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804-4200 - Thorogood Men's 6-inch American Heritage Moc Toe Safety Toe Boots

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Combining safety, comfort, and great looks, the Thorogood® American Heritage 6″ Tobacco safety toe work boot will keep you going all day long. Made with stylish, tobacco oil-tanned leather, these moc toe boots allow your feet to breathe, and the MAXWear Wedge™ outsole keeps you from slipping on wet or muddy surfaces. Made in the USA by union workers, the American Heritage series is one of our most popular – and it’s not hard to see why. You’ll look and feel great both on and off the clock while the slip-resistant outsole and steel toe protection give you the security you need. We make comfortable, practical work boots that you want to wear because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

The Thorogood American Heritage 6-inch Safety Toe Boots feature:

  • Tobacco oil-tanned leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Steel toe protection
  • MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction
| Richard B. 04-01-2023 12:58

Awsome boots.

| Victor F. 04-01-2023 02:21

Best boot ever, I stand on my feet 10-13 hours a day and weighing 280 lbs my feet go through a lot but with these boots my feet feel great and don’t come home as tired. 3 pair are in the works !

| Ryan P. 03-01-2023 23:55

If work sucks, it won’t be because your feet hurt. Union made in the USA. Can’t be beat.

| Tommy M. 03-01-2023 23:06

After years of wearing Ariat pull on’s, I decided to give these a try. I have roughly 2-3 months in them. The quality is second to none, they still look brand new. Above all is the comfortability! I am real happy with these boots.

| Richard G. 03-01-2023 16:33

They are great boots

| Mark G. 03-01-2023 16:24

This is my third set of Thorogood Boots. That’s how good they feel. You can keep your Jordan’s, I ride with these all day everyday. Waterproof ones next.

| Tom U. 21-12-2022 01:58

Love the boots first pair ever owned

| Greg H. 19-12-2022 22:32

Bought a pair for a TAR. Put almost 300 miles on them and my feet were never fatigued. Bought one more pair for work so I could have the original resoled and not be without. Bought another pair without the safety toe for my daily footwear while not at work. Quality, nice looking foot ware.

| Alvin K. 12-12-2022 16:21

Comfortable and perfect sizing

| Anthony T. 12-12-2022 15:30


| Dwayne M. 12-12-2022 14:25

Good nice boots but never received the free gift I registered for with them

| AJ 05-12-2022 02:55

Day job is commercial construction. Farm in off hours. My most recent pair are on year 5 of being worn almost every day. Bake

| Benjamin C. 04-12-2022 23:31

These are hands down the best boots, scratch that best shoes ive worn ever. They fit like a perfectly molded hockey skate and are incredibly comfortable all day everyday (and im on my feet all day everyday). The cherry on top is that there

| Nick L. 02-12-2022 22:20

I had a friend pull me aside and say “the eyelets come apart”. But since, I am going on a couple months thinking these are the best boots ever.

| Ethan O. 30-11-2022 03:13

They fit great and are the most comfortable boots I

| Cody C. 29-11-2022 23:01

The boots blew out with in a month and half of use. Both left and right the seems split.

| Alex B. 29-11-2022 18:24

Love them

| Cory K. 28-11-2022 17:47

Best boot yet. I am welder so they get dirty and take some burns. I clean them every week,they still look brand new. Plus comfortable for 12 hours at a time

| Jesus R. 28-11-2022 17:26

Most comfortable boot my feet have ever had the privilege of stepping in. Won’t be buying anything else after experiencing the quality and craftsmanship these boots come with. Thanks for making a solid product us blue collar guys can wear.

| Nicholas B. 28-11-2022 14:57

The boots are great. Just not really the type I’m used to. Toe is a little narrow for my liking.

| Michael S. 28-11-2022 14:41

It was the best choice for me. Very good quality and very comfortable boots. Looks amazing

| Greg E. 28-11-2022 14:39

they fit great.

| James K. 16-11-2022 16:11

Very comfortable and broke in quickly. Made a huge difference over my old workboots.

