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102731 - Carhartt Women's Original Fit Blaine Jean

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The Original Blaine Jean features:

  • 12-ounce, 98% cotton/2% spandex
  • Original Fit
  • Rugged Flex™ technology for ease of movement
  • Mid front rise; sits just below the waist
  • Higher back rise for added coverage
  • Contoured waistband prevents gapping in the back
  • Comfortable fit through the hip and thigh
  • Straight leg
  • 17-inch leg opening
  • Imported
| Dana B. 14-10-2022 16:53

I have bought these in two different sizes as I lost weight. I wish that Carhartt still carried this style. I really do find them comfortable and durable. Better than some other jeans I have found. These are my favorite pairs of jeans.

| Rebecca H. 23-09-2022 03:04

I love these jeans! They fit so well and are so comfortable. I only wish I had ordered more when I did.<br />Thank you,<br />Rebecca

| Deborah G. 17-09-2022 15:54

I purchased a size 18 (one size smaller than my usual size in other brands), hoping for a good fit. I continue to be surprised at how much larger Carhartt sizes are than the other brands I purchase; i.e., Levi's, Wranglers, etc. Even after washing and drying on hot temp, I found the Women's Rugged Flex Loose Fit Jean to still be pretty baggy around the thigh area and even though it is a medium length and I am 5'5", it's necessary for me to roll the cuff.<br /><br />The main reason I am not returning this item is that I was able to snag it at a REALLY good discount - so, even though I am STILL searching for the perfect fit, I am moderately happy with my purchase and will continue to wear these jeans around the house.

| Lori K. 09-08-2022 18:26

Nice jeans.. will need to order talls for my daughter.

| Lisa S. 08-08-2022 02:39

I like the fit and durable for construction

| Jim and Peggy L. 02-08-2022 17:16

So comfy!!!

| Ashley G. 19-07-2022 22:12

Pros: heavier weight bodes well for durability; color; price<br />Cons: rise in the back isn't quite high enough; regular length a tad too long; too snug around the calves.<br />I'm 5'6", 350 lbs and wear a size 26. I will make these work because they shipped quickly and I couldn't beat the price. I do wish they fit in the butt a little better, though.

| C P. 05-06-2022 11:48

I love them. I’m an estate gardener and these jeans so far have stood up to my day to day garden tasks. I love the fact that they’re 98% cotton. I need my pants to be able to breathe in summer heat and humidity. I’ve gotten the Carhart classic work pants which I love but they now have polyester in them and get too hot for me. Hopefully they won’t put polyester in these jeans.

| Alma G. 16-05-2022 01:55

I really like these jeans. The fit is great and easy to work in.

| Blondie 03-05-2022 12:52

I see that the women's jeans they don't have them long enough for tall women. it would be nice the if we want to order,<br />We can there are more taller women in the work forces now them ever.<br />Thank you for your time,<br />Taunia Davidson

| Dana C. 19-04-2022 23:42

I am so happy to have found jeans that move and keep shape all day long. They don't stretch out and hang after working. The seams are in line, when held up the waist does flop on the rear. Great craftsmanship. I will be ordering more.

| Elaine S. 29-03-2022 21:36

Great fit. I am 5’9” and I was concerned that they might be too short, but the length is perfect!

| Jennifer S. 25-03-2022 15:17

Love these jeans, very comfortable . I am very disappointed that my color were discontinued seems like everything good they do away with it. Hopefully they will come back with the stonework color

| Mich Marie 20-03-2022 14:37

I love these jeans and hope Carhartt makes them forever. THESE ARE THE VERY BEST JEANS I HAVE FOUND IN THE LAST THREE YEARS of looking for cotton jeans and trying several brands, and I find that I love them for so many other reasons: comfort, very soft, very well-made and feel durable, fit well, launder well, come in different lengths (I need tall), and like I mentioned earlier they are 100% cotton. I would love a lighter wash/color for summer something like the discontinued color would be perfect. THANK YOU CARHARTT!

| Jamie R. 19-03-2022 07:33

These are the best pair of jeans I’ve worn in a long time! The additional belt loops around the back help keep my belt in place, which helps my jeans stay in place. The front pockets are huge! They are actually usable! To top it off these jeans are not expensive at all considering the quality and fit. I’ll defiantly purchase more in the future!

| Isabel H. 18-03-2022 17:23

Way to big in the legs. And they run small on the waist.

| Jeff H. 13-03-2022 14:07

Great fit,very comfortable,

| Melissa S. 12-03-2022 17:55

Love them! A perfect waist and fit!

| Pushin Dirt 07-03-2022 22:54

I really like these pants. They are comfortable.

| Kerry G. 07-03-2022 21:43

Tag is huge and in an itchy spot in the back. Have to wear super high undies to wear the jeans. Otherwise solid.

| Erin P. 05-03-2022 20:17

These jeans fit perfect and are very durable

| Kathryn J. 01-03-2022 18:57

So comfy and tough! I just wore them on a camping trip and they looked so nice that I just changed my shirt and shoes and kept them on when we went out to dinner afterwards.

| Erica 28-02-2022 12:51

I wish they were a few inches longer <br />They fit great and are comfy

| Sherri D. 27-02-2022 20:49

Fits like petite pants. Legs are perfect but rise is way too short. Need to figure out how to return, so disappointed because legs are really perfect.

| Rea W. 26-02-2022 17:56

I still have a problem with the legs. I got a size up and they fit too tight. I plan on returning the item.

| Patti M. 24-02-2022 22:17

These jeans have functional pockets that I can actually fit a phone into. The colour is what I was expecting. The denim is a nice weight and so far I’m not seeing any chub rub damage in the thighs. The fit is great - I’ve got a round bottom but am not suffering any waistband gap. I’m wearing these as daily jeans, not workwear, so I can’t say how they’d hold up on a job site but they’re definitely comfortable enough to wear chasing kids and running around town

| gale c. 21-02-2022 21:57

The quality is great - especially with a little bit of stretch. Waist was tight.

| Alethea M. 20-02-2022 20:06

I'm 5'8" and weigh 115 lbs. and these pants fit perfect!

| Diana C. 20-02-2022 19:17

Love them! ... I just wish they came in a longer (yes, even longer) size. I'm 6'1" with a 36" inseam. I'm 56 yrs old so the next generation is just getting taller. Get out in front of the curve! Also have you considered black?

| Steven L. 19-02-2022 19:16

These jeans were nice and seemed very well made. The size 4 was a little tight on my waist, but the real problem is that even the petites were too long for me. I'm about 5'3". I decided to return them and not order the next size up. I'm sorry that I'm just not the right build for Carhartt jeans. :(

| Linda S. 19-02-2022 18:44

Great jeans and a reasonable price for the quality and durability.

| Del L. 18-02-2022 23:18

Don't know what's happened to Carhartt — they used to make a quality product, i.e. rugged, long-wearing jeans — but not anymore. We ordered a couple pairs of this style, expecting the same quality of jean that we had in a men's Carhartt jean (from years ago), but these were paper thin, light-weight material, cheaply made. We order a new pair of the men's utility jeans as well, but same thing. Really too bad; we wanted to give Carhartt our business, but we'll have to search for that quality jean somewhere else.

| Christina C. 10-02-2022 13:45

I'm new to the Carhartt brand. I volunteer at the co-op farm where we board our goat as part of her boarding fee. I don't have separate farm jeans from my everyday jeans that I also sometimes wear to work so often I put on sweatpants to work at the farm. Unfortunately, sweatpants and farm work do not work well together. I recently discovered Carhartt and decided to try a pair of their jeans. I love them. They feel very sturdy and not like they'll rip if I accidently brush up against a raw edge of the wire fence while trying to quickly get out of the goat enclosure without letting out all the sneaky goats. I also adore all the pockets. Can the jean designers of Carhartt speak to all the fashion jean designers and teach them how to incorporate real pockets in their jeans? On the right side, there's a "little" pocket inside the big pocket, like there often is in fashion jeans. This "little" pocket is bigger and more functional than many of the main pockets in my other jeans! I can fit my cellphone in this "little" pocket!!! I will definitely purchase more in the future!!

| Eileen R. 11-01-2022 17:13

Went from 5 star awesome work jeans to 2 star can get same quality at Walmart. My clothing is not worn tight. Carhartt clothing should last for 2-3 years however three (3) pair of these jeans split between rear seam and right rear pocket. Must have a bad run of material, but I saw several other people with same complaint.

| SouthupNorth 31-12-2021 17:04

I really wanted to like these jeans. I found the sizing to be on the loose / large size - I ordered a size 8 tall. I am 5'8 and 162 lbs. These pants were very tight around the waist and very loose everywhere else. My husband would joke these are my "lesbian" jeans since after wearing them longer than 5 minutes I did not look very feminine at all and they looked 2-3 sizes too big. I ultimately used these as barn jeans for about 3 months before they randomly split in the butt while I was bending down to pick something up off the floor (seriously - It was an odd place to rip and I don't have a larger rear). They were comfortable while on horseback and I had plenty of room to wear undergarments underneath. I would not buy these again based on the lack of longevity and peculiar sizing.

| Elizabeth W. 24-12-2021 00:09

I used to LOVE these jeans. Perfect fit - loose where I could move around but still looked ok. Had pairs that held up for years that I bought 4-5 years ago. Bought a bunch of pairs in last two years and they suck. The “new” denim fabric is NOT rugged and just splits at the corners of pockets and bottom of zipper within a month or two of purchasing. Used to love them.

