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A267 - Force Helmet Liner

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The Force Helmet Liner features:

  • 92% polyester/8% spandex blend with fleeced interior for comfort and warmth
  • Carhartt Force fabric with FastDry® technology wicks away sweat for comfort
  • Fights odor
  • Full-facial protection that extends below the neckline
  • Face mask pulls down the chin when not needed 
  • Fast-seam construction enhances comfort 
  • Carhartt logo printed on front
  • Carhartt Force® logo printed on back
  • Imported
| nicholas s. 07-11-2022 09:07

I now have my winter walking accessory I was missing!

| christopher k. 27-10-2022 18:18

It's nice, a little small

| Julian V. 18-10-2022 19:23

Great liner

| Karen K. 28-09-2022 17:57

I unfortunately got injured and only got to wear this once so far.I work in a freezer that’s maybe 0-5 degrees. For the time I did have it on, I was definitely a lot warmer.

| Larry C. 03-09-2022 17:40

It works great just by itself.

| Fernando B. 10-06-2022 17:25

It’s a really nice face mask for a Ohio winter. Keep that cold air out of your face.

| Mike 25-05-2022 10:23

Exactly what I expected . Great for winter

| Marcellous A. 07-05-2022 11:57

It fits perfectly

| Ian C. 27-04-2022 16:58

Wasnt the one exactly like In the photo

| Sam 18-03-2022 17:31

Ligh enough to breathe and well made, keeping your head and ears protected against winds and cold.

| Kenneth H. 17-03-2022 15:26

Great product, fits great and material feels good on skin

| David C. 16-03-2022 17:06

Awesome keeps head warm

| David W. 08-03-2022 09:44

Good made product

| David A. 04-03-2022 21:20

I like the fit and the feel. Well made!

| Brian T. 04-03-2022 00:40

Fits great!! Keeps my face, ears

| Joy A. 03-03-2022 19:37

This is the third one we have bought. It is of the same quality material and keeps you warm but it is shorter than the previous ones. It does not reach down and cover the neck as well. Also a lot right across the face. Don’t change things that are already great.

| Elias D. 03-03-2022 12:25

It long enough at the neck doesn’t stay tucked in shirt

| Darrell B. 03-03-2022 03:38

Fits perfect

| Lyric W. 02-03-2022 19:03

This is very nice , and u can use it as a face mask.

| A R. 28-02-2022 18:24

Like it a lot. Perfect! Would highly recommend.

| Ryan O. 25-02-2022 18:06

Other comments were accurate. If you attempt to pull the front up over your nose, it pulls up and exposes your neck. Additionally, no impact, but aesthetically, the logo is not at the top of the head as pictured, it’s placed along the neck line. Rating of 5 for warmth, quality. Rating of 1 for functionality due to rising neck line. Average overall rating of 3.

| dylan a. 22-02-2022 23:07

Very comfortable and reliable

| BLAKE T N. 21-02-2022 18:39

Received a defected product and was promised a new one in the mail a few months ago never received it the Carhartt logo is printed on the neck and not the top of the mask

| Nick D. 21-02-2022 18:26

Keeps my head warm during my cold bike ride commute!

| Sherri S. 15-02-2022 22:59

Bought for a welder and he loves it.

| Enrique G. 11-02-2022 04:22

Warm and comfortable!

| Richie W. 20-12-2021 21:59

What I received is different than what’s advertised, it’s shorter than the picture, so the bottom of my neck gets a breeze when I look up or pull the shield up, (speaking for a big guy, maybe different for smaller people), but overall it definitely keeps my head warm.

| Gerhard R. 16-12-2021 20:48

It’s great

| Jon T. 09-12-2021 22:17

Jon is receiving this as a gift for Christmas 2021. However his father-in-law has loved his helmet liner for several years!

| DEBBIE D. 04-12-2021 15:23

These liners were purchased as Christmas gifts but after looking them over I know my grandsons will really like them.

| Benjamin T. 01-12-2021 18:30

This is warm, comfortable and versatile. It can be worn so many different ways.

| Algelys V. 26-11-2021 22:39

I dislike that the logo was on the bottom of the force helmet liner it didn’t have the logo as shown on picture on top by the forehead….

| Bodybyzach 25-11-2021 19:47

Great and comfy with warmth

| Shawn E. 22-11-2021 04:52

Best liner I've bought in a long time great in the Cold I'd definitely buy again 6 years old still like new .

| Kolby T. 18-11-2021 21:30

Even though I was mislead by the name of the color and ended up ordering shadow/Dark grey instead of Black I am overall satisfied with the product, but you guys should consider extending the neck covering piece.

