Good fit. Flexible enough to use changing flat tires. Have a backup pair in each of 3 vehicles.

| David C. 09-12-2019 20:28

Good glove for cold weather went snowboarding @ 5 degrees faren and had no issues although the fingers runs a little stiff but mainly cause i only used it twice

| Craig B. 09-12-2019 20:07

Runs very small, I bought XL gloves and they barely fit. Also, takes days for the inside to dry out. From just a little sweat.

| ANN M. 09-12-2019 01:51

These gloves keep my hands toasty warm when working in the cold December mornings. Just what I wanted. The only disadvantage is that the gloves won't fit under the coat's cuff, nor will it fit over. I just have to push it up.

| Rick L. 08-12-2019 22:31

Only thing I have a problem with is I have short fingers so when I pull my hands out of the gloves it's a little hard to get the inside fingers (lining) lined up again when putting them back on. No worries though I can deal with that! Great gloves!

| William B. 07-12-2019 00:30

These are the best gloves I've ever worn. what a deal.

| natalie h. 03-12-2019 17:45

I would recommend them. I bought them as birthday gifts. The recipients were very excited to get them. Carhartt has a great reputation. What else can I say?

| Brandon S. 02-12-2019 22:14

I have enjoyed the gloves, but my hands have still gotten cold in 30 degree (F) weather.

| Logan H. 02-12-2019 18:31

These are great gloves and keep my hands warm! Consider pairing them with the Trapper Hat for the ultimate in chilly-weather wear.

| Jesse G. 02-12-2019 18:22

Super comfortable great fit very warm not good for working but great for staying warm

| Matt 01-12-2019 18:29

Daughter loves them. Rugged and good looking. Warm as all get out.

| prem l. 29-11-2019 01:23

these gloves have never been waterproof. My hands sweat inside them and the sweat never dries. sometimes it even freezes inside my glove. It is super hard to get the moisture out of the inside of these gloves. not impressed

| Nancy P. 25-11-2019 20:41

warm and dry

| Jeff D. 24-11-2019 18:00

This is my second pair of this glove. The first pair was perfect in all ways and lasted for years. <br />This current pair is the same size (XXL) yet it is tighter and for some reason the thumbs are extremely long which hampers dexterity.<br /><br />My guess is Carhartt went with a different manufacturer to save money which in turn has affected the quality.<br />BAD MOVE on the part of Carhartt!

| Cathy T. 24-11-2019 17:45

They look really nice. I cannot comment on them otherwise because they are Christmas gifts for my teenage grandsons.

| Matthew T. 24-11-2019 15:50

Very nicely made and keep your hands nice and warm

| Neal R. 18-11-2019 21:20

These run a bit small and are not as warm as I’d hoped. Not bad for the price, though. I use a glove liner that helps. Definitely not good for extended stints in the cold.

| Denny 18-11-2019 12:20

Warm,looking forward to using them when significant snow falls and the snowblower beckons my call,looks like they will do just fine

| Ken L. 13-11-2019 17:07

Comfortable glove, however palm ripped after 2nd day walking my dog .

| Kevin A. 04-11-2019 20:55

Nice pare of gloves

| Gregory B. 04-11-2019 18:30

Cozy. Maybe runs small but I have small hands so no issue for me. Hasn’t been cold enough yet to test it’s warmth. Well made. Expect top quality

| Mike R. 26-10-2019 16:44

Feels extremely warm, however runs a bit small, so am going to have to exchange at the MOA store

| Dennis T. 17-10-2019 22:13

Grandson said they're great. He real likes them.

| Zach B. 11-10-2019 02:16

Very warm gloves, I’m a truck driver and I work on the dock and these kept my hands warm all winter long. I bought a second pair for this year! Highly recommend!

| Austin 02-10-2019 22:30

Just bought these gloves and I got to say I am really satisfied with them! They are very thick and very soft on the inside, Perfect for Cold Weather.

| Bruce H. 14-09-2019 16:50

Haven't given them the acid test yet. But they feel good. Look good.<br />And the price was right.

| Tami Z. 28-06-2019 18:17

Very durable on the outside, soft and comfortable lining inside. The lining works so well that your hands will sweat in temperatures above freezing. The gloves washed great in the wash machine, turned them partially inside out to dry. Lining is not removable, so need to dry well between use so the gloves don't get nasty. Took a few days to dry them out completely.