| Nancy L. 19-12-2021 18:28

Love the fit and very comfortable

| Donna B. 13-12-2021 19:02

Comfortable. Adequate pocket size (front and back). Not too low-waisted and not too high-waisted (just right). I have in both the stonewash and dark jean style. These have held up well, the jean fabric is not flimsy like so many women's jeans.

| Linda M. 12-12-2021 19:44

Carhartt never fails to continue making high quality functional clothes. This is why we never even shop anywhere else!

| Beverly D. 11-12-2021 18:36

Great fit, durable.

| Brooke P. 11-12-2021 18:14

My favorite jeans anymore. They fit really well, are super comfortable but also look good. My one complaint is that while the 18 is too big (I don't have to unbutton them to take them off), the 16 is way too small (can't button them at all). That said, I still love them!

| jason B. 11-12-2021 01:37

Need to return, just didnt like the way fit

| gretchen s. 10-12-2021 20:05

These are very loose and baggy jeans. I was looking for loose jeans and found them here. They’re great for working or relaxing but definitely not for”dress up”. The fabric is mid to lighter weight denim so they are comfortable for outdoor work in warm weather.

| Tammy S. 10-12-2021 15:04

I searched 100% cotton denim, these are not! My hips are wide and the way the seam is made (decorative?? not sure) accentuates this issue not helping this in any way??. I’ve worn this brand of jeans for years and loved them. I prefer the older material and style.

| Nancy W. 09-12-2021 19:50

Looked very slightly baggier than the other Carhartt jeans I’ve worn, same size same model. I used to wear Original Fit. Loose fit? AND Relaxed Fit? Why not call one Original Fit and the other Relaxed Fit? Still great jeans.

| Gail P. 09-12-2021 01:43

Good product. Didnt fit~had to return it :(

| Yulinda B. 07-12-2021 22:40

They came and were original fit not rugged, but i liked them anyway. Fit loose which i wanted. I wore them roughly 6 times. Went to bend to pick something off the floor and tore right down alongside the pocket. I am very dissatisfied with how horribly these held up. A cheap walmart pair lasted better than these

| Leah S. 06-12-2021 04:01

These jeans were okay. Just okay. I bought them because Carhartt doesn’t have any straight leg women’s options anymore. Honestly, I’ve stopped buying Carhartt products because I can’t stand how often the styles change and the old ones disappear. The quality is still good, I’m just over playing the game of trying new things when I really just want to replace old ones that have worn out. Don’t even get me started on how limited the women’s selections are compared to the men’s. There are companies out there that have provided more consistent options for me.

| Susan B. 05-12-2021 20:09

Legs are bit wide but fit is great. Terrible factory smell though - even after 3 washing

| Brandi M. 05-12-2021 13:37

Best pair of jeans I’ve ever wore and they hold up well!

| Deborah R. 05-12-2021 03:11

Jean's are durable and fit nicely

| April S. 04-12-2021 02:15

Not the jeans I wanted. Y’all have changed the fit and the quality of material ( not 100

| Lynne C. 04-12-2021 01:23

These jeans fit just as expected. I work on a small farm and for other farmers in the summer. These jeans keep up with all the work!

| Susanna 02-12-2021 22:08

I have thick thighs so these jeans work well for me.

| Ashley S. 02-12-2021 21:45

Best jeans ever! I’m an athletic build. Thick in the rear and thighs and have solid legs. These are the only jeans I own that don’t make me want to cry when I see myself in a mirror!

| Margaret C. 02-12-2021 21:36

I wanted to like these jeans but can’t. The thighs and hips fit fine BUT the waist was so loose I had to have them taken in by two inches. Plus they were so long, I had to have them taken up four inches. All together, the alterations cost me $30 on top of the price of the jeans - and the waist is still a bit too loose.

| Ann P. 01-12-2021 21:02

Like them very much .Fit perfectly at hips, thighs and waist..

| Susie W. 30-11-2021 22:28

I really like these, the only reason I deducted a star is because I bought them for work, and they don't have all the pockets I need. I was hoping for them to be just like the work pants, I need that side pocket for my phone.

| Arielle S. 30-11-2021 19:14

Love these jeans. Incredibly comfortable and durable. Perfect length with the tall option

| Rebecca 29-11-2021 15:34

I could not find a correct fit in these jeans, I am curvy thru the hips and bottom and typically wear a size 14 or 16 in most brands. I know in Carhartt pants size 14 is way too small, so I ordered a 16, 16W, and 18. The 16 and 18 were way too tight, and the 16W were too big in the stomach and bottom. What a bizarre combination! I do not believe that these would hold up well as chore/work jeans - the material seems to thin.<br />What I like about the jeans is the coloring, the straight leg appearance, and the length. These would be great for someone who doesn't have too many curves.

| Penny D. 25-11-2021 00:33

Love the fit.

| Lauren O. 24-11-2021 00:25

Bring back the bootcut jeans

| Jennifer W. 20-11-2021 17:55

Thought they were more like a denim jean, lot more stretch, less denim feel. The waistband is way too big. I will be returning them. I have Carhartt denims in a size 18 x 32 I bought a few years ago. I’m looking for this jean in a 20, sadly to no avail.

| LauraP 19-11-2021 02:25

I am very disappointed in this new style. I Loved the Layton style and bought many of them. These new jeans are cheap and ugly. I will be looking for a new brand because these are not flattering in the least. Big bummer.

| Lindsay C. 07-11-2021 20:16

I really like the fit except at the waist. They sag in the front after about a half day wearing them. I would’ve bought the next size down, but long length wasn’t available when I bought them.

| Robin B. 06-11-2021 22:21

These are my favorite jeans. True to size

| Cindy C. 06-11-2021 18:45

Love these jeans. They are made for women that work. They move with you through your whole day.

| Amanda B. 06-11-2021 05:32

Didnt fit, size up

| Rosey B. 04-11-2021 16:55

Very comfortable..they have deep normal pockets extra belt loops true blue jean not stretch

| Jody B. 21-09-2021 21:11

Love them! They have become my favorite jeans.

| Laura M. 24-08-2021 16:44

These used to be of better quality. They would last at least two years for me at my job. Now, multiple pairs have started to wear holes in weird places after just a few months. They are too expensive to have to replace every 6 months.

| Sally L. 25-07-2021 19:51

I'm trying these as I no longer see the Blaine jeans available. Don't really know how to judge them yet. I'm hopeful but terribly disappointed to see the Blaine jeans discontinued.

| Jen H. 19-07-2021 17:53

The legs are very baggy. Waist fits well. True to size

| Scojo 5. 09-07-2021 04:31

I don’t know what happened to these pants. The first pair I got a little while ago were fine. These I could smell THROUGH the bag. I had them sitting with a couple other items and caught a whiff when I walked by and didnt know what it was. It was these jeans. They smelled so strongly, like they were literally bathed in (I don’t know the best way to say this) someone’s “house smell” or musk. It was awful, it literally filled a room once I opened the bag. <br />I washed them three times to try to get the smell out, but it would not. I luckily washed them by themselves, because it even made my wash machine smell. Not exaggerating. I feel bad to even donate them because it will stink up the whole bag of clothes and someone else would be stuck with it. Unfortunate waste of $53. One star because they were unwearable.

| Ivan C. 08-07-2021 23:14

They fit exactly where they said they would. I buy more when I need to. I have a slightly curvey shape and I am considered petite, Never let your age stop you

| Tracy B. 24-06-2021 19:08

Super bummed with these. The quality is great but the fit is not. I was a huge fan and have owned at least a dozen pair of the now discontinued Layton fit boot but jeans. When I say I LIVE in those jeans, I mean it. I still have a few Laytons hanging tough but have started trying to find another style now that you cant find the laytons anywhere. I decided I would try these Rugged Flex and returned them back to the local store. I had no issues with the material but the fit just wasn't even close. I know they are called Loose Fit but I was really hoping they'd have similarities but they were just too loose all around. I don't want super tight jeans because I'm in construction and on the farm so just something simply fitted but I handle the baggy style. I guess the search will be on to find some simple, fitted, boot cut jeans similar to Laytons.

| Charity W. 22-06-2021 16:15

Very Comfortable and stack well on my boots.

| Cary L. 10-06-2021 19:03

The jeans fit great in the waist, hips etc. <br />I wish they were a little more fitted in the lower leg. My favorite were the ladies slim fit boot cut that they don’t make anymore.

| Savannah H. 09-06-2021 12:41

Very comfortable!

| Jamila L. 28-05-2021 19:23

I bought the same size and style as another pair that I had bought locally in 2020. They don't fit quite the same, so I am somewhat disappointed. The old pair still fits me fine, the new pair is slightly tight in the waist and the crotch seems a little too short.

| Jessica S. 24-05-2021 11:28

I ordered these jeans in hopes of receiving a good, quality pair of jeans. My expectations were met. The jeans are not super stretchy, are a good thickness denim, and fit how I wanted- i.e. high rise, loose through the thighs, covers my rear end when I bend down.

| Theresa S. 23-05-2021 01:54

Very comfortable. Good quality and very durable.

| Deborah P. 19-05-2021 17:14

They fit great and the fabric is very soft.

| Lisa J. 17-05-2021 00:31

Fit when I tried them on. Within 4 hours, they stretched to the point where I almost lost my pants walking through a store. Material feels thin and cheap. Don't think it would hold up to construction work.<br />Please make some that are a heavy weight 100% cotton.

| Catherine H. 13-05-2021 22:15

the legs are big enough for an elephant! I returned them.

| Scott B. 13-05-2021 15:50

I love practical work clothing, but most women's jeans aim at fashion rather than function. The original fit jeans are my go-to jeans for outdoor work. They have a waist that is not too high or too low; pockets that actually hold things; and legs that cover boots and keep out cheat grass and ticks. My only request is that a leg pocket be added so I can carry my phone easily.