| Tim H. 29-10-2021 20:51

Good quality but too short. not made for people over 6'. My neck is still exposed with it pulled all the way down. Not made for tall people. Of course I threw away all the packaging before I tried it on.

| Glorianna M. 09-06-2021 22:34

Fits and is durable

| E. L. 08-06-2021 04:33

Not what is pictured! When I pulled the flap up to cover my nose and mouth, it leaves my neck and chin exposed. Complete waste of money. It defeats the purpose of not being exposed to the cold wind. Buy one for skiing, snowmobiling or motorcycling that covers the front of the neck with the flap over the nose.

| Jarel P. 04-06-2021 15:24

?????? y’all did y’all thang with this best mask out here

| Michael R. 12-05-2021 17:43

Fits great

| Edward J. 03-05-2021 19:32

Perfect for cold weather

| Crystal 21-04-2021 18:10

This is great to keep you warm in the winter. Protects your face from all the elements. Wearing this makes a huge difference in the amount of time I can spend outside

| Joel L 08-04-2021 13:41

I highly recommend the Carhartt Force Helmet Liner Mask. It does a great job of keeping my head warm and wicking away any sweat. One of my favorite features is that the "mask" part is easy to pull down under my chin when it's not needed and then pull back up when the wind picks up.

| Salesio A. 20-03-2021 14:38

Nice producti

| Kevin G. D. 18-03-2021 05:15


| Cody T. 17-03-2021 22:52

Great fit. Keeps you warm and wicks moisture well.

| Barbara B. 17-03-2021 17:01

We are in Northern California but it dips into the 30s. What is does do is blow. We get crazy winds here and that cold wind hurts my ears. This has been wonderful. I wore it at the gas station the other day and a lady saw me and asked where she could gt one. Go carhart!!

| greg e. 15-03-2021 11:30

I think it is a great product and would recommend it to my friends.

| Chris D. 14-03-2021 19:43

Very comfy and protecting of face and neck just wish the neck part went down a little further otherwise a good product

| Isaiah M. 14-03-2021 16:51

Great all around I love the quality.

| James I. 12-03-2021 14:13

Got this for coronavirus n it is Great

| Martel B. 09-03-2021 21:44

Totally worth it. I’ll be getting a few different colors soon

| April S. 08-03-2021 17:57

Love it! My son is wearing it at College when he runs! Soft, felts very well, Thank YOU!

| MARTIN P. 07-03-2021 19:19

Very nice, love everything about it.

| Julie F. 06-03-2021 04:13

Very good for extreme cold weather. My husband was using it for cross country skiing or walking in the wintertime. He would wear this without a hat over it.

| Jacob P. 05-03-2021 23:03

Everything about my mask was perfect! i can pull over my nose or under my chin!

| John F. 04-03-2021 19:16

Very satisfied

| Todd R. 04-03-2021 19:03

fits snug, no wind in the ear canal, hard hat fits easily over the liner

| Devon H. 03-03-2021 17:50

This is an amazing item. I’d really recommend this to people that have an interest in these types of accessories.

| Demarkez B. 01-03-2021 17:45

It’s good quality and very comfortable

| Deon S. 01-03-2021 17:41

I bought this for my husband and he loves it.

| Lucas M. 01-03-2021 01:53

This has made working outside in -20 degree days bare able to get the job done! The inside is so soft on the face and comfortable you’ll find yourself not wanting to take it off. Fits perfectly under your Carhartt hat and hard hat.

| alfred h. 26-02-2021 04:21

Very warm, battle tested.

| Carol N. 25-02-2021 22:29

Fits perfect and is exactly what was needed! Thank you!

| Joseph W. 24-02-2021 19:28

Love it. Just wish the neck went a little lower to protect more from wind. Otherwise, thin and wind resistant. Great liner.

| Richard L. 23-02-2021 00:54

Love carhartt liner mask Own two

| Jose T. 22-02-2021 22:39

Not very water resistant ,

| Simone W. 21-02-2021 14:49

My boyfriend loves it. It keeps him warm during his work day without making him sweat. It’s a good alternative or addition to a face covering. He also has hair past his shoulders and it has enough stretch to fit comfortably.

| Clifford D. 19-02-2021 19:08

Everything I needed, very satisfied

| Mason T. 19-02-2021 13:19

Great product! Worn every day this winter. Fit a little loose but fit perfectly after initial washing.

| ArielJose R. 18-02-2021 20:12

I like the fit it’s very comfortable

| Marcus C. 17-02-2021 21:44


| Bilal E. 17-02-2021 18:18

One of the best purchases I’ve made this winter.

