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A422-3 - Carhartt Men's FORCE Performance Crew Sock- 3 Pack

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The Force Performance Crew Sock- 3 Pack features:

  • Polyester/Spandex Blend
  • FastDry® technology wicks away sweat and fights odors
  • Spandex, a compression arch, and an ankle brace provide full-motion support and stability
  • Reinforced heel and toe provide added durability for longer wear
  • **Fabric contents vary by color
  • Imported
| Briana R. 09-07-2022 19:22

Great work socks. They hold up well in boots as well. They wash well. Colors are matchable to pants. Quality is good.

| Dan M. 13-06-2021 22:40

Great socks will be my go to sock from now on

| Jonathan C. 03-06-2021 02:52

Great work sock. Both comfortable and seem durable thus far. Thanks for another good product!

| John P. 31-05-2021 17:18

Love them,sooooo comfortable

| Chris M. 18-05-2021 15:07

My husband and sons love them! They say they keep your feet dry....dont get sweaty! They all work construction

| Tim N. 14-05-2021 09:46

Good comfortable socks. I wear them every day.

| Preston E. 08-05-2021 23:48

Very comfortable, and in all honesty these are some of the best socks I’ve ever worn to work. Sore feet are definitely out of the picture with how well they are designed to cushion your feet while on the move. Wouldn’t recommend any other brand.

| Crystal 21-04-2021 18:15

His favorite everyday work sock. The don’t ride down they wash well and don’t make his feet sweat.

| Randy H. 21-04-2021 11:36

Best socks ever, stays where you pull them up to and don't ride down. Never have I had socks to stay where they were suppose to.

| Steve 06-04-2021 22:46

These are great socks, very comfortable, my feet don't sweat. Best of all they stay up all day and don't slide down my legs.

| Mya E. 02-04-2021 17:41

He loves them!! I have a pair of the women's socks that he loves to steal from me, so I got him his own pair. He says they are super comfortable :)

| Louis J. 19-03-2021 02:29

I've been a life long user of Carhartt outer work ware, 50 years... I wouldn't think of buying any other brand... So I thought I would give these sox a try, just because of the brand name... I've a 12.5" shoe size, but trying to find sox with a little more breathing room, mostly cotton content, so I buy the XL size... I don't like sox tight on my feet, so the search is still on. The 3 pair I bought will go to my daughter-in-law...

| Michael S. 17-03-2021 17:05

Very comfortable and breathable

| Edward G. 15-03-2021 18:17

Comfortable socks

| Max M. 07-03-2021 22:03

they do not stink, they are comfy great fitting, and they do not move which is nice

| Rob J. 06-03-2021 23:22

The sock fit nice but they are a little thin for work socks.

| Julia S. 27-02-2021 21:43

I like the material but they were selfish on the diameter of the sock. To thin and fits tight curing off circulation to the foot.

| Peter P. 26-02-2021 01:58

Pretty good

| Larry B. 22-02-2021 19:20

Great quality but poor fit. They were too high and tight on my calf. The elastic was so tight that it caused my foot to tingle and left an indent on my leg.

| richardandrosalee M. 17-02-2021 19:22

It was great. It would be nice if it was for diabetics also. Wider at the top half.

| Theresa M. 15-02-2021 21:08

Best high quality socks for the money, my 23 yr old son loves these socks

| Tammie V. 12-02-2021 02:11

The socks are warm, high quality material, with a great fit!

| Brittany C. 10-02-2021 17:48

Awesome, and fast shipping!

| Tracy U. 09-02-2021 18:25

The tube off the sock is very tight. I am an average weight and still they felt like they were restricting my blood flow.

| Judith B. 09-02-2021 02:04

My husband loves them.

| Blake A. 09-02-2021 00:52

they slip and make my feet slide in my boots:/

| Donald M. 26-01-2021 02:42

comfy work socks

| Brandi M. 21-01-2021 19:31

Socks fit great and are heavy duty. They form comfortably to your feet without the worry of them stretching and becoming to loose.