| Jessica A. 11-05-2021 01:05

True to size. Seem to be made well

| Jeanine S. 10-05-2021 17:38

Love these jeans!!!!

| Rebecca A. 07-05-2021 20:06

Carhartt jeans fit good, Kinda small in the waist. Dont know how durable they will be until I wear them working for some time.

| PatriciaS P. 04-05-2021 22:49

I measured and ordered the closest size. I am so happy with the fit and the quality. I need a durable, functional pair of pants for gardening and beekeeping. I need pockets and YES they have pockets. If I were designing the pants, they would have an extra inch in the rise. That is the only reason the appearance and comfort rated a 4 and not a 5.

| Alexandria W. 02-05-2021 17:18

Really good quality but runs small. I wear a true 16, and they didn’t come over my thighs.

| P H. 30-04-2021 17:39

They fit a little tighter than the same size at the store a week earlier. Overall, very comfy.

| Emily R. 30-04-2021 16:38

Overall, a decent pair of jeans--good enough I've purchased a second pair! The mid-rise is about right, though the waistband is a little more snug than I like while the hips and thighs are a little looser. But given that I'm tired of buying jeans that are ? polyester or elastane that fall apart after a year, I'm willing to compromise a little on fit for durability. Hopefully these last a good long time. Would like them better if they were 100% cotton.

| Jennifer 26-04-2021 05:22

I love my new jeans from you!! They fit like a dream right away. I can get so much work done in my garden in my new jeans!! Thank you!!

| Jessica L. 26-04-2021 02:29

I really like these jeans. They fit just as I hoped. They button at just the right point for me and then doesn't flare out for hips I don't have or suck to my legs like jeggings. My only complaint is that that the jean material is thicker than I'd like. Which just means they will last forever!

| Tara1987 22-04-2021 06:40

I bought the size that was suggested for me, which was 20W in the plus sizes. <br />I usually wear a size 18 bootcut and a size 20 skinny jeans at a certain plus size store that starts with a "T" and ends with "orrid". <br /> At first try on, they fit perfectly! Not too tight and not too loose. These have a nice relaxed fit, but not baggy. The only issue I had, was that throughout the day, I was constantly pulling them up. They seemed to stretch out a bit. I have not wash these yet, so I'm hoping they will shrink a tiny bit to help that issue. I feel if I had bought the 18 the waist may be a bit tight until they stretched out. Only time will tell. If I continue to have the same issue, I will try a size down! <br />Oh and these have BIG POCKETS! YAY!!

| Stephanie M. 20-04-2021 00:01

Love them! Thank you again Carhartt!

| annie 19-04-2021 02:33

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of these pants at a local retailer. I like the way they fit and they didn’t shrink after laundering.<br /><br />The new pants I ordered don’t even fit they are too small. I was shocked when I tried them on. Manufacturing is inconsistent. This isn’t a new problem, I’ve experienced this on previous orders.<br /><br />The shirt I ordered is a nice color, but not the color shown on the web site.<br />So I’m not very happy with the quality, and I see that nothing has changed in manufacturing. Sad.

| DJean S. 15-04-2021 18:54

I have had a hard time finding jeans that fit well and, at the same time, are made of a durable fabric. My "go to" brand has been Lee Jean but the fabric currently used is pretty insubstantial. Carhartt's jeans both fit and the fabric will last. I will be buying more.

| Steffany F. 12-04-2021 17:27

They werent for my shape<br /><br />The quality was fine<br /><br />I reordered a different style and size

| Wendy K. 08-04-2021 17:49

These jeans fit well and are my new favorite. I will be buying another pair!

| Racheal M. 04-04-2021 23:15

Great fit, great style.

| Mary 29-03-2021 14:56

I need the size I ordered but in "long." When I would click on my size, I could not find a "long." It jumped to "plus" sizes when I clicked on "long." Even when I called to ask about it, I told them I needed "long" but there was no other choice, so they are too short and look pretty dorky.

| Jennifer H. 28-03-2021 14:58

they were not a good fit, the waist was ok but then the hip, rear and leg area all go too big

| BettyJean C. 27-03-2021 22:49

Only regret is that there was no 29-inch inseam available.

| Claire R. 25-03-2021 17:38

Most of my jeans are Levi's. Compared to Levi's, these seem sturdier, but also coarser, a little tighter around the waist, a little longer, and a little looser around the knees and ankles. The cut is not as flattering and the material is not as stretchy. Good work pants, but not quite as stylish. I would recommend ordering one size up, but a little shorter.

| Stacy C. 23-03-2021 16:55

The women’s sizing is so horrible. It’s like balloon pants with skinny ankles. Nothing like the picture shows. I will be returning and not purchasing again. I work in mining and thought of course Carhartt would definitely have what I need. I was so wrong!!

| Salimah R. 22-03-2021 18:16

Jeans fit well and works for work and also out on the acreage. I am a fan.

| Marc B. 15-03-2021 17:12

I'm quite happy with the Carhartt jeans. I've been a long time (4 decade) wearer of a competitor and when they started making their jeans about political perspectives, I had to move on from them. In retrospect, it was a decision I should have made long ago. The Carhartt are every bit as good as the competitor and better in most areas. Fit and quality of fabric are significantly better than the San Francisco based jeans I'd worn for quite some time.

| Carie M. 13-03-2021 11:59

Giving 3 stars because these have been my absolute favorite jeans up until this least year. In previous years, these jeans would last me a year or two. The last two pair I bought didn’t last more than a few months before ripping at the seam along the back pocket on both pair! I notified customer services and they were great. Sent me two new pair. Not even two months later, these begun to rip in the exact same place. Really unfortunate because these have been my favorite jeans to wear for years. Not sure if carhartt changed something in the jeans or what. But I will be looking elsewhere until something changes. I work on a farm and and riding horses all day. I want to invest in durable jeans that last. If I wanted to have to replace them every few months, I’d go to Walmart and buy then for $20. Do better Carhartt. We just want jeans that will last like the men’s do.

| laurie t. 12-03-2021 03:07

Did not fit at all. I have a womanly shape and really no room for a butt or thighs. It was low cut as well. Years ago I found a pair that was stretchier and fit great. I need a high waist female cut work pant. I’m a landscaper...

| Lindsay W. 11-03-2021 15:30

Please bring back size 0. It is ridiculous I can’t fit into any of your pant products anymore. When these last pair rip, no more Carhartt.

| Misty T. 10-03-2021 17:48

Great fit! I'm 5'4 and 125 pounds. I ordered a size 2 tall and they are perfect!!

| Emily P. 08-03-2021 17:40

Love the fit and super comfy but I Hate that there are no Tall sizes in plus size. So now I am wearing short pants all the time and it bothers me.

| Shannon K. 03-03-2021 17:55

These jeans are so comfortable not sure I will buy anything else going forward.

| Emily R. 02-03-2021 02:11

I wore my last pair until they finally gave out after over a year in harsh weather and constant moving at work. I wore my new pair two days and they are already showing visible damage. I still like that they are more durable than most women's jeans but the quality has really decreased.

| Deborah H. 25-02-2021 06:50

They're nice jeans. I should have ordered a larger size the waist is lower than I thought it would be which doesn't look goid on my body type.

| Danielle J. 20-02-2021 18:01

I originally purchased 3 pairs of this style and size from Fleet Farm. I wear them every day at work. I ordered these replacements online for the first time. They fit slightly differently, but in a way they are better. They are a little smaller in the waist and looser in the butt.; I don't have to pull them up as much as my old pairs. I would give 5 stars except for the fact that I ordered short, and they are a little long. This happened when I compared the length in the store as well. The length is not very reliable. It's not so bad that I had to hem them. These are still the best jeans I've had in years as far as having a good comfortable stretch without staying stretched out. I can wear them until they are dirty rather than throwing them in the wash just to get the fit back. I think the ones I ordered are a little thinner than the ones I got at Fleet Farm, so I hope they don't wear too fast. I have to get on the floor a lot for work, so I always wear out my right knee first.

| M R. 19-02-2021 20:59

I love these jeans. They fit true to size and love that they have longer inseams. They are comfortable, wash well and did not shrink. I recommend and will buy again.

| Shelly D. 16-02-2021 17:34

Finally found a pair of work jeans that aren't stretch like so many companies have gone to. Comfortable fit.

| Alana G. 14-02-2021 18:03

Love the fit of these jeans; they are the only ones that have a small enough waist for me as well as enough room for my muscular legs. <br />Need a smaller size than you make in all your pants - please make a size 0!

| Louise L. 09-02-2021 19:16

I really did love the look and feel...unfortunately they were too long and I had to return them. I am 5'2" , 130 lbs. I ordered size 8 short. They were a comfortable (not tight) fit, but were 2 inches on the floor.

| Elisa G. 07-02-2021 12:19

Legs are slightly baggy

| Kathleen S. 06-02-2021 18:25

These pants fit like a glove but aren't tight anywhere they shouldn't be. Instant comfort. Reminds me of name brand jeans I wore most of my life, that aren't as visible anymore.

| Holly M. 31-01-2021 20:04

Wish the waist was a little bigger. Don’t want to go up a size just to get another 1”. Also the petite still needed to be hemmed several inches.

| Lily M. 30-01-2021 17:44

It fits really well length wise but i had to order a size up because I have a big butt. The waist is too big and gets super weird at the top.

| daphne h. 24-01-2021 13:12

Tryed emailed carhartt said they would respond within 72 hrs ... a week and a half later still waitinf.

| Vanessa T. 11-01-2021 16:22

I purchased these pants for my 15 year old daughter for Christmas. She said they are very comfortable and fit her well.