| DOUGLAS F. 30-03-2019 11:44

So far I really like these gloves. Have not used them long, so not sure about long-term durability. However, they are warm and, so far, dry. Would be nice if the gripping surface was a bit more "sticky". Seems to slip a bit more than I would like when grabbing and hanging on to things.

| Ron L. 26-03-2019 19:23

Great I love them good fit

| Jeanne B. 21-03-2019 00:48

My daughter needed a pair of very warm mittens for a trip to Norway and we ended up getting these. They were perfect! In spite of the warnings to not get gloves, they were very warm and she was able to move in them like she wouldn’t have in mittens. Waterproof kept her nice and dry for lots of fun in the snow. We’ll keep these around for a long time. Ours were the tan two tone, and they look nice. Puffy and manly, but they did the trick!

| Brenda S. 19-03-2019 18:08

Great gloves for the price...very warm. I went out to snow blow in -5 degree weather with no problems. My hands stayed warm and dry. I would recommend.

| Paul A. 12-03-2019 13:31

Gloves fit well. My hands are borderline between L and XL, so I went with XL and they fit great. Kept hands warm during snowmobiling.

| ERIC C. 02-03-2019 19:41

Very warm, and definitely waterproof. Very satisfied with my purchase.

| Michael J. 23-02-2019 16:31

Good quality , for the price

| Gary N. 17-02-2019 20:06

The gloves do exactly what it is said they will do.I have used them in the cold,pouring rain and they keep my hands warm,and dry.

| Joel P. 15-02-2019 19:10

Great glove for the price. These gloves r waterproof as advertised. Had to scoop the snow and slush from my snowblower when it got clogged. Gloves didn’t leak at all! My hands never got cold either. Awesome!

| Shane M. 13-02-2019 17:54

Great gloves for the price

| Matthew B. 12-02-2019 00:36

A little bit tight to put on but warm and comfortable

| Jonathan F. 10-02-2019 15:28

Vet disappointed. Have called twice to return the initial gloves purchased and still have not received return receipt email. I had to buy another pair. I discussed the size with phone person and when second pair received was to small. Now have to return the second pair. Will not purchase again. Already out $70 without gloves that fit.

| Billy H. 07-02-2019 21:08

Gloves seem to be made well. A little small in size, but I have small hands so not a big deal. What I did not like was my hands still got cold especially my finger tips. Walking the dog for 10-15 minutes is not a problem but for longer times such as shoveling snow or cleaning snow off of our vehicles at roughly 1/2 hour and longer my hands started getting cold. I was hoping to find gloves that truly keeps my hands warm.

| Anthony S. 17-01-2019 23:10

These gloves are amazing and great price

| Frank 11-01-2019 18:45

Love the way the gloves fit and feel haven't add opportunity to use them yet

| RAUL V. 11-01-2019 18:41

Second pair very good gloves

| Trey H. 30-12-2018 21:27

Great warmth and wind blockage but palm a little slick when steering the boat.

| Jason S. 29-12-2018 16:07

The keep my hands warm and dry all for a decent price. What more could you ask for.<br />They don't run small, but for whatever reason it won't let me change that.

| Kim D. 29-12-2018 12:24

I bought these gloves after reading reviews on them saying they were warm. That’s a load of crap!! Not warm at all!!

| Heather L. 28-12-2018 01:08

The seam broke after only an hour of work.

| " ". 25-12-2018 18:35

Great Christmas gift ordering another pair real soon

| Kevin F. 12-12-2018 20:58


| Tnewton77 09-12-2018 17:44

I bought these gloves at a local store. They looked great and I figured because they were carhartt they would be made for cold weather. It even states cold weather on the packaging. However after several minutes out in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin my fingers are absolutely freezing, almost like I'm not even wearing any gloves at all

| Tommy H. 08-12-2018 01:28

I clean swimming pools so my hand are always getting wet using my poles. I don’t put them in the water but the poles get soaked and their cold this time of the year. These gloves are awesome!!! I’ve paid a lot more for others but these glove do the job perfect! The get damp but keep my hands dry and warm. There’s no other person than a pool man you would want an opinion from lol

| IdahoRuss 03-12-2018 18:15

I bought these just to wear to a December football game in the rain/snow. I sat there for over four hours and they repelled the water and kept my hands warm. Very comfortable as well. I definitely recommend these!

| Shawn W. 02-12-2018 18:21

Great gloves

| Grant A. 02-12-2018 16:22

Rode 44 miles today in chilly weather and these were the BOMB

| Corey A. 01-12-2018 21:26

The gloves are for my boys for Christmas, but I also own a pair and they do the job designed for very well

| Bradley C. 01-12-2018 12:33

I have five Carhartt jackets and one pair of Carhartt weatherproof insulated gloves. Cold temperatures won't slow me down any longer.