| Al F. 20-01-2021 18:02

These socks are nice and light and are tall enough to go over my calves which is saying something because I’m 6’6” tall and have a size 16 foot. I’ve worn them under heavier socks when I use them in waders and they keep me warmer in the 30 something degree water I am currently fishing in. The only thing I see as a downside is that they are pretty tight around the calves, but I’m hoping they’ll loosen up a little over time. For the price and the free shipping, I don’t think you could go wrong.

| Cody L 09-01-2021 03:20

Ordered these as an upgrade from my normal walmart socks, but was really disappointed when I found out how tight they are around the calves. No matter how I messed with them, I couldn't get them to a place where they weren't cutting off my circulation, and I'm not even that big of a guy. I even ordered the XXL ones, and they were still squeezing my calves like a boa constrictor.<br /><br />Maybe avoid these if you are worried about something like that. If you're slender, these are probably amazing socks. They do feel comfortable and slightly padded, I just can't wear them.

| Janie J. 04-01-2021 16:34

Great quality

| Raymond G. 30-12-2020 20:10

I did not really care for them. If you guys had my last order available to see, then we would not have this issue. I was told, by the agent, that you don't keep those past orders on file. My unfortunate choice was to hear what she was describing to me. They are not the same as my last order, in which I was very impressed. Sorry this will not be the place I will use as a first choice. The socks sent had a thin stripe line at the top and thicker at the bottom. The originals were thick from top to bottom.

| Charlie C. 18-12-2020 00:20

Warm and comfortable

| Doug M. 17-12-2020 19:46

Besides being a quality sock, generous sized for my big feet with a high ankle, they double as a compression sock for the days i am on my feet all day. Not sure that was the intension but its a good thing in my book.

| BigT 16-12-2020 19:14

Many people complain about these socks being too tight. When I tried them, I agreed. Yet, I bought more. Why? Because I followed the advise in another review to fold the socks down. BINGO! They were way too high anyway, and now they fit perfect and STILL STAY UP!<br />At first, I tried stretching them, one at a time…over a LARGE round container (much bigger than my leg) to stretch and reshape them for several hours. But these things are so tough… it didn’t really help much. I had to FIGHT to stretch them over the container. They stood up to the abuse and sprung right back to almost exactly their original shape and size! But, THAT is the GOOD NEWS though, these socks may be thin… BUT MAN ARE THEY BUILT TOUGH! That would have RUINED most socks.<br />These sock being thin is also an advantage when folding them down and over too. Because the folded part blends right in to the bottom layer of sock, so it doesn’t look funny… if you fold them to the point that I did in the included photo. <br />As for negatives, I still wouldn’t call these great “lounging around the house socks”. But, they are great, well made, “getting out in the world socks” or “work socks” (Or, for anyone that absolutely hates how fast ordinary socks wear out).

| CYNTHIA F. 16-12-2020 18:02

The are gift. They look awesome.

| Richard L. 16-12-2020 16:55

Great socks however they come all the way over your calf to hot for SoCal so I'll put them away till I travel to were it's cooler. Or donate them to a shelter.

| Phil S. 01-12-2020 06:10

They do everything (good) you'd expect a sock to do. No faults no flaws. They're good.

| Justin C. 17-11-2020 22:25

I bought the x-large at academy. The foot part is great but the calf part is very tight. I feel the calf part of the socks are tighter than the compression socks I have. I'm a skinny guy and don't see how anyone with much more meat on their bones could wear these.

| Daryl E. 17-11-2020 17:55

These socks are the best I have ever had! They feel great on my feet and I am going to score more when I have the funds to do so. Thanks Carhart for thinking of my FEET!

| Taryn W. 11-11-2020 18:01

They are great!

