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104244 - Washed Duck Insulated Hood

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The Washed Duck Insulated Hood features:

  • 12-ounce, 100% cotton washed duck
  • Quilted-nylon lining
  • Three-piece hood construction
  • Draw cord adjustable with cord lock
  • Fits all washed duck styles
  • Triple-stitched main seams
  • Model No. OH4244-M
  • Imported
| Robert S. 29-11-2022 22:49

It works well.

| Leonard B. 24-11-2022 19:25

Very nice hood well made love it

| Sarah S. 13-11-2022 19:07

Perfect! Wait is great , snaps line up. Very happy on this windy Wisconsin day!

| MaryAnn P. 12-11-2022 12:51

Bought a washed duck jacket a couple of years ago and the store had no matching hood. Stores don't always seem to carry them. I was thrilled to finally get the exact hood for my jacket! Color and size are perfect. Snaps on easily. Lined.

| Markzirbes 10-11-2022 12:08

Very nice hood love it.

| Kelly 04-10-2022 14:22

Fits the coat perfect. Keeps me dry. Just wish it had snaps or velcro at the chin to help it stay on better in the wind.

| Tom S. 10-09-2022 03:39

Good nice product

| Morgan F. 31-03-2022 17:31

Fist grays on the coat and nothing wrong with the color

| Timothy C. 18-03-2022 03:47

Reviews said the snaps don’t work and it’s true. They don’t work. I tried it anyway. Had to super glue the snaps on so the hood is not coming off now. I shouldn’t have bought this jacket and ordered the hood. Why doesn’t your stores carry the hoods? Is it because they dont fit? I went into a carhartt store and the guy told me that the stores don’t carry them. Very disappointed

| Ray S. 15-03-2022 04:16

The hood is not as warm as the coat. The hood snapped on the coat perfectly. I feel the price was a too high for the hood. I am glad that I bought it so I can use a fleece hoody under it when it is really cold, and I can just wear the hood when it rains or to cut the wind.

| Smoke 14-03-2022 20:05

I bought this hood to go with the dark brown "Full Swing Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Insulated Traditional Coat" I bought a few months ago. I am satisfied with the color and the snaps worked fine. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because I would have preferred the hood that has the flap that covers your neck under your chin and snaps. Carhartt has one but it is not available in the Dark Brown.

| Tim B. 12-03-2022 16:35

Given the poor reviews this hood had, I would not have purchased this normally. However I had a $30 gift card for Carhartt and wanted a hood to go with the new coat I had purchased. So I bought the hood thinking it most likely won't work but, it was "free" so I gave it a chance. AND it actually works fine! It snuggly snapped on to the collar snaps and hasn't come off since. The snaps are all evenly spaced and doesn't bunch up the collar. I pull it over my head when I need it out in the wind. It provides adequate coverage on the sides and top. No wind gets in through the connection of the hood to the collar. It's been great. My coat is a 103283 purchased in Fall 2021. So if you have that exact coat, I'd say this hood should fit fine. Also, I purchased the S-XL hood. When you buy it the size options are S-XL or 2/5. I did not find any specifications on what the difference is between these so I had to take a guess. I don't know what 2/5 means so if you want this hood to fit your 103283 coat, buy the S-XL size.

| William W. 05-03-2022 13:12

I’m happy with this hood. The color matches the jacket well. I like the way it attaches when you need it and can be removed when not.

| Frank B. 05-03-2022 03:08

Color is direct match to the coat. Snaps lined up perfectly

| Earl E. 04-03-2022 05:49

The shape is perfect for staying close to your head and keeping the cold out.

| Timothy M. 03-03-2022 17:22

Fits jacket well, snaps provide secure attachment.

| Doug S. 01-03-2022 18:17

Buttons do not line up at all, hood had giant gaps. Totally useless for cold weather

| Diane L. 01-03-2022 00:46

The snaps are very difficult to snap in place.

| Jay P. 28-02-2022 22:49

Fits like a glove.