| JEFFREY K 04-01-2021 22:41

I purchased these jeans for my wife for Christmas and she really likes them

| Miriam K. 02-01-2021 17:14

Covid-19 changed my shopping habits, and this is my first non-thrift-store purchase of workwear in my working career. Considering that I spent ten times my usual clothes budget on these pants, I want to love them. They look great, they move with me, and they have great, functional pockets. Yay for women's jeans with real pockets! And I love that they're available in petite sizing. <br /><br />However, of my original order of three jeans, two pairs had fabric failures in the first three months, where a run or flaw in the fabric turned into a rip or hole. One pair failed catastrophically in the course of the work day, leaving my bottom exposed for the remainder of the day.<br /><br />The second issue I have with these jeans is that they stretch so much. They fit perfectly fresh out of the wash, but by the end of the day, they're sagging around my hips. I keep thinking I should have ordered the next size smaller, but when I put them on first thing in the morning, I think I couldn't get them on if they were any more snug.<br /><br />I suspect both of these issues have to do with the quality or quantity of spandex in the fabric. Maybe I just got a bad run. <br /><br />In spite of these issues, I'm excited to have discovered Carhartt. I completely love the other Carhartt items I purchased, and I expect I'll keep filling out my wardrobe with Carhartt clothes and gear. Just not these jeans.

| JANET D. 25-12-2020 02:52

My new favorite jeans

| Catrina G. 23-12-2020 06:04

I love these jeans but within several months, they split up the back seam. I was meeting with a client...embarrassing!

| Stephanie E. 17-12-2020 15:25

Fit through the waist, but still a little long even though I ordered short. I’m 5’4”

| Amy M. 10-12-2020 22:11

Love the proportion and fit!

| Brittaney W. 06-12-2020 08:17

I purchased these jeans because it is pretty hard to find a women’s work jean with high cotton percentage. Pockets are a good size and fit my iPhone XR. Overall I like the jeans but the leg seem on the right leg twists to be in the front when I walk. I washed them before I noticed and the store I purchased the pants from is 45 minutes away so doubt I’ll be able to return.

| JoAnn m. 04-12-2020 23:05

Legs are a bit wide but they fit well.

| Amy M. 02-12-2020 17:31

I wear an 8 tall. These fit great in the hips and are plenty long, but are extremely baggy in the legs. Not surprising based on the description and photos, but I was keeping my fingers crossed. It seems to be impossible to find slim-cut straight-leg (not skinny or bell) jeans these days. Perhaps I'm just out of style!

| Linda 23-11-2020 19:03

Bought 2 pairs in 2 sizes. Loved the way they fit. Loved that they had actual pockets. Super comfortable. But, and this is a really big BUT - they both split in the same spots. Right up the back seam and at the pockets. Would have thought I gained weight, but I needed a belt for the larger size and there was plenty of space in the thighs and hips in both sizes. Only purchased a bigger size to wear in winter with thermals and they split in summer, and split before the smaller pair did. So can't recommend based on quality. Very disappointed. Boyfriends Carhart jeans last forever and expected the same quality in these pairs.

| Gabrielle K. 20-11-2020 19:40

Didn’t like them at all

| Louis K. 16-11-2020 17:50

Great jeans

| D T. 14-11-2020 21:24

we love the jeans. however, there is a horrible smell on both pairs of a fragrance air freshener something. overwhelming. i am chemically sensitive. we have washed 5x. returned to nearby store. same problem. what is it?????<br />we love the jean. trying desparately to wash out smell. nothing working.<br /><br />why would your company do this????<br /><br />pls advise.

| Vicki B. 12-11-2020 21:26

Don’t like them

| Diane B. 09-11-2020 11:50

I loved the fit, quality and appearance of these jeans. When I opened them I noticed a strong perfume smell on them. After washing them two times and hung them outside to dry, they still smell.

| Amanda P. 06-11-2020 18:34

Love the way they fit! We definitely buy some more

| Christine M. 06-11-2020 14:20

Not what they used to be. Material is very thin. Will not purchase again.

| viveca r. 06-11-2020 12:35

I prefer the Benson. Will you bring these jeans back?

| Jennie H. 02-11-2020 19:07

I was looking for a thicker cotton jean that would still fit comfortably and to my surprise these are some of the best fitting jeans I have ever purchased. The waist fits very nice with no gapping and the cut is comfortable without being frumpy. I may just need to buy another pair! For sizing reference: I purchased a 4 Tall. I am 5'10" and 135 lbs, athletic build. The jeans are a bit loose in the seat but the waist fits nicely making them comfortable.

| Sharon K. 02-11-2020 13:26

The perfumey smell is fairly disturbing and doesn't go away with washing or airing out, otherwise the jeans are ok

| Madi M. 29-10-2020 17:00

These are nice quality but they look VERY baggy on me. I am 5’2 and these just don’t fit my legs right. Getting them tailored. But great quality and look great other than bagginess.

| Alice M. 26-10-2020 18:14

Searching for my ideal jeans. These are closer. That is, they are more durable then most female jeans. Still fits like spandex :(.<br /><br />Vanity sizing warning. Carhart shorts size 2, are loose on me. This exact cut of jean with lining in size 2, fits me perfectly! Yet these are tight. I think from crotch to waist I am longer then the cut of these.<br /><br />5'8 135lb<br /><br />Again since when is 135lb woman a size 2? Use the Carhart size chart. It is accurate for what they have listed as size 2.

| Kathryn O. 24-10-2020 21:58

I have a size 16 waist and size 18 hips and thighs and arthritic knees that are too swollen for most straight-leg or relaxed-fit jeans in size 16, so I have to buy size 18 jeans and put a drawstring through the waistband just to keep them up. A belt doesn't work because the waistband will pleat up and still gap all around, so a drawstring pulls things together like traditional sweatpants. These were no exception. Feels like sturdy fabric and I will test that as I'm a gardener and also work on our farm. Got the washed blue color but I don't really like the undertone of greyish-tan -- makes them look a bit grubby even straight out of the wash. Do like the useful size of the pockets, though -- I really use my pockets! But, still have to be sure to wear a top that generously covers the waist area so as not to show the bunchy waistband and the drawstring. Wish pants manufacturers would make women's pants with a choice of waist sizes paired with different hip and thigh measurements, like better men's pants used to be. Every single pair of pants and jeans I've owned since about age 30 I've had to run a drawstring through the waistband. Even the so-called "curvy" styles are not curvy enough! Mostly went with Carhartt this time because of the reputation for durability, so we'll see how they stand up over time.

| Toby Q. 24-10-2020 18:12

Runs very small

| LuAnn A. 23-10-2020 23:06

I love these jeans........

| Bev R. 23-10-2020 17:00

Great fit and comfortable. Hard to find jeans for long legs, these are perfect!

| Catherine G. 22-10-2020 17:17

I am not fond of the lowered waist but that's all Carhardt offers. I've owned these in the past; durability is not impressive. I'm searching for an alternative brand. Unfortunate, since the men's garments are so great.

| Sasha S. 21-10-2020 19:51

Flexibility is great in these. I was never comfortable with wearing jeans to work but these changed my mind

| P C. 19-10-2020 03:48

I'm returning these pants because they are thin denim. I expected a heavier gauge. Should have listened to the other reviews. I don't care about the label, I want the Carhartt quality. These are longer than the same size in the Crawford pant, which is a good sturdy pant.

| Ashley F. 18-10-2020 19:51

I’m 5’8” 165lbs with larger thighs. These pants fit snug at the waist to stay up and looser throughout the legs to allow for comfort and mobility. Fabric is thicker than most stretch jeans I’ve found but still very comfortable!

| Sarah S. 16-10-2020 23:36

I purchased these Blaine jeans in a size 6 thinking they were the Slim Fit version. I didn't realize there were two styles. And I see the Slim Fit nowhere on your website. This fit just doesn't flatter me at all. My mistake.

| Ceola J. 16-10-2020 17:30

Great work Jeans and love the extra belt loop that helps prevent the gap if you have a larger backside. Thank you!

| Nancy H. 15-10-2020 18:22

I've always been disappointed with pants that suppose women carry nothing in their pockets but one tiny lipstick and are more concerned with fashion than function. That isn't the case with many of us. If I can't fit my whole hand into the front pockets, that stops the buy right there. I was delighted to see that Carhartt makes jeans that check off all the boxes for me. They fit well (I don't like pants too tight--have to move in them), are durable, have lots of deep pockets, and they look good. I'm 5'5" and bought the Original-Fit Blaine Jean, sz 10 short. I was then 123# and dropped a few pounds since, so they are now a little loose around the waist, but I don't mind that. I bought an extra pair. Also really like the Crawford pants, sz 8 reg.

| Michelle J. 15-10-2020 17:08

Even in the shorter length they are a little long but the fit is very comfortable

| Amy N. 14-10-2020 17:17

They fit perfect! I have a very difficult time fitting into jeans. The thighs are usually too tight with the waist being too loose. These are great!

| Chris A. 13-10-2020 00:30

Perfect fit!! I’ve been wanting a pair of jeans with this fit, and this brand and style does the trick! I’ll be ordering the other color soon!

| Haley R. 11-10-2020 17:36

I thought this was the slim fit Blaine Jean. Hugs half your upper thigh then baggy all the way down. I like the slim fit Blaine that hugs your leg down past the knee before being baggy. Please tell me that product will be brought back into your site !

| Emerald F. 10-10-2020 16:52

They fit amazing and I wear them every other day!!