| Berry B. 28-10-2022 01:31

I have worn various steel toe boots over the last 25 years in a machine shop setting. These are by far the best. These boots COMPLETELY got rid of my foot pain from standing most of the day. My first pair of Thorogoods lasted me 3 years (replaced the insoles about half way through). I just recently bought my second pair. I will never buy a different steel toe boot as long as Thorogoood continues making these! Takes about a week or two to completely break in and then you will never look back. Thank you Thorogood for making such a great boot, and in the USA!!!

| Andrew F. 17-10-2022 13:49

Zero break in period. Very Comfortable.
With in the 1-st week I chipped the toe front foam climbing up on a machine. The sole doesn

| Blake 15-10-2022 19:28

For years my co-workers and friends tried to turn me onto Thorogood boots. Finally decided to invest in them and 3 months in im mad I didn’t buy them 5 years ago. High quality USA Made product and all day comfort. I spend anywhere from 10-16 hours a day on concrete and steel catwalks and I hesitate to take them off when I get home. Thorogood has a customer for life! Just purchased a second pair to alternate between jobs!

| Eddy R. 12-10-2022 21:42

I’m a welder and I do industrial shutdowns and pipeline work, but I’m a shutdown I was working on hot ground and the bottom of them started to melt to the ground overall they’re a great boot I just hate that one of my boot started to melt after I paid so much for the pair.

| Gordon B. 11-10-2022 00:55

My youngest son suggested that I try these Thorogood boots. I was a little reluctant, having worn a well known competitor’s boot for many, many years.
The Thorogoods are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, bar none. Didn’t require a break in period, felt great right out of the box.

| Dylan 06-10-2022 00:23

Warehouse worker that hasn’t had a pair of shoes/boot last more than a couple months. Have the 8” still going strong after about a year. Walk on concrete for 10 hours a day. Comfortable and durable. Just got the 6” and hoping for more of the same.

| Kenneth R. 03-10-2022 23:30

I think they are the best work boot I’ve ever owned

| Johnny W. 26-09-2022 16:37

Awesome boots. Fit and comfortable are the best I have experienced with boots right out of the box.

| Francisco G. 20-09-2022 02:45

Perfect fit, comfortable even when working 12 hours in this arizona heat

| Jesus F. 19-09-2022 16:44


| Todd M. 08-09-2022 17:50

I bought my first pair 4 years prior to my current pair. Never again will I buy another brand of work boots.

| Caleb L. 07-09-2022 16:19

Very complete work book from day 1 love this boot with wedge sole. I’m a mechanic and good work boots make all the difference

| Kirk W. 30-08-2022 12:27

My only regret is not buying ones that were waterproof. I wanna buy the midnight black ones next, if they decide to make those waterproof.

| rody B. 29-08-2022 20:25

these are my favorite boots ever they feel so good and molded to my foot quick . You can feel and smell the leather quality and recommend this boot to anyone looking for a good quality steel toe boot

| Marc M. 22-08-2022 17:09

My last pair lasted 3 years, other premium brands that I

| Greg A. 22-08-2022 16:09

Sense I started wearing these boots I have been getting them sense. They are broke in from the start and hold up well. I am a welder and am on my feet a lot. I always have a good pair to wear for everyday outside of work as well. Going to be hard pressed to switch to onther kind.

| Travis P. 22-08-2022 14:29

I went 1/2 size down and EE. Yeah it was the best fit for me.

| Don G. 22-08-2022 14:26

Fits well right off the bat. The soles took a little getting used to, but now I like them. The most notable pro is the upper eyelets don’t hurt my ankles. Will have to evaluate more over the next year or two

| Caleb S. 22-08-2022 14:25

Most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned

| Andrew L. 22-08-2022 13:58

Love them.

| Wayne F. 22-08-2022 13:42

The beat boots I have ever.

| Paul W. 16-08-2022 02:36

I am so glad that I now have an excellent pair of work boots! I simply use them in the yard and garden. They are comfortable and are a joy to wear!

| Nick T. 15-08-2022 16:00

Most comfortable and durable boots I have ever had. I’ve had them for four months.