| James B. 28-02-2022 20:46

It does not stay snapped to the jacket. They should use a zipper or buttons. The snaps are not sufficient.

| Kelly B. 28-02-2022 19:07

It was a little hard to snap on but like it

| Kevin L. 28-02-2022 19:04

Honestly it's a really good quality and it might be petty as to why it's not a 5 star... the tag is in the worst spot and it drives me nuts... but other then that it's solid!!!!

| donald s. 28-02-2022 18:59

love it use it every day

| Sharon L. 28-02-2022 18:21

Wonderful match color and fit

| Cathi A. 28-02-2022 13:02

Cozy and warm. Tighting string has piece on wrong doesn’t stay tight. Otherwise would give 5. Fit is good. Would definitely buy another one.

| Brandon C. 26-02-2022 21:34

Hood fits good.

| Scott R. 26-02-2022 19:31

I am happy with my purchase. A LOT of people had me concerned about the snaps on the hood, matching the ones on my coat. It was to easy to put it on. No hammers or drills or blocks of wood needed, just my 63 year old thumb, with arthritis, was all I needed. There is a little bit of slack between each snap, but I believe you’d have to have a custom hood built specifically for your coat, with exact measurements and snap placement. Enough said, my coat is way warm now that I have this hood to go with it. It’s great!

| John S. 26-02-2022 17:51

Snaps would not attach to the coveralls. It was like they had been hammered on.

| Cory D. 26-02-2022 02:00

Matches coat, fits right. Didn't really think I'd use the hood all that much, so wanted to buy a coat where it was optional. Originally wasn't going to buy the hood right away, but decided to just get it now so I won't have to worry about compatibility if they change the fit in the next year or two. I'm glad that I did, it fits well and been nice to have the option. Hopefully the snaps hold up.

| Frank R. 24-02-2022 03:50

Just as ordered. greqat fit to my coat.

| linda k. 22-02-2022 21:15

Just in time for the next snowstorm.

| Raymond R. 22-02-2022 18:25

snapped on the coat

| Douglas a. 22-02-2022 12:34

Very nice and well insulated. However, a couple things have been eliminated:<br /><br />Nothing to close hood below chin and no small hood at top to help keep rain and snow off face.<br /><br />Guess these things were eliminated to keep price down.

| RICHARD S. 22-02-2022 01:31

love the hood. no problem attaching.

| Stephen T. 21-02-2022 22:23

I tried the coat on in the store but did not buy it at that time. Finally talked myself into buying it. Wen back to the store and it was gone. Ordered it online and I have been more than satisfied. I am retired but needed something that could take hard use in the snow. I have a down jacket but would never wear it laying in the snow and ice, working on boats, trailers and cars. I live in KS.<br />I should have purchased a Carhartt jacket years ago.

| Jackie R. 21-02-2022 22:03

Fits great

| Jeffrey G. 21-02-2022 18:24

It doesn’t line up with my Detroit jacket like it said it would

| Casey B. 20-02-2022 21:19

Fits perfect on my C03 48 regular jacket, I did have to use a small hammer to get the snaps to snap, but that just means they won't unsnap in use.

| Justin C. 19-02-2022 19:32

It's definitely a great hood, matches the jacket perfectly and is the same quality for looks and functionality, as well as performance as the jacket itself. <br /><br />Only thing I don't like, or find an inconvenience, is the fact that the jacket didn't actually come with the hood when I purchased it. Being from Canada, I paid nearly CAD$70 by the time I got it.

| BERNARD T. 14-02-2022 16:51

Good hood, it fit perfectly and the color matched my 2-year-old jacket exactly.

| Cesar K G. 11-02-2022 02:28

excellent product, fit perfect in my coat thank you

| Frank V. 11-02-2022 00:49

I received the duck insulated hood in moss as ordered. I was very pleased. It fit my moss duck jacket I have perfectly. The price was right and I am very pleased.

