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103439 - Firm Duck Apron

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The Firm Duck Apron features:

  • 12-ounce, firm-hand 100% cotton duck; Straps: 100% polyester
  • Crisscross strap ties in back for custom fit and balanced weight distribution
  • Bib pocket with zipper closure
  • Four large pockets, two small pockets
  • Tool and utility pockets
  • Length: 33"
  • Imported
| David L. 02-12-2022 06:50

Feels like you full ranked up on armor in a video game well worth the money.

| Jimmy S. 22-11-2022 21:50

The duck apron is exactly what I wanted and need. There are plenty of pockets. I mainly use the small top pocket for pencil(s). The lower bigger pockets for tape measure (30 ft) and speed square. Both fit with room to put hand in pocket to grab. <br />I do wish that the apron came with a buckel instead of tie method to adjust the fit when wearing apron.

| C R. 11-11-2022 20:01

excellent quality.

| Kezia H. 06-11-2022 14:35

Runs small

| Pachao V. 15-10-2022 16:50

Loved it! Got so many compliments.

| Katie M. 16-09-2022 00:14

I’m a baker and I got it because it is durable and has the cross back tie that doesn’t rub on my neck. It has been great.

| Ivan T. 15-09-2022 17:11

Use it for gun smithing, works great and saves my clothes.

| Shaun J. 11-09-2022 03:21

Quality that you would expect from Carhart. Comfortable, durable, just right for Carhart guy. I love it

| Abbey 18-08-2022 18:24

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he uses it for everything from cooking in the kitchen to doing woodworking and building! He loves that it is thick and it has so many pockets!

| " ". 17-08-2022 20:27

Best value

| D Wayne S. 04-08-2022 17:58

I have trouble with the crisscross straps wish it was a neck strap

| DAN B. 02-08-2022 20:10

Nice, sturdy apron. Lots of utility pockets. Comfortable to wear. Wish the straps were a bit longer, but I tell myself I'll just lose 5 lbs.

| Janice B. 08-07-2022 17:51

Sturdy and thick, with plenty of pockets for tools.

| Ciara B. 07-07-2022 00:46

It's a great apron, however the tie in the back is annoying. Would be better with a clip rather than tie. The front is perfection.

| Andres 29-06-2022 17:47

My son loved his cooking apron

| Mark B. 27-06-2022 18:01

apron is a bit stiff, this should clear up with washings. plastic insert clips on the rear apron ties would be a plus. Then no loose ties to catch on anything.

| Kayla B. 01-06-2022 17:37

My husband LOVED his new apron that I got him as a surprise gift. It's high quality and looks great on him. Makes him even more excited to grill out...Definitely recommend :)

| Amy M. 20-05-2022 18:24

Great apron! Exactly what I needed.

| John N. 12-05-2022 14:24

Good apron

| Ed M. 30-04-2022 21:29

Great, I wear it at the restaurant looks good , and keeps me clean

| Ariana L. 22-03-2022 18:41

Bought this to protect my clothes during hair color appts. Great fit and doesn’t make me overheat while working!

| frank 21-03-2022 03:34

rugid material functional design

| Eric R. 13-03-2022 12:01

Nice so far time will tell could improve on the Tie back feature maybe go with a cross band feature on back for putting it on and keeping bands flat does stay snug to your body

| Tim O. 02-03-2022 21:13

Great apron

| Aaron G. 25-02-2022 18:16

Great quality

| Justin G. 20-02-2022 23:35

Fits great. Should last a long time.

| David 19-02-2022 19:46

My guy likes it

| Claudio C. 09-02-2022 18:18

The material is very durable. I like all the pockets included in the design.

| E Anna E. 14-12-2021 03:17

To many pockets but still good quality apron... use it in a wood fire kitchen

| Patricia G. 13-12-2021 20:34

I am using it as a garden apron. It works great!I love it!!

| Brett D. 12-12-2021 19:33

Utilitarian to the Max!