| TyroneDonegal S. 16-02-2021 18:10

Keep the head and face nice and warm

| Andrew R. 15-02-2021 18:56

Was excited for this piece till I put it on. The neck part comes up which doesn’t cover neck you can pull it down but it just comes back up. Wish they made the neck part longer.

| Andrew S. 14-02-2021 02:35

This balaclava is usable. Head cover isn’t too tight. Pushing it back let’s you use it as a face mask. But pushing the head cover back does make the front of it a bit short for a really comfortable neck gaiter... still good piece of gear

| Laurent D. 12-02-2021 07:27

Given current Covid issues, this could be better for the working class up in the Cold north. Design a bendable metal nose bridge to keep moisture from fogging glasses. Also ad a filter holder for better mask requirements. If you stuck to Carhartt being the best, then make it from natural fibre like wool and cotton and I will buy two, and you will sell a lot more.

| 1 2. 12-02-2021 07:19

Great liner, keeps me working 60 hrs a week in the Oregonian outdoors.

| Alex S. 11-02-2021 18:51

Awesome !!!

| Charles C. 10-02-2021 18:00

It’s great honestly! Maybe my beard is too large for the helmet liner mask, but I just wish it was a bit longer down the neck. seeing as tho I work outside in the cold, I have to tie my Carhartt hoodie drawstrings together to keep the cold air from touching the bottom of my neck.

| Alexey S. 09-02-2021 21:58

Good product. Can’t beat this price and quality.

| Jose G. 09-02-2021 17:42

Pretty great product. It's soft and warm. Very comfortable and it's snug without being too tight. My only complaint is that Its too short to wear it as helmet liner if you are using a chin strap. I wish the chin part that covered the neck area was much longer.

| Jerome M. 09-02-2021 17:39

Awesome mask at an awesome price!!! ??

| DEBBIE C. 08-02-2021 13:50

Very warm, perfect thickness.

| lisa g. 07-02-2021 11:56

Brought it for a family member. They love it.

| Elizabeth L. 06-02-2021 17:57

I bought the bright neon yellow color for work and so far it fits well and it warm. There’s a fleece lining on the inside. It’s well made and covers my ears which is very important.

| Aron H. 05-02-2021 17:55

Excellent shirts I’m on my 3rd generation of them !

| LOUIS F. 05-02-2021 17:07

I really like almost everything about this product except for the fact that when sweating the material does not dry fast enough to continue using it through the rest of the work day. I’ve had to remove it because it became uncomfortable with a wet head in 25 degree weather. It takes hours to dry. I’ve learned to not wear it during times of high activity but instead use it when activity is low and I’m mostly working in one spot for hours at a time.

| Waylon T. 04-02-2021 02:13

I had had one of these for years now. I wear mine every day at work during winter. My head, ears, and face stay warm all day! Great product!

| Jabaria W. 03-02-2021 22:56

Nice and warm

| Marilyn J. 03-02-2021 18:46

This product is awesome. It Keeps the cold air out and keeps my head and face warm. Great fit very soft fabric. The Best $25 dollars spent. highly recommend.

| Magdalena F. 02-02-2021 22:25

Warm for this cold season.

| Kimberley D. 31-01-2021 18:52

Great product - good quality, nice color, kept me warm and doubled as a mask! The only downfall is that it’s kinda large for the average woman. I am 5’5 and a muscular 140lbs with a head size of 7 1/4 and it was large on me. After washing hot and tumble drying, it’s a better fit.

| Gabrielle M. 30-01-2021 02:49

This is the perfect Balaclava/Ski Mask. I jog; it’s perfect for when it’s extremely cold (it keeps the cold wind away of my ears). I recommend it for anyone that jogs/works outside and wants to keep the cold out .

| William G. 27-01-2021 18:45

It fits really well

| Judy R. 26-01-2021 20:17

I bought it for a friend and he really loves it

| Donnie F. 24-01-2021 07:34

I love it.I work in the wind a lot.Wind chill was 17 degrees it performed flawlessly.

| Alan 23-01-2021 18:47

Works great

| Susana M. 22-01-2021 17:54

Super comfy

| Theodore S. 20-01-2021 19:04

great useful

| Sarah G. 19-01-2021 18:42

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend. He works in electrical and is often outside in the cold for long periods of time. He says that is “amazing!” It fits well under his hard hat and the face mask is great it can be worn with out with out the hood up! He would highly recommend it!