| Ron W. 09-02-2022 19:08

Fits well and is easily attached,

| brian d. 17-12-2021 04:56

Yabba dabba dooo

| Dain C. 16-12-2021 00:28

Excellent accessory. It feels like it is made from quality materials and will last a long time. It matches the coat that I bought for my brother perfectly. It also snaps onto the coat easily. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a Carhartt hood.

| Harry S. 13-12-2021 13:24

One snap Damaged ..will return for replacement

| Jen R. 11-12-2021 21:58

The hood that I received was indeed the washed duck colour. My jacket is dark brown. Already the hood is on its way back and I have ordered the dark brown hood which I expect to receive soon. Customer service has been great. We simply had a problem with the colour. Nobody’s fault.

| Nicholas J. 09-12-2021 00:29

Great add on to your coat

| James C. 07-12-2021 02:41

I am quite satisfied with the fitment of this hood to my style #103283 coat. The first time fastening the snaps took some effort, but just enough to make it feel secure. Of course I fully intend to scream bloody murder if it comes loose, but at this time I don't expect that to happen.

| Chris G. 21-11-2021 00:57

I was looking forward to adding this hood. Unfortunately, the snaps are not aligned correctly causing the collar to bunch up. Too many people have a similar complaint so buyer beware! I'll be returning this hood. Too bad, I used to trust Carhartt. I think it's time to switch to a better brand.

| Henry G. 07-10-2021 19:18

Snaps DONT FIT THE ONES ON THE JACKET!!! $25 for a damn hood and it’s completely useless. Garbage

| JAMES D. 20-05-2021 03:00

The hood is comfortable and was just the right piece to complete my jacket. A tip for everyone- when they press the snaps and snap receivers, on mine, they were hitting each other, and I had to crush them down a little, to get them to snap to the jacket

| Debbie S. 09-05-2021 00:29

When I receive the hood I was excited, it looks great but the snaps will not snap onto the jacket. This makes the hood useless to me. I am quite disappointed

| GERMAN M. 24-04-2021 05:37

it nice hood but would not work the buttons clip with my jacket because need it my jacket style for it to work

| Annemarie C. 24-03-2021 14:09


| Geo 15-03-2021 18:06

Good hood.

| Patricia 14-03-2021 17:14

The hood’s snaps would not attach solidly to my Carhartt jacket so I had to return it. The return process when okay, however I also wanted them to send me a replacement hood to see if the snaps on that hood would work. No explanation from Carhartt has been given as how the reorder process works, so I guess I have to reorder a new hood. I hope I don’t get the same hood with the non-functional back again??

| Robert W. 14-03-2021 13:43

Hood looks great but will not stay attached to jacket and found it lying on ground after pushing it off head. Not happy ??

| Anthony M. 12-03-2021 12:23

Won’t snap on jacket, had to return

| ELLIOTT F. 11-03-2021 22:46

The clips don't clip onto coverall very well, i need to send hood back and hope another works better

| Andrew C. 11-03-2021 13:59

The quality seemed nice. I had to send it back because it wouldn’t stay snapped on the matching jacket I just bought.

| Willis T. 10-03-2021 19:06

The hood's snaps refuse to connect properly. I was able to pin it on

| Richard S. 08-03-2021 18:24

Snaps do not hold the hood keeps separating for the jacket.

| Jeffrey C. 05-03-2021 16:10

It’s awesome.

| Randal H. 04-03-2021 22:28

It really was not the one I was hoping for, the one I wanted had a collar that went under your chin. Also the snaps did not fasten securely. I took it to my shop and tried to grind down the centers of the snaps without much success. But all in all it is pretty good and has not fallen off yet. I love my coat and vest but the hood was a disappointment.

| Joseph D. 03-03-2021 20:37

Snaps wont fit on my 2-year-old coat, totally useless

| Zachary A. 03-03-2021 18:31

It work like I wanted it to.