| HERMILO P. 12-12-2021 18:20

Great shop apron lots of pockets only thing I would ask is need to make them I black I tried to order one and they haven’t had any in that color all they have is brown which gets dirty really quick and maybe some pocket flaps to keep the chips out of the pocket other than that very heavy duty love it when you have them in black I will be ordering a couple more.

| Todd H. 11-12-2021 18:17

Awesome apron

| Karen S. 10-12-2021 22:10

I want to buy more but you are sold out!

| shea r. 09-12-2021 18:32

awesome quality and functionality

| Jaden V. 07-12-2021 09:27

Tough as nails

| JennyO 05-12-2021 04:27

Got one of these for each of our four sons. They love them!!

| Jburd 04-12-2021 19:41

i absolutely love the apron itself. Well designed. But the straps are a really bad design. I just wore out a Duluth Traders apron and took the straps off that and had my wife sew it on the Carhartt. Now.........The apron rocks. Works very well and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

| Daniel N. 04-12-2021 05:05

Awesome apron!

| Daniel S. 03-12-2021 22:29

Great durable apron. <br />The best thing about it is that the strap doesn’t go around your neck. There are two straps that go over your shoulders, cross-cross and come back around. Exvallent!

| Marc N. 03-12-2021 18:22

Originally was not sold on aprons. However as a custom fabrication carpenter this is absolutely a must have. Not only do my work shirts now stay free of wood glue, bondo, or all the other stuff that would get all over me, but I also have all my tools needed for a job on hand and easy to access. Sure my coworkers joked about how I looked like a baker making a cake, but now when whenever a tool is needed they ask me because I have it on hand and don't have to root around my toolbox for it.

| John W. 01-12-2021 21:51

I is a very good apron, but a little on the heavy side. I does protect very my clothes and me very well.

| Rebecka C. 01-12-2021 21:25

Love this apron! I use it when repairing tents and it protects my clothes from dirt, water, threads, snags, etc.

| Anthony P. 23-11-2021 23:09

Sturdy, well-made apron. Looks good too. Very functional for protecting clothes and body. Hang up within reach or simply fold and store. Glad I bought it.

| Brett J. 07-11-2021 17:20

Great for POpPopping around the shop.

| Kimberley R. 04-11-2021 02:14

I originally bought 2, one for me and my mom. My mom loved it so much, to ensure that my dad and brother didn’t “borrow” hers, I ended up buying 2 more! My family loves these aprons!!!

| Erin L. 19-09-2021 22:57

Please bring back the women’s apron!!!

| Richard R. 18-06-2021 21:38

Very high quality construction and more pockets than Carters got pills. Very happen with purchase.

| R M. 18-06-2021 04:16

High quality, good design, general ease of use.

| John K. 18-06-2021 02:11

Working great and no neck strap is a good thing.

| ANTONIO H. 17-06-2021 18:19

Great quality product! I use this at my barbershop, it keeps the hair off my clothes.

| Genyce C. 14-06-2021 20:15

Great apron! Can be used in the shop or at the grill/smoker. Is a bit stiff as most Carhartt products are, but does the job.

| Eric G. 08-06-2021 19:27

Better than a lot of aprons that are charging double

| Jerry S. 07-06-2021 21:15

Great value.

| Ken K. 07-06-2021 02:11

I bought this mainly to keep tomato sauce and other cooking stains off of my clothing. It's excellent for that. Given its sturdy construction and several pockets, it would also be good in a shop environment, although I'll not use it that way.

| WILLIAM H. 02-06-2021 20:18

Well made, comfortable and provides the protection you look for in this type of apron! The buying experience was flawless, with all the desired updates. Carharrt continues to deliver great products

| Juan R. 01-06-2021 02:18

Material wasn’t what I expected . It gets dirty real quick

| Jason S. 23-05-2021 12:23

Perfect fit and quality! Love it!

| Johnattan C. 20-05-2021 13:46

It took a while to get them because they sold out but I am really happy I have them.

| Stephen K. 15-05-2021 16:31

I got this to use for work as a bicycle mechanic. The smaller tools, and items I keep on me fit well into the pockets. I didn't know when I ordered this apron that it had a right hip pocket, which is very convenient. The fit is good, and the straps are nice, I'd add a buckle, however for the low price I can't complain.