| Zack L. 11-11-2020 13:31

Got the multi color (blue/green/red) 3 pack. Love the color shades. Very comfortable socks. Wish they were shorter. Prefer mid calf and these go up to the knee. Other than that, they exceed my expectations.

| pat t. 08-11-2020 19:41

These socks where donated to a homeless shelter with great reception. I would recommend this product for future purchases.

| Andrew M. 04-11-2020 17:03

The fit of the foot part of the sock is great. However, when I pull the sock all the way up my calf, it is so tight it is painful! That effectively makes the sock unwearable. Too bad, because they seem well made.

| James C. 03-11-2020 00:26

Fraying when I got them, calf area very small

| patrick M. 21-10-2020 16:50

What I look for in a sock is comfort, and fit. The sick must NOT fall down my leg during the day...Carhartt shines. Hands down the best 'stay up' sock I've worn.

| Jake R. 18-10-2020 20:21

Love them more than my Oakley and Nike socks.

| Damien S. 17-10-2020 18:10

Material feels different than standard cotton, to much polyester has been used

| Brian F. 16-10-2020 17:50

These sock run very small. I bought the same version in low cut and fit perfect. These around the leg are super tight. For string bean legs!

| Daniel R. 08-10-2020 18:32

Socks are great. Tight on the calves

| AJ V. 06-10-2020 22:40

These socks have an amazing texture. They're great if you like the slouchy look. Maybe I could loll around the house for awhile and lose some muscle and then I would be able to pull them up.

| Christopher L. 04-10-2020 22:08

Warm and mostly comfortable. Takes a few wears to stretch the fabric on the calf to a comfortable level - before this is done the socks can cause discomfort and some circulation loss. Band just before the knees from how tight these are, but silver lining is they stay up all day. Would recommend, especially for the price. Warm enough.

| Maxx M. 03-10-2020 17:05

Great socks, super comfortable. Looks just like the picture - works well with tennis shoes, work boots, or any shoe. Would recommend.

| jesse f. 02-10-2020 02:18

Socks feel good on foot . But calf way to tight. You need super skinny calf's

| Jeff P. 25-09-2020 17:15

The socks run true to size and hold up longer than any other sock I have used. The top does not loose it's shape and my feet can breath in them.

| Zackary G. 23-09-2020 19:17

I like these socks .... I love these socks I was out looking for something to stay up my leg all day when I’m out wearing my cowboy boots and I do lobe my boots ! They did the job great now have probably about 50 pairs and wear them every day all day and I work on assembly line so they can take a beaten

| ok n. 16-09-2020 23:50

Wow these are really tight. Cut off all circulation. If your legs are wider than 2" across. These are not for you.

| Mark C. 16-09-2020 17:26

They hold up pretty well for boots. Which is what I wear. The fabric wherw heel attachs to the top tears first but in general a good sock.

| Denise E. 16-09-2020 03:02

Husband’s FAVORITE sock, provides the best arch and calf support. Couldn’t find these in your store on our last visit. Found them online, and ordered them ASAP! Husband happy to have 6 new pair!! Definitely recommend.

| Christopher S. 14-09-2020 01:42

These socks are some of the best that I have tried.

| David F. 03-09-2020 15:12

Soft, robust, and able to handle a lot of movement. The one complaint I've seen on the reviews is how tight it is around the calves, I too have this issue, though I found that pulling it all the way up to my calves stretched the fabric and hurt my leg. Keeping it just below that point gives it a little more cushion for my feet and that compression sock-like feeling, though not painful. My main problem is how sweaty my feet get in them, though it doesn't feel that way till I take 'em off. No offensive smell, but washing one's toes is recommended after use. These are awesome socks for standing all day, since that's a requirement of my job.<br /><br />Overall, these are great socks, I will be purchasing more in the future, since they looks good and feel amazing.

| Jerry M. 24-08-2020 20:55

High quality, great fit, and they stay up. Very satisfied.