| Dick 03-03-2021 02:06

It neither looks or fits like my previous Carhartt coat(which I dearly loved) for 20 years. The collar bunches under the hood and is not wind-proof.(which I was warned about before I ordered it) I guess I'll get along with it, but it isn't nearly as warm or as comfortable as my previous coat, upon which the zipper exploded, and I wore several holes in. I tried to purchase one like it, but was told by my dealer it is no longer in production. Too bad! Dick c

| Tim S. 28-02-2021 23:45

The snaps would not connect to my jacket because the hood snaps were not pinned down properly. I tried them on a different jacket to be sure the hood was at fault. I am a blacksmith so I had the tools and capability to fix the snaps but i don’t expect these problems from Carhartt. Once I fixed it, I have enjoyed the hood.

| Stephen B. 27-02-2021 00:12

It didn't fit, the dimple inside the snap would not fit into the snap on the coat because the coat has the same dimple so the snaps will not fit together. It was listed to fit his coat so not sure what to do now.

| Gregory S. 24-02-2021 00:11

Everything is fine with the hood with the exception that the snaps will not attach to the carhartt jacket. I even tried plyers as a last resort and still will not snap! Not much use when I can't get it to connect, no matter how great the material is.

| Rhonda T. 21-02-2021 01:23

Hat was very warm for 12 hour shifts in the blizzard for 7 days straight. The only down side was, I had to use pliers to attach the snaps they were very tight. However every time I bump the hat taking off my jacket it comes unsnapped. Would be much better if it was sewn on instead of snaps. But I would recommend it to anyone who does not have a hat attached.

| Karen R. 17-02-2021 12:50

My hat fits good

| Timothy P. 16-02-2021 18:00

Excellent quality. Good fit. War snaps lined up perfectly.

| Rich 15-02-2021 20:09

Warm looks nice on jackets as so will last a long time with a little care

| Mark H. 14-02-2021 18:50

My sweet wife bought this for me. Hood is good, but as others have stated, had to flatten the raised area inside the snaps, in order to get a solid and complete snap. I would consider a $10 refund to be reasonable.

| Carlos N. 12-02-2021 18:12

Did not fit my jacket. Was unable to snap the hood.

| Carlos D. 12-02-2021 17:48

This hood is compatible with my full swing jacket. High quality from the same material as my jacket. Like the reviews I had read on this, the snaps were an issue. It wouldn’t snap on but work fine after hammering the the inside with a flat head. Still would recommend this!

| Mickey 11-02-2021 17:54

I had to take it to my seamstress because I couldn't get it to snap. They said it was like the inside of the snap was left on. They used a hammer on it and all is good.

| Nora F. 11-02-2021 17:47

I had to take it to my seamstress because I couldn't get it to snap. It was like the inside of the snap was still there. They used a hammer and fixed the poblem.

| Chad R. 07-02-2021 17:48

I like the hood but one of the buttons won’t stay snapped, causing the left side to flop around.

| Daniel 06-02-2021 23:22

What needs to be said, it's carhartt

| james r. 06-02-2021 18:20

The color blends in perfectly with my used coat and provides best protection from the wind .

| 1945 1. 02-02-2021 18:00

Snaps would not work and did not line up with my carhart coat. Been wearing Carhart clothing for forty years and cannot believe that they put out<br />such a defective product. Probably outsourcing or made in the third world.<br />I will not make the mistake of buying Carhart again and will recommend to<br />others to look somewhere else more reputable. Could have purchased this<br />on Amazon for a cheaper price but stayed with Carhart since I thought the <br />name meant something.

| WILLIAM B. 31-01-2021 20:16

The snaps are terrible, Hood will not stay on the coat, very disappointing especially for what is supposed to be a quality line of products.