| Mariah R. 13-05-2021 17:16

good quality!

| Amanda B. 10-05-2021 17:12

My partner loves the new Carhartt apron I just got him for his birthday. He is a luthier and uses it when he does building or makes repairs on guitars. Great product!

| Gabriel G. 08-05-2021 18:10

I like my apron. I material is great. Thick material. Pockets to help keep things. The only issue is I have only used my apron 2 for about 2 hours each time and color is already fading. Its not even a full fade its a large area near the center. I would buy another. But maybe would consider testing the black to see if itd fade like the brown.

| JOAN S. 08-05-2021 17:14

The length is great not too long like denim ones can be. I love the weight and all the pockets. Should have bought this years ago.

| Clay F. 07-05-2021 18:53

Bought it for a present and they love the apron. Honestly I like it so much I am trying to figure out a reason to buy myself one. Fantastic construction and fits very well when you adjust it.

| Jennifer D. 05-05-2021 18:23

Wonderful quality

| R. C. 04-05-2021 19:26

I love my apron! It fits great the only thing I have trouble with is how it goes over my head, as the tie is part of the neck piece I can't get it snug. I finally tied the wraps into the grommet holes and had a even better fit. I really do love my apron though, it is perfect for carving protection

| yoo e. 04-05-2021 15:33

Good good good

| Grasshopper 03-05-2021 18:06

Fantastic product. I’m 6’5” and it fits perfectly. If it’s uncomfortable, the straps aren’t positioned correctly. It took me a couple tries to get them right.

| Diana M. 02-05-2021 19:02

This Apron is excellent. The several pockets help me keep my tools organized and easily accessible, which increases the efficiency and quality of my work as a warehouse staffer. <br />It helps a lot that the tie is long enough to wrap around the waste so I can tie it in the front, rather than having to tie it behind. Nice and sturdy.

| Brandon L. 01-05-2021 17:13

The apron is fantastic. Super durable and lots of pockets to put stuff in. It would be nice to have side pockets where pants pockets would go though. Not really a big deal, I just find myself putting my hands down at my sides expecting pockets and not finding any.

| Jason T. 15-04-2021 17:16

Works great and it is built with Carhartt quality material!! Strongly recommend!!

| Hector M. 06-04-2021 19:04

Fits good. Use it when I bbq.

| Kelvin R. 06-04-2021 02:42

very practical to work

| Travis V. 04-04-2021 02:01

I absolutely love my apron. The only thing that I would change is the color. I ordered and received black but I would have ordered the tan had it been available for purchase at the time of my order. Great fit and great product.

| Marty W. 28-03-2021 21:51

lots of storage pockets, very solid, fit me well. Will be something I grab for before most projects whether it be working with wood or seeds and soil.

| Jeffrey H. 26-03-2021 17:14

Fantastic apron

| Christopher S. 24-03-2021 01:27

It great for restaurant use. Although it does bleach it’s not that bad

| David C. 01-03-2021 22:54

This is a quality shop apron, just like you would expect from Carhartt. It is the nice thick duck material, just like the coats. A lot thicker and therefore more durable than other brands. I like the crossed backstraps as well.

| Austin B. 23-02-2021 23:34

Just what I needed. Lots of pockets to hold tape measure, pencils, square, flask.

| Sarah T. 20-02-2021 20:23

Love this apron! It works perfectly for any task I give it. I did shorten it though because -well- I’m short!

| Charlie K. 18-02-2021 17:40

Looks great and fits perfect!

| Jonathan B. 12-02-2021 17:04

Iam a huge fan of work approns i try to change them up everyday. When I saw the carhartt i was instantly a fan. Mulitiple pockets, criss cross back for comfort. The only down side to it is, is that the material is strong (while a good thing) it hastent given me the form firting comfort i like after multiple washes. I am chef in a busy kitchen and loose fitting helps me move around this apron rides up.

| James P. 04-02-2021 14:56

Bought both colors love this apron

| Buddy 02-02-2021 23:25

This is the greatest apron ever invented.