| Mr J. 19-08-2020 18:43

Highly Recomend

| Ralph S. 17-08-2020 12:49

I bought some of these in the extra large size. after one wash and dry they shrank so small i could barely get them on and they were so tight on my calf i could not wear them. I'm not sure what you are using as a sizing guide but unless you have calves the size of a broomstick you cant wear these socks.

| Rick N. 15-08-2020 16:49

The fit at the top is very tight that it leaves indentation Mark in your skin

| Dan S. 03-08-2020 00:17

love the socks just to tight

| Rhonda B. 02-08-2020 00:05

My husband got holes in all three pairs the first day he wore each of them, won’t buy again

| Bryce D. 29-07-2020 11:44

The tube of the sock comes a little too far up my leg. However it is a great comfortable sock that I'd buy again.

| Dixie J. 20-07-2020 22:05

Thank you to my wife for buying me a quality sock!

| Faith B. 18-07-2020 16:38

Not comfortable at all.

| Nicholas D. 05-07-2020 23:57

These are super comfortable. Feels great working a full day in boots. Good wicking quality and great price

| j3moran 05-07-2020 18:51

These socks did not work for my husband. They come almost to his knees, and they are very tight, despite the fact that his calves are very slim. <br /><br />I had hopes these would be like the Carhartt socks he had several years ago, but sadly they are not.

| Michael D. 03-07-2020 16:47

Comfortable and cool

| Jessica K. 01-07-2020 17:31

Great socks! My boyfriend is an arborist and always complains about his socks falling down. No complaints with these and I plan on ordering more!

| DAVID U. 29-06-2020 23:30

As usual, Carhartt rules! Thanks for the great socks!

| James F. 23-06-2020 17:53

Best work socks I’ve ever used

| Rick H. 08-06-2020 11:51

Great feel. Socks stay up in lace up and pull on boots.

| Andrew C. 07-06-2020 04:52

Very comfortable on the feet which is why I give it 2 stars instead of 1. But unwearable because they are too tight on the leg and ankle. These socks actually give me red marks for 24 hours after wearing them. My skin is raised in areas where the sock wrinkles and compressed elsewhere, leaving these red marks. I wore them once, but they really are unwearable. And my legs near my ankles are by no means very large.

| Thomas K. 02-06-2020 23:56

Don’t slip but are above calf socks not crew, also the elastic is a little to tight on the legs

| Diane G. 30-05-2020 17:11

Good fabric, long enough, sock covers leg to good height, durable. Worn them with athletic shoes and also work boots. Good value.

| Mark W. 29-05-2020 18:27

Very nice socks

| Michael L. 28-05-2020 16:37

Nice sock, runs small

| Shelby B. 25-05-2020 23:27

Very well made. A bit tight up top. Unless you have chicken legs But I’ll see how they are as they get worn and washed a few times

| Ross G. 23-05-2020 17:32

Great fit. I wish they were a a couple inches shorter, but overall I’m happy with them.

| David R. 15-05-2020 17:28

Comfortable, durable. Keep my feet cool

| Eric A. 14-05-2020 01:43

light, breathable, stay up and stay in place

| David K. 13-05-2020 11:30

These socks seem to be decent quality. I ordered the extra lrage. They are too tight on my calves and I can't wear them. I have tried a couple of times. At the end of the day, my calves are hurting from being so tight. They should call these compression socks.

| Thomas M. 11-05-2020 17:02

Happy with these socks. Easy to put on. Stay in place. Would like a touch more fabric on the toe and heel area. Good sock.

| David 07-05-2020 01:32

I can’t wear these socks. The calf fits like compression socks and dog in to my legs. Very unhappy with expensive socks that I can’t wear.

| Frank S. 29-04-2020 14:24

These socks don't slip/fall from your calf

| Robert M. 20-04-2020 20:31

These are great socks. They are soft and comfortable but also durable. They're nice and high for cooler weather. They don't feel heavy though. They don't leave my feet sweaty. I like that there are more color options now too.