| Terri B. 31-01-2021 14:27

Even after reading past reviews about the problem with attaching the hood to a jacket, I decided to purchase it. I was able to attach the hood with the 4 snaps but a couple of times I had to reattach a couple of the snaps. Would I buy the hood again? Yes I definitely would. That hood has made a world of difference in my head staying warm and dry. My only suggestion is to sell the jacket WITH the hood. When I bought my jacket I could see the snaps and wondered if my jacket should have had a hood. I contacted Carhartt and found out you have to buy it separately. They did graciously send me an e-mail with the information on the hood I needed to purchase. I love my "completed" Carhartt jacket!

| Alisha C. 31-01-2021 02:49

Great fit, almost perfect color match.

| Kerry C. 30-01-2021 11:42

The hood was a perfect match, I called customer service to ensure that I ordered the correct hood for my jacket. The jacket arrived on time. When attempting to snap the hood into place the snaps would not snap into place. I had to do what I read on another review. I had to take punch and a hammer and lightly, but firmly tap the center of the snap so that it would snap. It was not difficult and did not take long. The hood is now a perfect fit.

| Gregory K. 29-01-2021 20:55

Well, needless to say I was excited to receive the hood ahead of schedule. But, like a couple other reviewers have reported the snaps are an issue. I'm having a lot of trouble getting them to snap and even though I want the hood badly, I'm reluctant to force or alter the snaps to hopefully make them snap. So I may have to return. Color is slightly off but okay.

| Jim B. 29-01-2021 18:00

quality is good .. only problem is the snaps on the hood. They are extremely tight to snap to the jacket. Had to use pliers to fasten. I was planning on taking the hood on /off as needed. So with that said. I will be keeping it on

| RALPH R. 28-01-2021 22:25

It’s nice but wrong color which is my fault but it’s nice

| Arnelle B. 28-01-2021 13:19

My husband wears the jacket constantly for work and fully appreciates all its features. However, he was greatly disappointed to find it did not have an attached hood. Although I ordered the snap on hood, he still would have preferred the hood be an attached part of the jacket.

| Ross K. 27-01-2021 20:40

We received hood to go with jacket purchased from Carhartt. Staff did not carry hood in store and matched it to the jacket. When it arrived, 3 out of the 4 snaps worked fine, the forth one didn't Store felt it was jacket not hood and ordered a new jacket. The new jacket only attached one snap out of the 4. Ordered the hood with flaps and all snaps worked (however it had gold snaps and the jacket had all silver snaps, weird?

| Rick G. 27-01-2021 18:40

I ordered this hood for my size medium Carhartt 'Full Swing' coat #103370-001.<br /><br />I was very disappointed to discover the the snaps which attach the hood to the coat do not fit, and the hood will not stay on the coat. None of the 4 snaps seat properly, or stay snapped at all even though they are placed in perfect alignment on the products and the hood otherwise is a perfect match in material and styling.<br /><br />Customer service never answered my email, but the nice person I contacted by online chat told me that Carhartt does not currently produce a hood for my model of coat, which makes no sense at all.<br /><br />I don't understand why Carhartt would choose to use different types of snaps on various coats, making accessories incompatible. The online shopping experience gave no indication that this could be a problem.

| Michael B. 26-01-2021 18:17

The hood snaps will not snap and hold to the snaps on the coat. I emailed Carharrt well over a week ago and haven't gotten a response yet on how to remedy the situation.

| Dylan F. 26-01-2021 16:01

snaps do not fit the jacket. feels like there's one job for an attachable hoot, and that's for it to fit. The snaps on this hood did not connect to the snaps on my detroit jacket.

| Betty Jo D. 24-01-2021 15:27

The snaps did not work. had to have them pressed in. Looks like the factory did not do a good job.

| P E. 23-01-2021 21:16

Nice quality well constructed hood but found all four snaps extremely difficult to attach to jacket, so difficult I could not snap any of them by hand, I had to use a block of wood an small hammer. I then removed the hood and still was unable to re-snap it by hand. I wondered at first if maybe this was an incorrect hood but it was special ordered right at store for my specific jacket. Going to be reluctant to remove each time weather starts to warm up.