| Andrew R. 31-01-2021 21:49

Actually bought for a cooking apron. All kinds of aprons online for $100 and then saw this one. I’m a Carhartt fan and this just pushed my fandom to the next level.

| Michael H. 28-12-2020 16:28

I'm a wood shop teacher and bought this apron to use at work. The duck material makes it durable and easy to keep clean and brush saw dust off of. I'm a big guy and the OFA still fits nicely. The material is nice and thick, so it should be long lasting. Lots of pockets for storage. Love it!

| Lee 30-11-2020 00:20

Its longer than needed or expected. Lots of pockets, but they are all flat and hold very little. Could use a hammer loop. Too hard to get into. I’ve since seen others on the web that appear for easier to put on and more creative in their design. Would not recommend this product. Otherwise, I really like Carhartt products.

| Scott L. 25-11-2020 14:02

Overall the apron is very good and it does what it is supposed to do.<br />My only issue is with the straps, they are thin and easily get twisted around. <br />Suggestion: make the straps out of heavier or stiffer webbing. At least the portion that goes over the shoulders so the portion that gets tied is easy to work with.

| eric y. 20-11-2020 19:21

Great stuff to be used in so many different areas garage shop BBQ perfect love it

| William B. 18-11-2020 13:42

I use it while grinding stained glass for my projects; a dirty job. It's excellent for holding my cutting tools and keeping my clothes clean. Every piece of glass get wiped off after grinding on the apron. The material is durable enough to withstand the dirt and glass cuts that typically made my jeans have short life spans.

| Anthony D. 18-11-2020 05:04

Got this as a gift and love it!

| Bill S. 13-11-2020 17:49

Better than expected

| Victor A. 13-11-2020 16:41

Bought it to work around the shop. Has many pockets to fill all your tools. Even fits my phone.

| noah b. 07-11-2020 17:58

This thing is awesome. It’s the perfect color and fit. Highly recommend it.

| Alex K. 06-11-2020 22:59

I got this apron for my work (bike mechanic). I was so excited that I was able to find a cool one that fit me so well. I am a pretty big guy, and it fit with lots of room to spare. I got a ton of patches to customize it too and am so happy with it. Tiny thing that wasn't my favorite was that it was just plain nylon straps for the closure system. I ended up getting a Fidlock magnetic buckle and holy cow you couldn't get a better apron. All of my coworkers were jealous. Can't recommend this apron enough!

| Samuel P. 06-11-2020 21:22

Straps need improvement

| Courtney P. 05-11-2020 17:57

My husband is a bigger guy, 6’1” - 275lbs, and this fits him just fine! Love the color and super happy with the quality. It’s now his smoking and BBQing apron, he loves it. Bonus that we were able to apply the 10% military discount!

| Nathan T. 04-11-2020 00:54

I was really looking forward to giving this apron as a gift to my father in law. I ordered the apron, and per Carhartts tracking system it was delivered, but I never received it, and I was home all day the day it was delivered. I got ahold of Carhartt and was told they would work it out with UPS, but I have not heard anything from them since. Disappointed to say the least.

| Kevin C. 03-11-2020 22:36

Very nice apron, made to last. Lots of pockets for tools, pencils, etc.

| Nicolas A. 02-11-2020 18:06

You guys canceled my order with no expectation

| Andre R. 30-10-2020 22:01

Love the apron

| Drew B. 26-10-2020 20:49

We abuse aprons and this one can take everything we throw at it. If you don't like working hard and staying clean while doing it this is not the apron for you.

| Kala L. 23-10-2020 16:56

Very well made, fits perfect<br /> and all the pockets are in the perfect spots

| Gracemarie G. 22-10-2020 21:35

This was for my husband who is a hobby woodworker. He absolutely loved it. Now he's more excited to get started on his next project.

| William S. 21-10-2020 16:55

Great style and fit. It was just what I was looking for.

| Xavier W. 19-10-2020 22:38

Most official apron in the game. Fresh and functional.