| Jack C. 18-01-2021 22:46

Warm and comfortable. 100% recommend

| Mary W. 17-01-2021 22:33

So warm and comfortable fit - using for winter bike rides

| Gabriel C. 17-01-2021 19:41

love this piece it is great

| Shaun D P. 16-01-2021 18:53

I love this thing! I don’t use a hard hat or a helmet. Just use this as headwear. Convenient design with the mask thing and all. It also keeps me plenty warm a as bud is comfortable while doing so. I ordered 2 and will be ordering more.

| connie s. 14-01-2021 18:14

My husband loves his .

| Darlene M. 06-01-2021 18:05

this mask is great quality. my son wears on windy days and now due to COVID restrictions i want to buy more thank you

| Danny B. 05-01-2021 23:12

I liked this liner so well I bought all the adults in the house one, not only are these great helmet liners they also work great just wearing them as another layer and the mask pulls off the face easily ??

| fe_foxx 03-01-2021 11:35

Excellent for cold weather and fits under my hard hat and welding hood well! Highly recommend this product, also has a built in mask for Covid-19 PPE requirements on my job site!

| Kenayata L. 01-01-2021 19:30

I love Carhartt products but this fit too big, if I could've gotten my money back I would have and got another brand.

| Thomas R. 31-12-2020 17:51

Have not had a chance to use it yet but it’s nicely made as usual

| Nicolas N. 27-12-2020 17:08


| Patrick W. 22-12-2020 14:05

I love the wat this fits!<br /> Nice and snug!<br />!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| Marquitos 20-12-2020 02:46

Great head sock! A must during these Michigan winters.

| Alicia H. 13-12-2020 04:11

I purchased for my husband who works in construction. He really liked this to wear under his hard hat. I will be buying more soon.

| Phillip W. 08-12-2020 22:23

Awesome and very comfortable

| Val 06-12-2020 02:14

I wasn't sure if I'd be happy with "soft and squishy" from Carhartt, but this thing is sweet - like a balaclava but all snug and soft.

| Larry D. 03-12-2020 00:21

Works great just too short. Barely covers past my chin, have to cover my neck with something else.

| Sylvia B. 02-12-2020 20:04

Purchased for husband. He loves it. Great quality! Perfect fit.

| Michael B. 02-12-2020 19:41

There is the annoying manufacturer's tag inside that will scratch your face.

| Darcy Z. 30-11-2020 22:49

Keeps my head warm in cold weather on the construction site.

| Sergio P. 27-11-2020 18:13

This liner mask is perfect I wear this and a beanie over it early in the mornings!! Northern California has its cold days but this is must have!! Material is soft and it’s durable!! Great job on this piece!!

| Tyler N. 24-11-2020 17:34

Its comfortable and warm and thin enough at the top to wear your hard hat comfortably

| Anthony A. 21-11-2020 17:34

This liner Work excellent underneath my fresh air hood block the cold air with a face mask and keep my head warm. My coworkers asked me about it because they seen how well it worked I would buy another one

| Dalton D. 21-11-2020 14:32

This liner keeps my head and neck warm from the cold winds that are always blowing on the waterfront. Fits great under my hard hat and I will always be wearing these come winter time. Highly highly highly recommend!

| Michael W. 16-11-2020 18:28

Love it! Fits great and warm.

| Paul L. 12-11-2020 18:13


| Tyler J. 11-11-2020 19:23

Used it in the mountains during blizzards and high cold wind. I used it with beanie as well. Kept me warm! I wish it was longer at the neck, if it was 1-2 inches longer I’d give it a 5/5, no doubt

| MICHAEL S. 08-11-2020 00:17

Amazing! Cuts the wind and keeps you warm

| Roel P. 07-11-2020 17:48

The masks are not for everyone

| BamBam 07-11-2020 00:17


| Joseph P. 04-11-2020 13:41

I got this for my ride down to work and I love it - I got a couple more so I can swap them out for washes. I like how you can pull the mouth down or pull the top back

| Tars.M 01-11-2020 20:33

I feel it is really good decision to buy more! With pandemic situation and weather taking turn to cold, this mask would be much more comfortable, since they are made so good!

| eric K. 31-10-2020 16:55

Very comfortable wearing alone as a head and face covering

| Brian m. 16-10-2020 22:46

Very comfortable as well warm love this force helmet liner!

| Candi V. 07-10-2020 16:44

Husband spends hours outside in the winter and this mask keeps him warm and moving. Great for snow and windy winter days. Great product!