| Merrill M. 30-11-2018 23:35

So warm they almost feel like they have hand warmers built in.

| Brandon C. 30-11-2018 23:17

Very warm and comfortable gloves. The moment I received a pair in the mail, I tried them on. Within seconds you can feel how warm they are; great job on keeping your hands warm.However, these gloves immediately hold onto sweat and moisture on the inside of the glove. I only use these for shoveling snow, but the fact that you can use these once and then have collected moisture inside the glove; 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a pretty serious issue for those who want to use these gloves every day. In my review I linked the concepts of quality, durability, and comfort to the idea of putting the gloves on everyday with minimal care. These gloves will instantaneously hold moisture on the inside. Therefore, the quality, comfort, and durability scores were decreased.

| David M. 30-11-2018 18:28

I would recommend.

| Mo B. 10-02-2018 19:19

I used the gloves in the mountains for snowboarding. The clip on the gloves is difficult to unfasten. They do not wicker away moisture, the inside of my gloves had gotten very moist either by sweat or/and snow. The gloves are comfortable until they are wet inside and you can't pull them inside out to dry. Where are the instructions to wash them. These are basically disposable gloves, to much money for gloves you can't maintain,clean and dry.

| Jonathan L. 21-01-2018 05:20

Overall these are great all purpose winter gloves. They kept my hands warm for all winter activities (plowing snow, shoveling snow, working in the barn, outdoor construction, ect.) They are comfortable and are not too bulky for this type of glove. They only drawbacks are that they do make your hands sweat a little and do not wick away this sweat leaving some moisture on your hands. Also, they are not as durable as other carhartt work gloves. Mine fell apart after 2 seasons of hard work but they are also not really meant for some of the work I was doing. Overall they are a great all purpose winter glove and I would reccomend them.

| Randy G. 11-01-2018 17:06

These gloves are comfortable and warm, but the hang tags which state "waterproof lining," and one that says, "Waterproof," are misleading to say the least. I wore them in the rain and pulled a couple of large rocks from a small driveway drainage ditch. The water was maybe four inches deep at the most and my hands were in the water for a second or two each time. The inside of the gloves got soaked and they took three of four days to dry out inside. <br /><br />If you are looking for a warm comfortable glove these are nice for the price, but do not depend on them to keep your hands dry.

| JARED 08-01-2018 00:02


| Serge L. 02-12-2017 18:47

Keep my hands warm at work feel good

| Mathew H. 27-11-2017 05:13

The fingers came out too easy other than that there were fine

| JOHN S. 21-02-2017 12:56

Although retired, I spend a lot of time outside in the winter, exercising the dogs, snowshoeing, cleaning up after storms, etc. and have been pleased with these gloves. One caution: if exerting for a long time you will find moisture builds up on the inside ; after cleaning up last week's 14" dusting, they were a tad damp.

| David 11-02-2017 22:48

Got these because they looked great and well made. Upon using them snow blowing on a cold day fingers cold in twenty to thirty minutes. If you get them moist they feel moist and cold for days. They also have a terrible smell, take your hand out and they smell too. Don't know what they use but its to bad for such a good looking glove. Used them yesterday and put them on today and so cold inside took them right off.

| Charles J. 23-01-2017 00:26

The gloves are very warm and keep water out but I use these gloves mostly for skiing and they get damp with sweat and do not dry quickly like they claim to do

| Dean P. 11-01-2017 19:12

Great gloves but Carhartt should add sewn on tabs (one on each side) to the fleece cuffs so you can pull them on over jacket cuffs. Cuff rolls under when pulling them on and you can't grab the cuff with the finger and thumb of the glove since they are large due to the necessary insulation.<br /><br />I'll sew two tabs on these for now.

| Helen M. 03-01-2017 00:16

Like gloves better than any other tried, Very comfortable, warm and would not hesitate to recommend.

| MIKE C. 24-12-2016 13:57

Very nice fit very warm

| Nicholas P. 23-12-2016 20:00

These gloves are great. Confortable, warm and can withstand 0 degrees.

| Paul B. 18-12-2016 23:58

These gloves have a gauntlet that makes them hard for me to get on. No matter how hard I try , I cannot get my other glove on once the first one is on. You cannot grip the wrist with one glove on to then pull the other on . They became my donation gloves , maybe someone with their mom helping can put these on.