| mannyc286 18-10-2020 19:03

Man this apron is amazing. Great material and serves its purpose. Feel professional wearing it and keeps me focused at work cause I won’t misplace anything cause most likely it’s on the apron. Got people at work jealous cause I look amazing in it

| Karl F. 01-09-2020 16:29

Really durable apron with multipurpose use! My new fav!

| Nicholas T. 29-08-2020 17:08

Very durable construction.

| John G. 24-08-2020 17:06

Great build quality...but I wish it was a little wider and longer. I’m a big guy and it feels small on me.

| James L. 18-08-2020 18:25

Wish it had pocket flaps to keep out sawdust otherwise I really like it. The material is heavy duty and I like that it can be washed. <br />I would definitely recommend it to a fellow woodworker.

| Nereyda V. 17-08-2020 17:49

Exactly what I was looking to get my dad.

| Sergio M. 16-08-2020 13:45

the apron is nice but mine came with the pockets stitched on a bit canted, not that it affects the functionality of it but just not the quality of craftsmanship I was expecting, Customer Service would like me to return it but item is currently out of stock, not worth the hassle

| Jonathan C. 15-08-2020 22:00

I like the apron more than I thought I would. It is so helpful to have tools at hand without cluttering my bench. It would have earned 5 stars if it had a good place for my marking knife. It was in a pocket for less than a week before it cut through the stitching and fell to the floor. If I did it wrong or missed something about where I was supposed to keep it please let me know.

| Kyle R. 15-08-2020 19:03

I’m 6 feet tall and weigh around 250 lbs, it’s feels a little small but I do like it. The straps can’t go around you to the front of your chest to tie the knot

| Jackson B. 12-08-2020 21:15

Sturdy, smart and all around solid so far.

| robert d. 11-08-2020 17:15

apron is defective there is no head loop so the apron can hang on the back of your neck

| Ericka M. 11-08-2020 16:39

alot of compliments a little heavy but does the job

| Nneka M. 26-07-2020 00:38

I've used this apron for a bit now. I love that it has a lot of pockets. The material is definitely long lasting. It is a little bit large for me but that isn't too big of a deal. Overall great apron; happy I bought it.

| Vivian G. 25-07-2020 18:37

Love the apron. It is sturdy and very well made. The size is adjustable so fits all.

| Caitlyn L. 20-07-2020 21:59

My husband loves it! It's exactly what I was hoping it would be.

| Annah K. 17-06-2020 17:13

Lots of pockets and plenty of length to keep you clean.

| PB T. 15-06-2020 20:53

Bought this to cook in, and it works, but it's better suited for other work.<br />I'm 5'2" which means nothing ever fits, but this ends up being a solid length. I prefer longer aprons. Straps also work out just fine, but the width of the chest area is just too big for my frame.

| Stephen S. 01-06-2020 16:58

I bought a few other apron's, although they were good they did not have the functionality as the Carhartt. The pockets on this apron worked for me better than all the other apron's I've tried

| Dave V. 31-05-2020 18:51

I started using an apron in my woodworking shop a couple of years ago. Mostly as an experiment. You know, wheres my pencil sort of thing. I began with an inexpensive but very functional Rockler apron. Over a few months time I began to find the apron was extremely useful and my most used items found there way into the apron. The downside was I'm 6'3" and it's really a short apron. <br />So my search for a long enough apron with lots of useful pockets began. To be honest I had pretty much given up, thinking I would have to resort to some sort of custom job when I just stumbled upon this apron. <br /><br />Holy Cow! Finally! Long enough and pockets galore! My only complaint, and the reason it's not 5 star is the really cheap shoulder straps. I'd gladly paid another 10 bucks it this thing had padded straps and a buckle on the waist strap. I solved the buckle issue by robbing my old Rockler apron. But these thin straps really do get uncomfortable over a decent day of wearing it. <br /><br />All in all, a highly recommended buy if you're looking for a functional apron in the shop that will hold more than a pencil and a tape.

| Marc T. 30-05-2020 17:23

Avoid ruining your already work clothes or casual clothes by getting a Carhartt apron.