| Anthony W. 29-09-2020 02:35

wear this under my helmet for additional warmth without overheating

| Jonathan T. 28-09-2020 01:18

I ordered this to use when I go track my car and it looks and feels great. Exactly what I wanted for a good price. I wore it the whole day, even without my helmet since it was chilly out and it covers my mouth and nose. Feel like a ninja at the track.

| Drew V. 05-09-2020 17:42

Everything fits great, perfect for working working cows in winter.

| George A. 02-09-2020 22:15

I work in a freezer where the temp. Is 25 degrees and my bald head and ears are warm and the mask covers my mouth for Covid 19. Thank you Carthartt, great job.

| Isaac B. 28-07-2020 20:38

Masks are here to stay it seems, this is just good planning on my part, for a change!

| Renee F. 09-07-2020 21:37

Good product but to hot ?? for Arizona.

| Daniel R. 02-07-2020 14:05

This mask is very comfortable, nice and warm. The part that covers your mouth and nose can easily be pulled down under your chin, and/or the part that goes over your head can be pulled back almost like a hood...giving you a few options if you need to cool down. This is better than a typical 'ski mask'.

| Pedro E. 16-06-2020 19:38

Love it feels great is warm Temperatures around 35 degrees where I work very nice.

| Guy A. 12-06-2020 21:28

REALLY wanted to like this helmet liner but it's just too small. It stretches enough for me to put it on, but that causes every part to get shortened. Can't cover nose well, the neck doesn't come down to my shirt collar, and the skullcap is too small and tight.<br />REALLY wish it was available in a larger (much larger) size.<br />REALLY well made, the material is very comfortable, and the design is outstanding.<br />Sorry to have to return it.

| Pedro C. 02-06-2020 15:51

Perfect for colder days.<br />Throw an additional beanie on for more warmth

| Christina W. 16-05-2020 17:58

It’s was for my father. He loves it washable for my mom to wash

| Felipe M. 16-05-2020 17:13

Real good quality works well

| Arturo F. 15-05-2020 19:29

Great product well made American product great fabric as well

| Adam C. 01-05-2020 17:59

Great I love them

| R.D 30-04-2020 23:18

Quality material,I work outside in all kinds of weather and this product maintained a comfortable fit,Definitely recommend,I will be ordering a couple more than a future. Thanks.

| Shaju A. 30-04-2020 22:14

The material is lightweight and yet warm. It is very durable and comfortable to wear with or without a helmet.

| Ernest B. 29-04-2020 18:48

Very nice fit ... Breathable..

| Terry B. 28-04-2020 12:43

It fits well it does exactly what I needed to do I love it

| Tun W. 28-04-2020 03:27

the fit is just right, it is light but warm. covers the ears nicely. mask is easy on

| kenneth H. 25-04-2020 23:49

Nice for under hard hat

| Chris R. 24-04-2020 18:13

Great quality hands down ????

| Allen S. 23-04-2020 12:47

Still haven't tested it in public but nice fit

| Deanna J. 19-04-2020 20:57

Second one purchased! Lightweight, warm but not hot, not itchy, comfortable, easy to put on and wear with goggles or with a hooded jacket. Best feature golden retriever hair does not stick on it! Love this product!

| Bryan v. 11-04-2020 20:01

Great durability

| Jackie 03-04-2020 03:27

This is my new favorite accessory. This works fantastic under my riding helmet and doesn't bind. It's very warm but also breathes. I have one and am going to be buying more.

| Ruben R. 25-02-2020 18:35

Very Warm..... fantastic

| Lionsblood L. 13-02-2020 03:02

I love this liner it fits under my hard hat perfect and still keeps me warm even in blizzards. I don’t like to wear hats under my hard hat because it never fits right but with this it’s great. My only downside is that I have a beard and it tough on the face cover but that’s my fault. The face flap doe shower seem to get caught backwards a lot and tough to find to pull up so I find myself fixing every now and again but still could be due to my beard and gloves. I will for sure continue to use and purchase these in our Michigan winter days

| Guillermo S. 11-02-2020 12:23

love it made my cold days a bit easier, but the forehead could be covered a bit more.

| p t. 05-02-2020 11:36

I am in charge of the Utility Division for our Town. My employees and myself end up having to work outside in all kinds of weather her in New England. This is my go-to face mask for all of my men. It works great whether used under a hard hat or just alone!

| Brian D. 23-01-2020 00:12

delivering propane on Donner Summit is just a little more tolerable now thanks to this little gem

| RAFAEL M. 12-01-2020 01:00

Amazing warm for how thin it is. Also wind does not penetrate. It wicks sweat and dries very fast. Excellent product.