| Donna B. 19-04-2020 17:54

We took an impromptu mountain trip last year. We thought we would be gone overnight and ended up being a week long trip. We had to stop to buy some “essentials”. These socks were among them. When we got home, my husband insisted we buy more!!!

| Andrew H. 17-03-2020 10:04

Not sure what it is about these socks but my feet don't feel sore at the end of the day. Repeat customer!

| Seth S. 15-03-2020 01:46

while i tend to love all things Carhartt. I truly like these socks , they keep my feet dry and the compression helps with my circulation. i'm 6,4" and cold feet is a perpetual issue these have seemed to help! <br /><br />i will say i could go for a bit more durability i have worn out a few pairs quicker than expected.

| Bergan O. 11-03-2020 23:05

Great all weather socks

| Carl S. 03-03-2020 20:25

Holes in heels aftet 3 days of work

| Matthew R. 21-02-2020 01:59

After my other work socks finally gave out, I decided to try some of these to go with my Carhartt boots. So far so good. They have a nice feel to them and are comfortable to work in. The only problem I have is they don’t give me a good “grip” when trying to push or pull objects. I don’t know if it’s the socks themselves, the insoles I have in the boots, or both but that has been the only complaint I have about these socks so far.

| Doug M. 11-02-2020 19:58

So far so good. Wore them a few times and have no complaints.

| Jeff A. 10-02-2020 00:19

From the ankle down they’re great however, the top band is much too tight, at least for me. It felt like having a rubber band around my leg. After one day, I can’t wear them as it was too uncomfortable. I’m 6’ ft and they went above my calf, which isn’t a big deal. I have to return them to the store.

| John F. 06-02-2020 02:09

These are among my favorite socks. Easy on and off, durable, warm, comfortable, not overly thick.

| Duane B. 17-01-2020 01:20

Very comfortable with good support

| Kelly W. 03-01-2020 23:16

Perfect fit

| Mark D. 27-12-2019 23:31

Excellent socks. I can wear through a twelve hour shift and never have to pull them up. Went back and bought six more pair. best socks I have ever purchased, so far.

| Josh W. 04-12-2019 00:18

They seem durable but I have big calves and they are super tight!!

| ScottS 19-11-2019 02:24

Light weight, breathable, comfortable, and durable. They do fit a little high for crew socks, and they are snug around the ankles but not too tight. This is an added benefit when wearing work boots or uniforms, as they don't slouch or loose elasticity, allowing them to stay in position for all day comfort. I work in the oil field and own several pairs.

| Peter B. 09-11-2019 10:21

Well made keep my feet dry and warm. Fit meter didn't work they are true to size

| Michael a. 23-10-2019 18:02

Awesome. Best socks I've ever owned.

| jim r. 15-10-2019 00:15

waaay too thin . zero cushioning. now I know why its on sale

| Adam M. 20-09-2019 04:19

Amazing socks....im very picky with what socks i wear with my Ariat Square Toe boots. I in fact couldnt find my original Browning socks for sale any more and tried 3 other types before finally deciding to search online for something very similar as to what i liked.<br />To my surprise, these socks are even more comfortable feeling less pressure less sweat, a little tighter in the calf (i have a slightly larger calf than some) but stretching out as i wear them daily.....i absolutely love these socks and will be ordering more!!!

| Kevin C. 18-09-2019 19:16

I just bought me a pack on Sunday and I’m wearing them to work now and I gotta say it’s worth the money. I’m a supervisor and I’m up on my feet all day. And my feet weren’t feeling fatigue at all at the end of the day. I love how they’re compression socks too it adds another boost of energy to my legs for a hard days work. I wish I was sponsored lol !

| Paige R. 03-09-2019 20:06

These are the best work socks my boyfriend has even owned. I’m so glad I got these for him. His feet don’t hurt after work anymore!