| Rogelio G. 15-08-2022 14:39


| Steven S. 15-08-2022 13:46

Love em

| Ezequiel R. 14-08-2022 23:30

The best boots genuine

| Ronald B. 09-08-2022 23:38

I honestly in-between on them first off I bought them and just noticed my right boot the mid thread below the ankle is coming out already so hopefully they stay together because I can

| Timothy C. 09-08-2022 08:29

Best pair of boots I’ve ever owned!!!!!

| JASON H. 01-08-2022 12:27

Good boot, comfortable

| Grady 28-07-2022 05:55

I have had these boots for two years now doing some construction but mostly working in a shop. They have held up realy well, still have tred on them. Pretty impressed. They do get wider as they break in though. These are great work boots but not great for walking in the woods. Sorry this is rambling.

| Mark U. 25-07-2022 23:29


| Blake C. 25-07-2022 15:30

Really worth the money.

| Cameron D. 25-07-2022 14:56

Great boots for a reasonable price. Took about a week of hard wear to break in, comfortable enough to consider as an everyday boot also. Only reason for 4 stars is they’re just a little loose in the heel, not enough to gripe about though.

| Daniel R. 20-07-2022 19:47

Great boots with a great value.

| Terry W. 20-07-2022 01:17


| Sabrina D. 19-07-2022 23:31

My first time buying these boots and I’m a fan for life! I’m a finisher and these boots are great for the long days, walking on rebar as well! Plus made in USA!!!

| Alan C. 18-07-2022 19:32

I am a manager at a heavy steel manufacturing facility. I wanted a solid rugged boot that was comfortable and looked good. With these I got the whole package and they are made in the USA. They are probably the most expensive pair of work boots I have purchased, but WELL WORTH the investment. The boot is breaking in and wearing well. The soles are tough, yet shock absorbent. Basically you get what you pay for and Thorogoods are top of the line. Thanks for continuing to make a fantastic boot in America!

| Oscar M. 18-07-2022 14:12

This are my 3rd pair of this boots and they are awsome work boots very confortable y light weight

| Rafael J. 18-07-2022 13:50

Great boots. Comfortable right out of the box. I purchased another Hi end competitor

| David S. 18-07-2022 13:48

Awesome boots, as always!!!

| Jesus M. 14-07-2022 15:50

I have been a painter for over ten years and I have tried different types of shoes in my trade; definitely nothing beats these boots in comfort, style and price. Let me talk about comfort first. All other soles are hard, others are hollow inside; this boots have the right balance of comfort without sacrificing durability. With the corck mid sole, plus the soft insole I can stay working all day long. Style as number two. If you think all Mocktoes boot are alike in terms of looks. Let me tell you that this boots don

| Felipe G. 11-07-2022 21:03

Very comfortable and great value. Going forward these are the only boots I

| Tyler F. 11-07-2022 16:06

Best work boots ever!

| Bruce C. 09-07-2022 18:20

I have had several pairs of these boots and I love them.

| Nicholas B. 05-07-2022 20:27

These are the most comfortable pair of work boots I’ve ever owned.

| Jim P. 05-07-2022 17:21

Very happy with these boots

| Anthony C. 29-06-2022 15:46

I am on concrete all day at work tried different boots was suggested these by a friend glad I listened to him by far the best boots no more foot , leg, and back pain .

| Adam S. 29-06-2022 13:55

Excellent product. Will buy another pair.

| Jake J. 21-06-2022 18:45

Work as a mechanic on my feet 10-12 hours a day I’d highly recommend these comfortable right out of the box

| Chris 15-06-2022 17:20

This is my first pair and my feet are screaming as we speak!!! My feet have never hurt like this from my red wings.

| Mario G. 14-06-2022 07:06

The craftsmanship in these boots is a 10. The brand has never failed me and helps me keep going at work or on the daily. I’m diabetic and these work for me everyday. These out my 5th pair.

| Mike M. 13-06-2022 15:11

Most comfortable and reliable boots I’ve bought in my 10 years of welding

| Landon H. 13-06-2022 13:42

Most comfortable boots I have ever wore! When it comes time for me to buy new boots I’ll be going back to these

| Jose V. 07-06-2022 11:48

The best boots

| Scott A. 06-06-2022 21:45

Not happy at all had to switch back to red wings . Hurt my feet
Would not recommend

| Brent K. 06-06-2022 21:25

Well worth the money. Buy 2 pairs and send one pair in to have soles replaced. You’ll never need to buy another pair of work boots again.