| Michelle S. 10-01-2020 02:48

Falls off as soon as I put my mask on one size does not fit all I cannot wear it

| Michael T. 04-01-2020 19:13

Perfect and as described. Great for walks with the dog on a cold day or skiing!

| Steven C. 25-12-2019 18:01

Light and comfortable.

| Felicia C. 22-12-2019 19:57

It arrived on time and was in perfect condition

| John T. 20-12-2019 23:06

I love it!

| Cynthia S. 15-12-2019 20:43

My sister exchanged it for one with thinsolate

| Jay M. 11-12-2019 21:33

Perfect for working out in the cold. Fits very nicely under my hard hat. Overall I'm satisfied. I recommend.

| Matt 07-12-2019 20:36

Nice and warm fit,i recomend it

| Anthony C. 04-12-2019 15:33

This full head beanie is great. The material on the inside is soft and keeps my head/face warm when its cold out. Fits nicely under my hard hat or biking helment. Great product and great brand.

| Anthony K. 18-11-2019 02:15

I love it I work outside and it is so warm

| Sydney C. 17-11-2019 00:06

Perfect for winter

| Sam 15-11-2019 18:02

My only complaint with this mask is that it does not cover the neck. If it was a little longer it would be perfect.

| Matt T. 13-11-2019 17:22

First off this product is fantastic in the cold weather. The only downfall may not apply to all but for those with slightly larger head size the neck portion needs to be longer. Having full face coverage leaves part of the neck open. It would be great if the neck was to long but to short at times becomes a problem.

| Ivey B. 06-11-2019 14:49

I love this helmet liner because it fits my jobs hard hat safety regulations and its super comfortable due to the soft fleece lining. <br /><br />The movable mouth piece is a plus for cold days where the only time you want to remove it is when you HAVE to talk to some one.

| Jamie M. 03-11-2019 19:31

I absolutely love this bike everywhere on my bike in California and some mornings it can be 40 to 50° and under my helmet this thing is amazing I ended up ordering another one

| simon B. 14-10-2019 01:29

I would recommend this for outside work and or activities, keeps the cold off

| Brad J. 27-09-2019 01:27

These face masks are the best. I work in very cold weather in the winter on the drilling rigs in ND and Colorado. Have tried many different brands and they never perform as well as this one. If you want a great mask for cold weather, this is the one

| Jason W. 22-09-2019 20:20

It is thicker than most head socks, so i thought it would be a little bulky and much hotter in my helmet. But it was just the opposite. The extra padding actually felt more comfortable, and i actually stayed cooler than usual. I sweat a ton, so after on use of a normal thin head socks, its saturated and my helmet padding is also already wet. But this head sock absorbers the sweat, i feel mkre comfortable and my helmet is still dry. <br /><br />Between track runs, i shook out this head sock, laid it out to dry, and it was dry before my next ryn.

| Daren K. 24-04-2019 02:44

It is made out of an excellent material which is both soft and really warm.<br /><br />However, the front part and neck tube are too small. I needed to choose between covering my nose and my lower neck.

| Michael Q. 25-03-2019 11:22

I would recommend this

| Sam O. 18-03-2019 01:59

The thing I like most about this is the tight fit. Seems to be the perfect thickness/warmth. I also like its adjustability. P.S. I couldn't rate the durability because I just received it.

| Shelby C. 07-03-2019 02:28

Absolutely love it!

| Dayne S. 04-03-2019 13:34

Game changer on cold days. It fits snug which it better for me but if you have a big head it may be small for you.

| James L. 23-02-2019 19:00

Comfortable, warm, and versatile

| Pauline M. 18-02-2019 16:10

Keeps me nice and warm.

| Joey P. 11-02-2019 02:27

Bought one of these to go under my blast hood. Keeps my head, ears, and cheeks nice and warm! The fit is a little tight going on your head but once it's on its a perfect fit! Recommend for any winter outdoor workers!

| Kimberly M. 11-02-2019 00:20

My husband love it! It’s warm and comfortable.

| Brian S. 06-02-2019 03:08

Perfect for my hard hat but a bit tight

| Wilson A. 02-02-2019 18:52

Good fitting and warm

| Lisa G. 30-01-2019 22:50

I love this, way better than most normal pull over mask. Easy to move face piece over the nose or down below the chin. Neck part is nice and not to loose.

| William B. 19-01-2019 13:11

it is perfect for working out in the cold

| Glen B. 15-01-2019 22:27

As always, Carhartt products continue to meet and exceed my expectations. Bought this to use as extra protection fishing in the winter months. Excellent fit and comfortable. Haven’t had it long enough to test the durability but seems very well made.