| Thomas O. 17-08-2019 16:02

Great product. A customer for many years.

| David c. 03-08-2019 21:45

Had these socks 2 weeks now. Im a professional mechanic so im on my feet all day in safety shoes. Im impressed by the comfort and dryness this is a well made sock! I like them better than "snap-on" socks for summer but in winter I'll probably stick too the thicker ones

| Ralph B. 28-07-2019 16:22

Fit too tightly

| KENNETH 21-07-2019 17:39

Very comfortable!

| Ross L. 17-07-2019 16:52

Socks have good cushion and soft but too constricting on the legs. I'm average size with size 11 feet . These fit like compression socks from ankles to over the calf. Unfortunately, they're so uncomfortable I can't wear them. I wish I hadn't bought so many pairs without trying first.

| matt s. 07-07-2019 17:31

Wear theses socks all week. I work on my feet in boots all day. Keeps my feet dry. use to change socks 2x a day. No longer

| Theodore L. 05-07-2019 23:04

Work as advertised

| Don G. 04-07-2019 18:24

Bought my first three pairs in January. After wearing them for a couple of weeks I knew I had to have more. I am impressed by how these socks stay up when wearing. No sagging here. Great product. If you looking for a support stocking this is it.

| Jeremy J. 03-07-2019 17:06

A little disappointed. Thought I was buying crew socks. These are what I would call over the calf socks. I am a fan of Carhartt socks, but they need to make a crew sock that is actually like a crew sock such as the older style Carhartt's were. These are too tall for me.

| Dave C 02-07-2019 11:32

These socks fit tight on the calf and feel like a compression sock. They fit just below the knee and fit my size 10 foot fine. They won't slide down during the day so they make a good boot sock. One pair did get a hole just above the ankle the first or second time I wore it, but that's the only one out of 6 pair and it hasn't got bigger after 6 months.

| Leon S. 01-07-2019 19:20

Snug fit for my size 14 feet, said for size 13-15.

| Jonathan F. 20-06-2019 21:13

The best pair of socks they have made yet

| DAVID C. 07-06-2019 02:03

All I can say is Wow! I like the fit and feel of these socks. These socks do come up the calf quite a bit, but I like that. I believe they will work well year round in this area. Thanks Carhartt!

| Hunter B. 20-05-2019 16:50

Comfortable but way to tight around shin area. Otherwise they are a great sock

| troy G. 18-05-2019 18:49

The socks are too tall. Buy the shorter ones. I read the reviews and noticed that people had mentioned it. So I measured the socks I had already to compare to the online measurements and these socks are much longer than advertised when put on. Other than being incredibly long they are great socks.

| Mark L. 03-05-2019 19:03

The top of the socks are too small for my calves. They are so binding that I can't wear them.

| Adam B. 16-04-2019 18:42

Not bulky, slip in and out of my work boots wonderfully, and most important, they stay up all day, no sagging!

| Harry A. 12-04-2019 20:35

So tight couldn’t even wear them, disappointed i wear carhartt from head to toe year round size 13 shoe ordered xl. Size chart appears inaccurate for these socks. Nice quality but only for people with small legs and feet

| Russ C. 05-04-2019 20:43

overpriced for durability. The third time I wore them they developed a hole above the ankle. the material just separated. The cheaper socks I have lasted 18 months

| Sanford S. 14-03-2019 22:17

Great socks, very comfortable

| Thomas K. 28-02-2019 19:47

These would be perfect, but I didn’t realize they would be over the calf socks.

| Joseph A. 26-02-2019 20:30

They are long, almost to the knee. Comfortable

| Christopher L. 11-02-2019 03:27

Love them, comfortable and fit wonderfully. Warm and the wicking works wonders. My feet sweat terribly and these definitely make a difference in keeping my feet dry.