| Justin O. 23-01-2021 10:35

Love the hood, wish it came with the jacket to begin with... only problem is the snaps will not snap unless you flatten the inside of the snap.. after that they work great.. for that reason I only give it 4 stars

| Kim C. 20-01-2021 22:52

Works perfectly with the coat we bought.

| Lillian W. 19-01-2021 19:15

I CANNOT get the hood to snap on to the jacket. I even go out a pair of pliers and squeezed as hard as I could. Giving it 2 stars because it'd be perfect if I could get the dang thing on the jacket....

| Kris F. 19-01-2021 17:56

I bought the brown color and the hood matched exactly and the fit is stellar! One exception. The snaps weren’t seated enough for the snaps to stay but with a hammer and a punch they fit great now!!! Carhart is a great product!

| Paul A. 18-01-2021 20:12

Snaps would not work in brand new jacket

| Peter J B. 18-01-2021 19:12

I purchased this product to go with an insulated duck coverall. Much to my dismay, the snaps don't actually secure the hood to the coverall! So its completely useless unless I manually sew it on to the coverall.<br /><br />I've been quite satisfied by Carhartt quality in the past but this is just so disappointing...

| Debora F. 17-01-2021 20:37

Fits my jacket perfectly!

| Craig S. 17-01-2021 01:09

1 button is hard to latch

| Kimberly V. 16-01-2021 22:57

The hood looks great BUT I cannot attach it to the jacket - The snaps are the wrong size and do not fit into the snaps on the jacket. The hood looks like the right one - Color and style matches perfectly, but I simply cannot use it. So the question is why didn't Carhartt include the hood with the jacket in the first place? Why do I have to order it separately? It's a big hassle. I would have been happy to just pay $25 dollars extra and have the hood included. Instead I have to order it separately, it does not fit and I have to send it back. What a waste of my time.

| Chad M. 16-01-2021 20:02

Sent it back. Missing a snap and the others wouldn't fasten.

| Mark M. 16-01-2021 19:01

I like the product but the snaps are not staying closed.

| Greg S. 16-01-2021 18:53

Makes navigating on a windy day much better.

| Julie M. 16-01-2021 18:53

It's the wrong color, don't see the right color on the website. Nothing wrong with the hood.

| Claudia M. 15-01-2021 02:17

For some reason it the buttons don't fit. They're not fitting the buttons on the jacket so i can't attach it

| Jim S. 13-01-2021 18:32

The quality control dropped it on this hood . The female snaps on the hood would not snap on to the male receivers on the coat . I took both my coat and hood to my custom motorcycle seat maker and he drilled out or cleaned out the hood snaps to fit . I will recommend this hood hoping this is a one off manufacturer mistake .

| Joshua N. 13-01-2021 17:53

One of the snaps does not work. I’m surprised because Ive always known Carhart to have the best quality. Thankfully the 3 other snaps left do hold the hood on, but definitely disappointed that 1 just won’t snap or stay snapped. It does keep me warm though.

| John W. 13-01-2021 13:26

The center hooks that secure the snaps were not fully crimped. I sent one back, but the second one was the same way. I carefully finished crimping the hooks in the center of each snap and then they wored properly. Your quality control is not up to American Made standards. Very dissapointing that you moved production overseas, lowered the quality and increased the price. Vulture capitalism. Bring production back to the States!

| Mr picky 12-01-2021 22:01

Fit perfectly very high quality also nice and warm

| Julissa H. 12-01-2021 17:04

This hood is very useful for high wind, and wet conditions. The fabric and stitches are quality made and match the coat perfectly. The order was processed and shipped immediately during the holidays. And although the snaps on the original I purchased were faulty I returned the order and received a replacement just as fast. The replacement works as needed and i would highly recommend this hood and Carthartt purchases for their amazing customer service and quality products!

| craig s. 10-01-2021 22:18

Nice but I can't keep the snaps connected from the hood to the coat. It falls off too easily. Thinking about silicone.