| Jeffrey 25-05-2020 21:00

Of the aprons I have used, this is the highest quality material of all of them. It also has the best pocket layout of them all. There is room for improvement, however. For me (a woodworker) the best pockets are the ones on the chest. I do not use the front lower pockets very much at all. Large items like a tape measure clunk around as I move. They also tend to collect dust. A flap over them might be nice. It would also be nice to clip a tape measure on the side. Some aprons have a cloth loop and others have a flat metal bar. I would prefer a metal bar. The pockets that are unexpectedly handy are the ones on the side of the apron. They are deep and can hold a screwdriver and my (Diresta) ice pick. I suppose for some people the zipper in the top pocket is useful, but not so much for me. It just stays open. When looking at it online it appears as though there are 4 thin pockets across the chest but it’s only 2. I would have liked 4. I do recommend it.

| Andy K. 25-05-2020 19:23

Fits good. Lots of pockets. Stiff at first but should wear in nicely and last a long time.

| Katie K. 25-05-2020 16:52

Yes. My husband loved his gift!

| Jonathan C. 25-05-2020 15:42

I’m a barber and it works exactly the way I want it to work. Great quality, plenty of pockets.

| Kelley T. 19-05-2020 19:23

Love it, would Definitely buy again!!!

| Kelvin M H. 15-05-2020 02:32

The tie back is somewhat annoying. Other than that it’s good. Make the tie string longer so you can tie from the front.

| Brett M. 11-05-2020 19:38

I feel really good about this purchase. It's well made, sturdy, and has plenty of pockets for my tools. It's a little stiff at first but with enough use it breaks in nicely. <br />For such a quality apron the price is very reasonable.

| Joshua G. 10-05-2020 18:31

Fits perfectly and is so versatile. The best!

| Joyce M. 08-05-2020 00:33

I like the apron. Too many Pockets

| Tom S. 03-05-2020 11:52

As expected, another quality product from Carhartt! I work out in my shop every night and it's great to be able to put something on that holds so much of what I need and keeps my clothes clean,,,which makes the wife happy.

| Rachel H. 02-05-2020 18:55

I love it! Very sturdy material but comfortable, and I love how many pockets it has. I think it's going to see me through many projects over the coming years.

| Jonathan O. 25-04-2020 10:29

Love the weight and feel of the canvas on the apron. Pockets fit the jobs needed and then some. It’s comfortable to be in.

| Will 25-04-2020 02:37

It has plenty of places for tools, pencils, and whatever. Just what I’ve been looking for.

| Mark S. 21-04-2020 17:54

Best in Class. Much better than the competition - particularly in the culinary field. AND at a fraction of the cost!

| Lucinda L. 16-04-2020 14:30

now that I am home all day everyday doing my own cooking, I look great.<br />I was never going to wear my wife's pink apron so this is great.

| Kevin T. 10-04-2020 18:12

Great apron with tons of pockets

| NicNacYaDig 10-04-2020 04:25

When I seen this item on the Carhartt website I was super happy because I was previously using a old cooking apron I had custom made for me for when I was a cook years back. When I received the item it was just as good as the picture looked and the material it was made out of has proved it’s toughness! I HIGHLY recommend this item to anyone that’s doing any kind of dusty/dirty work. It is so comfortable I left to the gas station with it still on and didn’t even realize I was wearing it because it felt so natural!

| Tarlton V. 31-03-2020 17:09

Love it. Will purchase more.

| Deborah R. 28-03-2020 08:25

Great quality product

| Dmitry A. 11-03-2020 15:48

I bought this apron and expected high quality. I got what I wanted, I couldn't be more satisfied with the look and quality , tough feel to it.

| Paul W. 28-02-2020 19:11

Very well made, will be worn for along time !!!

| Lori C. 27-02-2020 14:52

This apron is by far the best fitting, most comfortable, and functional apron I have worn.

| Cal S. 21-02-2020 18:35

Very well made, love the amount of pockets!

| Sophia T. 11-02-2020 22:42

Sturdy apron I use every day. Thickness hasn't wavered after many washes. Color's still the same. Stitching is great and has protected me from many burns. Get compliments on it all the time.

| David C. 04-02-2020 01:41

Very helpful to have tools, tapes, pockets to hold fasteners, glue and MARKING instruments.