| Nicolas M. 13-12-2016 20:14

Great fitting gloves. Very warm. Obviously bigger gloves- hard to grab things. Great for the cold weather. Inexpensive, great buy.

| Heather B. 10-12-2016 03:24

True to size and received promptly!!!

| Janet D. 28-10-2016 19:52

I purchased a pair of these gloves last year and was happy with them, so I purchased another pair this year just in case.<br />The product is just as described on the website and more.

| Elizabeth 15-02-2016 20:10

I bought these gloves for my son. He has worn them to shovel snow and to play in the snow. They have held up well, however when he wore them skiing two weeks ago his hands got sweaty and wet. Then, when we hung them to dry, the inside has never dried (after two weeks). They have started to smell musty inside and there are no care instructions included on the tag of the gloves, so I don't know if it will damage them to try to wash them to get rid of the smell.

| DH12345 25-01-2016 23:11

These gloves are my first purchase from Carhartt, but I came to the brand with high expectations. I have been using these gloves for two winters now. While the gloves look great, they fall short in two of their touted features:<br /><br />- The gloves are not moisture-wicking or fast-drying. I used these gloves to shovel a considerable amount of snow from 2016's first blizzard. By the time I was finished for the day, the interior of the gloves were damp from sweat. After 24 hours of drying in a room with adequate ventilation and approximately 68*F / 35% relative humidity, the gloves are still damp. I have had regular denim clothing dry faster than these "fast-drying" gloves. Deciding to give the gloves a chance, I donned them and went out to work again. Quickly, my fingertips were beginning to feel bitter cold due to the damp interior.<br /><br />- The gloves are "waterproof," but similar to how a softshell jacket is waterproof after losing it's DWR. The exterior of the gloves absorb water as though they are wetting out, but the water never reaches the interior of the glove due to the inner lining. On a positive note, I just ran the exterior of the gloves under my faucet to see how they fared in 68*F 35% relative humidity conditions. The water did evaporate from the exterior of the gloves quickly. I would still be cautious immersing this glove in water if outside, but they should be able to handle a freezing rain or moving snow around (as I have).<br /><br />I will also add that the gloves could be a bit warmer. With a windproof insulating liner glove, they do well enough. However, on their own, the gloves leave more to be desired.

| Kelly 24-01-2016 23:43

When you spend that much money on one pair of gloves that advertise to be waterproof, that is what you expect to get. Not so with these. After snowblowing and cleaning off vehicles they were soaked, inside and out.<br />Beyond disappointed as we swear by the brand. Jackets, rain gear and other products always exceptional.<br />Waterproof should mean waterproof!

| John 11-03-2015 19:47

They are indeed waterproof I have I have gotten them wet quiet a bit and water does not seem to penetrate the outside of the gloves. They are also quiet warm which is both good and bad. When I use these gloves to rake the snow off of my house or do lots of shoveling my hands sweat quite a bit. After a while the gloves become saturated from the inside and begin to get cold/freeze. They also take a really long time to dry out once wet on the inside, likely because the outer shell is so waterproof. Even putting these glove in the dryer does little to dry them. Often times this winter I had to use them before they were completely dry. The longer they stay wet the more they start to stink. These would be great gloves if they were more breathable perhaps a Gore-Tex liner would allow they to stay drier from perspiration and dry faster.

| Charlybrwn134 27-02-2014 02:33

The only thing that bugs me is why limited sizes. I purchased the xxl and they fit too snug. Wishing gloves were in the big and tall section.

4.15 stars based on 309 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.15 stars based on 309 reviews

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| Manuel C. 12/05/22

It’s súper warm I like it

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Kyle f. 12/02/22

Awesome gloves

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Mary C. 12/02/22

Comfortable, warm, good fit, would recommend! Have only worn a few times, can’t comment on durability yet but seem like will be great.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| George H. 11/01/22

Took these on a Minnesota fishing trip, hands were warm and dry!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Roanna F. 09/13/22

Hands stay warm and dry

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Frank L. 08/11/22

Keep these in my vehicle. Takes all of the misery out of scraping ice off of the windshield, and then grabbing a cold steering wheel.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| James I. 03/16/22

Work nicely. Hands stay warm

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Ryan V. 03/04/22

Great at keeping your hands warm, unfortunately if you sweat or get any moisture inside it takes forever for them too dry

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| DUANE S. 03/03/22

Great gloves. Comfortable, warm and attractive.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Greg B. 03/02/22

Very good quality, nice and warm

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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