| Michael W. 10-01-2021 19:44

Fit perfectly

| John S. 08-01-2021 22:17

The hood itself is nice. When I finally received the product the snaps were damaged (appeared to be die marks from the crimping process) and it would not attach to my coat. I called Carhartt Customer Service and they said I could return it, once they received it they would evaluate it, and then determine if it would be replaced or refunded. I really wanted a hood for this season not next. So I took it to a shoe repairman who replaced the snaps and I have a hood for this winter.

| Daniel R. 08-01-2021 20:22

Did not snap onto the jacket. I returned it ,got another one same thing. Got my money refunded. I have been wearing Carhartt clothing for years, a little disappointed,but I will continue to buy your products.

| Robert B. 07-01-2021 14:35

None of the snaps work. i returned the item ASAP.<br />I was hopeful but immediately disappointed. I've gotten no response back from you folks.<br />Loved your work in the past but question it now.

| George L. 07-01-2021 02:23

Recommend the hood. No issues with the buttons on the Armstrong flex jacket. Fit was great. Color was spot on to my carhartt brown jacket.

| Justin K. 06-01-2021 18:42

The snaps don’t work, I am returning it

| Steve 03-01-2021 00:02

I have has one for 25 years, this one is as well made as mine. He snapped it right on and went to shovel snow, he swore it made all the difference! I swear he did the driveway without me! Made the purchase completely worthwhile.

| JohnEll 01-01-2021 15:03

Great addition great fit and finish, a must have accessory with your coat

| Daniel S. 30-12-2020 03:05

It is a little lighter weight on the insulation than the coat and not all of the snaps attached easily.

| Denise C. 23-12-2020 18:37

Husband loves it with his new jacket.

| hfk14 22-12-2020 23:45

First, The snaps do not align with the snaps on both of my Carhartt Canyon coats (sadly discontinued, the reason I have two.) The color is jet black, after a dozen washes it may match my coats. That will never happen, the hood is going back. Customer service reps are always polite, nobody has the answer. Please Carhartt, make hoods to match your coats. I am very sorry to be this critical. Unless your Carhartt coat is jet black, stay far away from this hood.

| anson S. 22-12-2020 22:31

I have a full swing jacket and decided to get a hood for it. The color matches perfectly, size is good. I did have a problem with the snaps. They didn't fit together very tight and would come apart very easily. I decided to squeeze them together with pliers. This fixed the problem and now the snaps for together perfectly.

| Bob 21-12-2020 16:21

The snaps didn’t work to attach it to the jacket. For Carharty I expected better quality. I beat on them with a hammer till they stayed attachéd

| Brandan D. 15-12-2020 18:26

Had to send it back it was defective. Would not stay snapped.

| Joe D. 12-12-2020 19:02

I can't get any of the snaps to snap. I have another hood I purchased about a year ago and has the same issues. The coat this is for, Full swing Traditional coat, has snap pockets and one of those won't snap. If I buy anything Carhartt in the future, It surely won't have snaps

| " ". 11-12-2020 19:32

The hood arrived very quickly, however, because it is a detachable hood it was not the exact same color as the jacket purchased separately. It would be helpful to have an option to order a hood at the time that you purchase the jacket. Needing a hood for the winter, we did not reorder so we kept what we felt would be the best option.

| Brian P. 11-12-2020 18:17

The snaps aren’t installed correctly, this is the case on all 10 hoods that I purchased. You will need to use a punch to finishes setting it.

| Jeff J. 11-12-2020 14:34

Like other reviews posted, I had the same issue with the snaps not being applied correctly. Had to flatten the inside so they would snap onto the coat. Hopefully, that doesn't affect their durability. First hood I received had no snaps installed at all, and had to return. First purchase I made from Carhartt, and I would re-think spending the big $$$ for items made in India where a simple thing like snaps are an issue. Disappointing given their quality reputation.