| Jacob H. 02-06-2022 23:33

Comfortable and light. They broke in fairly quickly.

| Robert J. 01-06-2022 20:33


| Dorian B. 01-06-2022 18:50

I really thought these boots would last me a lot longer than my Irish Setters however after just two months of use soles are really worn out

| Jordan N. 01-06-2022 18:37

Very comfortable and no break in period needed. Recommend getting a half size down and wide fit.

| Justin W. 01-06-2022 15:53

These boots are fantastic. The comfort level and durability is unmatched and the fact that they are Union made right here in America makes them that much better. Only pair of boots I’ve bought that i look forward to putting on every morning. Thanks Thorogood

| Lester B. 01-06-2022 15:47


| Scott L. 27-05-2022 23:25


| Vincente M. 27-05-2022 16:41

Very comfortable

| Brian W. 27-05-2022 14:29

Great boot…had to get a size smaller than I normally wear but the wear good and look great as well!! Highly recommend!!

| Jose V. 27-05-2022 14:17

Excellent boots. Very good quality

| Douglas E. 27-05-2022 13:50

This is a very well made quality boot.

| Matthew S. 27-05-2022 13:38

As always,Great!

| Danial K. 27-05-2022 13:28

Thorogood makes a good looking boot, and the break in period is short compared to other full leather upper boots on the market. They dont have any real arch support and the steel cap is significantly narrower than other brands. I had a previous pair for over 3 years as a normal width D and they worked wonderfully. Thorogood I needed to get the 2E and it was still extremely uncomfortable. The issue with the mentality of the manufacturer is that they dont care about people with wide feet and there fix is to just buy a larger size. Working with steel and cranes for over 20 years, if I am wearing steel toes, I expect them to actually cover my toes. Buying a larger size just moves the cap further away from what your trying to protect. Plus having heavy shoes that are way too big make you clumbsy and hard to climb.

Do yourself a favor if you have wide feet and a high arch, stay away from Thorogood. If you have narrow flat feet, this company has some decent boots. Also the stitches by the ball of your foot are stacked pretty thick and can be very uncomfortable during the break in period or even long days.

| Nathan G. 27-05-2022 13:20

Most comfortable work boots I’ve ever owned. So much so that I also wear the soft toe when not at work!
My safety toe have hundreds of miles on them already in only a couple months, but feel like slippers. Easy to take on, easy to take off thanks to the speed hook system. I’m a Thorogood user for life!

| Jeff M. 16-05-2022 19:47

All day comfort and tough as nails!

| John S. 16-05-2022 19:41

Good comfortable boots

| Jarrett J. 16-05-2022 14:57

These are really good boots. I’m really hard on boots. These are quite heavier than the ariats I normally wear, but so far so good. I like the fact I can get them resoled cheap.

| Bryan M. 16-05-2022 14:08

Greats boots

| Jose B. 10-05-2022 19:04


| Hunter T. 09-05-2022 16:30

Only boots I’ll wear only reason I bought two pair was cause you gotta have something to wear when you send the others off

| Juston J. 09-05-2022 15:00

These are THE MOST COMFORTABLE pair of boots I’ve ever owned. I’ve had them all Carolinas, Redwing, Ariat, Justin, Carhartt,

| Forest 06-05-2022 19:47

These are very comfortable with little break in, fit to size and polish up well.

| Andrew L. 30-04-2022 01:04

I highly recommend getting a Safety Toe they last a lot longer than a non-safety toe. Comfy for hot weather and cold weather especially when you need to want the extra thick socks. I honestly have done everything from painting, concrete, power watch, all the run-of-the-mill stuff and they are holding up great definitely worth the cost and Thorogood did very well with this line. Highly recommend it if you

| Josh B. 25-04-2022 23:23

Great boots for the money!

| Chance W. 25-04-2022 20:21

Awesome boots all day comfort

| Codie M. 25-04-2022 19:48

I HATE these boots. They may be durable(only time will tell), but they are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. They are super stiff, and they make it feel like you are walking on concrete. They are nit supportive, nor do they provide any comfort for my feet.