| Michelle H. 06-10-2020 23:37

It seems I lost too much weight. The size 6 I bought in July was suddenly too big. So I bought a size 4. There's so much elastic/spandex/stretch in the size 4 it's swimming around me.

| James C. 06-10-2020 19:07

Pants seem to be good quality. They are way too tight. They are not true to size. I have to size up for them to fit right.

| Teresa E. 05-10-2020 19:43

Fits perfectly! This is my third pair of original-fit Blaine jeans. The first two pairs did not wear out--I gained weight and needed to size up.

| Kyran B. 05-10-2020 17:50

They didn't fit my body type so I returned them.

| CATHERINE P. 03-10-2020 21:01

It has been a long time since I've worn Carhartt jeans and as I recall they were pretty tough. I was pretty enthusiastic about this order for the fabric content. I've been wearing another brand for years and unfortunately they have put so much stretch into the fabric they can no longer be called jeans. <br />I give these 4 stars - the price was reasonable, they fit, they function largely as I need them to function. <br />They would have had 5 if: they sat at the waist - I am so over the navel thing; heavier denim fabric weight - when you work non-traditional jobs trouser weight fabric just isn't practical; returning to reinforced (flat feld) seams.<br />Since I just got them I can't speak to durability or how well they launder so we'll just have to see what the future brings.

| Stacy B. 02-10-2020 00:07

I really like the fit of these Blaine jeans. There is no gap at the back of the waist. They run true to size. I like the straight leg because they are not tight on my calves. The rise is medium and the thickness of the jeans is medium. I do not plan to use them for work, just running errands, etc. The one thing I really, really do not like is the smell of these jeans. They have a very strong odor that I find unpleasant. I have washed and dried them once, and the smell still lingers. I am hoping it will go away now that they are out of the plastic bag. I plan to launder them again to see if that helps.

| Kelly m. 29-09-2020 18:29

They fit so nicely and don't cause a bludge in waist area. Like most jeans

| Linda W. 18-09-2020 19:57

The jeans fit

| Amanda R. 17-09-2020 16:56

Runs a little small

| Asheley K. 13-09-2020 18:34

Tremendous disappointment. If I wanted thin, tight jeans I would order from a girly- girl brand. Fit is not like other Carhartt pants I have, my flannel lined jeans are loose in a 6. These are disco dancer tight, nice looking, but not what I bought a pair of Carhartts for. There also is a terrible chemical fragrance smell to them that 3 weeks hung out in the weather isnt getting rid of, so chemically sensitive people, do not buy these. The mens pants I bought with these have no odor, and are nice and heavy material. Come on Carhartt, don't you think women can be tough and work as hard as men? These jeans dont cut it.

| Geri G. 03-09-2020 02:49

The way the pants fit is great once I got the right size. I went by the size chart and had to send them back for a smaller size.

| Jennifer G. 31-08-2020 16:22

They have a nice relaxed fit but you don’t carry a short length in my size so they are very baggy around the ankle

| Alison R. 19-08-2020 23:28

Stretch out twice the normal size by the end of the day

| WEONA L. 12-08-2020 16:53

Comfortable. However, the legs could have not been too spacious.

| Michele V. 11-08-2020 03:15

Really like the fit, just would like to see it available in a heavier 100% cotton.

| Geri G. 09-08-2020 17:00

Great quality and fit will order more

| Liz O. 08-08-2020 21:57

Pretty good plus size jeans, for a company that does not specialize in plus sizes. Rise is accurate as described. A higher rise option would be nice. The calves are a bit tight, I have a hard time pulling the leg up to pull socks up high. Pockets are nice and deep unlike a lot of women's jeans. Thickness of fabric is a little thinner than I was hoping for from Carhartt but better than most other plus size women's jeans.

| Semra K. 27-07-2020 21:25

A little large for my regular size with more of a wide leg. All in all good and comfortable

| Justina N. 27-07-2020 18:23

Ordered in what size I wear in every other clothing line and I could not get these past my hips. Disappointed.

| Susan H. 23-07-2020 02:04

great fitting , comfortable jean. Leg could be a bit slimmer fit for me, but otherwise perfect!

| Dana S. 22-07-2020 17:35

These are among the most uncomfortable pairs of jeans I have ever purchased. They are stiff, and waist is huge and hard to belt because of fabric stiffness. Will not buy again - already donated to Goodwill.

| stephanie s. 16-07-2020 23:38

Love the feel and the “give” of the fabric. The size is really quite large on me. But I love the fact that the waist doesn’t gape at the back.

| Kris O. 16-07-2020 17:31

Looked they were going to be stiff and comfortable but after the first wash they feel nice.

| LisaS F. 14-07-2020 16:54

It feel me so comfortable . It was fit and perfect. Next time I will order it some more.

| SYDNEY C. 11-07-2020 21:06

The waistline and the leg length fit me perfectly but overall the jeans look a little to big on me. The next time I order an other pair I’ll get the short size.

| Lisa S. 06-07-2020 17:07

They’re comfortable. Deep pockets. It’s nice owning a pair of women’s jeans with normal pockets.

| Tara N. 06-07-2020 16:33

Comfortable, but I expected more substance for the price.

| Laurie R. 23-06-2020 01:53

I really was surprised that I actually ended up liking these jeans! They are comfortable and the perfect length. They were a bit big in the waist but it is nothing a belt can’t take care of.

| Rachel D. 19-06-2020 02:43

My favorite pair of jeans. I like this style specifically because they are not tight fitting. Most women's jeans are so tight. I also like that these have deeper pockets to be able to actually use the pockets, unlike most women’s pants where the pockets are nonexistent.<br />Great jeans, highly recommended!

| Grace W. 18-06-2020 17:30

I’ve lost weight so I had to get them taken in, when I order again I’ll have to order a size down.

| Robert G. 16-06-2020 18:44

Wanted jeans I can just order same size and style without having to go to the store. These fit perfectly. I’m 5’7”, 140 lbs. Ordered 8 regular. Sizing chart recommended 8 long, but the regulars are perfect.

| Chrystal V. 16-06-2020 16:17

Ordered my usual size for Carhartt pants (original fit). The waist is tight and the pant legs too baggie. I will not buy again.

| Sarah S. 07-06-2020 16:43

Don’t even fit over my but so disappointed

| Maddy W. 06-06-2020 01:45

Best pants I have ever had.

| Sarah W. 03-06-2020 11:07

I looked for a long time for a pair of jeans that fit but were loose enough <br />in the thighs and knees for working in the greenhouses and fields. Skinny jeans are too fitted for lots of squatting and heavy lifting. I put in an 11 hour day in them yesterday, and they felt great - no chafing or tugging! Before finding these jeans, I was about to buy from the men's department which did not fit well around the hips. So glad I did not have to trade fit for functionality. <br /><br />I am also a hard to find size (2 Tall), so I greatly appreciate Carhartt's range of lengths!

| Fahlstrom, C. 02-06-2020 07:11

Fit as expected.

| Rachel M. 01-06-2020 16:56

I ordered a four short which was supposed to be a 27 waist 30 inch length the waist was 32 inches and the length is 32 inches I sent them back immediately I’m still waiting for the credit on my card

| Alicia S. 29-05-2020 17:08

Perfect fit. Love that the jeans have full pockets in the front.

| Kirstin B. 27-05-2020 18:12

I love these jeans. It’s my second pair, this one being a bit darker. They fit perfectly, and so well made they last. I’m so happy I purchased them.

| Susie N. 23-05-2020 18:50

These are jeans the way jeans were when i was young! Strong durable denim, not stretch thin leggings. They also have real pockets, big enough to put things in and not have them fall out, and extra belt loops to keep the belt in place.

| Kelsey R. 23-05-2020 18:35

Pants came when they said they would but did not come close to fitting. Size ran very small

| Eva S. 21-05-2020 18:51

I really like these jeans and they are the only ones I wear. Very comfy yet sturdy for fat girls like me. They don’t wear out and have good pockets. The fit is also good. I’ve worn them for over 4 years and have never had a pair with a bad zipper. The color is good too and doesn’t fade.

| Bonnie W. 21-05-2020 14:33

I have a couple pairs of these Jean's, many years old, many washings later. I ordered the same size. WRONG. Carhart like so many has dramatically changed sizing. So I was going to exchange them for the next size up. WRONG again. They are currently NOT exchanging. I get that, but would have liked to have known that before I ordered. Since there are no exchanges,

| Lara N. 15-05-2020 21:02

These jeans run SMALL!! I ordered a size larger than what I normally wear, so I would be comfortable working around the farm. They fit nice in the legs, but the waistband is tight, and cuts in right above my hips. <br />Be careful when making your order!

| Jessica P. 13-05-2020 22:22

Good quality don’t like the fit the legs and butt area are baggy.

| Palma B. 13-05-2020 15:10

As usual, the fit really works for me -- athletic, slender build -- so not too tight and not too baggy anywhere

| Linda H. 04-05-2020 17:56

It is really hard to find pants to fit perfectly and it is risky to buy clothing online. I came back to Carthartt to find other brands, because I got lucky years ago and I got lucky once again.

| Carole M. 04-05-2020 17:12

I was hesitant to order jeans online. I have a hard time getting jeans to fit right. I usually have a big gap in the waist. These fit perfectly

| Leighsa W. 04-05-2020 14:07

Unless you prefer the appearance of a huge lump at the top of your butt, I'd avoid these jeans. The quality of the cut and sew is atrocious, you can see the lump before you put them on....even worse when you do. If they are #MadeInUSA, should be easy to remediate :)

| Jennifer R. 03-05-2020 13:22

Not happy,selected my usual size and true fit size<br />The jeans fit 2 sizes smaller, im very disappointed that i cannot war them for the price

| Julie E. 01-05-2020 00:11

Perfect length, perfect fit. My new favorite jeans.