| DB 06-02-2019 12:57

Do not purchase these socks off you have thick ankles or calves. Had a hard time putting them on and have some discomfort. Besides the tightness in the ankles they do feel good around the feet.

| Joseph M. 30-01-2019 00:03

Great stock's, I love them! never disappointed with Carhartt, keep up the good work.

| dwight o. 29-01-2019 20:13

They are soft and comfortable in the soles, and fit well in the length. However, I have found them to be very tight on the calves, as they leave indentations no matter where I wear them on my leg (over the calf, or pulled down to mid calf or below), and I'd say my calves are average sized, so probably too tight if you have large calves. Can't judge durability well as I've not had them for long.

| Ramcorp 25-01-2019 23:02

Nice tight fit. Stays up all day, don’t slide down leg.

| Ron G. 18-01-2019 01:42

Very comfortable socks felt all work day

| Double-E 11-01-2019 13:08

I’ve only had one day wearing these socks, so take my experience for what it is, not the be all end all. The socks are ok. My greatest disappointment is that nowhere in the description does it say they are over the calf socks. It just says crew socks. The cuff at the top is very tight and will likely cause discomfort after about 6 hours of wearing. I don’t have tree trunks for calves, so I imagine most will experience discomfort. I work 12 hour shifts, so these were not a good purchase for me. My cheap Target boot socks lasted about 3 years before the socks started getting holes in them (not in the foot, but in the crew cut area). Carhartt, please make your descriptions more clear. I will likely not buy again online because of that issue.

| kenny256 06-01-2019 05:12

i have an older pair of these that are excellent. They have a heavy ribbed ankle brace section around the top of the ankle that works perfectly for my boots. These old socks are nearly indestructible even after heavy wear and use. i've worn them 3 days a week for several years.<br /><br />So i thought these are great, why not buy some more and wear them everyday.<br /><br />Well i'm thoroughly disappointed in the design changes, and disgusted at the flimsy attempt to copy the older version. The new ones use thinner and fewer stitches in the calf section and lacks the ribbing--they are like see-thru stockings compared to the older version.<br /><br />Here's how you can tell. The ankle brace section of the new ones have vertical even-length colored stripes around the back above the ankle. The older version has short stripes on the back side which get progressively longer as the chevron pattern moves toward the front. This can be seen in the attached photos.<br /><br />The new calf section is not as thick and sturdy, and lacks the ribbed pattern of the older version.<br /><br />i wish Renfro would go back to the old version, they should be ashamed of producing the newer ones.

| Jamie B. 21-12-2018 01:19

Very comfortable socks. Never fall down but are a little constricting for guys with big calves. Breathable too. Not recommended for winter use since they allow the cold air through too much. Chilly piggies!

| 55 Chevy 11-12-2018 17:50

I bought these socks in large cause they don't come in medium. I didn't think they would fit too well, but I couldn't pass up the sale for a 3 pk. When I got them, I tried them on and they fit like a glove. They're really soft and comfortable. Warm but my feet don't sweat. I now have 9 GREAT pair of socks that I can wear year round. Of course they're the best, they're Carhartt!!!

| John F. 07-10-2018 01:59

Absolutely great socks. Feet stay dry, and socks do not slide down. I would recommend them to anyone.

| Wesley 03-10-2018 01:28

These socks have been good and lasted about a year until they got holes

| Juan A. 02-09-2018 14:24

These socks are awesome!! The cushion and the way they stay up and not come down on your ankle is great!!

| Billy D. 26-08-2018 17:27

I’m a machinist and on my feet for 10 hrs on concrete. These are the best socks I’ve bought out of a couple of higher end athletic socks and various tube socks in a bag over the years. I bought them in white due to perspiration in boots. They are like walking on a foam cushion compared to my other work socks, and less perspiration and little to none of the little balls of cotton stuck in the heels of my boots or balling on the socks themselves. I bought 3 packs to try and buying 3 more so I can throw away and replace all of my work socks.