| Andres R. 21-04-2022 08:29

Have had these boots 2 months and the stitching still bothers my foot. I have had several thorogoods and had never had a problem but these are just bad.

| Jeffrey H. 19-04-2022 10:01

Had to go wider, so now heel doesn

| Chaddrick A. 19-04-2022 04:29

Very tight on feet go bigger in size and wide

| Eric S. 19-04-2022 03:04

I really wanted to like these boots but after two months they still rub on the top of my heels. I can’t wait to kick them off my feet at the end of a work day

| Jennifer F. 15-04-2022 19:45

The heal is to wide. The picture is not the boots I received. The ones I received are clunky and the heel is to wide, making my heal come out off the heel part of the boot. Not very comfortable.

| Derrick C. 13-04-2022 12:11

Once the tongue finally learns to lay flat I enjoy my twelve hour work days just fine. Second pair owned. Anxious to get good results sending my first off for restoration.

| Chad P. 13-04-2022 00:30

Great fit, fast break -in, very sturdy construction, great traction, Great boots!!!

| Alex B. 12-04-2022 23:02

Beautiful color and the workmanship seems excellent, however they fit narrow even though I ordered EE.

| Josh J. 12-04-2022 21:50

Excellent fit right out of the box. I was impressed that there was no break in period. Instant comfort on day one. I am on my feet all day on hard surfaces. Very comfortable!

| Adam M. 11-04-2022 23:27

These boots are as amazing as my last few sets. Doing industrial work across the country these are the only boots I have had that will hold up to the abuse of carrying a fat man all over the USA every day. Have had several pairs and will have several more. UNION STRONG.

| Will B. 11-04-2022 18:36

Normally wear a 12 or 13, these fit gear in an 11 1/2. Best boots I’ve ever worn for hard surfaces.

| Christopher R. 06-04-2022 02:54

Best Boots ever

| Arthur F. 06-04-2022 01:57

Fit to finish. Great boots and Proudly made in America. This is my 15th pair.

| Bob K. 05-04-2022 23:41

Awesome boots.

| Skylar B. 05-04-2022 20:02

2 of the shoe string studs gonna be popping out soon. I don

| Brian W. 05-04-2022 19:51

After being out of work boots, and in a tennis shoe workplace for several years now, I was afraid of just how bad that transition was going to be for me. I took quite a while trying on several brands,

| Micah S. 21-03-2022 14:28

I’ve worn work boots for 20 years and had countless brands and these are the best built and most comfortable I’ve ever had. Usually steel toe boots rub and get hot spots but I can’t even tell these are steel toe. After 12 hour shifts on concrete all day my feet still feel good. I’ll stick with Thorogood from now on!!!

| Rick L. 21-03-2022 14:11

Nice boots. American made.

| Jason D. 21-03-2022 14:07

They look great. Cushioning is minimal, leather is good quality. Toes are tighter than I expect from a regular width.

| Craig W. 21-03-2022 13:03

This is my 3rd pair of these boots and I have no intention of getting anything else. They feel great and hold up well in a tough environment

| Bryce C. 21-03-2022 13:02

These boots are the bomb. Feel great good protection and fantastic fit and grip to the floor. My first pair of real work boots and I couldn

| Andy R. 04-02-2022 00:53

Great all around boot

| Atheus T. 03-02-2022 15:23

The only thing I’m not to happy about is my right boot is a little larger than my left boot, I can tie my laces real tight on the left one but the right one I can’t because the leather is to long, other than that, a great boot

| Paul C. 24-01-2022 22:26

Great boots.

| Cash V. 13-01-2022 02:59

Very comfortable feet feel great all day

| Jim C. 11-01-2022 18:18

This is my first pair of Thorogood

| Brent C. 10-01-2022 12:59

Great fit and very comfortable. They have become my everyday wear.

| Matthew M. 09-01-2022 04:12

Great boot. Keep buying because they feel good right out of the box and handle a beating on the shop floor.