| Lynn D. 29-04-2020 00:58

Love these pants

| LEISA M. 25-04-2020 18:06

I like them, just wish they were longer.

| Julie R. 23-04-2020 19:18

I was really nervous about ordering but so glad I did! Fit as size says wear great and holding up in the wash as well, probably will be ordering more in future!

| Lee W. 14-04-2020 11:33

They seem to run small, I would say probably one size... I work outside for a utility company and was looking for some old fashion durable denim jeans but no one seems to make them durable anymore. The denim is not as heavy as I would like it

| Sheila K. 02-04-2020 20:10

These jeans fit great! They’ve got just enough give to be comfortable. They aren’t too thick. They wash very well. Now I just need to hem them and I’ll be back in business!

| ariadne t. 02-04-2020 09:34

I guess everyone has adjusted their sizes to fit some new average, but it just doesn't fit me. In the last year I have purchased several pairs of jeans and pants from several different brands trying to find a decent fit and ALL have been too big in the hip/butt and thigh. Carhartt was my latest purchase.<br /><br />The quality is great. The basic style is great. But the fit just doesn't cut it. There is no give to Orig Fit Blaine waist band, or I would already gone down a size. The way it stands now, from the front you can see the upper to lower hip is about an inch to big on either size. I get the idea about sizing for "real women", but it's gotten a little bit extreme. Either cut the waist band on the bias, add more stretch to waistband fabric, or size the butt and hips down, please!

| Apryl M. 16-03-2020 17:11

I bought a pair of Blaine jeans about a year ago and loved them. I meticulously went though the website before ordering more because I wanted to be sure I ordered the same jeans. I work in them and I’m hard on them. When I received my order, the new ones had the same style name but fell far short in quality comparison. Where the old ones had a double thickness waistband, the new ones were only single. Where the old ones had a double outer seam down the length of the pant, the new ones only had a single inner seam that is not reinforced. Both pairs have the slightly higher waist in the back, which is nice because your shirt stays tucked in and you don’t have the plumber style to sport, if you catch my drift. But the new ones have a longer zipper than the old ones so the proportion is off. All in all, I was sadly disappointed.

| Aimee G. 06-03-2020 17:46

I was hesitant to order online because they always come out to be ill-fitting, wrong style, not like the picture. But I had the best Experience. The Fit, Feel and are as they show in the picture and the fits is amazing. I fit in the right places. Thank you!

| sarah M. 29-02-2020 19:34

The reviews indicated that they run smallish. I’m between sizes and ordered the larger size. They’re great!

| Alyssa P. 29-02-2020 18:15

I appreciate the customer service and I love the Carhartt brand, however I don’t think that these pants fit well for certain body types that’s the only issue, it’s more of me than it is them.

| Lauren M. 27-02-2020 17:56

They are a little big for me but nothing i can’t fix with a belt, they work super great for what i need them to do, and i will definitely be shopping at Carhartt again

| Aimee W. 23-02-2020 18:49

I really like these pants, they seem to be one of the only pants that fit me. The only downfall with the last pair that I bought was there is some sort of perfume smell to them. I've washed them multiple times and it won't come out. It kind of drives me nuts when I wear them. That's the reason for the four stars and not five. I've purchased a lot of pants from carhartt and this is the only one that I have received that smelled.

| Tonya B. 09-02-2020 18:26

Love these jeans! Finally, I found women’s jeans that hold their shape

| Rebecca L. 05-02-2020 17:58

These jeans are very comfortable and well made. They should really last. They are about an inch too long for me I got the 6 short-I’m 5’3”, but they don’t hang over my shoes so I probably won’t hem them. It’s too early to tell, but I think these will be my go to jeans (I’ve not worn them enough yet to tell for sure).

| Susan C. 17-01-2020 17:43

Good fit, length

| Melissa L. 12-01-2020 17:46

I love them!!!! I have been looking for jeans that didnt feel like leggings and these are perfect. I will be purchasing more very soon.

| Jennifer A. 10-01-2020 18:52

I have to remember to next time to order jeans a size smaller than my normal. Sizes run bigger than most. But I love them with a cute belt.

| Rayyy A. 30-12-2019 23:39

A bit loose. I wish a size between this and the smaller one was possible. One is far too loose, the other is a bit snug.

| SANDRA T. 30-12-2019 12:55

Love them !!

| Pat H. 30-12-2019 05:58

Did not fit well. Nice front and rear pockets. The pockets are actually usable, not like other jeans. During the fifth wearing, they split along the rear pocket. Now are not wearable! Would not recamend! Am looking for another brand that fits better and has good pockets.

| Kirsten K. 11-12-2019 01:18

Fit very well in the butt and the thighs.

| tracy c. 08-12-2019 17:53

These jeans are great! After years of struggling to find jeans that fit a curvy womans body...this is it! No gapping at the waist and it fits nicely around thighs and bum. Give them a try..seriously you wont be disappointed. Order your true size.

| Wendy C. 01-12-2019 13:56

They are the only Carhartt jeans that fit right for me.

| Susan B. 29-11-2019 10:53

I was looking for a pair of work jeans that had the comfortable cotton feel and worn appearance. After wearing other brands for years they quit making my style, so I tried these. Wow! Deep pockets - fabulous! They feel great on and wear/wash like iron. They're my new go-to - thank you, Carhartt!

| Perry F. 20-11-2019 12:58

Bought them for my Wife. Run a little smaller than other designer jeans. They are part of the Air Dry laundry.

| Apphia B. 17-11-2019 03:36

These jeans are comfortable and fit well. And the pockets are fantastic. It is so hard to find women's clothing with decent pockets these days.

| Pamela l. 16-11-2019 18:12

Never bought a pair of jeans online, the fit was amazing.I bought another pair.

| Connie P. 09-11-2019 17:50

What a relief to find some "normal " jeans! It's so hard to find jeans that aren't going to be out of style next week—these are exactly what I've been looking for. These jeans are both flattering and comfortable. I was pleased to see the different lengths so I didn't have to have them hemmed. I'm 5"6" and the 30" were perfect. (Thanks, Carhartt!) I'm also a fan of the (mostly) cotton fabric.

| Laurie R. 31-10-2019 17:29

Fit great. Will definitely buy again.

| Linda N. 24-10-2019 22:31

I like these jeans because you can bend over and they stay put. I don't have to walk constantly pulling my jeans up.

| Bettina R. 20-10-2019 20:10

These jeans are comfortable and durable when it counts. My last pair ripped up the back inseam about 6 months after I bought them, but it might have been a fluke, as I've never had issues with Carhartt jeans before that.

| Paul V R. 19-10-2019 00:42

Best buy for anyone who works.

| Jennifer H. 15-10-2019 17:02

Stretch out after wearing them for just a short time.

| Suzie B. 14-10-2019 22:56

They are a little bit too long - will have to have them shortened

| Karen H. 10-10-2019 17:01

I love the pockets! These pants actually have pockets unlike other women pants. The length is a couple inches to long for my legs when I am barefoot but with shoes on the pant legs doesn't drag. I was in between sizes so I got the 14. It is a little too big around, however I wear a belt so works.

| Deena W. 10-10-2019 16:50

They are not for curvy women. They are straight and not for someone with hips. If you have an apple shaped body, these will be great.

| Alyson A. 09-10-2019 22:01

Love them!!!

| Meagan L. 07-10-2019 01:46

Absolutely love these Jean's just wish I would have ordered a size smaller. They are very comfortable but very long and baggy. Will order down a size next time I order.

| Sally A. 05-10-2019 16:40

Very disappointed, light weight material.

| Jill P. 02-10-2019 02:20

I started wearing jeans again and I really like this style of Carhartt. They look good on and stand up to three dogs and a very active sticky handed three year old. They wash up and look good again and again. I have at least six pairs. I keep two for dress up.

| Kathleen W. 08-09-2019 20:34

I absolutely love how they fit. Most comfortable pair of jeans

| Jennah A. 02-09-2019 15:33

I've looked high and low for a good quality jean that moves with you, can handle the daily wear and tear of an abusive work environment, and lasts longer than a month or two. This is the jean! I have never been more impressed and after trying multiple different brands and types of jeans I was about ready to give up. As a <br /> curvy female jean shopping is the worst, but the waistband doesn't gap and their are extra belt loops to help support the jean if you wear a belt. The only thing is I feel they run small compared to all other jeans I have tried, so if you are a curvy gal maybe consider ordering up a size or two.

| Katie S. 01-09-2019 12:18

I’m incredibly hard to fit, but these jeans fit well. I also LOVE that they have deep pockets! I also have a feeling they’re tough enough to take whatever I can put them through.

| Joan M. 18-08-2019 18:55

I like 'em. Would recommend.

| Rebecca F. 15-08-2019 02:16

I liked the fit and that the jeans were not paper think but still flexible. The only issue is I did not see the turn inside out instructions on the washing label until I pulled them out of the machine and the color has washed out on the legs. I did not expect special instructions on work clothes but now I know.

| Janis P. 19-07-2019 15:07

Great fitting jeans. Would like to see black added to color choices.

| Olivia J. 04-07-2019 02:05

Love the tall inseam of 34"! The contoured waistband definitely prevents gaping in the back.... these are a favorite!

| Anna S. 24-06-2019 00:01

These jeans have been great the first few weeks I have had them.

| Martha D. 20-06-2019 01:38

Very comfortable and right fit!