| milburn s. 09-01-2019 01:43

Very nice and great

| ramon m. 08-01-2019 18:09

Nothing bad to say fits great

| Margaret B. 01-01-2019 21:08

I had to return this because it was too small for my husband even though it says one size fits all! Not accurate at all.

| baudelio H. 21-12-2018 00:32

This hat keeps my head nice and warm for those cold winter days, I love Carhartt and they never disappoint. ITs comfortable and durable. Ive probably washed it over 60 times and still looks brand new.

| Mike C. 08-12-2018 21:54

I like it, fits under my hardhat and keeps me warmer

| Veronica R. 03-12-2018 19:20

Good quality, but it was a bit small, did not go down the neck far enough.

| tina m. 28-11-2018 15:58

Great It is comfortable

| Michelle G. 21-11-2018 18:54

Great product fits perfectly it’s soft doesn’t squeeze your face like other product alike.

| Renee L. 18-11-2018 13:05

Very Excited to get this for my husband for Christmas. Looks very warm

| Daniel L. 08-11-2018 02:10

I purchased this to wear under a hardhat because it was so thin. After wearing it a few times so far it has been well worth the price. It blocks out wind surprisingly well and is keeps my neck, face and ears comfortably warm. The biggest downside, and due to the nature of the design, is that my breath condenses on the fabric and makes it moist, even if breathing out of the nose. I would recommend this item regardless.

| Paul R. 02-11-2018 16:23

Works great, fits well and does not stink when sweating. Holds its form even when removing and putting on helmet.

| thomas l. 14-10-2018 17:25

Comfortable fit and highly recommend the hi vis option if you’re working at night in the cold.

| Will V. 04-10-2018 23:59

Fits great

| James S. 18-06-2018 18:17

Very nice design! Very comfortable and easy to pull down under your chin when needed. Would definitely recommend to anyone who works in the cold an wants to keep their face warm.

| Magno J. 12-05-2018 01:30

Producto acorde para climas fríos

| chris w. 09-05-2018 09:30

I have this some product in a brand 3x the price but prefer the Carhartt version. My other one was too tight around my head which seems good at first but after time gave me a headache and I wanted it off. This one is much better without being to loose. I use it for climbing and skiing. Much better than a standard balaclava

| Brittany W. 30-04-2018 00:32

I recomend this product

| F n. 24-04-2018 03:02

Fits very good material is good quality

| Anthony B. 09-04-2018 11:39

Great, does the job. Really satisfied

| Jesse A. 20-03-2018 17:24

Keeps my face warm and protected

| Theodore R. 20-02-2018 14:43

Excellent product

| Don S. 04-01-2018 23:34

I wore the mask today at work because the temp was in the teens with the wind blowing. It was very cold and it really protected my face and kept my face warm and from getting wind burned!!!!!!

| Brock E. 23-12-2017 23:34

This thing is awesome when the weather starts to change and it is chilly out but you have to wear a hard hat everyday at work.. fits perfectly under and keeps your face warm

| Shaun F. 19-12-2017 16:41

Bought this for snowboarding. Works great keeping my nose from getting too frozen. Great quality and durability you'd expect from Carhartt products.

| Dale T. 11-12-2017 13:56

when you have face guard up covering your nose the front lower portion of the mask does not cover your lower throat area. Other than that mask is perfect

| Jennifer G. 15-11-2017 01:09

Held up well and fit under hard hat

| Ken V. 21-09-2017 18:43

I bought to wear walking. Its great. my ears never got cold. super comfortable. and is form fitting to my 75/8 head.

| Kalif K. 10-03-2017 17:11

Great love it nice

| Karl L. 02-02-2017 21:51

The is an excellent Base Layer for your head, face and neck. It can also be worn as a neck gaiter, which makes it instantly available for full deployment as work intensity or weather conditions change. It fits comfortably under a Hard Hat. In extreme cold it can be worn under a Carhartt Fleece 2 in 1 Headwear item. Both items can be worn together under a Hard Hat. The Hi-Viz colors are appreciated on job sites.

| Tania B. 23-01-2017 17:09

The helmet liner was the wrong color. I ordered the right color so not sure what happened. I just ordered another mask.

| Tara P. 18-01-2017 16:26

I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend who is dairy farmer in northern Wisconsin. This mask withstands the cold elements he faces working outside in the winter. This mask is also great for snowmobiling too!

| cesar q. 12-01-2017 04:12

This liner works perfect with a hard hat especially when you have to wear safety glasses! The best thing about the mask is that you can pull down the face mask past your chin comfortably and keep it there all day. Thats great for those times that you don't want the mask in your face. check out my full review https://youtu.be/eJzyZoNzhHI

| Kaysie S. 01-01-2017 21:20

Great product! Highly recommended.