| Rick H. 03-02-2020 18:17

This Apron is well made.

| Andrew D. 02-02-2020 18:22

Perfect simple woodshop apron with ample pockets.

| Chad H. 01-02-2020 18:54

If you’re thinking about it stop and order it!

| Austin S. 18-01-2020 18:25

It’s fantastic. Fits perfectly and keeps me clean!

| jenny 10-01-2020 14:00

it is Excellent design and quality.great.

| julie j. 06-01-2020 20:45

My husband loves his manly apron

| Kayla M. 30-12-2019 01:09

It’s amazing! I’m a chef and it has more then enough pockets to carry everything I need and more.

| Larry S. 17-12-2019 18:19

Quality apron. Keeps dust and shavings off my clothes. More convenient than coveralls. Only shortcoming, the straps are somewhat unwieldy with the crossover.

| youssef z. 28-10-2019 05:24

Another great product. The straps would slip off my shoulders, but once I crossed them on the back it was great.

| Joshua S. 14-10-2019 17:18

Awesome apron. Thick canvas material protects from Sparks and unwanted objects flying at me. Surplus of pockets makes it easy to carry the tools you use most while working. One thing I do dislike is the strap material. I feel they will go out a good ways before the apron will. But no issue really since I was planning on doing leather straps to replace them anyway. Don't skip on this! The quality you get for the price is unbeatable. No regrets.

| Kevin D. 13-10-2019 16:57

Made of durable material.<br /> Down Side—-: Manufactured In mexico.<br />I would have paid $10.00 USD more if it were “Made In the USA”.

| mike z. 10-10-2019 15:52

I have been a furniture maker for 25 years. Shop is my life. This apron is of great quality and durable but can be improved. How? KEEP IT SIMPLE! too many pockets. My goodness are people wearing aprons to go on a wilderness hike? The front is stiff. Its like wearing a piece of cardboard.<br />How I would improve the apron is to just put one pocket up top, pen/pencil pocket up top, and two pockets that you can tuck your hands in when needed. Thats it. Keep it flexible. I do like the way the strap goes around your shoulder. Good job! Rather than a tie in the back, a plastic snap buckle would be preferred. That way when you go to lunch or to the potty, a quick click and off it can go and when you return, you have the same setting as before.<br /><br />Don't get me wrong, when I wear this one out, I will buy another. If you made a simple version, Carhartt, I would buy 5.

| David S. 05-10-2019 18:40

Very light weight and durable. I own another apron with the same material but it’s 10 times heavier. I really like the pockets and it completely covers my cloths keeping me clean

| todd w. 04-10-2019 16:25

great apron

| Rachel C. 21-09-2019 18:12

Got it for my bartender boyfriend, and he’s in love. He can hold all his gear in one place and he’s really stoked on it. Thick, quality material.

| JEFFERY J. 01-09-2019 16:44

This a really nice apron as one would expect from carhartt. The only drawback is the pockets. are. really tight. they may get looser as the apron ages but for now I am limited on their uses because of the tightness.

| Mike M. 30-08-2019 17:34

I like the design and durability, but the chest pocket was sewn on crooked. The top of it is level but the bottom of the pocket is way off. I also didn’t like the straps criss crossing on the back and it was awkward to adjust. So I bought some cheap adjustable buckles on Amazon and made a neck loop and waist adjustment. Other than the crooked pocket I like it a lot now.

| Chris W. 27-07-2019 17:46

Great item for protection in pouring hot metals. Also great and bad ass for grilling.

| Ken H. 09-07-2019 23:50

Went into our local Carhartt Store (Portland, OR) specifically to buy this, but they didn't carry any in-store. Ended up purchasing online, while in the store, instead. I LOVE this apron for working in my woodshop! It's easliy adjustable to a perfect fit,every time. The number, size, and placement of pockets are perfect. An the durability of the material and craftsmanship of it are the absolute best possible. Have already recommended it to a few close friends, and many other woodworkers that I know through social media.

| KULIN F. 31-05-2019 17:32

I found this while looking for something else. This is the greatest thing since [fill in the blank].<br /><br />This item needs more publicity.