| Laura B. 13-06-2019 20:54

I was excited to try these jeans. Carhartt Crawford pants fit me perfectly in 10 short but this style was not a good fit. For one thing they were a good inch and a half longer than my 10 short Crawford pants. The fit was odd: tight in the crotch area but kind of baggy in the thighs. Overall weight and feel of the material is what I expect from Carhartt which is to say really good. Just sorry these jeans didn’t work.

| Carla M. 18-05-2019 19:23

I like the length. Wish they came in a 4 long. I ordered 6 long and they are pretty loose fitting. I usually wear a 5

| Marion S. 12-05-2019 16:57

Fits per size<br />Wears forever<br />Love them

| Jeanetta S. 06-05-2019 12:27

Great work jean. Finally a jean that fits

| Patty F. 03-05-2019 00:41

The jeans fit well I always have problems with jeans that do not fit me in the waist and hips. but these fit great.<br />Only thing is i order the shorts because the fit guide said 29 -30 and they were just 29 in length. So next time I will order the regulars.

| Lavender-H 02-05-2019 17:40

These are the most comfortable pair of jeans i've had in probably 5-10 years. look good, decent sized pockets (although not as big as my other carhartt pants), comfortable.<br /><br />Wish they made an equally great jean with a bootcut/flare/bell bottom style

| Elizabeth C. 30-04-2019 01:08

Legs were baggy so should fit well after a trip to the tailor, normal practice for me.. otherwise appear the be good fit, comfortable, good quality and pretty much the same as pictured.

| Linda 21-04-2019 23:53

I love these jeans. They are the perfect length for me, and they come out of the dryer almost wrinkle free. The weight of the denim is great too, and they don't stretch out as you're wearing them. I would love more color options.

| Stacy Z. 16-04-2019 21:48

I bought these for work pants, I work as an Automation Technician in a manufacturing setting so I wanted something durable and comfortable. These are great! Nice deep pockets that are actually functional. Love the extra belt loops and the fit of the waist. Fits true to size, I wear a 4, and I’m a little curvy, so I have to do a bit of a wiggle to get them over my butt and hips, but once they are up everything fits perfect. I have such a hard time finding pants that fit a curvy figure with a thin waist, I plan on buying a couple more pairs just for wearing out and about. Love these!!!!!

| Hannah H. 12-04-2019 00:58

The fit of these jean is terrible. I have other carhart Jean's and ordered a size up from what I usually wear just in case so I can dry them and belt them in and be super comfy although the ones I have fit great. I can't even come close to even getting these pants buttoned and I ordered up a size from the ones I already have that do button. I am 100% disappointed in these Jean's. I had such high Hope's.

| Rhianna K. 09-04-2019 22:03

Thanks so much, Carhartt, for making not-jegging jeans that look good! Just normal, no nonsense jeans that a girl can squat in without bursting a blood vessel. And! They don't get all saggy and fall down after a few hours. <br /><br />I did almost return them for a bigger size initially, because the waist was a tiny bit snug, But I wore them around the house for a few hours and now they are perfect.<br /><br />I can't comment on the durability, but at least they didn't come with holes in them (like most of the other jeans on offer these days). <br /><br />Please don't stop making these. I think they may be the last non-skinny jeans out there!

| Desiree D. 09-04-2019 20:08

Husband convinced me to get some jeans love the fit

| Deborah C. 06-04-2019 19:45

Actual straight leg jeans (as opposed to jeans that say they are but are actually tapered). I've been hoarding good straight leg jeans for years so it's amazing to finally finally have some. Great pockets. I'd love a version in a heavier weight denim but for now these will do. Thank you!!

| Amanda G. 01-04-2019 17:53

Carhartt jeans/pants runs small and knowing that, I ordered a size larger and they are still snug. It's a shame because I really like the quality and durability, but that does me no good if I can't wear them!

| Lynn S. 21-03-2019 00:05

I didn’t like them at all, I returned them for a refund.

| Megan H. 17-03-2019 03:51

I was looking for jeans to replace my last pair of carhartts and these are pretty close. Usually wear size 4 but got a 6 after reading some of the other reviews. They fit a little loose right now but a few times in the wash and they will be perfect. Wish they had these jeans in a light blue. So far I really like them. The length is perfect for over boots.

| Jolene M. 13-03-2019 23:29

They fit great when I put them on in the morning. Give it a couple hours and they are super baggy. The material is lighter weight than what I prefer.

| Tammy L. 12-03-2019 03:07

They were way to big and were not what I expected

| REBECCA D. 09-03-2019 19:20

Thrilled to find a pair of jeans that fit well and also have the toughness and flexibility for heavier duty errands (e.g., lifting 40 lb bags of kitty litter). Only wish these were offered in a version that wasn't pre-washed or, better yet, in solid black denim.

| Meagen W. 28-02-2019 21:35

I returned these. I don’t care how loose they are in the knees.

| Melissa L. 16-02-2019 03:51

Jeans fit well and look great. Seem to hold up well and run true to size.

| Susan C. 13-02-2019 20:47

I bought the flannel lined jeans for Winter and have loved them. I just got a pair of regular weight for normal temperatures. These are my barn jeans. However, if they are clean (if!) I don't mind wearing them for town errands. The little bit of stretch makes them super comfy. I usually wear a 4 but the 2 regular fit is perfect. I'm curvy.

| Marylynn E. 11-02-2019 17:45

The waist band hits right at the pelvic bone. so feels too snug. A 1/4 inch higher would feel better. Otherwise jeans fit nice thru hips and thighs.

| Alexis C. 30-01-2019 02:23

First Carhartt purchase. Good fit, nice feeling denim, not all stretchy! And the pockets are pretty darn good!

| Carrie P. 23-01-2019 21:11

Should have gone the next size up. They run small

| Frank c. 22-01-2019 19:26

Finally carhartt has womens Jean's that fit like they used to.

| Katie 14-01-2019 08:05

Great work pants for women!!!

| Micki B. 04-01-2019 13:34

Love these jeans. They fit great and look great.

| Karen D. 02-01-2019 20:08

Perfect fit. Great quality. Excellent service!

| Julia M. 24-11-2018 20:15

Don’t know what you did, but these are not the same as the ones I bought a couple years ago. I got the same size (18s) and they are so tight I couldn’t think of working in them. Wish they fit, because you all are about the only ones making jeans for women that are work worthy weight.

| Mary S. 23-11-2018 18:33

I miss the good old days when women's jeans were made like men's jeans of 100 percent cotton denim. I don't believe that spandex and lycra belong in jeans. I have yet to find a pair with those items in them that fit like jeans should

| Tami W. 15-11-2018 21:40

Great jeans

| Laura A. 15-11-2018 18:16

love them they run on the small side but love the material and the extra belt loops looking forward to getting the other color when they come back in stock

| Christine H. 27-10-2018 17:45

I wear a xize 6 when I order Carhartt jeans. I appreciate that I do not have to worry about which size I need. They always fit great!!

| Rhonda S. 21-10-2018 01:37

My favorite work jeens.

| Anne Marie M. 14-10-2018 03:51

I, normally, hate shopping for jeans but, not today. This style fits me perfectly in a size 4 regular and, for once, they aren’t too short. I am 5’6” and 115 lbs. with long legs. I love these jeans. They have a little bit of stretch, too to help them retain their shape.

| Stephanie B. 11-10-2018 18:13

Fits well, great to find a pair of jeans that is actually long enough.

| Katie S. 08-10-2018 17:39

I am very pleased with these jeans. The fit and length are perfect for me. I haven’t tested them for farm wear but so far they are great for casual wear.

| Kimberly S. 05-10-2018 17:06

Great jeans! Carhartt ladies jeans are the best fit I've ever worn!

| Sarah N. 05-10-2018 11:40

I washed the pants once and it seemed to shrink in the waist unfortunately.

| Ashland K. 01-10-2018 07:49

Love them.

| Redcowdog 28-09-2018 16:02

I need work jeans, serious work jeans. I don’t want the new stretch fabrics, nor tight thighs. All cotton please, loose in the thighs and some room in the butt. I run a farm, I teach dogs to herd livestock, I tend a large flock of sheep along with other chores. I NEED a heavy fabric with no stretch, going over fences without worry as needed, dealing with heavy lifting and running farm equipment. My Carhartt jeans are going on 4 years old because you are making foo foo fashion jeans now. Please bring the old loose fit 100% cotton heavy weight jeans back!

| Karen T. 25-09-2018 04:00

I like that the pockets are deeper than most jeans. I absolutely love these jeans!

| Jamie B. 20-09-2018 20:47

I was searching for a way out of the skinny stretch faded and torn world that women's jeans seems to have become. Back in the '90's, I wore Carhartt exclusively. The Blaine Original is the closest I seem to be able to get to actual heavy weight denim. I've washed them in warm water twice and have achieved the right length but the body of the jeans is still a half size too large. I bought a size 6 short. I tried a 4 short and couldn't close the zipper... surely you guys could make a size in between?It would also be nice to make my own wear marks in the denim... the fades and whiskers are unnecessary. Thanks for the chance to vent a little. ;0)

| Chandra M. 05-09-2018 01:39

These jeans fit great, look great, and are comfortable. Only reason not to give them 5 stars is that they seem unreasonably long. Even in heels the cuffs are dragging on the ground. I usually order the regular length Carhartt pants, but if I get another pair of these I will get the short length.

| virginia r. 03-09-2018 18:43

I did not like them. Too narrow in the legs and the sizing has changed. When I returned the size 18 that could not fit or zip, I was actually wearing a size 16 of another relaxed jeans that you no longer carry. I can no longer wear your jeans. Makes me sad because they were the only jeans I purchased. I will patch the pairs I still have and look for a new company from which to purchase jeans of the same quality.