| cash1 04-12-2020 14:03

Fits the coat well

| Stefan S. 03-12-2020 03:37

Great hood and great color match...but.....you could not attach the hood to the jacket snaps because the snap rivets in the center were too high and interfered with the snap rivets on the jacket.<br />Instead of returning a otherwise great hood, I dremeled the rivets flat so I could attach the hood to the jacket. <br />Please correct Carhardt!

| Corrine K. 30-11-2020 20:23

This was a pleasant shopping experience! Thank you!

| scott m. 28-11-2020 18:35

did not fit my carhartt jacket

| MIchael K. 25-11-2020 11:27

I followed the same steps as another review listed here. Initially I was unable to snap the hood onto the coat. I used a punch and block of wood to flatten the attachment rivot on each snap. Now everything is great.

| Pat S. 20-11-2020 12:42

It’s exactly what I hoped. Fits beautifully.

| Jeffrey S. 14-11-2020 18:29

Had to return. The center of snaps were raised which prevented hood from snapping onto jacket. I'm going to try reordering one more time and hope that some quality control is done before shipping.

| Brandon S. 08-11-2020 19:39

I have a carhartt Jacket that I got from tractor supply and when I tried to find a hood for it I couldn’t so I called carhartt and was told the jacket I got was made specifically for tractor supply and that hoods were not made for those but that this hood would work so I ordered it but when I got it it would not work the buttons were slightly different sizes so they wouldn’t snap together and I ended up having to return it. There was nothing wrong with the product itself just disappointed with the false information and that I now have a jacket that I can’t get a hood for even though it’s designed to have one.

| Evelyn Ann L. 17-10-2020 19:01

Fabulous. Why isn't the hood offered with the sale of the jacket or carried in the retail stores?

| Matthew M. 10-10-2020 18:11

Bought this hood to go with my 103283 jacket. Colors and texture match perfectly, as if they came together.<br /><br />Unfortunately, the snaps on the hood are not sufficiently pressed, leaving the fasteners standing too high within the hood snaps. This makes it impossible to snap the hood to the jacket, as the fasteners are in the way. The resolution is to take a flat head punch and do what Carhartt should have done -- flatten the fasteners. Unfortunately, this process will bend the outside of the snap a bit due to impact, and will probably scuff up the duck around the snap on the outside. None of this will alter the performance of the hood, but to have to buy the hood separate from the coat, on a $175 investment, from a brand like Carhartt, I definitely expected better.

| OConnor M. 14-09-2020 11:53

The quality of this item shines through. I will be using this for years

3.4 stars based on 147 reviews
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Customer Reviews

3.4 stars based on 147 reviews

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| Robert S. 11/29/22

It works well.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Leonard B. 11/24/22

Very nice hood well made love it

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Sarah S. 11/13/22

Perfect! Wait is great , snaps line up. Very happy on this windy Wisconsin day!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| MaryAnn P. 11/12/22

Bought a washed duck jacket a couple of years ago and the store had no matching hood. Stores don't always seem to carry them. I was thrilled to finally get the exact hood for my jacket! Color and size are perfect. Snaps on easily. Lined.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Markzirbes 11/10/22

Very nice hood love it.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Kelly 10/04/22

Fits the coat perfect. Keeps me dry. Just wish it had snaps or velcro at the chin to help it stay on better in the wind.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Tom S. 09/10/22

Good nice product

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Morgan F. 03/31/22

Fist grays on the coat and nothing wrong with the color

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Timothy C. 03/18/22

Reviews said the snaps don’t work and it’s true. They don’t work. I tried it anyway. Had to super glue the snaps on so the hood is not coming off now. I shouldn’t have bought this jacket and ordered the hood. Why doesn’t your stores carry the hoods? Is it because they dont fit? I went into a carhartt store and the guy told me that the stores don’t carry them. Very disappointed

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Ray S. 03/15/22

The hood is not as warm as the coat. The hood snapped on the coat perfectly. I feel the price was a too high for the hood. I am glad that I bought it so I can use a fleece hoody under it when it is really cold, and I can just wear the hood when it rains or to cut the wind.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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