| Michael C. 28-12-2016 15:56

While keeping your head shielded from the cool, the fit isn't bulky at all, which is a plus. Fits easily under a construction helmet thanks to how light weight it is. As a cyclist, this has been a go to part of my cold-weather kit. It fits well under my helmet when I ride.

| Duane L. 03-12-2016 01:48

Great for construction helmets, but you'll need a gaiter if you want your neck to be fully covered......item does run small

| Trevor M. 22-10-2016 19:27

This mask is perfect, I bought it last year, here in Missouri we have very odd weather where it changes from 60 one day to 20 degrees with single digit wind chills the next. Keep this mask in your work truck and you are ready to go! Very thin and lightweight so it keeps you were warm and you barely even feel it on you. I am not a huge fan of most full head and face covering masks but this one is so comfortable I am fine with it. The neck part does slide up pretty easily when work begins but it isnt hard to put back. The only problem with them (and its not carhartts fault) is if your nose is covered you will definitely be fogging your safety glasses all day.

| Laura B. 29-09-2016 23:13

Great item. Very comfortable and keeps my head warm as I work in a freezer. Would definitely buy another.

| Allycat 21-03-2016 23:13

I do traffic control (flagging) for work. I had lost my US ARMY ECWS base hood and bought this to replace it. In the end it actually fits better, is more comfortable and is better stitched than the USGI ECWS hood is. I have seen days ranging from 28° to 40° and it has kept me warm and the wind off my face and the back of my neck. Another plus is it isn't too bulky under a hard hat.<br /><br />I would recommend it to anyone who is out in cold weather for work or play

| JB 23-01-2016 16:01

Very comfortable. Versatile. From neck gaiter to full face, head protection and all in between. Retains warmth while allowing moisture to escape. Of excellent quality and construction.

| outdoorengineer 15-08-2014 12:50

I bought this last winter during a very rare cold spell here in Alabama. Morning temps easily in the single digits. Working outside most days, I needed a better way to keep my face warm while not being too bulky so I could still wear my hardhat. I bought this to try, thinking that I would have to layer it because there was no way this thin fabric would keep me warm. Oh how I was wrong! It kept me warm in single digit temps and even kept most of the wind from getting through which was amazing to me. I liked it so much, I bought another to take hunting with me. Great Carhartt product and very much worth the money.

| j333 03-12-2010 16:42

i bought this for riding my motorcycle this winter and its nice and warm and fits good.<br />buy it,no regrets.

| steveg 02-09-2009 18:14

This is a great product. No bulk, no scratchy fibers, easy to wash and incredibly warm for its weight. You cannot go wrong adding this to your winter clothing lineup.<br /><br />This person is part of our Field Testing program and may have received this product for free. We operate one of the most rigorous field testing programs in the business.

| z400rider 14-12-2008 00:31

i purchased this product to wear when riding my 4wheeler. and let me tell you it works like a dream. keeps my ears warm and can cover my nose and mouth any time. also it not to thick so you can breath.

| ThePipefitter 12-12-2008 20:36

The Carhartt helmet-liner mask is a great purchase. It combines head warmth, and the face and neck protection you would get from a gaiter. It's comfortable under a hard hat and easy to pull right up over your nose as soon as that wind starts blowin'. After switching positions a few times, the neck gaiter starts creeping up and letting some wind in, but hey, put down the tools and reposition it. Also, when those temperatures really start to drop, some type of knit hat will also be needed. The only downfall here is that it is impossible to wear it over your nose without fogging up your safety glasses!

4.65 stars based on 243 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.65 stars based on 243 reviews

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| nicholas s. 11/07/22

I now have my winter walking accessory I was missing!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| christopher k. 10/27/22

It's nice, a little small

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Julian V. 10/18/22

Great liner

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Karen K. 09/28/22

I unfortunately got injured and only got to wear this once so far.I work in a freezer that’s maybe 0-5 degrees. For the time I did have it on, I was definitely a lot warmer.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Larry C. 09/03/22

It works great just by itself.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Fernando B. 06/10/22

It’s a really nice face mask for a Ohio winter. Keep that cold air out of your face.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Mike 05/25/22

Exactly what I expected . Great for winter

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Marcellous A. 05/07/22

It fits perfectly

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Ian C. 04/27/22

Wasnt the one exactly like In the photo

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Sam 03/18/22

Ligh enough to breathe and well made, keeping your head and ears protected against winds and cold.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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