| Philip B. 04-05-2019 19:13

Great for the real dirty jobs and best of all the pockets on this is amazing I have engough room for all the tools I need through out the day saves me time ha ring to walk and find another tool!

| Gary S. 18-03-2019 17:47

Really enjoy the apron. It is what I have wanted for awhile. Really enjoy all the pockets. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an apron

| Jeff 05-02-2019 22:22

Great apron for whatever you need it for. Made out of that great carhartt cotton we all love. I’m sure I will get many years of use out of this. I may have to leave it my will to someone.

| Nate M. 11-01-2019 22:54

The material is a little stiff right away, I would recommend Carhart wash the material before stitching everything up. That being said, once it has a wash the material softens and its great! Lots of awesome pockets that are thoughtfully placed. I'm a woodworker and so far this has been a game changer.

| Christi B. 30-12-2018 18:39

It was a gift for my son and he loves it! Fits just right perfect for grilling

| Arturo C. 29-12-2018 18:28

Great apron for everyday use

| Richard S. 27-12-2018 19:49

Best work apron I have ever used.Plenty of pockets for all my toolsLove the cross straps on the back that help keep the apron from shifting or rolling. Worth every penny I paid for it

| Henry C. 25-12-2018 21:30

Can you use this for kitchen stuff too?

| Julie G. 25-12-2018 21:30

My husband really likes it and will use it. Excellent quality.

| Kayla B. 16-12-2018 01:47

Bought this for my dad because he wanted a long apron with pockets

| Kyle P. 15-12-2018 21:08

I love it and it suits my work with so many pockets

| Marco 11-12-2018 18:00

I bought this for use in my woodworking shop. The weight is good, and the quality is obvious. It could be improved if it had side-release buckles instead of tying a knot in the strings. The glasses pocket is a good idea, however, it would be easier to access if it were vertical instead of horizontal. The pockets will become full of sawdust very quickly, and a simple flap over them would keep out the unwanted. Last, the straps overlapping on the back could be stitched together to simplify putting on the apron. Overall, it's a fine product that would benefit from a few thoughtful touches.

| Maurice C. 30-10-2018 02:34

Better than any I have had in the past. I recommend it to anyone who needs an apron.

| David B. 20-10-2018 22:55

This apron is everything I expected from a Carrhart product. There are no negatives to the quality or Workmanship. Thank you for another great work and stylish clothing. I use this apron daily as a Barber and as I said I am extremely pleased.

| jeff g. 14-10-2018 17:22

Awesome, great price.

| Cesar H. 04-10-2018 17:01

Already recommended this apron to a co-worker and purchased the next day

| Tysen G. 21-08-2018 18:36

This is exactly what I needed. I work in brewing and there is constant splash of boiling wort. Perfect for protection. I will buy more for the rest of my team for sure.

4.65 stars based on 189 reviews
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Customer Reviews

4.65 stars based on 189 reviews

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| David L. 12/02/22

Feels like you full ranked up on armor in a video game well worth the money.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Jimmy S. 11/22/22

The duck apron is exactly what I wanted and need. There are plenty of pockets. I mainly use the small top pocket for pencil(s). The lower bigger pockets for tape measure (30 ft) and speed square. Both fit with room to put hand in pocket to grab. <br />I do wish that the apron came with a buckel instead of tie method to adjust the fit when wearing apron.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| C R. 11/11/22

excellent quality.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Kezia H. 11/06/22

Runs small

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Pachao V. 10/15/22

Loved it! Got so many compliments.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Katie M. 09/16/22

I’m a baker and I got it because it is durable and has the cross back tie that doesn’t rub on my neck. It has been great.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Ivan T. 09/15/22

Use it for gun smithing, works great and saves my clothes.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Shaun J. 09/11/22

Quality that you would expect from Carhart. Comfortable, durable, just right for Carhart guy. I love it

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Abbey 08/18/22

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he uses it for everything from cooking in the kitchen to doing woodworking and building! He loves that it is thick and it has so many pockets!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| " ". 08/17/22

Best value

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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