| TASHA L. 28-08-2018 21:53

I recommended everyone in my Family to purchase jeans from Carhartt because they are everlasting, very durable and comfortable fit.

| Lisa M. 19-08-2018 17:50

They have a comfortable fit not as tight as my older jeans I believe they were the jasper I would recommend these great for working outside of just wearing in general. Will be ordering more

| Bates M. 07-08-2018 14:14

not for the senior citizen--no on the low rise waist

| Allison H. 18-07-2018 16:28

I am so glad that I ordered these because they are the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. They also look great and are obviously more durable than other brands. I am happy to say that I will never go back to my previous brand after wearing Carhartt women's jeans. :)

| V G. 09-06-2018 11:08

These are almost all cotton (98%) so finally a company understood what customers want.

| t b. 26-05-2018 17:18

The Original Fit Jean is actually a Skinny Fitted jean with stretch fabric.

| Sarah W. 25-05-2018 22:00

I love my new jeans. They are very comfortable. I like where the waist line hits, not as low as most western styles right now.

| B S. 23-05-2018 19:03

Great Jeans but carhartt needs to figure out their sizing. I have ordered 3 pairs of these pants the same size and they all fit differently. It's not just these jeans either. I have bought numerous FR pants and the same thing happened, some were loose and some were so tight I needed the next size. So I hope you are lucky and they actually send you a good pair. I still love the pants and will continue to order, but it's not ideal to never know which fit you are going to get.

| Kathleen B. 18-05-2018 20:21

I like the overall fit and feel of these jeans. The only problem is the waist line. I would love to think that I had lost several inches around my waist without working at it, but the simple truth is that the waist runs big. Be prepared to wear a belt with these jeans.

| Kathy F. 06-05-2018 18:59

I tried on a size 12S in the light wash in the store and it fit perfectly. I wanted the bluestone which was out of stock so the salesperson ordered it for me. When I tried it on it was at least 3" too long for me. I am wondering if I was sent a regular and not a short. I like the jeans a lot, but need the 12S. I returned to the store.

| Christine S. 01-05-2018 00:31

For a short pair to long, to thin material, and baggy

| Cheri R. 29-04-2018 17:37

Liked the material and style, but legs too tight!

| Rachel M. 23-04-2018 01:24

Didn’t fit my body well, had to return it.

| Yulonda V. 22-04-2018 11:17

Love these jeans. They look great. Fit is perfect.

| Katlin G. 16-04-2018 19:28

Love these, unlike other brands I don't need a belt since the band doesn't have the same stretch as the rest of the pant. My only complaint is I wish the regular length was a little longer, the Tall size is much too long but there's a HUGE difference between Regular and Tall. We'll see if they withstand my thighs with the massive amounts of walking I do at work, usually I end up with nice holes at the thigh within 6 months.

| Crystal W. 25-03-2018 22:33

These jeans fit excellently. They move with you and stay where they're supposed to. I'm 5'2", so the regular's are a little bit long but they work well with my work boots. The pockets are all a nice size, so I can carry my wallet and phone in my front pockets without worrying about needing a bag.

| Ruth B. 25-03-2018 17:30

The look and cut of the jeans are great. Unfortunately there is an inside fabric tag inside the waistline of the pants that causes irritation if you do not have your shirt tucked in. Other than the tag that states the style of the jeans and size I have not other complaints.

| Kourtney C. 25-03-2018 17:00

Great pants!

| Peacha 08-03-2018 20:43

I have wanted a pair of Carhartt Jeans for the longest time, but can never find a pair that fits my body just right. These are the comfiest pair I have ever owned. The only recommendation I have is make them a little less tight in the hip and thigh area. I'm 5'9 165 lbs and got an 8 tall. If you could mirror this cut in the skinny jean it would be perfect!

| Kelly S. 24-02-2018 20:56

Love how they don’t get stretched out in the waist. They are a little longer than my other Carhartt pants, I wear a 14 short. I would purchase another pair happy I can find pants that I don’t walk on.

| Doe B. 06-02-2018 02:27

This jeans are so amazing, soft but sturdy. The fit is perfect; I love wearing them with my boots.

| Eileen R. 22-01-2018 20:51

I love these Jean's! I can move, twist, bend and not worry about feeling like a plumber. I just ordered two more pairs so I can rotate and not end up with no pants after nearly wearing out my first pair, have been wearing them 3-6 days a week since September.

| Kathleen S. 09-01-2018 18:53

I love these jeans! They fit well, are comfortable, are well made, and look good. Thanks, Carhartt. These are my new favorite jeans.

| Jody O. 29-12-2017 02:24

Great fit, comfy, wearing well, look great, nice deep pockets, heavier than my other ladies jeans. Finally a pair of jeans I love.

| Kathleen 21-12-2017 08:13

I work in a garden center and they are perfect for me. Pockets for clippers, etc. very comfortable.

| Nancy D. 19-12-2017 18:57

I returned the jeans.<br /><br />The rep told me to buy a size 2. When I took the quiz about the right size, it said size 4, which I should have gotten. My waist is 26.5-27.<br /><br />Am still in search of the perfect jean, with longer pockets, and a little more light weight.

| Kat S. 13-11-2017 20:22

Loved the fit

| Sherry M. 06-11-2017 15:14

The Blaine Jean is the best I have found. The waist fits great. It could be a little more roomy in the hip and thigh. I would like to ask Carhartt to make women's jeans with heavy denim like the men's jeans, we like ours to last too!

| Chasity M. 05-11-2017 13:05

They fit perfect. I have no gaps no where. Love them!!

| farmerswife 03-11-2017 18:48

These pants have pockets! Yes, actual front pockets that you can fit things in. Your wallet, a cell phone, a granola bar... the list goes on and on. Why some companies think that women don't need pockets I cannot explain. These jeans are very comfortable. The fabric is a little stretchy, and very soft. Plus, they actually fit a working ladies shape. Yay, jeans that fit me! I think I need a few more pairs.

| Kristen C. 30-10-2017 21:26

First the positive: I love the full front pockets, large coin pocket, and full rear patch pockets. Lots of belt loops too. The negative: For some reason Carhart offers jeans in a Short inseam that are not short. Short usually means a 27 or 28 inch inseam. TEven though the chart says they are supposed to be 29 - 30 inches these are more along the lines of 32 inches long. I especially wish Carhart would make a denim jean that is 100% denim. These jeans are thin and stretchy due to the Spandex. They aren't half as warm in cold weather. Time will tell if the thinner denim will hold up to the riggers of hiking, bucking hay, kneeling, etc.

| Evelyn M. 30-10-2017 13:35

They fit me just right. I have purchased them for years now and I like the deep pockets. Because my local source doesnâ??t always carry the full line of Carhartts in my size, 14 short, I canâ??t always get them there.

| phyllis f. 12-10-2017 18:23

Awesome! Fit like jeans are supposed to and they have deep pockets that you can actually put your cell phone in. Love these! Just enough stretch to fit properly but don't stretch out by the end of the day.

| Laura K. 09-10-2017 17:03

Too many jeans companies have decided that women's jeans don't need real pockets because women are apparently biologically wired to always carry a pocketbook. Thank you, Carhartt for understanding what women really want. I tentatively ordered one pair, and am now ordering two more. Request: would you consider manufacturing these in black denim?

3.95 stars based on 346 reviews
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Customer Reviews

3.95 stars based on 346 reviews

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| Dana B. 10/14/22

I have bought these in two different sizes as I lost weight. I wish that Carhartt still carried this style. I really do find them comfortable and durable. Better than some other jeans I have found. These are my favorite pairs of jeans.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Rebecca H. 09/23/22

I love these jeans! They fit so well and are so comfortable. I only wish I had ordered more when I did.<br />Thank you,<br />Rebecca

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Deborah G. 09/17/22

I purchased a size 18 (one size smaller than my usual size in other brands), hoping for a good fit. I continue to be surprised at how much larger Carhartt sizes are than the other brands I purchase; i.e., Levi's, Wranglers, etc. Even after washing and drying on hot temp, I found the Women's Rugged Flex Loose Fit Jean to still be pretty baggy around the thigh area and even though it is a medium length and I am 5'5", it's necessary for me to roll the cuff.<br /><br />The main reason I am not returning this item is that I was able to snag it at a REALLY good discount - so, even though I am STILL searching for the perfect fit, I am moderately happy with my purchase and will continue to wear these jeans around the house.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Lori K. 08/09/22

Nice jeans.. will need to order talls for my daughter.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Lisa S. 08/08/22

I like the fit and durable for construction

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Jim and Peggy L. 08/02/22

So comfy!!!

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Ashley G. 07/19/22

Pros: heavier weight bodes well for durability; color; price<br />Cons: rise in the back isn't quite high enough; regular length a tad too long; too snug around the calves.<br />I'm 5'6", 350 lbs and wear a size 26. I will make these work because they shipped quickly and I couldn't beat the price. I do wish they fit in the butt a little better, though.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| C P. 06/05/22

I love them. I’m an estate gardener and these jeans so far have stood up to my day to day garden tasks. I love the fact that they’re 98% cotton. I need my pants to be able to breathe in summer heat and humidity. I’ve gotten the Carhart classic work pants which I love but they now have polyester in them and get too hot for me. Hopefully they won’t put polyester in these jeans.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Alma G. 05/16/22

I really like these jeans. The fit is great and easy to work in.

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

| Blondie 05/03/22

I see that the women's jeans they don't have them long enough for tall women. it would be nice the if we want to order,<br />We can there are more taller women in the work forces now them ever.<br />Thank you for your time,<br />Taunia Davidson

written by a customer while visiting carhartt.com

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