| Tracie A. 07-08-2018 19:41

Perfect fitting socks that don’t fall down!

| Bradley J. 23-07-2018 00:45

The best sock that has ever been on my feet!! I will NEVER wear any other sock!!!!!

| Anthony P. 22-07-2018 17:33

The length of the sock is too long, they come up to the knees, I am 6’0 tall. The socks keep my feet sort of dry, they could work a little better. I rate them average.

| William K. 20-06-2018 21:29

First time with these socks. Was skeptical at first but after wearing first time they were very supportive and comfortable. Will purchase more forcevsocks in the future.

| Volkert W. 11-06-2018 18:39

Very comfortable to the foot, but little tight around the calfs.

| Gregory M. 28-05-2018 02:50

The socks are well made and feel great.However, these being crew socks, are too tight around the calf area. I fold the socks down so I can wear them.Probably will not purchase these again in a crew, I will probably go with the low cut next time.

| MICHELLE S. 10-05-2018 09:39

Feels great in the boots

| Dale W. 02-05-2018 19:45

awesome love them

| Rob P. 15-04-2018 17:37

Comfortable sock to wear with my work boots almost year round.

| Justin C. 05-04-2018 12:15

I have several different colors and styles of these, and my wife keeps stealing them. They are some of the best I've found for comfort and funky feet.

| Steven B. 30-03-2018 18:03

Best socks I’ve ever owned

| Patrick G. 21-02-2018 13:53

great socks

| Ethan K. 02-07-2017 03:46

I've used these socks daily for my last three years in the military. They have served me well on 30 degree days and 100 plus degree days. I used to get blisters and athletes foot, never had another issue once I switched to these socks full time. I recommend them to all my battle buddies when they ask about socks.

| Marla F. 09-04-2017 23:23

My husband loves carhartt socks. They fit nice and comfortable

| David A. 01-04-2017 01:34

I am really happy because it did not take that long to arrived, I have an other six pares and they are really confy, I like them a lot.

| James S. 20-12-2016 00:00

Great socks. Super comfortable and never fail to keep my feet dry.

| Jason B. 21-10-2016 22:56

These are some of the most comfortable socks I have worn with my work boots. They could be tight if you have large calves. Socks do not slide down and my feet no longer feel sweaty or stink when wearing my work boots for 12 hours.

| David M. 18-09-2016 16:54

I purchased these socks in the hopes they were close to the comfort and durability of the Carhartt # A2091. Not even close! These will go to the back of my sock drawer for "last resort" socks. I'll keep looking for a durable comfortable sock that, for some reason, you dis-continued. I think Deluth Trading may have the answer or maybe Smartwool.

4.05 stars based on 165 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.05 stars based on 165 reviews

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| Briana R. 07/09/22

Great work socks. They hold up well in boots as well. They wash well. Colors are matchable to pants. Quality is good.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Dan M. 06/13/21

Great socks will be my go to sock from now on

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Jonathan C. 06/03/21

Great work sock. Both comfortable and seem durable thus far. Thanks for another good product!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| John P. 05/31/21

Love them,sooooo comfortable

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Chris M. 05/18/21

My husband and sons love them! They say they keep your feet dry....dont get sweaty! They all work construction

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Tim N. 05/14/21

Good comfortable socks. I wear them every day.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Preston E. 05/08/21

Very comfortable, and in all honesty these are some of the best socks I’ve ever worn to work. Sore feet are definitely out of the picture with how well they are designed to cushion your feet while on the move. Wouldn’t recommend any other brand.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Crystal 04/21/21

His favorite everyday work sock. The don’t ride down they wash well and don’t make his feet sweat.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Randy H. 04/21/21

Best socks ever, stays where you pull them up to and don't ride down. Never have I had socks to stay where they were suppose to.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Steve 04/06/21

These are great socks, very comfortable, my feet don't sweat. Best of all they stay up all day and don't slide down my legs.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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