| Craig B. 08-01-2022 06:56

They are the most comfortable work boot for walking on concrete all day. Break in is quick, like a day. Just good boots

| Christian W. 08-01-2022 04:53

This was my first time buying boots as an ironworker, and I am beyond impressed with these boots. I wasn

| Steve G. 07-01-2022 21:19

Run a bit small, wish the foot beds were a little better. Feet still get sore.

| Shane G. 07-01-2022 19:03

I am a construction control inspector and spend a lot of time on my feet. I’ve gone through many different brands over the past decade and finally found the best support for my feet. And they look great, too. Thorogood for life!

| John H. 07-01-2022 17:37

Great boots always wore red wings. Wish I found these first or sooner

| Rudy H. 07-01-2022 15:36

I love my new boot , it’s the perfect boot adds comfort , style , and safety with this quality work boot . I can use these for work and pleasure . Which is why I am pleased to own a pair . However.. I have been a thorogood customer for about 5 years now and have noticed the quality of this boot has been getting worse . These here I recently purchased are perfect but within the past 2 years I’ve had to travel order and return boots because of imperfections on stitching or the way they they were made making the boot look like a cheap knockoff. If I wanted weird look boots that don’t match one another I would buy my boot at the swap meet. I feel as pricey as these boots are I should get quality and perfect looking boots every time . So it is hard to find a really nice pair of this style boot these days. I really hope Thorogood finds the root to this problem and fixes this issue because to be honest I recently thought to myself that it maybe time to start looking for a new boot . They are just not coming out as perfect as they used to anymore.

| Jared G. 07-01-2022 14:38

Best boots I’ve ever owned. Super comfortable and durable!

| Corey D. 07-01-2022 14:34

Best pair of work boots I have ever bought. Super comfortable can work in them all day and never have an issue

| Alexander R. 07-01-2022 14:33

Great boots. Comfortable. Durable. I’m usually a 9 or a 9.5. I purchased a 9, but 8.5 would have been better. They’re a bit big. There’s no doubt I’d buy them again though.

| Miguel S. 07-01-2022 14:23

They look great, feel super hard to walk in. I had to stop wearing them because the steel toe was narrow compared to the EE width of the boots. I am not upset this my sincere rating.

| Will B. 07-01-2022 13:55

Best, most comfortable work boots I

| Raymond L. 07-01-2022 12:50

Nice boots very comfortable will definitely buy a another pair

| Joseph D. 07-01-2022 12:00

Very nice boot but a little narrow in the toe.

| Troy J. 07-01-2022 11:32

Hands down the most comfortable, well built, toughest boots money can buy you get what you pay for.

| Greg P. 07-01-2022 11:10

These are the best fitting and most comfortable boots I have ever had !

| Brett M. 07-01-2022 11:03

Great boot. Most comfortable boot I ever put on my feet

| Jake B. 07-01-2022 10:24

Comfortable, lightweight, durable

4.55 stars based on 150 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.55 stars based on 150 reviews

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| Richard B. 01/04/23

Awsome boots.

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Victor F. 01/04/23

Best boot ever, I stand on my feet 10-13 hours a day and weighing 280 lbs my feet go through a lot but with these boots my feet feel great and don’t come home as tired. 3 pair are in the works !

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Ryan P. 01/03/23

If work sucks, it won’t be because your feet hurt. Union made in the USA. Can’t be beat.

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Tommy M. 01/03/23

After years of wearing Ariat pull on’s, I decided to give these a try. I have roughly 2-3 months in them. The quality is second to none, they still look brand new. Above all is the comfortability! I am real happy with these boots.

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Richard G. 01/03/23

They are great boots

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Mark G. 01/03/23

This is my third set of Thorogood Boots. That’s how good they feel. You can keep your Jordan’s, I ride with these all day everyday. Waterproof ones next.

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Tom U. 12/21/22

Love the boots first pair ever owned

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Greg H. 12/19/22

Bought a pair for a TAR. Put almost 300 miles on them and my feet were never fatigued. Bought one more pair for work so I could have the original resoled and not be without. Bought another pair without the safety toe for my daily footwear while not at work. Quality, nice looking foot ware.

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Alvin K. 12/12/22

Comfortable and perfect sizing

written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

| Anthony T. 12/12/22


written by a customer while visiting thorogoodusa.com

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